Ass Grab

for whatever reason, i’ve always had interesting work relationships with female coworkers. one in particular stands out. she was half-philipina and white. VERY cute. i met her in NO before i got stationed in japan. she was sponsored by a girl that worked for me who had also just got to NO a few weeks earlier.

i ended up taking them both out to show them the city and the philipina girl sat in the back seat, in a sun-dress with her legs apart. that didn’t really get my attention as much as her neon blue panties did. i TRIED not to stare, i swear to you.

eventually i was in japan and found out the young lady landed orders to my ship in japan. i was tasked with taking the fucking 2 hour train ride to narita, finding her, and making sure she got to the boat safely. she ended up passing our with her feet resting on my lap as she curled up on her bag.

i’ve been there before, by the time you get to japan, you’re exhausted.

she ended up staying at my place since she didn’t want to sleep in the nefarious coffin racks on the ship. she knew me well enough to know i lived in relative plushness. i made her stay awake and my girl janiae came by to show her some of the local sites.

a basic foundation for a decent working relationship had been established. well, i learned something about the girl very quickly.

she’s a HUGE pervert.

now, i worked with 4 women back then and only one of them was reserved (read: married). sexual innuendoes ran rampant in medical. i knew other girls from other departments that were jealous of how the guys and women got along in medical. we considered these girls as family. did we get pervy- oh yeah.

on one occasion janiae made a comment to me that received a less than friendly reply. she responded by throwing something at me. i ended up closing and locking the door, picking her up and dry humping her on the floor. i got up after about 30 seconds, she sat there in a fake cry, “i got raped by a white boy.”

then there was the time me and a friend stuffed the same girl in a garbage can, as the rest of the department laughed on. again, pretty common horseplay on the ship.

well then there was philipina. she had a habit of “cup checking” me when i’d walk past her. then the other 2 girls started doing it. well naturally, we started “box checking” the girls. the philipina would even grab my ass as i walked past her and giggle, “ASS GRAB!!!!” when she did it. considering she had such an amazing dumper, we had no problem grabbing her ass as well.

you may be wondering why there was no “hooking up”. simple. an old grizzled E6 told me early in my career, “son, never put your dick in the cash register.” girls i work with are forbidden fruit. then i watched the fall out of 2 coworkers when they quit seeing each other, it made shit VERY uneasy in the workplace.

lesson learned.

one day i was in the office doing records and she (philipina) came in to talk with me, as she passed, i gave her ass a squeeze. she looked at me, closed and locked the door and stared at me. she gave me the look. the, “i wanna fuck” look. she told me she was tired of the teasing, and unzipped her jumper to her waist. now this girl is 4’11”, MAYBE 98lbs, and VERY attractive.

girls on the ship cut their white undershirts to just below their tits so they could stay cool. and it looked sexy as fucking hell. she walked up towards me and i was totally frozen. not turned on, but completely taken aback. she bit her lip and felt herself up as she slowly stepped towards me. once she was close enough i held my hand out to push her away.

she took my hand and placed it on her tit. “they’re nice aren’t they.” i managed to mumble, “what do you think you’re doing.” she replied that she knew i wanted to fuck her and she wanted me too (she has a thing for white boys). she finally reached at my belt buckle and thats when i walked away and told her this wasn’t happening.

she smiled, put her jumper back up and laughed, “I KNEW IT. FAAAAAG!!!!!” she then explained to me they her and the other 2 girls wanted to see if i would back up all that “bad boy talk” i was famous for. “yeah, so much for gunning me down boy.” the next day (this happened on a sunday, she and i had duty and were the only ones in medical) the other 2 girls spent the day teasing me about what went down.

they had had planned this for over a week. cher got the honors since she most fit “my type”, and she was the most naturally sexual of the other 2. even janiae made fun of me about it. but it didn’t feel bad. i simply told them-

“none of you bitches is worthy of this dick.”

i DO have a pic of her, but i won’t link it. if you care to see, comment.

stay up.

4 Comments on “Ass Grab”

  1. I want to see what sub vols miss out on.

  2. Sneaky bitches. Hope you punished them in some creative way.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      It’s weird since we gave them shit all day. But if anybody else fucked with them we’d get super protective.

      • I know what you mean; they were _your_ bitches, and as such, only you could give them shit.

        It’s a bit like how one of me and one of my best friends rip on each other constantly. He’s middle eastern and I call him “sand niggah” or some such, while he calls me “white ass”. Whenever someone else calls him “terrorist”, even in jest, we’re both like “dafuq?!” They haven’t earned the right to call him that.

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