as most of you may know, a few of the bloggers are here in New Orleans for the meet up. so far, it’s been pretty fun. no one’s been hospitalized, gotten lost, or ended up in jail.

but one night out we were out on bourbon and i read a tweet along the lines of “a bunch of guys hanging out and very few women”. my reply was simply, “yup…..AND?” the tweets ended after that.

i’ve said from day one if your life exists around getting pussy; if the bench mark of your life being a success is how readily, easily, and often you get laid- i really don’t care to know you. go find someone else to worship at the altar of how cool you are.

the fact of the matter is: this meet up is just about friends hanging out and having fun. it’s NOT a contest to see who gets the most numbers and who bangs the most women. it’s about a group of people who’ve either never been to haven’t REALLY gotten to see my city.

well i can assure you, Endymion was off the fucking chain.

food porn, you know it.

riiiiiibs. and red beans and rice.

riiiiiibs. and red beans and rice.

this is the face of a happy man.

this is the face of a happy man.

Mom, Mitch, Tempest, and Forney enjoying din-din.

Mom, Mitch, Tempest, and Forney enjoying din-din.

guns….SURE, why not. though we didn’t get any range time in.

Sploosh, and my MAC-10.

Sploosh, and my MAC-10.

tomorrow is Lundi Gras and i’m going to bank on it being fucking insane. Lundi Gras is ALWAYS more festive; by Mardi Gras, people are pretty wiped out. gonna meet up with the guys in the quarter tomorrow as i’m sure they could give a fuck about parades after Endymion. Doktor Bill has informed us he WILL.NOT leave new orleans until he has an eggs benedict po-boy. lol.

i’ll let the guys that came down here though give you their impression of the time they spent in NO. for my part, i did the best i could to show them a good time.

life’s to short to make getting laid a priority. take the red pill, keep loved one close to you, appreciate the time you get with them, and remember this life passes relatively quickly. a man that sucks the marrow out of life will rarely be short of female attention. if you’ve taken the red pill, you’ll know exactly how to handle her when she crosses your path.

stay up.

4 Comments on “Priorities”

  1. aneroidocean says:

    Glad you guys are having fun, wish I hadn’t hurt myself and had too much conflict with work, hopefully another time.

  2. If only the trade hadn’t been contract job or NO. Sincerely hope you all had the best time.

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