When Celebs Hit the Wall

i’ve always really disliked beyonce. well before i knew about the sphere her “empowered woman” songs would make me physically ill. here’s a small sample- and you really only listen for 2 minutes at the most.

and then there’s this hamster laden gem.

so the woman made a career championing “women’s rights” and giving the tired “you go girl” mantra in damn near every song for the last 8-10 years. but as everyone that’s taken the red-pill knows; time is a cruel and evil bitch to women.

i was perusing one of my celeb mocking sites when i came across a video that made me think, “uuuuuuum. what”.

she’s old and now this women that made a career out of telling women how independent and empowered they should be is getting more and more risqué to stay relevant. this video had me laughing at the sheer irony. the last 10-15 years of her career just went out the window as she “shakes dat azz” to cop a check.

sad, but predictable.

also, big-up to Aaron and Jack. thanks for listening to my BS today. and remember if you need to get anything on amazon, go to their associate sites. please. do it or i won’t be your friend anymore.

seriously. lol.

stay up.

8 Comments on “When Celebs Hit the Wall”

  1. You’re reaching on this one. First, she has always been risque (at least visually). Second, if a woman that beautiful and with an ass like that has “hit the wall”, well jesus, we need more women to hit the wall. Third, she is actually a decent example for how women should carry themselves. A fit (still a 10 at 32yrs old) sexy feminem southern woman who has been with the same man since the age of 19 and champions the idea of motherhood? A woman who embraces the alpha status of her man and sings about submitting to and pleasing him sexually? YES PLEASE! Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, and Rihanna are the destructive ones.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      Agree to disagree. She wearing less and less and seems to be taking the slut route as she gets older.

      Completely agree on the latter “destructive” examples.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      • hansolo007 says:

        Very interesting that she’s slutting it up more. The fascinating question is why there’s such a market for it. Why do so many women buy the various “raunch queens'” music? I think it’s because it either vicariously allows them to feel the power of using their sexuality or it directly reinforces what the sluttier or hypergamous ones do in real life.

        The thing is that if a woman’s going to try to go for players and ballers out of her league then she’s gotta offer it up quick and easy and so that’s the message that is being sold in general.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          First off- sex sells.

          What I think is interesting is how she did the “strong, independent, empowered” woman bit early on but now she’s taking the “I’m hot, look at me” road.

          Her music is still shitty and predictable.

  2. jeremysploosh says:

    “big-up to Aaron and Jack. thanks for listening to my BS today. and remember if you need to get anything on amazon, go to their associate sites. please. do it or i won’t be your friend anymore.

    seriously. lol.”

    But remember. If you go visit danny in the city that “he owns” and you call him for a ride when your stranded in the quarter because there’s a 6 hour wait for a cab he’ll just say it’s “not his responsibility”.

    So on second thought, maybe you shouldn’t use their amazon links because being danny’s friend obviously doesn’t mean shit to him.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      thank you SOOOO much for commenting. you kid have just verified what people have emailed me regarding the roosh post said; mainly- “drama/acting like a high school girl.”

      all i’m going to say is if you were SOOOOO upset with me, why didn’t you just come get your camera then go. i was under the impression we talked about it and it got put behind us. there was really NOT ONE day you didn’t enjoy yourself. really? endymion sucked balls? thursday on bourbon stunk? dinner at my families was like pulling teeth? oh wait, there are PICTURES to show the revelry and fun we were having.

      but ok. again, sorry i didn’t come through.

      but why. WHY would you sit in my families home tuesday, talk with about the shit, then act like everything is cool? why accept my hospitality by taking you guys to Copeland’s (which i covered half the check despite NOT eating); have a GREAT friendly visit during said dinner, take you guys to grab your booze, drop you off back at my moms house……

      have you SHAKE MY HAND (the others HUGGED ME) and tell me it was good to see me, then spit such vitriol about me over the internet? tsk. tsk.

      however i am VERY sorry for the shit with K. i never argued it because she doesn’t strike me as a liar. if she said it happened, i’m sure it did. and i’m sorry i did what did, it was disrespectful and i’m honestly very sorry, to both of you.

      Tempest, Dok, Illusion, Mistress…i’m in no way referencing you. it was VERY good to see you guys again.

      • jeremysploosh says:

        You have no fucking clue do you man?

        You’re dead to us. We had fun IN SPITE OF YOU. not because of you. You seriously have no self awareness at all. From a man who teaches “game” it’s laughable to see.

        You only took us to lunch after I called you out on your shit. Before that you had said “i’ll show you guys where to eat you can follow me in your car”

        you covered half the check because you know that you fucked us over and made us take a $100 cab ride from your mom’s house because you didn’t want to drive us 20 minutes. When we HAD A CABBIE WHO WOULD HAVE TAKEN US FOR FREE.

        “if she said it happened” what the fuck does that mean? do you honestly not know what you said? you’re seriously fucked in the head if you can just “forget” all the shit that went down.

        It’s not just me man. We felt sorry for you so we were just going to let you fade in the night but then you come out with this shit and act as if you didn’t do anything that would piss us off in the slightest.

        You lost every friend you had in the world this week dude.

        • jeremysploosh says:

          Doc mistress matt and BA were stranded in the cold for HOURS and when they called you to ask for a ride you told them “it’s not my responsibility find your own ride”

          Why do you think they left so fucking early and didn’t even come to the “family” dinner?

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