30 Days….

today i FINALLY received my DD214. this form essentially releases you from military service. i found out i have 19 days that i can use to take terminal leave. so one month from today, i will be heading home and waiting for the 30th to roll out. as of may 1st, i will officially be retired.

per my personnel specialist i will be collecting $1975 a month in retirement pay. the VA is guestimatting i’ll be at 70% disability (factoring in PTSD- that’s paying BIG right now, depression, hypertension, hearing loss, and long term lower back pain) which will give me $1312, $1525 if they can argue for 80%. spoke to Delgado CC and they said i should be able to start the welding program this fall and if i push hard enough i can finish in just under a year.

well, the navy college fund will be paying me BAH (basic allowance for housing) at an E5 level which will give me $1089 per month. which means i’m better off taking my time. mom and dad are only charging me $700 a month to rent the house next door to Paw-Paw’s. AND dad will be “compensating” me and my boy Adam for tearing up Paw-Paw’s house and fixing it up to rent out.

retired, school, job (under the table), and $3287 a month (possibly more if i get 80% disability). hell it’s southern louisiana, i could LIVE off of that.

family friend is a lawyer and he’s working on the paperwork so i can “donate” my house to mom. in return they’re getting me my aunt Cindy’s travel trailer and dualie. after school, i’ll cash out my TSP (navy 401K) which is at $58k and buy my acreage in cajun country. that’ll be my little hunting camp.

my cousin has 64 acres about an hour outside new orleans and she wants me to park the trailer on the back part of her properly since people keep hunting on her land without permission but she can’t get out there to do anything about it. she’d DYING for me to park the trailer out there. “set up a few tree stands, and there a lake where you can fish. hell i’ll let you borrow one of the quads.”

i really don’t know where the blog is gonna go once i retire. i kind of feel like this site was more relevant when i was doing all this nonsense. once i retire, my life is going to SIGNIFICANTLY change. at least i have some time to mull it over.

but i can’t fucking wait. 30 days.

stay up.

9 Comments on “30 Days….”

  1. hell yeah man. congrats.

  2. Congrats!

    Can the readership swing by and visit if we bring the bourbon?

  3. Congrats Danny! I hope you keep the blog going as I’d be even more curios of the minimalist lifestyle post military.

  4. commenting101 says:

    Why the talk of disability? Judging by what you wrote, you’d get less money on DIS than you would regularly.

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