Further into Minimalism: A Sterling Reputation

one thing i really respect about Aaron is that if you ask him an honest question regarding finance, he’ll usually get back to you. he’s very laid back and likes helping people.

i’ve called him more than once to ask about some economic shit that i’m clueless about. after reading “Enjoy the Decline” i got a crash course on why we’re fucked. well, i don’t want to be one of the ones without a chair when the music stops.

if you have ZERO concern about the state of the country’s economy you must be on dick, dope, or dynamite. i dropped out of the stock market LONG ago. i finally closed the last account i had after making a $279 profit. i invested $500 in a company my dad represents.

at some point, the ATM’s aren’t gonna work.

did anyone notice a few weeks ago when the EBT machines went down? anyone scratch their head after the boston marathon bombing and a mini martial law was imposed?

i started spending a decent amount each pay check for the past 4-5 months buying junk silver. all quarters, dimes, and half dollars made prior to 1965 are 90% silver. one quarter is currently worth about $17. and right now the prices are pretty low.

and it NOT difficult to get. i found a coin store about 20 minutes from the base and they ALWAYS have $3-400 worth on hand. OR, you can go to most flea markets or antique places and get silver trinkets for next to nothing. hell, there are several web-sites that will sell you $200 worth of pre-1965 coins and ship them to you. the only catch is you’ll have to go to the post office and sign for it. i purchased junk silver from here. just add the number of quarters you want. $17.50 in quarters is worth about $300.

i have a friend that buys gold and silver. good for him. it’s definitely a solid investment. he sent me a pic of a few of the gold and silver BARS he owns. i told him, “great. if shit hits the fan you gonna give a gold/silver bar for a loaf of bread?”

what i like about junk silver is it’s PRACTICAL. i can trade 2-3-4-5 coins for something i might need. and NO ONE is going to turn down precious metal. and as more than one person told me, “the value of precious metal is going to SKYROCKET in the event of an economic disaster.”

i got mine, and i plan on getting MUCH more. what are you gonna do?

money get back, i'm all right jack, keep your hands off my stack

money get back, i’m all right jack, keep your hands off my stack

stay up.

26 Comments on “Further into Minimalism: A Sterling Reputation”

  1. ar10308 says:

    That EBT shut down cleaned out that Wal-Mart faster than a zombie apocalypse.

    Don’t forget to invest in processed lead.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      processed lead? hmmmm. i’ll have to look into that.

      actually i think i have some. i have personal lead shielding for doing fluoroscopy.

      thanks for the tip.

      • ar10308 says:

        Shoulda added quotes the first time.

        “Processed lead”=ammo

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          oh. yeah. i have TONS. i need to get a press to make my own.

          • ar10308 says:

            Yeah, having the press is a good idea.

            I’ve also heard of people getting molds to cast bullets from molten lead. I’ve also heard that getting lead is harder and harder nowadays since everyone is buying it up to cast.

            • dannyfrom504 says:

              Doesn’t surprise me at all. I have about 15 snares and 5 small game traps. If I run out of ammo, I always have the bow.

              • ar10308 says:

                I need to get a bow. I think I recall your post on it, but do you have any recommendations for a modern setup?

                • dannyfrom504 says:

                  I would recommend finding a reputable place that has a bowyer and get a used bow. I got mine for $250 and I have no plans on upgrading.

                  The bowyer will strong it match your reach and set it to the poundage most comfortable for you.

                  My bow is a Matthew’s mini Mae set to 50lbs. Once you get a bow email me and I’ll give you specifics on accessories you should have.

                  • ar10308 says:

                    There is a very good bow shop near me, rated one of the best in the mid-Atlantic region. They will set you up really well.

                    I was looking at a Mission by Matthews Ballistic model. It has some nifty features.

              • Of course, the ammo isn’t just for hunting. Every SHTF scenario should involve how you are going to survive without the grocery store, the power/water company, the bank, AND the police.

                • dannyfrom504 says:

                  the great thing about cajun country is that it’s all about self reliance. we operate on horse trading.

                  i’m a seasoned medic, that’s worth it’s weight in gold.

  2. greginaurora says:

    I had good luck with California Numismatic Investments a while back. They’ve always got a good spread, and they didn’t charge for shipping.

  3. theasdgamer says:

    TZA. It makes money when the stock market declines. Sell a little each time the market declines and buy some tangible assets.

  4. commenting101 says:

    The trouble with planning for disaster or armegedden is figuring out what the scenario is going to be. An economic meltdown requires diff planning than does some kind of a civil war or martial law due to rioting. Silver is good if the currency collapses. But in some situations it would be worthless.

    Stockpile a bunch of booze and toilet paper. Can’t go wrong with that.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      True. But silver has been utilized and valued for ages. Can’t ever see it becoming “worthless”.

      And trust me, I have a LOT of silver.

      • Yeah, it’s not an “either/or situation.” I am working on moving out of the city as well and preparing to live off-the grid at a moment’s notice. My stockpiles will include silver, ammo, canned goods, seed packages, a few cases of whiskey, and toilet paper for the purposes of bartering. I will gradually be converting to solar power and finding water sources that do not involve a utility.

        The other thing that is overlooked is finding a network of people who are like-minded. You don’t have to go full-on “survivalist militia,” but there is a definite strength in numbers among capable and prepared people you know you can trust.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          check out the book “dirt cheap survival retreat”. best $10 you can spend and it can be read in 2 hours.

          i’ll be on 64 acres of my cousins property that has EVERYTHING i need to get by. my next purchase is a bullet press.

  5. commenting101 says:

    Danny, interesting point about you being a medic. Would you be up for doing a post about what are some of the essential medical skills/supplies that the average non-medical person should have in prep for a SHTF situation? I live in suburbia, so if that helps narrow it down any…

    For supplies, You’d want a first aid kit. Antibiotics if you can score them. Alcohol or other antiseptics. Lots of pain relievers, Vicodin if you can get it. Maybe have a pair of crutches and ace bandages laying around. SUperglue for cuts. Anything else you can thing of?

    IN terms of skills — CPR for sure. Are there any other skills that the layman could aquire that would be very useful?

  6. John Phipps says:

    Danny, I have been following your blog for a while and see you have been working on your preps. Here is a good article I found last week that discusses priorities. Basic shelter, food and water are needed but without security they can be taken away. Location is vital and to be in a safe location with your own tribe around you.


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