My T-shirt

i’ll never forget the first time it happened. i had my first hole-in-the-wall piece of shit apartment in west ashley, sc. i was seeing this gitl that went to uni of charleston. she had come over to bang the piss out me for dinner. i think her name was abbey.

we woke up and, well….you know. she was going to stay in bed andi wanted to take a shower to wash her girlish filth off me. lol. i was walking around the apartment wearing boxer briefs and asked her is she wanted some eggs. i cooked up some bacon and fried the eggs in the bacon grease

you could cook an old shoe in bacon grease and it would taste amazing. FACT!!!

i guess the scent and sound of cooking was all she needed to get out of bed. as i was cooking i felt two arms wrap around my waist and she plopped her head on my shoulder. “MMMMMM, that looks REALLY good Danny.” she kissed my cheeck and i turned around to kiss her and OH.MY.GOD.

she was wearing one of my navy t-shirts and panties.

she looked fucking amazing. no make-up, “sleep hair”, nothing fancy, but she looked fresh and beautiful.

i told her, “God dam do you look great. she put her hands over her face and lowered her head. “nooooooo. i look so rough right now.” i grabber her, kissed her, and said, “no. seriously, you look beautiful.”

i was young, this was my first time having a woman spend the night. my sex like in high school was basically stealth missions. parent’s aren’t home, she comes over/i show up, go at it, and vacate the premisses. lol.

it was almost like a bank robbery.

to this day, i still love the way a woman looks in just panties and one of my t-shirts. it’s great because she’s not quite naked, but you know no other guy sees her like that. but i also learned a woman’s sneaky trick-

they steal our t-shirts. every time i have something end with a woman after a few weeks i start to notice a shirt i want to wear is gone. i don’t even second guess it anymore. i know some chick lifted it.

i almost wonder if they collect them like trophies. lol.

stay up.

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