Quit Making Excuses

when i first got here i was a fresh faced E5. there were about 5 of us. for the most part all of us got along. all alpha types, i was a sea-going type, the others all did time in iraq and afghanistan. one week i had nights with my boy, i’ll call him Cuz. i hadn’t been around anything “street” in years, but i noticed he had some fat blue shoelaces on. i asked him where he was from and he said LA. i made a gang reference and he just kinda laughed. we talked all night. women, fighting, family, and all mannerisms of manhood. we hit it off from the start.

i had some of the most interesting conversations with Cuz than anyone i’d met in years. we’d just sit and pontificate life. future, politics, society, EVERYTHING. he reminded me of Patrice O’neal; he’d listen to you then direct every aspect of what you’d told him. i’ve watched him let someone make a point then get them to disagree with their original point without the patient even realizing it. i’ve RARELY seen someone with game that tight.

my other good friend grew up in a ROUGH section of east LA. when he was around 8 or so, the older guys would have kids from other sets come in and fight. seriously. they would bet on who’d win. he never lost a fight. one of the most down to east and mellow guys i’d ever met. i was sad to see him move on, but he’s in a great place now and he’s VERY successful.

Cuz was the only person out here i ever spent any free time with. one night we went to the local strip club and he decided to have some fun. he took off his wedding ring and the girl i was seeing was working so i was hanging out with her, and Cuz ended up pulling this one slamming black girl (he’s black ladies and gentlemen) and every once in a while i’d look over and she was sitting on his lap eating out of his hand.

Cuz has some siiiiick game.

on the way home i threw this on on the MP3, he laughed and told me he had grown up with him.

then i played this for him and told him it was boy Alex’s cousin up in Stockton. “oh those mother fuckers are crazy up there. i told him they produced EVERY thing on the album, they went the punk DIY route on their first album.

but this became our “pregame” song when we were going out.

for the record, i quit rap LOOOOOOOOONG ago. lol.

around midnight we bounced and he handed me her number. i laughed and he balled it up and threw it away. i told him girl was coming by after she got off work.

but that isn’t the point of the story. that first night we spoke, i found out A LOT about him. he came from a VERY ROUGH neighborhood in LA. damn near everyday of his life was a fight. his entire childhood he was told he’d never amount to anything, and he ended up dropping out of school to bang full time at 16.

8 years of work. that’s some serious shit.

he ended up decided he’d had enough. he got his GED and joined the navy. he became an HM, went to FMF. soon after he was in iraq doing dirt on foreign soil. now he’s married and raising his son.

this man’s life was OVER. he was HEAVILY emerged in gang life, any day could have been his last. he was doing absolutely nothing with his life. but he knew he was on a dead end street. he got his shit together, and got into the only gig he really could get into. his recruiter helped him through the whole GED process and recommended him for HM training.

we hung out as often as we could while he was here and after about a year my Brother left. we’d go to the strip club and fuck with the girls, go to the local and have a beer and some wings, kick back at my place and watch football on sundays with his family (i had cook of course. lol).

everyday guy shit.

i was rough to see him go, but that’s navy life. you make friends and you or they leave. sometime you run into them YEARS later and it’s like they never left you. as they like to say, “it’s a small navy”. i’ve run into SEVERAL guys i knew back on my dship in FUCKING JAPAN. seriously. we lock eyes and i get a get a hearty, “DOOOOOOOC!!!! what’s up Brother, how the hell you end up here in jax?”

it’s happened at least 8-9 times.

i got a call from Cuz about a month ago, he was in san antonio. he was on his way back to jacksonville. the same man that went from being told he was going to never amount to anything to graduating one of the most difficult and sought after school the navy offers Corpsmen.

he’s now a nuke med tech. whenever i hear a man complaining about his state in life i always think of Cuz. excuses are for the weak, there’s ALWAYS someone worse off than you.

women complain and bitch, men get their shit together and fix the problem. those that refuse to, persish….deservedly so.

quit bitching and get your shit together. if Cuz can do it, anyone can.

an interesting side note, i let a good friend i work with read this and she smiled the entire time then said, “now that i think about it, all y’all that ain’t married a bunch of damn ho’s.” i laughed and told her, “we’re not ho’s, we’re just “gifted.” lol.

stay up

4 Comments on “Quit Making Excuses”

  1. theasdgamer says:

    Great stories, Danny. Cuz reminds me of my life as a military brat and growing up in a blue-collar neighborhood. Fought a lot.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i asked him if he minded if i wrote this and the point to be made in the post and he VERY clear there were certain thing i simply could not mention.

      only his past “affiliatition”. he no longer has anything to do with them.

  2. theasdgamer says:

    I “pre-followed” your advice, Danny. About six months ago I started dancing with two left feet (being autistic), but now ladies tell me that I am a skilled dancer. So, I didn’t make being autistic an excuse, but overcame my brain’s wiring to learn how to dance well.

    I get it that you personally don’t need to dance to meet women. However, dancing is great for guys who have trouble approaching girls because of a lack of confidence. Yeah, you and I never had that problem, but NAGALT.

    Dancing can DHV. Yesterday the dance instructor at a country bar used me for the demo man and after that all the ladies younger than my kids wanted me to dance with them and hang with them afterwards. I actually chatted up some early-20’s, pretty schoolteachers after dancing with them and they were giving me logistical info (i.e., saying “date me”).

    Pretty college girls also wanted to dance. I chatted one up while dancing and she gave me a big hug afterwards. Even the dad of one of the college girls was encouraging me to dance with his daughter, lol. I teased her about this and she said that dancing with me was her idea.

    There was a very pretty early 30’s chick who wanted to chat me up after dancing, but I moved on.

    Of course, I also danced with older ladies. This creates comfort because it shows good manners and defends against the perception that you are just looking for sex; it inhibits the ASD.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      you know what man, that’s takes some series balls to admit. most people live behind their secrets, i have a hell a lot of respect for you admitting to being autistic and NOT letting it define you. you exist DESPITE it.

      stay up.

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