Pig Killer

last night mom called me and told me my cousin needed to talk to me. the same cousin that wants me to set up shop on her 64 acres. she left me her number and i called her. after 2-3 minutes of small talk i asked her what was going on.

“Danny, i think i have a hog problem.”

not surprising. i shot a 200lb hog on I-10 last december. when they come that close to human populace, they’re running out of land to ravage. she called my mom to see if i knew anything about hogs and she mentioned me talking about killing pigs back in texas.

i told my cousin her and her boys needed to load up 12 gauges with slugs and kill every adult they see. a lot of locals will rent out their hog traps to catch the smaller ones and i told her 3-4 foot deep bear-pits work well also.

then she asked me if i had ever hunted hogs with a team of dogs. i had to tell her i’d NEVER done a that type of a hunt. BUUUUUUUUUT, i DO KNOW a prominent blogger that LOVES pig-hunting with dogs. this individual is quite famous for not really reaching out to readers/bloggers.

interestingly enough, he responded IMMEDIATELY when i asked him about said subject. i know you’re reading this dude, so thanks for the advice. i spent all day today researching hog hunting. i read blogs, i checked out stores, my INTJ kicked in and when a subject catches my interest, i absorb everything i can.

finally i went to my boys list of dogs known to be best for hog hunting. i decided on a 3 dog team: 2 bays and a catch. bays herd the pig and won’t let it run, the catch is a larger breed that latches onto the pig and holds it until you show up to kill it. bays wear cut collars and catches wear cut collars AND cut armor.

cut collar and cut armor.

cut collar and cut armor.

i decided my “catch” would be a Dogo Argentino. these dog were engineered SPECIFICALLY for hunting hogs and cougars in argentina. but at the same time, they make EXCELLENT family dogs. the catch will be a male since i need strength, boldness, and sheer intensity. these dog fear nothing, and they can bring down a 200 lb pig.

the bays will be 2 Black Mouth Curs. i talked to 2 friends in the ER that hunt and they swear there is no better hunting dog. apparently these dogs LIVE to hunt.

cousin said she will buy whatever dogs i thought were best. i found a dogo argentino breeder pretty close and emailed the owner. he responded immediately and ask me to call him. he asked 2 questions that told me i was dealing with a good breeder-

1- why do i want a dogo argentino.
2- do i know anything about raising a dog.

my mom bred shi-tzu’s and i watched her vet hundreds of buyers. i sent him the link to my youtube and he watched the videos i have of Brody. he told me, “i’m expecting a litter in about a week or so. i told him i’d be in louisiana mid april and he said he NEVER sells the pups until they hit 8 weeks and invited me to his kennel when i got home so i could meet the sire and the bitch. i told him the dog would be my cousins, but once it turned 4 months i’d start training him.

the best thing about training a dog like this is it’s their natural instinct to go to work on a boar. i’d just needed to teach him the commands and judge how he operates so i can fine tune his technique and fix and flaws i might see. plus i need to understand his personality.

the Curs, those will be challenge. i need to work with them as a team THEN individually. fortunately, BMC’s LIVE to hunt. but i still need to see how they perform as a team and figure out each dogs personality. cousin is going to fence in a quarter acre and build them a pen. these dogs NEED to run around and work, or they can become destructive.

she was receptive and i told her the DA was gonna be about $1500. still gotta find a Cur breeder. then i told her they needed a knife with a blade no less than 8″ long. personally, i have a 9” k-bar bowie, she asked if she could pop it with an AR. i told her, “sure, you’re just gonna end up with a pissed off hog charging you. shot gun slugs sweetie, shotgun slugs.”

this should get interesting.

proper pig sticker

proper pig sticker

this is why you use a cut collar.

this is why you use a cut collar.

stay up.

2 Comments on “Pig Killer”

  1. dannyfrom504 says:

    no, it’s VERY dangerous. but hogs are becoming quite invasive. they need to be exterminated or they’ll destroy your land,

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