We’re Just Wired Differently

saturday i had duty with my girl jackson. i was watching the new 300 movie (again, with a blue vein throbber erection) and jackson was looking at furniture for her daughter. she kept asking me to look at ottoman’s, mirrors, armoir’s, etc. i really couldn’t be bothered by it. eventually she quit asking me to look at shit when i told her angrily that i was busy watching persians being slaughtered.

i little later that afternoon, i decided to also jump onto craigslist. i started looking for crossbows. i found a nice barnett for $350. they don’t make that particular model anymore and $350 is a GREAT price. i tunred the monitor towards her, with a pic of the crossbow and asked her what she thought. she looked at me, riased her eyebrows and said, “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!!!???” i laughed.

she was absolutely right. why the HELL would i ask her opinion on crossbows?

i spent all day yesterday looking at hunting dogs and reviewing crossbows. i replied to 2 craigslist ads by guys selling crossbows but no dice. i decided to head to Green Acres (my personal toy store) after i called, i was informed he had something used i might like. he handed me a Ten Point Titan HLX (ten point doesn’t make this anymore, now the have the titan XTREME). wanna see a happy Danny?

ain't she purdee

ain’t she purdee

Ten Point Titan HLX yoked out

Ten Point Titan HLX yoked out

he gave me the crossbow, quiver, and 4 arrows for $500. i dropped $300 without batting an eye. but the arrow heads are BEASTS!!!!!! i got a set of Rage broad heads. the following is pictures from their site, *WARNING GRAPHIC* prey kill pics.


you see to middle arrow, that’s how it leaves the bow. when it makes impact, the blades deploy open causing MAJOR trauma. now, i know you might find this cruel but the fact is it kills the animal MUCH quicker. thusly, the animal suffers less. my boy sent me a pic of where he popped a buck and there was a HUGE puddle of blood. “never had a deer get more than 30 yards after being shot.” that’s a good thing btw.

Paw-Paw taught me 2 things. never kill what you don’t plan on eating. never kill anything unless it’s attacking you.

it’s been a while and i know how much you all LOVE this bit. it’s time for….


i placed an order to diamond candle and they came in today. i was giddy as school girl crushing on beiber. but i ordered THREE. WHICH ONE DO I USE FIRST!!!!??? DKHOFAHSV;ORTESUZIO;TUVV290 ]HQ7T=VM1KDNFOIVANJGJNOIRZUYN’TNPY/. my man hamster was out of control. fortunately Blaine put his soft hands on my shoulder, told me to close my eyes and just pick one.

he’s good like that.

i'm so giddy i could pee my pants

i’m so giddy i could pee my pants

i ended up rocking guava berry and Blaine gave me a roman war helmet. and now for great moments in gay cinema.

on a more serious note. today LaidNYC announced he was closing shop. i actually spoke to him last night and he told me about it. i’d been telling everyone that he’s said he was going to stop blogging eventually.

Laid is a VERY genuine guy. the first time i spoke to him he was cool as hell and even said he has the utmost respect for guys that post openly. so i’m not surprised he’s gonna start a new project that isn’t anon. well, despite what you may read, he’s a VERY humble individual. i’m glad to know he’s in the place he’s in now, he really deserves it. but i ain’t saying bye to him.

i KNOW i’mma run into him eventually. lol. best to you Brother.

stay up LaidNYC. stay the fuck up.

8 Comments on “We’re Just Wired Differently”

  1. mtman71 says:

    I’ve had good luck with the Rage Chisel tips. I’d love to get a hold of those hypos if they came in 125

  2. unsigma says:

    Got the Wicked Ridge crossbow this year – since they are now legal for deer hunting here. Wicked Ridge is made by Ten Point. It is their entry level line. Also got the Rage mechanical heads – Loving mine. Also took the guns out last weekend to get the boy in line. He wore out some cans and now can’t get enough. Going out again this weekend and going to try the Glock after he shoots the 22 again. I was clearing onions with the 12 guage.

  3. peregrinejohn says:

    Have you used the pistol crossbows? I was just given an 80# Cobra with the advice to get some all-plastic bolts (the metal ones with plastic shaft ends break easy). Thing is crazy powerful but I’m not sure if I can hunt anything larger than a rabbit with it.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      who are you asking. i OWN a pistol crossbow. it’s more of a toy though. it can’t penetrate my archery target.

      • peregrinejohn says:

        Asking you, actually. Didn’t remember you having one. This puppy’s no toy, though it looks dangerously like one. The metal bolts will go right through a door. Has an 80# draw, which is why it needs the lever to cock it. Looking at the specs, they say it shoots at 165 fps. Should be fine for varmints.

        • dannyfrom504 says:

          oh, i wouldn’t shoot anyone with said pistol. but it doesn’t have enough penetrating power tpo go through my yellow jacket target. but yeah, it could fuck up a small animal.

          On Wed, Mar 26, 2014 at 12:15 PM, dannyfrom504 wrote:


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