Dog Man

a man and his dog, there’s no other more unconditional bond for a man (ok, aside from his mother). i left Brody with mom since i’ll be moving out of my house in 2-3 weeks and i’ll need to stay in a hotel. mom had to put her dog (Cody) down due to old age and his being so sickly. i knew when i saw him in december it would be the last time i’d ever spend time with him. i took a few pics with him, i just knew it was his time. never took pics with Cody before that day.


Cody-co-co. look at that tounge.

when i went home Brody practically jumped out the car and ran circles at the door to mom’s house. when i let him in (mom wasn’t home) he sat at her chair. he knew she needed him, and he never left her side when she was in the house. little fucker ignored me if she were home. lol.

talked to mom last night and told her how i miss Brody and i’ll unconsciously put my hand over to where he sits and i realize he isn’t there. mom laughed and said, “when you called and left a message as i sat listening to it he stared at the phone and ran excitedly in circles. trust me, he misses you too. the other night he was sleeping with terry (my dad) and he kicked Body off the bed. the next morning i woke up and he wasn’t in his chair in the living room. i went upstairs and he was in your bed. i have to keep the door closed now or he’ll stay in there on your bed.”


a woman came to the department while i was on watch saturday and we were watching Too Cute: Puppies. they were showing a litter of basset hounds and the patient used to breed bassets. i told her my mom bred shi-tzu’s and she recently lost her dog of 12 years Cody. she asked me if i had ever heard of the “rainbow brighe” GAYNESS ALERT- she mentioned that when animals die they go to the rainbow bridge. there they play and live with other animals that have passed on. when humans die, they cross the rainbow bridge. as they do, the animals that were once parts of the family find them, greet them, and walk with them to heaven.

i told my mom this story and she started crying. i felt bad, but at the same time, i knew she was happy. i really don’t think mom will own a dog again for a long time. her last dog (Saux. prounounced socks) died when i was in high school. she didn’t get another dog for over 10 years. losing Saux hurt her that badly.

i don’t even WANT to entertain the idea of Brody passing (he turns 9 in november). my boy Adam lost his rotwieller (Indy) and he was a wreck for months. every NO skater knew and LOVED Indy.

i’ve loved women. i really have. but i don’t think i’ve EVER a had bond with a woman stronger than the bonds i’ve had with my dogs. and i’ve ststed before, a dog will open women FOR you. just take your dog for a walk and watch the girls swoon. Brody’s run to women that were exactly my type and start playing with them. hell, he’s actually pee’d on a few of said women. now remember, Brody is VERY well trained. he NEVER just runs from my side, he just seems to know, “OOOOOOH Danny’d like her.” lol. it’s crazy.

THIS. this is what i get to deal with everyday. i'm truly blessed.

THIS. this is what i get to deal with everyday. i’m truly blessed.

here’s my neighbor DJ’s dog Bully. first time i met him he ran at me and i froze. DJ’s yelled, “NO WOORY, HE NO BIHTE YOO!” DJ’s a veteran of the Serbian conflict btw. he got shot in the dick. when he told me i said i didn’t believe him and he stood up to unholster the pistola. Sean stopped him and DJ’s wife chimed in, “there is scar, but it still work.”

these are my neighbors. steeplechase lane is fucking nuts. and i’m really gonna miss living amonst these psychos.

Bully. he's 90 lbs of snuggle nugget. unless of course you enter DJ's house illegally.

Bully. he’s 90 lbs of snuggle nugget. unless of course you enter DJ’s house illegally.

AND soon enough, i’ll be raising a team of hunting dogs. i’m REALLY looking forward to that.

stay up.

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