i was originally intedned to post an e-mail i received at work today about a course being held to promote “female leadership” in the navy. basically it’s a class for women only to teach them how to be effective leaders. do i even need to ask if there will EVER have the same course for men only?

don’t answer it. i sent a copy of the email to SSM and PrivateMan so they could read it.

in case you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably notice the tone of the site has changed. next week will be my last week of work in radiology. the following week i check out of the command. april 11th will be my last day at NAS Jacksonville. on the 14th i have an appointment with the VA to discuss my disability.

around the 15th i will be heading back to louisiana. once my household goods arrive and my parents fix up the joint, i’ll be living in their house next door to Paw-Paw’s pad where me and my boy Adam will be fixing up the house so my mom can rent it out.

once i leave Jax i will no longer be updating this site. i started this site as a goofy as fuck navy dickbag that was well blogging about, well- “horse hit, women and food.” the fact is, i’m no longer that guy. i gave away all my furniture, i’m moving to a more minimal lifestyle. i had a nice talk with Yohami and he seemed pretty psyched about it as well.

the fact is, i RARELY even talk to women anymore. it just seems disingenuous to continue this site. i’ve been pondering this for about a month. i spoke to SSM, PrivateMan, and LaidNYC about this all around the same time.

i’m glad i started this site. God knows i’ve made some VERY good friends from this blogging nonsense. even the people i’ve had fall outs with with i honestly wish nothing but the best for them. i was always amazed at the emails from you guys wanting my humble take on something. and i really want to thank you readers for taking time to read my bullshit.

but fear not. i’ll be starting a new site that will be more closely aligned to the way i’ll be living. it’ll be more of a MGTOW, minimalist, traditional masculinity site. i’ll still be posting openly and SSM and PrivateMan will announce when i start it. i still need to figure out the format. you won’t find me railing on feminism (not that i really did), and if i meet a woman, i have every intention on sharing it.

in short. my life is about to make a major change. i’ve spent the last 20 years jumping from place to place. now i’m 40, starting to feel it, and am looking forward to peace and quiet.

i’m not quiting, just changing. change is necessary, natural, and beneficial.

me and adam. been friends since we were 5

me and adam. been friends since we were 5

stay up.

5 Comments on “Evolution”

  1. Cade Brown says:

    Are you going to delete this site though?

  2. unsigma says:

    Don’t believe for a second you will STOP talking to women…even Paw-Paw wants to like the jar sometimes.

    • unsigma says:

      *lick (though I bet he would say he likes the jar too)

      • dannyfrom504 says:

        i never said i’d STOP talking to women. but i won’t be giving 2 shits about women until after i finish welding school, and even then, they’re going to be an afterthought. i class up in august. i actually spoke to the women that heads up the program, she’s also the VA rep. lol.

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