The Compound

988 Steeplechase lane
Orange Park, Fl 32065

that’s my physical address. that’s where i’ll be for the next 2-3 weeks. my house is known as “the compound”. newbs to the hood are told, “that’s Danny’s place. if you have kids keep them away from Danny’s house. if shit hit’s the fan, GET TO DANNY’S HOUSE!!!!!!”. theres a tactical weapon in each room. let me show you around. my first home video, around 2012ish.

the “compound” now, what i DIDN’T show.

had a girl come over and she commented on the machete in the guest bathroom. i LOVE how you ladies snoop. what’s not in the video is: the machete in the guest bathroom, the police bar in the kitchen, and the machete in my bathroom. i also have shotgun shells in every room in the house.

don’t look at me like that. i like to feel secure.

took Nugget shooting yesterday. the AK fucking jacked her shoulder. she liked the AK and she dug the P95. but she LOVED the ruger 22/45. honestly, she dropped clips quicker than i could fill them. i can’t tell you how much women LOVE having a man take them to the range to shoot.

Nugget and the .22.

i got some too of course.

it was a fun time. after shooting i ate some vietnamese food and headed back home. when i got back my neighbors had a little “going away” party for me. Lopez, Nugget, and So-So. we stayed up and drank and played “corn hole” then we played a sick card game that’s just not right. it was a good time, and i will honestly miss leaving this neighborhood.

thought you’d like this.

yes. yes i do.

yes. yes i do.

now you all know where i live. if anyone from the Sphere has beef with me, now you know how to find me. i couldn’t be more open than posting my home address. i prefer to go one-to-one from the chest. but, just remember, i drew on a woman i LOVE. i’ll FIRE on someone i don’t know.

if you live in the area and wanna have a beer, shoot me an email.

stay up.

3 Comments on “The Compound”

  1. adman2458 says:

    I’m not sure what corner you feel backed into, but I hope you can take a step back and focus. This last post feels like a call for backup. I have read most of your writing Danny, and have enjoyed the way you present a certain type of manhood. However, this last post is disturbing on many levels. I get it, you own guns. This is America – we all do. In my opinion, bragging about them does the opposite of the effect you intend. It also reveals a bit too much about your current state. why share this? Go for own way – sooner than later. I think it is best for everyone. Especially you. I look forward to your new chapter and the stories you have to tell. Be well, and be yourself above all.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      no. def not in a corner. and it’s WELL known what i have. but girl brought it up and i thought it was funny.

      she brought out the machete in the guest BR and asked, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?” i laughed and told her it was cutting sugar cane back home. which is true.

      ran the post to 1- completely out myself, 2- show the OTHER side of my humble abode. the “not concerned with women” side. trust me ,my cousin Denise has WAAAAAAAAAAY more steel than i do.

      thanks for reading Brother, i appreciate it.

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