ITLR: The Barking Doggy

this past weekend i was at the local having a pint. out of no where there was a commotion by the pool tables behind me. i looked and there stood a kid 17-18ish, yelling at a guy standing with his hair in a ponytail.

he had a slight smirk on his face. he never said a word, he just stood staring back with a shit eating grin.

eventually the manager walked over, and ended up kicking the kid out.

the manager came back sat next to me and the bartender walked over. i looked at the manager and said, “that kid was gonna get pounded if it went to blows.” the bartender (an Irish guy and former hell raiser) nodded and the manager quickly agreed. “OH YEAH!!!!” manager spent a year in prison for involuntary man slaughter. guy pulled a gun on him, he took the gun and he shot the man in the face, point blank.

when he told me the story he did it in the most chilling voice i’d ever heard from his mouth.

guys that fight, NEVER talk shit. there’s a disagreement and either a fight begins or does not. when a fist lands on your face, that’s the primary sign you are in a fight. there’s a certain way i fight if i KNOW it’s gonna down. don’t ask, i ain’t telling.

“when you are short on everything but the enemy, you are in combat.” -murphey’s laws of combat.

guy ended up coming up to the bar to get a drink. i looked over at him and said, “god dammit i was hoping you were gonna unload on him.” he smiled and said, “nah, i only fight men.” i told the bartender i was covering his beer. he shook my hand, thanked me and i asked his name.

“Mike, you.”

i answered, “Danny. nice to meet you. stay the fuck up Dude.”

he turned and walked back to his game of pool.

stay up.

5 Comments on “ITLR: The Barking Doggy”

  1. theasdgamer says:

    “he had a slight smirk on his face. he never said a word, he just stood staring back with a shit eating grin.”

    I must have a twin out there or sumpin. That’s exactly how I roll. Smiling casually normally, if I get a hostile look, change to smirk. I always know the bouncers.

  2. commenting101 says:

    I’m gonna miss your writing Danny boy.

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