Going Ashore

next week i start checking out of the command. tuesday, i move out of my house. on the 14th i have my VA appointment. the next day, i drive back home- for good. last week was my “official” (read, i didn’t request one) retirement ceremony.

i started this site in the summer of 2011 at the suggestion of others. i found the Sphere in march that year and stumbled from site to site. after becoming a regular commenter on Riv’s site and having Yohami goad me long enough i started this site.

so here i am.

and now i feel my time here is done. i have no further advice to give. i have nothing else to offer to you men about women. and i am no longer the man that started this site. therefore, it’s disingenuous for me to blog under this handle.

i promise, i’ll return. but i need to get my affairs in order and finish my retirement. i need to reconnect with my family. i need to reconnect with myself. like i said, “dannyfrom504” is dead. the man that started this site is gone.

the sites i mentioned before will announce my new site. i’m ready to start anew. if you choose to join me, i’d be greatly appreciative. but to those of you that read my BS, i thank you. i very much appreciate your reading. with all honesty, i could never imagine i’d have had as many of readers as i’ve had. to all of you…..

but it’s time for me to set to dock. thank you all for reading, thank you all for the comments. and thank you in general.

i’m not one to forget kindness, and reading my site- i see as kindness.

thank you. but i’m going ashore. this site will no longer be updated.


stay up .

Embrace the Pain

i’ve never posted “work out” shit before. i really don’t think most people would like my workout’s, it’s pretty unorthodox. i don’t use weights. it’s all body weight and goes from excersize to excersize. i do 3 rep’s of 6 moves, rest 2 minutes. repeat single series of 6 moves, rest one minute, and repeat single series until 45 minutes has passed.

i’m not a big guy, but i’m “effecient”. K doesn’t seem to have a prblem with my ability to “do work”.

in the summer of 2008 i volunteered to go to kuwait. the way i saw it, even though i was a tech and not an 8404 i felt ashamed that i had NEVER touched the desert. once i found out the hospital needed two people to go, i went straight to the CMC and she fast tracked my approval.

that’s where i met Billy. Billy was a little bad ass from Utah. total outdoors guy. he was sent to jacksonville after he got medically dropped from BUDS. during dive phase a tank got dropped on his foot. his run time went down, they medically dropped him. when we got to camp pendelton to train for the deployment, we hit it off immediately.

once i realized i was going to be his LPO at the clinic in ali al salem, i was ended up bunking with him and my boy Boles. still talk to Boles. there’s NOTHING to do in ali except work and work out. well, Billy stumbled upon gym jones and decided we were going to do that.

i was only able to do 1/3 of the workout before i tapped out. Billy managed just over half. it’s BRUTAL, and it’s meant to be. back then, they posted the daily workout for free. now you have to join to get the workouts. BUT if you’re google savvy you can still find the old workouts, they HAVE to be out there.

you wanna join GJ, it’ll cost $500.

i got to pendleton weighing 138lbs with a 34″ waist. i left Kuwait 156lbs with a 31″ waist. we were supplementing with cryotest, leukic, animal pak, and isopure protein. i wouldn’t advise anything i just listed except leukic and animal pak. i STILL use animal pak as my primary multivitamin.

by the time i left kuwait, i was able to do about 2/3 of the gym jones workouts. Billy was doing the whole damn thing. when i got back to spain, EVERYONE stopped and commented how “jacked” i looked. i was “fluffy” when i left spain.

the program work’s if you’re willing to suffer. i’m too old for all that moto shit now. lol. i don’t work out to stare lovingly at my biceps and pecs. i work out to be able to hold a 8 pound crossbow upright for up to 7 minutes. to swing harder than my opponent and cause pain. i work out so i can drag a 120 pound buck back to camp.

i don’t do cardio to up my 5k time. i do cardio because if my enemy has more endurance than i do, he wins.

why do you work out?

stay up.

God Damn Right

God Damn Right

The Ladies of Publix

i was at public monday buying beer. as i paid and made small talk with the cashier when the girl bagging exclaimed excitedly, “I”VE SEEN YOU BEFORE!!!!” i smiled and said i one in a lot. the cashier nodded in agreement, “yeah, he’s stops in every day.” the bagging girls said, “he smells SOOOOO good. what was that cologne you had? you said it was new.”

“yeah, Jean Paul Gauliter’s new scent”

the bagging said, “HE ALWAYS SMELLS GOOD!!!!!” this girl’s 18-19. i’m leaving in less than 2 weeks, and she’s WAAAAY to young, but i KNOW i could have closed it.

today, i stopped in to get shit for my tattoo. JUST finished it at 6. i was getting shit to clean it off and the bagging girl gushed when she saw it. “NEW TAT???!!!” i nodded and she asked what it was. i told her and she asked what it meant. she asked to see it and i told her, “some other time. me and some beer have a date.”

she was smiling from ear to ear. i looked back and she was still looking.

i’ve said since i started blogging, the best way to practice “game” is on women that HAVE to talk to you. loll for IOI’s and escalate when early on. the second girl gave me IOI’s, but i remained aloof. when i see her again, i’ll tell you what happened.

too be continued…..

I was cleaning shit yesterday in anticipation of my pack out and found this.


i have NO CLUE, who this is or when i got it. abundance mentality- get some.

stay up.

Test Your Game

i ran this post a long time ago, i’m going to repost it for my newer readers, but in a shorter format.

early in my blogging career, i was the PM supervisor for radiology. i had 2 civilians and one military tech to Lord over. my ultrasound check was a SLAMMING hot asian girl. i worked with her for almost 2 years. i watched HUNDREDS of guys approach her. this was their typical open- in EXACT detail.

they’d walk up to the check in desk, i was sitting less then ten feet to her right, usually writing a post or “doing research”. yeah, that’s it- research. a guy would walk up and just start talking to her. asking her how much longer she had left at the hospital, asking about her schooling, then just showering her with compliments about how hard working she was.

she’d smile, be gracious, and mention how hard it is to juggle work, a second job, school, and spending time with her boyfriend.

the guys would continue on, usually for about 5 more minutes, then walk away. i’d spend the next 2-3 minutes regurgitating what they had said and adding “want some dick” in between compliments. she’d laugh and nod.

then, ONE guy showed up and made her tingle. here’s what happened.

older guy, maybe early 40’s. he approached asked why she was still in and when she was transferring. she answered. then he looked at me shook my hand and introduced himself. he asked me how long i’d been there and made a joke. then he went back to girl and asked what she was doing. she told him he was studying. he asked what for and she mentioned nursing school. the she mentioned the second job and the bf. he chuckled and said, damn girl, you’re kill them youthful asian good looks with all that hard work, but old boy is lucky. take care you guys” he walked away.

i lifted my head, looked over and she was blushing and smiling BIG TIME.

this is the ONLY time i’d seen her react like that. to this DAY, she remembers him.

so, i ask you readers. HOW did this man manage to generate tingles after SO MANY others failed.

i will provide the answer tomorrow in bold.

A Poll for the Ladies

while on house hunting/job hunting leave, i quit shaving. i went 20 day without. below are the results. i’d say guys could chime in too, but i’d end up with an erection and that would make me uncomfortable since i’d prefer you’d be able to see my blue vein throbber.

so Ladies….what say you. you can look at a pic of me with out on my “about” page.

15 days in.

15 days in. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

after 20 days.

after 20 days.

I Know it’s Over

“Danny, did you have a girl over this weekend?”

K was over. she reads the site sometimes. i must have made mention of a friend having stopped by. i told her i had in fact had a friend over. then she asked if it were a girl. i told her it was in fact a girl. she asked if she could ask me a question and would i be honest in answering. i looked at her for a second. i warned her the contents of this conversation was going to be blogged. then i told her-

“you better be careful that you REALLY want the question to be answered. you know i’m not going to lie to you.”

she asked me directly if i saw other girls. i immediately told her, “yes.” she asked who and i told her that was none of her business. she said she deserved to know. i reminded her that she was NOT my girlfriend and that from the beginning i told her that this was just what this was going to be.

“you do realize i’m moving out of my house this friday?” she looked at me and asked why i was JUST telling her this. i told her, “i just found out to today. when it comes to you, i don’t deal with possibilities, i deal in terms of definitiveness. i told you in april i was going back to NO for good.”

i think this was the moment it hit home for her. suddenly a girl coming over wasn’t the issue. i’m not here to talk shit, or gloat. kerri is a great girl. if i weren’t leaving, things would be different. she looked visibly upset. i think she may be falling for me. this all started in november. i see her once or twice a month.

every woman i’ve gotten involved with where it started to get serious. girl falls for me. it’s almost curse. i told her none of this is about her. i told her she was a phenomenal girl, and that i was in fact filled with regret that it was over. but this was my life, i chose it. every 2-3 years i move on.

“Kerri. you’re a beautiful girl, you won’t be off the market that long and hopefully i treated you in a manner that you realize you deserve to be treated.” despite what you might read here, i’m actually a GREAT guy to be involved with. i treat my women QUITE well. i smiled at her and said, “but no one’s gonna pound that pussy better then me, and you know that. i get in there better than a sybian.”

she bit her lip, smiled, shook her head, and looked away. “what is it with you guys and your dicks? you guys are so bad about opening up.” i looked at her, smiled, and said, “thats EXACTLY what i was talking about. ‘opening YOU up’.”

“Kerri, i think i was VERY clear in telling you how i’m not happy, but this is my life. it’s been my life for the last 20 years. but i am happy to know that YOU are the last girl the navy will take from me.”

she tried to shit-test me with, “now you have a reason to visit jax.” i laughed and told her i’m NEVER coming back to jacksonville, but she’s welcome to visit me in NO, IF i’m single of course.

she asked me if i ever planned on “settling down.” i laughed; i’ve heard this from HUNDREDS of women. i told her i was settled now, that i don’t lead some life of pomp and grandeur. she said she was talking about settling with a woman and getting married. i didn’t EVEN want to have that talk.

i walked up to her, took her hand, placed my palm on her face, and kissed her. then i said, “right now, THIS is enough. besides, you know your brown eyes are my blue skies” she blushed. she asked me how many women i’d told that to, i smirked and replied, “hundreds.” she punch my shoulder.

after i kissed her, i told her i was sorry. she asked what i was sorry about and i told her the last thing i wanted to do was break her heart. she asked how i could be sure her heart were broken. i stared right into her eyes and 2 seconds later she looked away a made a grimacing face. again, i told her i was sorry.

like i said, she’s a great girl, but i’ve been here before. it’s hard for me to really “let her in” when i know ultimately it’s doomed from the start. she never asked about the other girl. i think she already knew. this is why i tell guys to NEVER lie if they’re going to run more than one girl. ALWAYS make it known from the beginning she is NOT your girlfriend.

i was VERY clear with Kerri that i was leaving and we weren’t going to be exclusive, that id she met someone that she wanted to “boyfriend up” with, i would let her go. but her hamster told her SHE could win me over despite my ADMITTING this has happened to me before. but she’s a woman- emotion trumps logic and reason.

i think the fact that she NEVER mentioned the other girl again is pretty telling.

when you’re honest, you have a better chance of “hoe’ing it up” as a female i work with puts it. lol. she affectionately call me “hoe ass”. lol. i tell her, “i’m not a hoe, just a man with options.”

she LOVES Buckley’s version of this song. just for you K. [ed- she texted me that she feels like the song mirrors my relationship life. i told her it seems to parrot my having to leave women behind often.]

i introduced her to SKM. it’s now her favorite band. this is her jam. babe, remember that drive to st. augustine? lol.

where the “blue skies” line comes from.

stay up