The Ladies of Publix

i was at public monday buying beer. as i paid and made small talk with the cashier when the girl bagging exclaimed excitedly, “I”VE SEEN YOU BEFORE!!!!” i smiled and said i one in a lot. the cashier nodded in agreement, “yeah, he’s stops in every day.” the bagging girls said, “he smells SOOOOO good. what was that cologne you had? you said it was new.”

“yeah, Jean Paul Gauliter’s new scent”

the bagging said, “HE ALWAYS SMELLS GOOD!!!!!” this girl’s 18-19. i’m leaving in less than 2 weeks, and she’s WAAAAY to young, but i KNOW i could have closed it.

today, i stopped in to get shit for my tattoo. JUST finished it at 6. i was getting shit to clean it off and the bagging girl gushed when she saw it. “NEW TAT???!!!” i nodded and she asked what it was. i told her and she asked what it meant. she asked to see it and i told her, “some other time. me and some beer have a date.”

she was smiling from ear to ear. i looked back and she was still looking.

i’ve said since i started blogging, the best way to practice “game” is on women that HAVE to talk to you. loll for IOI’s and escalate when early on. the second girl gave me IOI’s, but i remained aloof. when i see her again, i’ll tell you what happened.

too be continued…..

I was cleaning shit yesterday in anticipation of my pack out and found this.


i have NO CLUE, who this is or when i got it. abundance mentality- get some.

stay up.

6 Comments on “The Ladies of Publix”

  1. theasdgamer says:

    Danny, great stories and they made me think about reading women accurately.

    Was out doing a pickup fantasy with my wife at a Tanner’s last night. (It’s a big deal for my wife since she’s verrry prudish and naive. She was a 10, “new in the box” when I married her and has always been very religious. A real pink unicorn. I’m sure I’ve gotten her best. For me, a prudish 10 “new in the box” beats a slutty 8 as long as I get her best.) Had made the “pickup” and was sitting with my wife and kino-ing her some and vice-versa. Sitting back relaxed and wife was leaning in heavily like she always does. Was wearing a black western shirt, levi’s, black cowboy boots, off-white very faded air force academy cap.

    Woman bartender would stop by for orders every now and then and was kino-ing me with a very quick tease where the wife couldn’t see and not staying close or long. Knee, arm, shoulder. She was wearing short shorts and managed to bend over nearby to talk to a DJ, aiming her ass at me in the center of my field of vision. It was a fine, tight, small ass. Gonna give her shit about it next time wife isn’t with me. The bartender was obviously hunting for tips with the kino and ass-waving. (For the other readers, gotta be able to read the ioi’s accurately.) No extra tips for the bartender since she didn’t really spend much time. Cute girl, though.

    Woman DJ otoh kept watching me out of the corner of her eye, trying to catch my eye without my wife noticing. Strong ioi. The DJ’s were doing song title bingo. Not sure if that involved buying a bingo card. So maybe the ioi was just for the bucks. Didn’t care enough to make an approach. I also wasn’t mentally prepared to do real approaches and was just chillin’. DJ was attractive. Her fashionable top showed a little skin on the upper back and was very tasteful. A little sexy but not slutty.

    Saw another guy doing pickup, kissing a chick he obviously just met. Wife noticed it too and she’s generally naive about what goes on at bars and elsewhere. She was shocked about a college basketball star (Nadir Tharp) having a nakie taken with a married woman with a high school kid which was published on the net.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      women can’t resist a taken man. the 2 women were comepeting for your attention.

      • theasdgamer says:

        Could be mixed motives. Hard to tell without approaching. Maybe just recognizing their ioi’s is enough DHV combined with approaching a woman, what I was wearing and my relaxed, confident body language. The ass-waving was pretty blatant. Never noticed that before–I’m in the habit of screening that stuff out. Must be the yellow shorts. (I’ve heard of the drop and snap but haven’t noticed it directed at me. Could be it has but I’ve just never noticed it.) And the kino teasing was undeniable.

        Not sure how the women would have known that I’m taken–wasn’t wearing my ring, although my wife was. I could have been a lover who wasn’t her husband. I entered the bar a couple of minutes after my wife did. I sat at the bar and she sat at a table. I looked around the bar, saw my wife, made eye contact, then approached with coat and drink and sat down with her. Started kino. Maybe just going from the bar to confidently sit with her at a table introduced enough sexual drama to pique the women’s interest. Yeah, my wife was giving signals of being into me. Pre-selection.

        Women often say that they don’t like drama. I think that fun, unpredictable drama causes tingles. Boring, predictable, unpleasant drama not so much.

        • Joe Ganska says:

          “Women often say that they don’t like drama”
          —> Ya, and my ass is green. As far as I’ve known girls, if they’re not receiving drama from a man, they’ll give it to him. They don’t wanna be bored.

  2. Hi danny nice post
    Just wondering what the name of Jean Paul Gauliter’s new scent is

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