Going Ashore

next week i start checking out of the command. tuesday, i move out of my house. on the 14th i have my VA appointment. the next day, i drive back home- for good. last week was my “official” (read, i didn’t request one) retirement ceremony.

i started this site in the summer of 2011 at the suggestion of others. i found the Sphere in march that year and stumbled from site to site. after becoming a regular commenter on Riv’s site and having Yohami goad me long enough i started this site.

so here i am.

and now i feel my time here is done. i have no further advice to give. i have nothing else to offer to you men about women. and i am no longer the man that started this site. therefore, it’s disingenuous for me to blog under this handle.

i promise, i’ll return. but i need to get my affairs in order and finish my retirement. i need to reconnect with my family. i need to reconnect with myself. like i said, “dannyfrom504” is dead. the man that started this site is gone.

the sites i mentioned before will announce my new site. i’m ready to start anew. if you choose to join me, i’d be greatly appreciative. but to those of you that read my BS, i thank you. i very much appreciate your reading. with all honesty, i could never imagine i’d have had as many of readers as i’ve had. to all of you…..

but it’s time for me to set to dock. thank you all for reading, thank you all for the comments. and thank you in general.

i’m not one to forget kindness, and reading my site- i see as kindness.

thank you. but i’m going ashore. this site will no longer be updated.


stay up .

18 Comments on “Going Ashore”

  1. Dear Danny,

    since I myself discovered the Sphere last fall you, along with Kyle/Troublemaker, have been the only guys whom I followed thoroughly. The wit, the easy-to-read texts and the inexplicably realistic narratives were what made me stay as an avid reader. I regularly search out a random old post of yours and read, and compare it to the current posts so as to look at the evolution of your persona for the last three years. As anything on this capital letter and punctuation-free website, I enjoy reading and absorbing the old as well as the new.
    Although I clearly saw your wanting to stop blogging on Dannyfrom504, I didn’t think you would depart that soon. Thus my reaction this afternoon upon seeing this post was, yeah you guessed it, quite negative. 😉 I nevertheless understand why you’re gone…

    I wish you all the best and an enjoyable change of lifestyle, and don’t forget, your readers are very much looking forward to seeing Yohami announce your return!

    Kindest regards from Europe,
    AfE (same who commented on https://dannyfrom504.com/2013/12/24/merry-christmas-from-new-orleans/ whose comment somehow disappeared)

    PS: The beard stays!

  2. Paul Worthen says:


    Your blog is one of the few I read consistently. You provide well written, funny advice on things that matter to men, without the misguided anger and prejudice I see on a lot of other man-o-blogs. Reading your stuff has inspired me to make a lot of changes in my life, thank you.

    Keep writing – you have a gift for it. I’m looking forward to reading whatever project you work on in the future.

    Best of luck,

  3. msmate says:

    I’ve been mostly lurking, except two or three comments here and there. Thank you for an interesting blog I always liked to follow, and thanks for following up on one of my comments with an email. I hope you settle into retirement nicely! nafri

  4. Thanks for the time spent writing for us, Danny.

    Just, please, leave the site up for the food porn recipes. 🙂

  5. sunshinemary says:

    Best wishes, Danny! Stay in touch with Philip and me on Twitter. May God bless you and direct your paths according to His plan.

  6. OffTheCuff says:

    Good luck, man! It’s been a trip.

  7. YOHAMI says:

    Best of luck man, and thanks for the ride. Let’s go hunting sometime.

  8. theshido says:

    See you later Danny. Good luck and thanks for the words of wisdom.

  9. mrthehermit says:

    Good luck man. This is one of those blogs I’m really glad I found when I did. You always had a great take on horse shit, women and food.

  10. raycomo1982 says:

    Thanks for your service and your site. Safe travels.

  11. Dang. This is some of the best local content on females!

  12. Hey man, congratulations on your service. 20 years of service to your country and community, is a huge achievement, you should be proud.

    I’m really gutted you’re bagging the site, but stoked you’re not quitting writing/blogging.

    You have a hugely important voice, man.
    As a guy in prime of age, who has made an honest living and lives good high style and enjoys his life. As a guy that knows how to live and enjoy life, and as a guy that recognizes his value as a man. As a guy that sees value in community family and giving back. As a guy that roots his “game” in being a quality person.

    I know you’re not a Game guy or a Red Pill guy but your blog has been what Red Pill and Game should be about.

    Thank you for your writing, will look forward to its next incarnation.

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