Technical School

i stated before that i’m currently enrolled at Delgado technical school studying precision machining and welding. Cappy has written extensively on the scam of american universities. i’ve already spoken to him about the cost and advantages of tech school. and seriously, if you’re a young man, you should seriously look into it.


cost- a full load (4 classes per semester) runs just under $2k, minus book cost. if you don’t have the funds you can always apply for student loans *more on the scam regarding how students fuck themselves over later*.

time- most of the programs can be finished in 2 years. i’m on my second semester of machining, i have one more and a computer class this summer and i’m done.

demand- the guy that i work with in machining class (a Marine) is currently apprenticing at a shop in metairie. he’s not getting paid until he finishes the course; he’ll graduate when i do. i watch him machine work and he helps me with my projects. according to him 95% of the guys in his shop are over 50, and retire soon. there is literally no one to replace the guys about to retire. essentially, you walk into a job after you graduate. we’ll start making around $15 an hour, earning a raise within 6 months. and the instructors know damn near everyone hiring in the industry.

difficulty- for the most part, if you fail a course it’s because you are putting in ZERO effort. the instructors tell you what to highlight for written exams and as long as you show up and try to do the shop work, you’ll pass. THEY.DON’T.WANT.YOU.TO.FAIL.

of course, each program will have pros/cons and differing levels of difficulty. welding takes practice and repetition; and it’s HOT. machining takes well over a year to really comprehend. my boy in machining has been apprenticing over a year. the instructors tell us it takes some time to really get the hang of it. but everyone is there to help you out and they’re cool about it. yer a newb, they get it.

now, maybe you’re not really into machining or welding. what else could you do. here’s a few suggestions:

industrial maintenance, instrumentation, carpentry, auto mechanics, industrial electrician (any electrician actually). if you’re so inclined you could learn any of the subjects i mentioned by joining the military and getting the training through them, get 4-5 years experience, get out and get paid.

so there you go. with very little time and money (hell, even free if you enlist) and you can be walking into a very great paying, in demand job. and the school/work environment is locker roomish. hope everyone had a great holiday. i ate ribs at my parents place.

latah bra


i’m as miserable as i look. and my balls probably smell like a whopper.

15 Comments on “Technical School”

  1. $15 an hour ain’t nothing man. You can’t live on that. Winchester factory here in North Mississippi starts at $18 with no training and goes up sharply from there. If you can weld, you can make a ton more than $15 an hour. Triple or more. Single. No kids. Go work on a pipeline.

    • Danny says:

      That’s bare bones minimum. Once you show you can weld (especially flux) you get way more.
      [edit- i asked a class mate. at level 1 (which is me) you can only really tack weld, and they start at $16 an hours.]

  2. Ashley says:

    I knew you’d be back. You should keep writing, if you have time.

    • Danny says:

      aaaaaaaw, you missed me. honestly, i’m much more reclusive now so i really don’t have much to write about. i’m guessing i’ll average 3 posts a week. miss me.

  3. commenting101 says:

    If you had to do it all over again, which branch of the military would you enter? My son is interested in joining up. He’s thinking Navy. What do you think?

    • Danny says:

      picking up rank is very important. key is find the quickest way to E9 or a commission. so…

      Navy- depending what job you pick determines how fast you get promoted. my rate (HM, makes rank slowly).

      Army- as long as you don’t become a discipline problem, and you pass your fitness tests, you’ll make E7 in less than 10 years.

      Marines- depends on a promotion status where they create a profile of your job performance, fitness evals, and check points (leadership bullets i think). your son will get laid like a champ.

      Chair Force- VEEEEEEERY political. very corporate. most slamming girls in the military that love to fuck sailors and marines.

      now…..the military is VERY quickly changing and your son should be advised to NEVER bang military women. he will hear 3-4 times a year that he’s a potential rapist. the environment is getting very hostile towards men. get in, pick a job that pays well as a civilian, and get out. post 9/11 GI bill will give him up to $1500 each month he’s in school and pays 100% of his tuition and will give him $60,000 to burn through. is he has a wife or kid, he can pass it on to them.

      hope it helps and feel free to email me with any other questions.

      • commenting101 says:

        I appreciate that my friend. My son is working as a laborer making $10/hour under the table right now. He likes it but can see that it is not a career. He detests school. So college is out of the question. Trade school tho, I think he could easily do. My thinking is that military can give you the experience of a trade school if you pick your job path right when you sign up.

        • Danny says:

          precisely. can walk into any ER and get $12.00. i was an X-ray tech and they make $15 to start with my 8 years experience, i’d make close to $20. but i’m burned out on medical shit. if he joins his training school will be 3-4 months. once you graduate the next 2-3 years on on job training. once he picks up E4/E5 he’ll be managing a few guys. have him figure out what he’s interested in (computers, electronics/electrician, construction, machining, etc). you get out and BOOM… for a company).

    • ar10308 says:

      As someone who once tried to do the Army thing, I would advise against it. The phrase “This Man’s Military is mighty…” is probably outlawed at this point. The only reason I suggest someone join the military is the acquire a Security Clearance that he can then use for work on military projects. Even the free education probably isn’t worth it unless he wanted to be something like a Doctor or Lawyer. Sure, he’d have Veteran’s Preference in hiring, but at this point the market is so desperate for anyone who can do good work that you don’t need it.

      With regards to which trade, I’d say welding or machining for the ubiquity, or Industrial or residential electrician for the exceptionally high demand. If you live in a part of the country that he could join something like a Pipe-Fitter’s or BoilerMaker’s Union, those would also be very lucrative trades to get into.

  4. aneroidocean says:

    For some reason the picture didn’t load earlier. Holy beard! Welding is hot. Damn hot and full of noxious fumes. Those are probably the reasons I haven’t taken more interest in it. Now machining…I could send you a lot of machining porn but you’ve probably already seen it.

  5. Lynn Sweeney says:

    I missed ya ❤️ Welcome back

  6. This wasn’t as funny as some of your older posts.

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