It’s on

i’ve been on kind of on a sabbatical from women; i really need to stay focused on school, and i study all the damn time. well, there’s a SLAMMING blonde barista that just started working at the starbeezy’s i study at. i.will.close. i know what you’re thinking, “and how will you do that Danny?”

it’s the same technique i explained on closing strippers and waitresses. 1- lose the customer status. did that already, i know most of the staff there. then become a regular….again, DONE.
now it becomes a chess game. well….

check- she’s a solid 9 and has a boyfriend. and….well you know what i’ve long said about women of exceptional beauty: they all get cheated on. i KNOW her bf is going to mess around on her. i’ll bank on it. well, one of my VERY good friends (an openly gay black guy) is going to mention me to her. after i find out she’s broken up he’s gonna tell her she needs to just get some rebound dick. guess who he’s going to mention to her?

Danny. and if she asks about the tats (most girls ask what the molon labe says/means, it’s written in greek)….IOI and thats when i escalate and drop my “yer gonna end up pregnant” comment.

checkmate. enjoy your weekend.

OH…..i almost forgot. it’s been a while but i think it’s time for-



got a new shipment of diamond candles yesterday and i’m as a excited as a little girl with a new pony to be burning my “grapefruit mint” ring candle. as the summer comes to a close i think back to lazy days at the beach with blaine. the gentle burn of the sun, the waves crashing onto the beach, the sound of the gulls. i’d sit lazily sipping my cosmo, reading a book, and in a state of total bliss.

then i’d feel his strong hands on my shoulders, his warm breath on my neck, lips brushing my skin. his hand inching slowly up my thigh until his fingertips are inches from my…..wait, what?

my grapefruit ring candle. who's ready to rub their cock on my face?

my grapefruit ring candle. who’s ready to rub their cock on my face?

latah brah

4 Comments on “It’s on”

  1. theasdgamer says:

    Almost all women want a new spot to land before they break up with the old bf. Watch for the signs that she’s just entering her estrus phase and open at that time. Sexualize just enough so that she doesn’t assume you’re beta, then isolate her, chat, kino, etc.

  2. gators04 says:

    Oh how I have missed your conquests..lmao

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