On Minimalism

when last i penned for this special ed class of a blog, i mentioned retiring, buying some land and setting up a travel trailer and kicking back. you might even recall my getting the idea after reading “Dirt cheap survival retreat” by W.D. Creekmore.

seemed like a good idea at the time.

well reality has come crashing down and i’ve changed plans (i’m free to do that, i pay my fucking taxes dammit). i have at LEAST one more year of school, then one class during the summer. i’m still by and large living much more of a minimalist lifestyle as is possible for a student. i still plan on having a camp, but i’m doing it a bit differently.

my cousin has roughly 62 acres 1 1/2 hours from NO. i asked her if i could put a trailer on it and use it for hunting and taking little vacays. she said sure. in return, she and her family can use it whenever they want. but she did say i could stay there as long as i need. kindness you say? nope…..

practicality- i’ll be keeping people OFF her land. and who better to do that than a retired HM with some serious rage issues and “trespassing laws” where if you don’t belong on the land, you can be legally shot.

i fucking love louisiana.

however, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. once i finish school i’m looking at living just outside of baton rouge, maybe gonzales. hopefully by then i’ll have my VA shit settled and once that’s done i really don’t need to work anymore. maybe i’ll work, maybe i won’t. i still have a LOT of shit to get rid of. i have no sofa, only my old queen sized bed, and my old table. the rest is just TV and small tables. why do i need to get rid of so much shit. well then let me fill you in…

fucking tiny houses. FUCK.YES. love the tiny house movement. WANT!!!!! see, once i get my VA shit sorted (more on that later), i’ll receive a retroactive check for around $65k (tax free). that should cover the tiny house and possibly acreage. if you’ve been living under a rock, you can become obsessed caught up/edumacated by watching the show on HGTV. not saying that channel is gay, but it’s not very straight.

in summation going from a 1800 sq.ft home in the burbs to a 3 bedroom one bath cottage built in the 40’s is a huge step. but my rent is cheap and well….my parents own the house. and the full transformation into the minimalism i’m looking to is a process, a journey.

at least i’ve taken the first step.

oh, if you’re wasting 10-15 minutes of your life reading the site and not following my twitter, please do so.

oh……in case you were wondering, little man is just fine. see.

ho ho ho fuckers.

ho ho ho fuckers.

latah brah.

6 Comments on “On Minimalism”

  1. solemnsentinel says:

    Well if you ever need a hunting buddy… Damn glad your back man, I always lurked but its good to read your goofy shit again.

  2. @dannyfrom504 not found on Twitter and your widget isn’t turning anything up

    Error: Twitter did not respond. Please wait a few minutes and refresh this page.

    You have a new twitter handle?

  3. greginaurora says:

    10-15 minutes?!? Thanks to you I wasted over an hour “designing” my own custom Tumbleweed Home last night!

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