Institutionalization, Beards, and Ink

i was home on terminal leave. i was texting with a former coworker (female) back in jax. i made a comment about not wanting to shave and she replied, “then don’t shave; you’re retired.” i drew a blank. i WAS technically done with the navy, but i was so accustomed to shaving every day that i was on autopilot.


while i couldn’t wait to be done with the navy, i really wasn’t prepared for what i was going to do without my “navy routine”. a few friends that retired told me it can take up to 2 years to fully acclimate to being “out of the matrix”. thusly, i quit writing to work on adjusting to being a civilian. well, i’m FINALLY just getting comfortable with writing and finding subject matter- which explains why there is no longer a “daily” post.

step one- fuck shaving. what i wasn’t prepared for was the response from women. all of them said they loved it. huh, never saw that coming. then i learned a harsh lesson on first growing a beard….the new beard itch. i almost shaved this sonuvabitch more than once. then i learned about “beard oil”. again….never knew such a thing exists. go to amazon and search it- i’m lazy and don’t feel like linking it.

about 2 weeks before my last day, i got my first tattoo. i gave the guy a print out of what i wanted. well, dummy screwed it up. i told him to not charge me or i’ll do a review of him and tell people to avoid it and i’d show his manager. so i didn’t pay. i never had a tat before because i knew where i wanted them and visible tats after joining is against UCMJ. my bosses saw it and never said a word.

once i got to NO i found a shop (electric expression in kenner), the girl at the register recommended my girl Jessie. i showed her what i wanted and we scheduled a day. a reputable artist usually has a waiting list. she is now the only person i’ll let do my work. black. only black. my grandfather (dads side) was Houma tribe and told me only black tats that have a personal specific meaning should be inked.

again, i’ve been opened by women asking what my greek lettered “molan labe” tat said/meant. i NEVER tell them specifics. i simply say they’re military related. if they ask what my bars are, i tell them, “if you have to ask, you have no reason to understand it.” believe it or not, that makes them more eager to know. classic hamster. i escalate and tell them i never tell fully clothed women what my tats mean.

they smile and say, “pleeeeeeeeease.” sorry babe, rules are rules. i should point out 90% of the women i do this with are women that work at places i frequent. when i posted about the barista (more on that later), i mentioned if she asked about the tats, i’ll have an IOI. i NEVER esstimated girls would respond to tats the way they do. i however still find excessive tat’s on women gaudy. but on guys (especially Blaine) hot. like sup….never mind.

Jess at work.

Jess at work.

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latah brah

3 Comments on “Institutionalization, Beards, and Ink”

  1. solemnsentinel says:

    You needed a beard to toughen up that baby face

  2. Chewie says:

    Gotta rock the bars. You’re right on in your responses about the tats as well.
    It’s good to hear from you again.

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