quick post today…..

confession: i had a tinder account.

i first heard about tinder during the last winter olympics. the athletes were using it to have after event bang-fests. see, tinder is supposed to be a “hook up” site. i figured, “no strings sex, COOL.” so i had an account, uploaded some pics and added my witticisms for my profile. then the waiting game began. you “like” the ones you think are cute, and “swipe right”, the ones you don’t.

seems simple, right?

here’s what i experienced: most of the ones i liked were cam girls wanting me to subscribe to their site. fuck that. then i realized something odd. the girls that wanted to hook up were fucking creepy. and i felt legitimately creepy reading what they were sending me in IM’s.

look, i LOVE a filthy girl. but i think i prefer my filthy girls to show their naughty side once i we establish some repoire. i’m well aware that girls are super nasty. but the cheesy nasty on tinder is just stupid. plus….i do better when i interact with someone face to face. i can read IOI’s and body language.

my advice, do it the old fashion way. get off your ass and deal with people (or women) one on one, directly. and stay the fuck away from tinder.

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latah brah.

9 Comments on “UUUUUUUUM, no”

  1. theasdgamer says:

    Tinder is useful to discover which broads in your social circle are active. Kind of a skank-dar.

  2. Ashley says:

    I assume it’s the ones who are looking for cheap and tasteless fun to mingle. Now it seems like it’s a playground for (s)camgirls too. Good for you for having better standards.

  3. Danny says:

    Babycakes……do you expect anything less?

  4. Tinder is a shallow medium so it helps if you’ve got the traits that work well in a shallow medium. Height and looks. Girls also seem to filter out anyone over early to mid thirties.

  5. I’ve done much online dating, with some success, but I’ve only ever been on one Tinder date.

    After a pleasant afternoon, the lady informed me she was a virgin saving herself for marriage. She showed me photos of the other blokes she’d dated, who she’d failed to meet again due to her tardily stated precondition.

    She’d been taking my photo all day, too. Now I imagine she shows them to the blokes who follow in my footsteps.

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