The Wire

sorry about the little lapse in posts. had kind of a rough week. ended up having to call the VA emergency line because i got severely depressed. just a lot of shit hit at once. i’m second guessing school, still can’t find a job, the VA is still dicking me around to fix my disability status from 10% to the 80% i deserve.

thank God this week is fall break and i only have school wed/thur, then i’m off for the rest of the week. had to sit and do a lot of introspection about the near future. it’s kind of odd; for the last 3 years all i could think about was getting out. and while i’m certainly not wanting to be back in the matrix, being out hasn’t been quite what i expected.

i guess i thought it would an easy transition, but…not so fast danny. lol.

point is, if i can deal with this bullshit….any of you can keep trudging along as well. see, told you the new writing isn’t going to be the yuk yuk slinging, girl chasing crap it used to be. i’m in flux, and that should be reflective in the writing.

maybe i’ll start walking around wal-mart for writing material. that might be funny. until then, sorry. but hey, at least i’m being honest.

latah brah.

8 Comments on “The Wire”

  1. Ashley says:

    When it rains, it pours, right? Hope things start looking up for you soon. Hang in there.

  2. greginaurora says:

    You gave me some good advice when I was going through my divorce, so I’ll try to return that as I can.

    You need to rebuild, but you need to hit ground before you can do that. Everything needs to be torn down before you can rebuild. It sucks. But the bright side of it is that when you’re finally at bottom and can start pouring that foundation, you won’t have to worry about whether you’re including anybody else’s bullshit in your life. Tearing down is brutal. BRUTAL. But building up from ground makes it all worth it.

    Don’t think about six months out. Think about how surprised you’ll be in five years at the direction you’ve chosen.

  3. aneroidocean says:

    Seeking out the help you need is a sign of a strong man. No man is without his moments of weakness, the successful man knows when to reach out and let someone help him get off the floor after being knocked down.

    Hope you’re doing better, Danny. I would think I speak for most of your readers when I tell you that we appreciate you posting and not trying to fluff up your posts with whatever you’re not feeling/going through at the moment. You’ve always said it like it is and I appreciate that.

  4. olivermaerk says:

    Concentrate on what is under your control at the present moment and all give your best! Working out and gaining muscles could be very good in your situation. It’s always amazing how much the physical influences the mental.


  5. Jeff Kline says:


    You are a good man who has helped a lot of guys deal with their everyday shit. Hell, I just stole your Caesar salad recipe. Date was impressed. Anyway, I wish you peace and success.


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