i’ve been away for a while. sorry. been going through a lot of shit. long story short- i’m quiting i have a few months to figure out what i’m going to do.

if you really want to understand, watch last sunday’s episode of walking dead where eastmon explains PTSD to morgan. i put the tv on pause and cried……for a good 5 minutes. don’t know where i’m heading i just know there’s a road before me.

got into a fight last night. guy was unloading his groceries into his car and pushed his cart away.

it hit my car.

words were exchanged and

look who got popped

look who got popped

i walked away, he didn’t.

i’ll try and keep up with posts. sorry guys.

latah brah.

4 Comments on “Forgive”

  1. I really enjoyed that episode, the best in a while, such get storytelling, but that sucks it hit so close to home for you. Get better. Stay up.

  2. solemnsentinel says:

    Damn son! Slap some meat on that! Need to get a girl to put her boobies on yer face and make it all better haha. On a side note, made some shrimp jambalaya tonight, was pretty decent but need to iron out the spices and seasonings. Later man

  3. olivermaerk says:

    Don’t apologize – for nothing in life (except it is really necessary). And if you apologize do it in a way so that you are getting stronger and gaining respect. In most cases apologizing is an act of submission and people will demand even more from you. Don’t go down that dark road to hell.

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