Upcoming Book

I’ve decideded to finally sit down and write a book. It will be a summation of the blog posts and dealing with: about myself and upbringing, men bettering themselves (ITLR), and women. I might add some recipes as well since that became a staple of the site.

I’m currently retired, living back in NO, and about to start school for IT. YES, I did get certified in welding but soon learned I wasted my time bc I’d only be hired as a pipe fitter helper w/o a couple le years welding in my back pocket.

Had to adjust to transitioning to civiliana life and had a rough patch for about a year and a half year with PTSD. I wasn’t sleeping and was severely depressed. I’m much better now and looking forward to being in school again. Ok, I’m a tad nervous since I know jack shit about the IT field. But I’m didn’t know much about the medical field and I did amazingly well there.

Very happy to see people still checking the site after all this time and I figured if I post about a book, then dammit I HAVE to write it. That way you can support a retired sailor (God willing), learn a thing or two about life and women, and (especially) not have to nose through 3 years of daily posts.

Again, I really appreciate the support I recieved in my blogging days and am shocked to see the amount of people checking the site. I may post from time to time but I wanted to take a moment to update everyone and ensure I haven’t fallen of the face of the earth.

Stay up.