Minimal NOLA

The new site is up this morning, but it’s a work in progress. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it and bear with me as I’m getting my feet wet with blogging again. I’m hoping to add posts 3-4 times a week rather than daily. After all minimalism is all about shedding excess right? I’ll also list my twitter and instagram crap there. I’ll be working on the new site for now since I really haven’t tooled with WordPress in a while. Hopefully you’ll dig what you read.

Stay up.

New Project

Took the site off line but decided to update to let you know I’ll be starting a new blog. Just check back in a few. I want to have a few posts up before I launch. I’ll be writing about my minimalism thoughts/philosophies/books/food etc. peppered with some NO idiosyncrasies.

[edit- I’ll be logging out of WordPress trying to start a new site with a new wordpress account not associated with this site. Bear with me, by the new site will be “”]

Stay tuned and stay up