Be her secret

yesterday i wrote about a girl i knew back in sicily and how i invited her and her bestie to come to spain and go sight seeing. you may remember me mention i was actually seeing someone at the time. she was 19, and her dad was a pretty high rank person on base. but there’s more to it than that.

most girls LOVE having a “sexual secret”, it feeds into thier need for drama without bringing unwanted crap and drama into thier lives. the girl i was seeing was 19, and well…..the base is pretty small and she didn’t want people thinking she was a slut. considering her dad’s rank and job, she didn’t want to date anyone on base. her bestie (more on that later) was a slut, and she didn’t want to date the guys her age because she was all too aware of how the “base carousel” worked. basically the guys will date, get the +1 then drop a girl after 2-3 months and she didn’t want her dad finding out about her dirt.

but…..she was still wanting “male validation” and sex.

enter me.

i was cool with this girl from the start, i used to listen to her and bestie talk and WOW, was girl a hose beast. interestingly enough, her bestie was the daughter of the base CO (commanding officer) and she’d BRAG about all the guys she messed with. well, my girl wanted NO part of that. funny thing is, the daughter of high ranking military persons is usually on the carousel

one day i mentioned us going out to puerto (where i lived) for lunch and she agreed. on the drive there i was explaining where and lived and she wanted to see my house. i ended up making us steak and sweet potato pancakes, which she KILLED. then i was showing her the various money i had collected in europe and asia which she geeked out over.

finally, i leaned in and kissed her.

it was kind of awkward but she kissed me back. i remember her mention how envious she was watching her bestie getting pressed against the wall and the guy agressively kissing her- “that NEVER happens to me.” well, we were in the kitchen doing the dishes after a brief make out/feeling up stint and when we were done i pushed her against the wall and starting kissing her agressively.

she melted.

a week later the +1 went down and we had a talk. the terms were we’d NEVER be seen out in town just the 2 of us. she knew i didn’t associate with anyone on base after work so she said she’d finish work, ride out to my house (she had a vespa), and she’d just hang at the canton. i swore i’d never mention “us” to anyone; and i never did.

eventually she brought up how exciting and sexy what we were doing was. she said she felt naughty, but satisfied with the “relationship”. the drive to my house was her favorite part, she said it was exhilerating. she liked the fact that i was older and could actually teach her stuff in the bedroom and she felt so comfortable about requesting things knowing i wasn’t going to judge her. and her body, DEAR GOD….by the time she slept with me, she’d only been with one other guy (the night of her senior prom) so i got to drive it when there was only about 10 miles on the odometer.

but, most importantly, she was dead cool. you’d never guess she were 19 if she didn’t tell you- very mature for her age. but given the age difference and the fact i had orders to jacksonville, there was no pretending what we had was going to be anything more than it was- FWB.

only one person ever found out: a co-worker. we were on the phone and i called her by her name. well the base being as small as it was my boy knew exactly who she was. “you are NOT poking that girl.” i just smiled and told him of course i wasn’t. then i told him i was in fact NOT hitting it. i never admitted to it and just told him she was asking me about something to determine if she should go to the ER. thing is, she called me about twice a week and he recognized her voice, but i had never mentioned her name before, she was just “a friend”. lol.

we kept it going for 8-9 months, up until i transferred. we kept in touch via FB, but we never saw each other again. soon, she was dating another guy, and eventually, she got married to that same guy.

one of the surest sign of a guy that does well with women is that he’ll typically deny it, and does not brag about notches. i learned an ugly truth first hand long ago- women can mention notches all day to other girls (they typically won’t discuss this with other men), and if it get’s out she was bragging……no harm, no foul. but if a MAN brags about a +1, and the ladies find out, you’ll usually make it to the “don’t fuck that guy or he’ll tell the world” list.

discretion is key, so be her secret. when it gets around to the women that you can keep a scret, she just might let you be one of hers. lol.

we were watching tv and i recited a line at the end of this song out of nowhere. she asked me were i got it from and introduced her to my beloved interpol. she started calling me “Specialist” sometimes when we’d “run into each other” on the base. lol. and course, the “new orleans” reference helped her associate with me. it got to the point where she’d ASK me to recite the lyrics to her. lol. how cute.

stay up.

Your World is Her Paradise

i called her last thursday.

she was busy for the weekend so we made plans to see each other monday for “lunch”. we had a nice lunch and a little conversation catching up. she told me about her daughter who’s now in school and how she can’t believe she’s so big so quickly. i let her go on about all the things she’s going through and how she’s still not sure what to do with herself other than take care of her girl (she lives with her parents).

i finally leaned over, smiled and said, “let’s have some fun.”

she smiled back and asked me what i had in mind. i told her we should get a room and act like we were in high school. she grinned, shook her head and called me impossible (I hear that a lot. Lol). she kept saying no but couldn’t look me in the eye when she said it. i knew she was on the fence and I was battling her hamster. And it going down without a fight.

she was going to make me work for it.

i finally told her (and this isn’t verbatim), “yah know, you’ve been busting your ass with K****** (her daughter) and R******* (her baby daddy), and what do you have to show for it. when are you gonna allow yourself to enjoy life, if even for just an hour. you can say no, and i’ll drop you off, and you’ll go back to mom and dad’s, watch tv, clean up a little K****** will come home and she’ll keep you occupied until she goes to bed. same thing; night after night. i don’t know if you’re keeping score, but life is passing you by. everyday you look in the mirror, you’re a little older and not that same woman you were 5-6 years ago. but, there’s another option.

say “yes”, come with me for a little while, have some fun. you’ll look back at today and smile and have a tiny secret that’s just for you and i. would it REALLY be that bad to have an orgasm today? how long is danny (i bought her a vibrator and told her it’s name is danny) going to cut it?

we ended up at a cheap motel nearby. i took her home after about 2 hours. she was smiling ear to ear the whole way home.

now, don’t go patting me on the back for the masterful use of seduction. i totally stole that bit. want proof.

it’s nothing more than a play on the scene where darryl (nicholas) seduces alex (cher). all that’s happening is you take her out of her dull, dreary existence and bring her into your world of wonder. most women won’t just give an easy yes even if she’s dying to get into bed with you. there’s something hard-wired in them to make you work for it. i don’t mind that to an extent, it’s part of the game. if she goes way over board with shutting you down, bail.

but most women (if she’s cool or a slut) will give a small resistance, and that’s fine. though she may be saying no, she’ll still be giving IOI’s and her body language will say yes, she may even throw in some kino. this is why understanding body language is key.

and remember, her saying no while you’re talking her into getting nakie is one thing. her saying no while she IS nakie is a put the brakes on and bail IMMEDIATELY moment. don’t wanna catch a case over the whole thing.

so get out there, and show her there’s a much better place outside the drab little cage she keeps herself in. as one of my readers put it- most women’s lives are boring. men add some liveliness to their existence.

stay up.

ITLR- Giving her Shit

i’m holding the door to the locker room open. LADIES…..OUT!!!!! NOW!!!!!!! i’ll wait.

we good. ok. what’s up fellas.

the other day i had a patient sitting in the waiting area. his wife was having a procedure done. he was a cool guy. definately an alpha. after a while i told him i was going to see how long his wife was going to be. well, she was having her wrist examined. but, the way she was in the tube made her look like superman flying.

i told her husband she was going to be about 15 more minutes. then i pointed out the “superman” status. he laughed and mentioned he was going to fuck with her about it.

“isn’t it fun as shit to fuck with girls and bust on them?”

dude laughed and mentioned how true it is. “i’mma fuck with her about it for the rest of the day.”

nothing makes an alpha happy like fucking with a girl and making fun of her about something, aka- “teasing” her. the flip side of the coin is how beta’s go out of their way to try and compliment. i RARELY compliment a woman unless i really really really mean it, and said woman is a friend. however, if you want to gain a hotties attention, compliemnt her less than good looking friend. something light and subtle. but teasing her is ALWAYS tits.

now….beta’s fuck up teasing usually by being a dick. you have to keep it playful and flirty. being an asshole will get you nothing but a pissed off girl. but when she’s got a slight grin on her face after slapping or punching you. this means you’re doing it right. so remember, don’t be mean. just playfully mess with her. this works on married, single, young and older women. i know because i do it ALL.THE.TIME.

i was in the ER talking with 2 of my junior guys. both are VERY alpha. well, we were discussing my awful daily dumps. seriously, i went like 7 times. it was epic. let’s be honest, dump talks are ALWAYS appropriate. i call my bathroom “the throne room”. and women are NOT allowed to use my throne room. the throne room is where i conduct affairs important to the Danny realm. if a girl is over, she can use the guest bathroom. well, me and the other 2 guys were talking by the doctor’s station. “you know what sucks? you’re sitting in traffic, and you get the big fecal shift. and suddenly you get the dump sweats. it’s like…..kong’s at the gates.” at that the ER doc giggled. then my boy chimed in, “you ever drop a growler, and the minute you open the gate, you get goose bumps?” we all started nodding and laughing. i continued, “i ate a salad for lunch and dinner and the nex day i had chocolate shredded wheat dump.” again, we burst out into giggles.

well, as i’m sure you know. when 3 guys are having fun and laughing, some woman has to come over and ruin it. “what are you guys giggling about?” she asked. i looked her dead in the eye and said, “dropping a deuce. wanna join in”. she winced and started to walk away. i continued in on her, “i bet she has perfect blonde surfer girl logs. they’re perfectly tapered. they hit the water like an olympic diver. they don’t even make a splash.” she turned around and let out an exaggerated, “eeeeew. gross HM1.”

aaaaah. big mistake. there was blood in the water. for the rest of the shift the 3 of us ribbed her about poo. i was talking to one of the guys and pretended like i took a picture of one of my dumps. he commented, “daaaaaaammit that’s impressive. and here i was thinking the sears tower was massive. but that is fucking epic.” i replied, “yeah, i really took the browns to the superbowl on that one.” lol.

then i said, “i’m REALLY impressed with this one. i call it “the swan”. my boy jumped in, “damn it DOES look like a swans neck.” girl was looking on in disgust. “you did NOT take a picture of it” we both stared at her blankly then i walked up to her holding out my phone. she ran off “NOOOOOO!!!! ew!”. this continued until i left work.

“yeah i came up here to do a portable and didn’t see you. were you down loading the brown file?” she looked at me in disgust. i continued, “next time you drop a crispy, perfectly nose cone tapered surfer girl dump, get a shot of it for me.” she was walking away by the time i was starting the last sentence.

so next time you’re in the company of a good looking woman, playfully neg and tease her. it’ll get you a lot further than telling her how “hot” she looks today.

eventually, i walked past the couple that was in my waiting area, i looked at the wife, held up my arms and said, “up up, and awaaaaaay!!!! hubster laughed and wife slapped his shoulder. perfect tingle response.

i brought this up with the mexican girl i’m friends with in the ER and she smiled. “it’s one of those things we hate, but secretly we can’t resist it.” in a way, this links into yesterdays post. women with boys GET.IT when we guys start talking about this stuff, and they stay out of. they just roll their eyes and go on about their womanly biddness.

stay up.

ITLR- Posting Openly and Closing Secretly

if you’ve been paying attention, i post field reports, attraction techniques, recipes, and assorted dreck that might be bothering me that day. but……i don’t post about closes i make. there’s a reason for that.

remember, i post openly, and i use the blog to chat up women. it would be pretty stupid to post a close about a woman that READS the site. i don’t think my close ratio is relevant. i think my ability to generate tingles is far more important.

but i get it. some of you NEED to know how much action i get.

let’s put it like this: if i open 10 women, i MIGHT only sleep with one. MIGHT. game is totally a numbers game. even Roosh posted on how game relies on numbers. but, TBH, i’m not in this to get laid. i have too much fun playing with women to care about whether or not i’ll close. that’s the beauty of male aging. my libido isn’t any less than it was, but i’m more in control of it now. and i’m FAR more selective of my partners. i WILL.NOT put too much effort into closing. tbh nowadays, you don’t need to.

don’t expect “close posts” here. i don’t feel the need to share that info with you. it’s nunyah. but i assure you- i don’t close as much as you might think. and i don’t care. getting laid isn’t that important to me anymore. but, i do close; i just don’t feel the need to brag. so chill the fuck out and enjoy the misadventures of my crazy ass. lol. we’re supposed to be having fun right.

besides, i’d much rather talk to you guys about the shit i’ve pulled off that has been successful in the field. and i’m NEVER short on that type of material.

stay up.



“Asking Her Out….”

back in december i posted about my christmas card. oh, you didn’t know i gave out an official Dannyfrom504 christmas card? well i did. and it was a smashing success. well, the girl in the christmas card is a VERY good looking mexican girl. yes, she knows about the blog. of course i number closed but there was a problem.

she was married.

i don’t fuck with married. but she was in the process of divorcing. but it get’s better.

he works at the hospital with me. awkward.

he knows who i am. more awkward.

he’s an E4 in my duty section. super awkward. lol.

this meant i had to NOT fuck with her. i could catch a case from the command with her being married. then i texted her one night only to find out she had moved back to cali. oh well, that’s why having options is important. my inner damone kicked in and my toes continued tapping.

one night i go the club to visit my girl Lynn and she was back. and not married. game on. well, i thought i deleted her number because she was in cali so i told her to give me her #. as she punched it in she told me i already it. i looked at my phone, there it was.

i had forgotten her name. lol. she’d only been gone a month. i swear to God this is true. i don’t really put much stock in getting numbers anymore because i get so many, and follow up on so few. i really need to go through my phone and start deleting because i can’t put a face to most of these girls anymore. srslee. well, she’s only gonna be in norf florida for another month or so. which is perfect. i KNOW she dtf. but she’s also 23 and prone to flake. PLUS she’s from cali, attractive, and has MAD game. i watch her work guys and she’s viciously good. now, since she’s leaving soon it’s more likely that she’ll sleep with me and not really think too much about it…..because she’s leaving.

oh, and when i first realized i was talking to her again (she changed her hair color so i didn’t realize it was her at first), the first thing she asked was how the christmas card went over. what does that tell you class? now you know the back-story to this little soap opera…..

i first found out they were remaking “evil dead” and i was fucking PISSED. great another classic movie getting remade into a piece of shit. then i found out sam raimi and bruce campbell were producing it. ROCK ON!!!! i saw the trailer and knew this was going to be one of the few movies i see in theater. see, i’m a horror movie fanatic. watched halloween wide eyed at 6 and alien at 8-9 while my mom cowered. LOVE the horror genre.

then i figured, i’d take miss mexicana with me. say what you want about the unoriginality of taking a woman to the movies. but it’s only beta if it’s to see a movie you could give a shit about and as unoriginal idea you THINK she might like. no matter what- I AM SEEING THIS MOVIE. with or without her. but taking a woman to a horror movie is fucking great. it’s a great dopamine release when she gets scared and she grabs on to you. but there’s a secret here.

you should see the movie alone before you take her.

first, you want to KNOW when the brutal parts are coming so you seem unfazed when it happens in her presence. secondly, you can playfully neg her for being so scared. just don’t be a dummy and say, “wait watch this.” DOH. i know a guy that did that. lol.

now. i’m NOT “asking her out”. i’m telling her i’m going to see the movie and she’s coming with me. BIG DIFFERENCE. asking her gives the impression she has a choice. i’m telling her she’s going. i’ll text her about her plans for the weekend (still have to do that), then will find out when she’s not working, then tell her we’re going on said say. does this mean it’ll happen- of course not.

i’ll keep you guys posted.

oh…..the christmas card. yeah, i still have it. hmmmmmmm. i guess i’ll be nice and if you request a copy (NSFW), i’ll send you one. BUT, any requests AFTER i wake up tomorrow, get’s nada.

ok, these are NOT for the faint of heart. but i’m SOOOOOO down to see this.

stay up.

Why do you Ladies make me take it there

it’s getting VERY hard to not be cynical about relationships and women. seriously, you ladies need to start policing the sisterhood when you’re out and about. firstly, i need to quit listening to “to catch a cheater” on my drive into work. it’s ALL women calling to see if their hubby is cheating on them. now, i’m NOT condoning infidelity. once i commit to a woman, THAT’S it. i caught my limit. i’ll break up with her and bang another girl before i cheat on her. the way i see it, if you’re not happy (male or female) and decide you want some strange, do it righteously and break things off with the other person. some of the scenarios on this show are just fucking insulting. i even emailed the radio station to complain….guess what they said in response?

there was NO response.

i was eating lunch and i overheard a woman say she WISHED her husband would screw around so she could “clean him out”. that was it. i was in the red. i looked behind me, looked at her and said, “please tell me you’re joking”. she looked at me and mentioned how wrong cheating is and that he’d deserve what he got. i told her she was hiding behind cheating being wrong when the real issue is she seems to be looking forward to him cheating and how she already has a contingency plan for the affair. she seems to be back pedaling and i told her she’s perpetuating a cycle that ultimately will pose GRAVE consequences……for her daughter. this got her attention. i asked her if she were hoping her daughter will get married and of course she replied that she did. i mention the MGTOW movement and marriage strike guys and she seemed to laugh it off as nonsense. i told her-

“i’m a 38 year old E6 about to retire and i will NEVER get married.”

then i told her how i’d never married and didn’t have kids and i had no intention to. she accused me of being bitter and i informed her that i tell other guys on active duty to not get married while in service and to avoid marriage until they’re 30. this seemed to finally get through to her. you’d be surprised how many single, eligible men are completely avoiding marriage. if this continues…good luck to her becoming a mother in law. she then brought up how bitter i sounded and i had to blast after that-

“nope, i LOVE women. i do. but i REFUSE to enter into a contract where i set myself up for poverty.”

she then told me i was using the wrong mentality to have when considering marriage. i then told her she has the LUXURY of not thinking this way. for men our marriage reality is VERY grim should the union fail. then she brought up loneliness a lack of sex which gave me a good laugh.

“are you kidding me, getting laid is EASY. and even if it weren’t….thanks to the internet, who NEEDS a girlfriend/wife.”

then i told her i have a website that helps teach guys how to chat up girls and that i’m VERY good at talking to and flirting with women. i told her to follow me. i walked over to the taco bell and got in line. there were 2 cute brunettes working and i told the woman to watch. when i got to my turn to order i told the girl i wanted an order beans and cheese. then i made mention of the AWFUL shirt she had to wear and she laughed. i asked her her name and she pointed to her name-tag. i told her that i didn’t know if taco bell used the stripper code of making you use a fake name. she laughed and told me her name really was Missy. i then asked her what made her wear those God-awful earrings and she laughed and told me she just loved the ear-rings. then she asked me i really hated them and i said “no” while shaking my head yes. she laughed and i told her the ear-rings were kinda cool because they brought attention to her eyes and she had very cute eyes. she told me thank you and i could tell she was kinda embarrassed. i laughed and motioned for her to come closer that i had a secret. she leaned in and i told her i needed her help to fuck with a woman watching us and i wanted her to give me her number, then i’d text her to show the woman i got her number. girl was in. she enthusiastically gave me her number and i told her i’d be back in a second. as i walked away i noticed something….

the woman was gone. i mean, she wasn’t even back at her table. i giggled. i went back to Missy and gave her her number back. i told her the woman had left and i didn’t need her number anymore. then she hit me with this…..

“well, keep it. you know….you can text me or something.”

i laughed and shook my head. and asked her how old she was. 19. she’s just 19. i told her i was WAAAAAY too old for her but it was flattering that she wanted me to text her. she didn’t believe me when i told her i was 38 and laughed when i mentioned it looking weird when people see her holding hands with a guy in a scooter. then i mentioned how cool it would be to take her out and get to finally use my senior citizens discount.

she laughed. of course she did. it was the “good” laugh though.

sad thing is though, that for the rest of the day i was pissed at that women even though i had a cute 19 yo validate me. seriously ladies, if attitudes like this continue your daughters are in BIG trouble. i know there were more i want to say to her, but she was gone. good thing i got to prove my point about chatting up women to her. apparently, it was a bit too much for her. i was only talking to Missy for 5 minutes.

she didn’t give me her number…and i kinda like it.

2 nights ago i was at the local (i work late hours and stop in for a beer after work) and a very attractive brunette came in and sat next to me. i don’t like the single number rating system, i prefer the way they rate ladies on the movie “Beautiful Girls”. it’s a 1-10 number for: face, body, personality (more on this later). i’ve lived in my area for well over a year and in my experience, you NEVER see girls out alone or without a group of guys there. so when she sat next to me, i didn’t really think much of it, i figured the bf would show up in a second.

“are they still serving?” she asked. i smiled and told her that last call is at 1:30am. she thanked me and i went back to watching ESPN.  for the life of me i can’t remember what happened next, but she initiated a conversation with me. we talked for about 30-45 minutes. i’d like to tell you i was some smooth talking sonuvbitch, but i wasn’t. i was just my normal old self. i made her laugh, and teased her about being a packers fan. we talked about football, new orleans, food, and our mutual dislike of the city we live in. i finally worked in an indirect mention of a boyfriend and she winced. yes, she does have a bf. i won’t go into any personal stuff about her since we talked about the manosphere. and she knows i blog. we talked manosphere because she has experience with “beta” behavior. when i mentioned not caving in to a woman’s every need and waiting on her hand and foot she gave me a wide eyed “YEEEEEES!!!! EXACTLY”. when i told her about the manosphere she excitedly mentioned going home to google it. am i worried she’ll find my blog? nope. i hope she does. she’d be another Bb, stephanie, or Lily as far as i’m concerned. interestingly enough, i told her about the “experiment” i did on lyssia, where she had to list all the qualities she needed in a man. when i told her i only had 6 qualities out of the 14 she listed, she laughed and said, “that’s too funny.” i don’t recall her exact reply, but she thought the experiment proved a good point.

i mentioned that she probably should spend some time being single for a while and she nodded that that might be a good idea. i ended up asking for her number anyway (why the hell not). and she said, “that’s probably not a good idea, but now that i know that you’re always here…..i know just where to find you.” as a matter of fact, she said this more than once. to be honest, i’m glad she didn’t give me her number. it show’s me she loyal enough to not stray in a relationship. i respect that.  but,  i’m pretty sure i’d have gotten the number if she were a single lass.

i realize some of you might be thinking i could have gotten her number, but that’s some PUA shit. i wasn’t looking to ONS her. i’m shooting for a LTR. so when she said no, i didn’t push her for it. but i did tease her that i couldn’t let her in on the restaurant’s “secret” if i didn’t get her number, and she laughed.

what i noticed from the talk we had: i KNOW she was attracted to me, by the time we were about 15-20 minutes into the conversation, she was completely facing me, and leaning in slightly. she didn’t play with her hair (pony tail), but when i touched her the 2-3 times i did she acted like nothing happened.  she touched her face a few times, she kept her chin low and kept her head slightly sideways exposing her neck, she smiled and laughed frequently (i have 2 black belts at making people laugh) and it was apparent she was VERY comfortable with me. she is 27, dark brown hair, big-(and very pretty) dark brown eyes, 5’6″, looked about 115 lbs, face-7.5, body-8, personality 9.5, no kids (WoOOT!!!!). like i said, she was a really cool girl. also…i made ZERO mention of her looks, and the conversation was 50-50.

who know’s, maybe we’ll bump into each other again.  

what do you guys think?

The Boys of the Green Mailbox

First there were the trite conversations.
Auditions for jobs and apartments. Forced pleasantry to whore myself into their world.
This job, that job, this apartment, that complex, “we can’t accept bull breeds”.
The objectifications soon made me nauseous.
I got dressed and left to see my love.
She’d understand and caress me. She always does and never disappoints.

Asks no questions. Passes no judgement.

But they were coming, no doubt they’d be here soon.
Starry eye’d and blurred minds of good will but no purpose.

fun fun fun

They’ll meet her, I’ll share.
But I know I must keep part of her to myself.
To give her to them freely would break me.
Unless you’ve bled for her, you’ll never really know her.
And only her lovers realize the truth in that.
Her tiny secrets are my saving grace. Her brown eyes are my blue skies. And her dreary stare is my welcome to her palace.

Since I was a boy, her temples amazed me. Tall, majestic green edifices that tied us all together and made us family.

Blood of my blood, from the hands of my Brothers and Sisters.

The temples are long gone, all but memory. Only the elders remember them.
Her children are oblivious.
But to some of us, those mailboxes will never fade.
And we speak of them as warriors do of battle sitting around a great fire.
Days where the grey gulls call against the wails of the cicadas into the dusk.
Their tune is our battle cry to revelry.
And when I see my brothers, we speak of new scars and old loves.
But there’s always one true love


She’s always in our hearts.
And while our teeth are buried in dirt and bones, our hearts are hers.
And though she never says it; we know she loves us as well.

Though we have no name, she knows us regardless. For we are the boys of the great green mailbox.

The Island

Advice to Guys Considering the Military: Barrack Rats

when i arrived in charleston i ended up gaining a reputation for the attractive college girls i was bringing back to my room (don’t trip, i had 3 over a 2 month period). i really wasn’t into the girls in the barracks- BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters). i saw all the hooking up going on and frankly the girls were ok. wait- i should explain.

most women that come into the military are the hard 6’s soft 7’s of the town they lived in. many didn’t really have much attention from guys in high school. if they were they were typically sluts. but that’s another subject. but basically, most of them were the plain jane’s of the city/town they came from.

then they join the military.

suddenly they have a LEGION of guys white-kniting them and telling them how “hot” they are. it’s a recipe for complete princess basic training. matter of fact, i’d wager that most women that come into the military go from relatively humble and lacking in experience with guys to thinking they could model for victoria’s secret within 3 months of joining the military.

and it’s fucking sad.

well, i caught feelings for this indian chick and then got sent to cuba. she broke up with me a week before i came back to charleston (i took her virginity). turns out she got her first dose and caught cock fever. i was in a bit of a funk and one of the guys known for fucking many of the girls in BEQ made mention of me looking “like shit”.

now, you guys need to know. i had a rep for banging some pretty serious women by that point. and the fact those women were NOT military was bragging rights. guys that are successful with women form an unofficial fraternity. well, dude mentioned to me fucking one of the girls in the “Q” to get over girl. i told him i wasn’t into them. he laughed and said-

“DUDE, none of us are.”

then he told me the secret. the only thing you need to say to get a woman into bed in the BEQ. “dude, you just talk to her for about 2-3 minutes, mention you have to go then tell her-‘come stop by my room some time.’ she shows up, she’s down.”

no. that can’t be right. well there was one sunday i was chatting with this chick jessica. she mentioned going to the main base to go to the exchange and i mentioned i needed to go. she invited me to go with her. we got back to the BEQ and i asked her what she had planned for the rest of the day. she was doing laundry.

“oh, ok. well look; when you’re done you should stop my room.”

i was sitting in my quad with 4 of my quad-mates and what do you know- in walked jessica. the room went from rowdy male bonding tom-foolery to dead silence. i walked her to my room, shut the door and locked it.

i walked right up and started kissing her. she had a sucker in her mouth which i removed before i went in. we started tearing clothes off and she pushed me onto my bed and went after my pants. she took out a starburst and chewed a small piece. then she started blowing me.


this was my first time with something like this and it felt fantastic. she said later she did it because she like having the flavor involved. well i liked it because if made the sensation VERY slippery and it felt amazing. win sauce on both sides. i bricked in less than 2 minutes. i told her i was about to pop and she buried her head into my nether regions. then it was time for the big show. nothing exceptional- it lasted maybe 30 minutes or so. it was pretty “meh”.

this was my first experience with a “barracks rat”, and this little tale was the tamest. the more i did, the more raw and perverse it got. “i wonder if she’ll let me…….OH FUCK SHE WILL. DAMN. SHE’S NASTY!!!!!”

but, then i was i was hooked. i became part of the 20% that was fucking 80% of the girls in the hospital and BEQ. once you bang more than 3 women in a small community, they talk about you. i know this because my girl katie told me. katie was a good friend. she wasn’t a really an attractive woman, as she was a little over weight. BUT she was a very cool, nurturing, friendly woman.

she told me how the girls talked about us-

“he’s can go forever.”

“he’s got a big dick.”

“he’s a total freak.”

i asked her what they said about me and she said, “they say you’re pretty adventurous and if you want him to do something to you, he probably will. OH, and you’re fun in bed.” i looked at her oddly and asked what that was about. she looked at me and said, “when you were with (don’t remember her name) did you slap your own ass?” i thought for a second, i BARELY remembered the girl but finally said blankly, “i don’t know, but probably.”

she chuckled and said, “well she looked in the mirror and were slapping your own ass and making a funny face. she almost started laughing so she buried her head in the pillow. but she said she’d never forget it.” well ok. i didn’t tell her us guys in the little club discuss the girls.

“dude, she like to be choked.”

“her favorite position is doggy and she likes her hair pulled hard.”

“she’ll probably ask you to spit in her mouth.”

“you’ll know she came ‘cuz she starts giggling and laughing.”

“make her pop via oral before you fuck. if you don’t she probably won’t cum.”

“great tits. you almost get her off by licking and sucking on them.

yeah. but i didn’t tell katie that. by the time i moved out the barracks i had a pretty high partner count. i was soon coupled up with a girlfriend and what i learned in the barracks didn’t really apply. i had to learn not just how to fuck a girl, but how to KEEP a girl. a much harder skill to master. yeah, i know- story’s been told a thousand times.

but i lived it. i think it’s the crucible of all “players”.

if you think the situation in the barracks has changed- it hasn’t. it’s worse. the BEQ is one big fuckfest. so guys, if you go into the military and you live in the barracks, keep this phrase in mind- “stop by my room sometime.”

it’s actually more of a risk now, so i’d highly recommend NO alcohol be involved. if she rejects the advances you can just back on, “oh, i though you were into me.” but most girls aren’t just coming to your room to play xbox. you’re talking about people aged 18-22 that are probably off on their own for the first time and this is their “college rebellion” time.

it’s a military dorm. sex is on everyone’s mind. especially the girls.

ok, this post may be a bit harsh, so let’s have a palate cleanser. here’s a dog chasing something in his sleep. Brody’s done this a few times and it always makes me giggle.

if you didn’t get a good natured laugh out of that- you have no soul.

stay up.

ITLR- Exhibit A

i’ve ALWAYS loved kelly brook. let me rephrase that.

i’ve ALWAYS loved kelly brook’s tits. she’s been stricken with what I call “dem ti-taaaays”.

from her wikipedia-

“Personal life-
Brook was in a seven-year relationship with actor Jason Statham, until 2004.[27][28] Brook met American actor Billy Zane while filming thriller Survival Island in Eleuthera, Bahamas in 2004.[29] Brook and Zane were engaged to be married in the summer of 2008 and acquired a house in Kent, but Brook postponed the wedding upon the death of her father in November 2007. The couple split in April 2008 and briefly got back together before ending their relationship in August 2008.[29][30] Brook had been dating Thom Evans since December 2010. On 16 March 2011, she announced via her Twitter account that she and Evans were expecting a baby girl.[31] On 9 May 2011, Brook suffered a miscarriage.[32] On 1 February 2013, Brook announced through Twitter that she and Evans had split.

Brook is an animal lover and posed nude with her body painted in scales for the “Whose Skin Are You In?” campaign by PETA.[33]”

look, even at 34 i’d still dump enough DNA inside her to qualify for a sports drink endorsement deal; especially given that fact that she’s miscarried twice (remember, i don’t want kids). but she’s a textbook wall case. she’ll land a dude, he’ll stick around for MAYBE a year, then move on. now take this phenomenon and plug in your average 28 year old childless woman suffering from baby rabies. granted kelly’s dumb enough to go for fuckin’ sports stars and actors who’ll just pump and dump, so that’s all her hamsters fault.

hell, i’m a zilch and i’d only pump an….wait, she’s rich….FUCK. ok, i’d tie her to the bed and wouldn’t let her leave the house until she’s missed 3 periods. a man needs to have a plan in life.

i found this and decided to link it for relevancy.

now, let’s contrast all this with say….orlando bloom who got a victorias secret model pregnant, got divorced after 3 years, and moved on to a 24 year old french actress. in all honesty, i haven’t poked a woman over 26 years old in a few years.



stay up.

You Haven’t Changed

one of the girls i worked with in spain is now stationed here in jax. really cool girl, but unfortunately if i didn’t have a desire to see you naked or talk to you often, i probably won’t remember you. shallow but true. well, i FINALLY realized where i knew her from. DOH!!!

well, being stationed overseas is like living in a fishbowl. everyone knows everyone, and their business. well, i like to keep my dirt to myself which is why i kept things on the D-L with the 19 yo girl i was messing with. once i realized who girl was i had to break down all the BS she had NO clue about back in spain.

there was a chick that worked in dental, and she was a total slut. i had a good friend in dental and she clued me in when i mentioned that girl approached me to say hello at the NEX. “dude, she’d totally fuck.” that was all i needed to hear, and this girl was easily a 7. i saw her at work by the coffee place and told her i wanted to talk to her for a second, ALONE. i walked her into our CT suite and locked the door. then i took her into the control room, and into the storage room of CT and did a mule release. she went right at it, then i hit it raw and dumped inside her when she asked me to (she was on BC).

then i told her about the 19 year old, and she immediately knew who i was talking about. “OMG HER!!!!!” i laughed and said only one person knew about it. girl called me at work and my boy answered it and he heard, “hey babe, when are you getting off work.” well, all the guys in my department are married. he paused and asked, “uuuuum? who is this?” she hung up.

next thing i know he’s hemming me up about who girl was since it couldn’t be ANYBODY but me. i told him she probably dialed the wrong number and got embarrassed. i finally admitted to it and the running joke was about all the fucking that was going on on base EXCEPT when it came to me. and i went along with that shit like it was cool. the best one i did was-

“last time i was in some pussy the doctor said, ‘I SEE THE HEAD!!!!'” lol.

my coworker nugget over heard this and said, “OMG!!! Danny’s like the biggest fucking slut ever.” i told her that only girls can be sluts. guys that fuck a lot are “talented.” she just looked at me and said, “only a slut would say that.” lol. girl i knew in spain said, “he hasn’t changed. seriously.”

but then i told her the biggest BS on the base. my good friend and his wife separated, the wife started living with my coworker Sam (guy that knew i was banging girl) and dude was living in their house. well, they had a son- Levi. a new girl checked into the command and she was a little hottie. she ended up babysitting for my boy that was separated and he was banging her for about a month. he was very quiet about his shit too and stopped poking her after a short while.

she ended up pregnant.

but not before she started dating the biggest beta boy in the hospital: he was an OR tech. and she chose him because……

he kinda looked like dude that got her pregnant. i SHIT you not. my coworkers wife told me, “danny, that’s not even his kid. that’s G*****’s kid. she found out after he was done with her that she was pregnant.” well, dude was transferring in 2 months, so she had to find a new patsy. girl stood there with her mouth agape. “no. no. i…i….no, i don’t believe you. oh my God that’s fucked up.” i just looked at her and said-

“and people wonder why i don’t want kids or want to get married, and why i sleep around like i do.”

stay up.

The Mysterious Man

when i get involved with a woman that i think could end up as a long-term prospect, there’s a little game i like to play. it’s a VERY INTJ thing too. while in the midst of a “where is this going” talk, i’ll usually put it out there that- “i have this thing. something that is absolutely precious to me. and if a girl can figure out what it is, i’ll know she’s the girl for me.”

i let her know that IF she figures it out i will be honest and let her know she found it, and that’s the truth. i’ll NEVER lie about this. once i put it out there, the game is on. is she solves the riddle, i’ll acknowledge it and reward her.

i have YET to have a woman figure it out. and it’s a very simple part of me. the only clue i’ll give is, “it’s what truly calms and sates me” that’s it. nothing more. i’ve only told this to 3 women, and NONE of them figured it out. it’s actually so simple that it stares them in the face every time they’re around me.

but the key to it is this- you’ve presented them with a challenge and something hidden away in you. a woman who’s attracted to you will claw though mountains or the sky to know your secrets- what make you tick. especially when it’s in the form of, “what calms and sates me”. SHE wants to be the one who calms and sates you. when she know’s there’s competition for that, her hamster becomes a Kenyan marathon runner bingeing on meth.

a mysterious man is a prize to a woman. WHY is he so aloof and withdrawn? WHY isn’t he more open about….? what REALLY moves him?

a woman can’t stand not knowing these answers when she has her eyes on a man. i know this, and i play it up. why shouldn’t i? she sure as hell put her vagina on a pole and holds it front of me. she’ll make me “work” for it. well, once i get it she’s in MY world. and if she wants access (and trust me, once you get that first “squish” the tables turn) she’ll jump through 1000 more hoops than she made you go through to pound her place.

so figure out what drives you, motivates you, calms you, or is special to you. then dangle that carrot in front of a woman who’s chasing you; just never tell her unless she honestly figures it out. you have more power and influence over women than you think.

dummy. lol.

stay up.

and for the record, Mom said these same words to me, at various points throughout my life.

BBQ Boneless Pork Ribs

first off i’m a REALLY big fan of boneless ribs, more meat baby, but you have to be carefull or you’ll dry them out. place ribs/chicken in a large tupperware container, pour beer over it until it’s covered  then add some apple cider vinegar (you need JUUUUST enough to be able to smell the vinegar….add more or less as to taste). crush 5-6-7 cloves of garlic and dump them in. then add 2-3 TBS liquid crab boil (optional). let it sit in the fridge for 1-2 days.i season my meat (wokka wokka) with: stubbs bbq seasoning, old bay, and mccormicks buffalo chicken powder (comes in a packet in the seasoning section of your market). but feel free to use whatever powder sesoning you like. season meat…this is key for the chicken: cook thigh’s SKIN SIDE DOWN first. then flip it over. the fat from the skin will keep the chicken juicy. same thing applies to breasts.

i crank up on half of the grill to about 400 degrees. lightly oil the grill, and place the meat down, i check it every 15 minutes or so, when it’s ready to be flipped, flip it over, rinse repeat. always be sure to keep the thickest pieces of the meat on the warmer side of the grill so it cook more evenly. the smaller pices will burn on the hotter side. as for cooking time, i can’t tell you. use a meat thermometer and remove chicken the temp is right. i typically cook 10 ribs, and 10-15 pieces of chicken. NEVER apply sauce until you’re about to pull the meat off, the sugar in BBQ  saucewill burn (MAJOR ROOKIE ERROR). and…..i ALWAYS put my sauce on the side.

my personal choice for BBQ sauce is “Stubb’s spicy”. you really won’t need sauce, the meat will have a VERY distinctive flavor and can stand alone with out sauce. SOMETIMES, i smoke the meat. i soak mesquite chips in water for a few hours, then place it in a small aluminium box made especially for smoking.  place the wood chips on the “fire” side of the grill and let magic ensue. if any of you reading this try it out, please let me know what you think. shared this recipe with some of the guys on wackbag and it was a hit.

you can also cook in an oven at 250 degrees for about 6 hours.

my secret weapon.


Austin, Texas' own. i actually add hot sauce to it. but..i'm weird like that.

i prefer dry ribs, then dip them in the sauce. if you want to sauce our ribs, add it during the last 10 minutes of cooking.

i prefer dry ribs, then dip them in the sauce. if you want to sauce your ribs, add it during the last 10 minutes of cooking.

People who’ve Died

one of my junior HM’s saw his first patient die. really fucked him up. he came to me and told me he needed to talk to me. he’s well aware of my past as a trauma junkie master. this was one of those moments where the silly side of me gets shown the door. this was serious, and he really need some ear.

it’s no secret that i’ve seen some pretty morbid shit. i’ve talked about it before. well, what i consider to be an important part of my job is mentoring and counseling the junior guys. i don’t have this wall of, “you below me, me high rank” aura. i talk to the guys like we’re in the field. i NEVER have to use rank to gain respect. i even go so far as to tell other E6’s is they have to throw around rank, they are ineffective leaders.

i was living in san diego. it was christmas morning. i was checking my myspace account (what, it was 2006) and learned a friend had killed herself. she had lost her grandmother during katrina and grandma had raised by her. mom ran off and dad was a dead beat, she moved out as soon as she could. i tried to find her in NO when i was stationed there but didn’t have any luck. found out that Christmas that she’d been living 5 minutes from my apartment in NO.

i had taken this girls virginity.

i always knew she was kind of troubled so i felt bad when i wasn’t able to find her. as i sat reading her obituary, i felt numb. i got dressed and left the house. i was driving all over san diego. the streets were dead and one of the radio stations was playing a pearl jam concert they did in san deezy. then this song came on.

i broke down crying. i was already shook at girls committing suicide, but i remembered my boy Ricky. he was like my brother. i had been in the navy for almost a year. i went home to texas and was visiting friends. Ricky was in san antonio working. he was going to be coming in for fourth of july. well, for whatever reason my dad decided we were going to leave for florida (he was moving there) early.

never saw Ricky.

i was sitting on my cousins roof watching fireworks and around midnight, i put my beer down, left the roof and went inside. my cousin came in and i told him i didn’t feel like partying anymore. the next day i heard from his cousin. her, Ricky, and 3 friends from school were in an accident. ricky died, he was the only death in VERY bad accident.

i remember us making plans about what we were going to do with our lives. how we were going to retire on a ranch outside san diego. i was gonna marry his cousin, he was going to marry my sister. we’d get old, drink beer and laugh about how fat our wives had gotten. i always looked at my life from his perspective- to not waste my life since his got cut short.

i told the junior HM that death is part of what we do. i told him about the 2 friends above. told him that he’ll need to learn to detach himself from work death. when it’s a patient’s time, it’s their time. but at the same time, not feel bad if he never learns the detachment. this job isn’t for everyone. but the take-away is to fully appreciate every moment you have on this planet. you never know when you’re times up.

he just nodded his head and thanked me. hopefully i was able to help the guy out.

the girl at the very right is Liz.

the girl at the very right is Liz.

aaaaaaw. i was a senior at the time. she was a freshman.

aaaaaaw. i was a senior at the time. she was a freshman.

i don’t have any pics of Ricky. i’ve lost a TON of pictures with all the moves i’ve had; so, sorry.

stay up.

Strip Club Day Game Fun

haven’t been to my local strip club in a while. it went thug. when i get patted down and have the wand passed over me, but watch 3 guys with dread locks and pants hanging off thier ass walk right in; FUCK THAT. if shit pops off i’m not gonna be there just holding my dick. therefore, i quit going.

found out my friend (who reads and comments here BTW) works a day set 2-7. so i had some mexican grub and decided to go say hello. well, it was a whole different scene. no security, the girls were pretty cute, and my girl was behind the booth. well, stripper game is second nature to me, and DJ Lynn wings like a fucking champ.

i went behind the booth, gave her hug and she walked me to the bar to introduce me to the daytime bartender. just as a frame of reference, most strip clubs over charge on booze; well a beer at my strip club is $2.75. YEAH. i tipped her well (ALWAYS take care of the bartender), and we we went back to the booth.

eventually, one of the girls came to the booth and Lynn introduced me. she always refers to me as, “Son”. seriously. i always call her, “Mom.” so girls steps up and Lyn introduced me. i talked with her for about 2 minutes and eventually she went about her business. soon, same girl went on stage. but one thing i noticed.

there was a dude that kept staring my way. didn’t really get it, but he’d keep looking over towards the booth. hmmmm.

so girls hits the stage and i tell Lynn i’m going to see what’s up with girl. i took a chair and sat leaning back, right arm draping the side of the stage and my left hand with my thump in the pocket and my fingers just above my mule. classic alpha position. well, as girls dancing, dude that kept looking my way steps up to the stage and once girl saw him and went over to him, he did the “make it rain” bullshit with what was about $8. he looked at me, and walked back to his spot at the bar.

i was fucking dying with laughter.

girls finally comes my way, and i’m a complete dork. i bob my head side-to-side and when she does something sexy, i’ll smile REALLY big and hop up and down in my seat. strip-club secret- if you can make a stripper break character and start laughing and telling you how cute you are, you’re winning. i gave her $2 and went back to the booth.

after her set she went to “make it rain” dude and thanked him. typical. then she came up to me and thanked me. after she hugged me, i told her, “sweetie, smash your titties into my chest again please.” she anxiously threw her arms around me and said, “they’re firm.” i asked if she had work done and she repeated that they were firm. i asked her how big she was and she touched my chest and told me i have more meat than she did.

“really, let me see.” i should note that i was already feeling her tits and she was leaning in as i did so. she said she wasn’t allowed to flash and Lynn jumped in like a pro, “there’s no camera here, you’re safe.” girl stuttered a moment, and i asked again, “c’mon, it’s no big deal, let’s see the work.” she stepped back and said she needed to go to the bathroom.

this was NOT a failure. she lost her nerve. i took her out of her game. she’s used to being in charge, and she lost control with me, i kept the frame and had the DJ backing me up. told you she wings like a champ. but it get’s better.

next thing i know she was sitting next to “make it rain” guy. fucking perfect. she stayed right next to him and was working on a VIP. then i notice and VERY cute raven haired lovely. i asked about her and Lynn just said she thinks her shit doesn’t stink.


girl managed to get 2 VIP’s before she took the stage. well, prior to that Lynn told me to head over and tip a friend of her with MASSIVE tits (obviously fake). she was also a tad older than i prefer, but whatever. i tipped her $2 and went back to the booth. girl came over and ended up nuzzling next to me for about 10 minutes. which was fine since i got to squeeze some titty meat.

eventually the black haired girl took the stage and had to see what was up with this girl. i sat at my stage seat (i always sit in the same spot when i go to the stage), and girl approached me. she sat across my lap and she asked if i’ve ever been there before. i told her i was friends with Lynn, and i used to frequent a lot. then told her i though she was cute so i decided to come visit her. then i commented on her being quite the little hustler. she looked puzzled so i told her i noticed the VIP’s. she giggled and said she didn’t know what i was talking about, she was just doing her job. i put my finger under her chin, pulled her face close to mine and said, “that’s exactly what a hustler would say.” then i winked at her. she was smiling from ear to ear.

i tipped her $1. please note that i was the third guy to get a dance from her and said guys gave her $3-4-5. i made it a point to give her one.

i went back to the booth and told Lynn, “i could fuck her and her (referring to the “firm tits” girl and black haired girl). Lynn nodded, “oh yeah, of course.” i told her, “that girl (black haired) is as transparent and easy to read as a narcissist. i made it a point to smash her pedestal and called her “cute”, and when i said it she gave me an “off” look. THAT’S when you know you have a pretty girl of her game.

i have a new project. i’m guessing the “firm tits” girl will be easiest to close, so i’ll start there. the raven locked lass will probably be a tad more difficult, but i’m not disqualified as a fuck in her eyes. i assume her flake factor will be through the roof. but, i’m also working on a 19yo waitress at my local.

so, for the record, i have 2 girls in the stable here in jax that i see about once a month. i’m currently working on: a waitress at my local, and have taken on running the 2 strippers i mentioned above. abundance KILLS fear and self-doubt. it’s not about the close for me, i prefer the chase. once i close, my interest wanes to a stand-still.

it’s basically a hunter’s mentality. on another front.

i JUST got my paint-ball mask today. a few of my Marines/Marine HM buddies do some pretty balls-out paint ball fights and i decided to get a decent mask for the party.

i'll be getting another one. but i picked this since it blends well with the forest. i just need to drill a few holes onto the mouth.

i’ll be getting another one. but i picked this since it blends well with the forest. i just need to drill a few holes onto the mouth.

and today….on this very morning, i completed my last physical fitness test in my naval career. i’m on the cusp of 40 and i did the following. 85 sit-ups, 78 push-ups, and i did a 1 1/12 mile run in 12 minutes and 26 seconds. not too shabby for an old fuck like me.

stay up.

Middle School

the other night, i made a comment at CH (Roissy’s) in regards to a post that was pretty lame considering the source. now…..

the guy who started CH is long gone, it’s supposedly now run by 5-6 writers (which is fine, a few blogs have multiple writers). well, one of the writer’s happens to be wn (white nationalist) by the name of firepower who is one of the primary contributer’s to a wn site. now, i’ve had a few people e-mail me about the “nationalist” posts coming from CH, and i simply tell them the truth. done and done.

there. that’s the “BIG secret” about CH.

this post isn’t about bashing anyone. i don’t regret making the comment, but i’m also not here to stir the shit. in regards to the person commenting about me there….

i simply took a page from the link i’ve given.

but, in the end, it’s best to take a good friends advice when i told him about what went down-

“dude, haters gonna hate, move on.”

indeed, besides the pic says it all. so…..let’s get back to what this community is about: helping men understand and attract women. bickering’s for women.


stay up.

My Guide to New Orleans II: Uptown

truth be told uptown (UPT) is a different place for me. it’s a place where i go to relax, no agenda……just….look at life in the surreal beauty of an amazing backdrop.

the upt is a major day-time attraction. magazine st. alone is an event all itself. nearly 5 miles worth of eateries, stores, parks, and art galleries. personally, when you ask me about the UPT, it’s an after-thought. a place i go to when bored. BUT….that doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeing. magazine street stretches from just under highway 90 all the down to lake ave and lies between st. charles and tchoupitoulas.

Magazine St link

Magazine St. wiki

TBH, the only time i’m on magazine (sadly) is if i have a specific destination or to a friends. it’s mostly shopping, live-music, people watching, and dining. but i’ll off up some places i like.

The Bulldog. you HAVE to stop in here and have a round. best on tap beer in the city. HANDS DOWN. everyone new to NO makes a trip there. never heard a negative review.

Juan’s Flying Burrito funky NO take on “mexican” food. funky, unpretentious, and the food is top-notch.

Sake Cafe everyone knows sake. if sushi and japanese cuisine are your thing, stop by.

Tracey’s Irish Bar GREAT irish bar with out the gimmicky schtick and horrible irish cuisine. try the crawfish balls as you sip your beer, or maybe shoot a few rounds of pool with a stranger.

OAK STREET. fucking LOVE oak street. once home of the now defunct “Humidty Ramp”. seems VERY seedy, and it is. but don’t let it intimidate you.

Squeal’s BBQ. newer BBQ joint, i hear it’s VERY good.

The Maple Leaf. AAAAAH the maple leaf. they always have someone playing. jazz, counrty, indie, rock, typically the artists are locals. tuesday Rebirth Jazz band plays at midnight, don’t miss’s a pretty small venue, but it’s ALWAYS got a good crowd. and right next door is…

Jacques-Imo’s. any place that can pull off shrimp and alligator cheesecake is nothing short of culinary brilliance. a bit pricier, but WELL worth it. parties of 5 or more needs a reservation.

my all time favorite cafe Rue de la Course is on the corner of oak and carrollton. i’ll stop in, get a coffee, and read/study. place is so choice.

The Ninja. EVERYONE knows the ninja. people drive in from kenner (yeaaah yah rite!!!!!) just to go to the ninja.

Snake and Jake’s Christmas Club Lounge. ok, if it’s 4am, you’re on a bender, and you don’t feel like calling it quits. announce, “i’m off to jakes!!!!” quite possibly the closest thing you’ll come to the cantina in mos isley. if you see someone behind the bar asleep, yeah…they’re passed out. no one but local’s and those “in the know” go there. also, this is for the late 20- early 40’s crowd. and bar that wishes you “good luck” with finding it……IS WORTH FUCKING FINDING. here, ye shall not be judged for embracing your inner Dionysus. “is that Bukowski asleep in the corner? oh yeah….buke’s dead.” i’ve had some of the funniest conversations at SnJ’s with folks in the midst of a blackout who INSIST they buy me a shot. i know doctor’s that have relocated and opened practices in NO who had to re-define their diagnosis of “alcohol abuse” once they got to understand the city. lol. you GOTTA respect that. you drank a 12-pack in one sitting- dude, that’s a saints game or 4 hour crab boil to a local. lol. i’ve gone on liberty in foreign ports with “power drinkers” that i put under the table. i believe i covered this in chapter one. lol. now……on a more serious note…..

if you happen to be walking on oak after dark, you might notice a very, very, very shady looking thugish types drinking beer on porches, they won’t bother you. i’d advise tourists to take a cab there if they are really drunk. but if you have your wits about you and you’re walking to a local establishment, and any of the locals greet you, greet them back and let them know where you’re headed. you’re now safe as a kitten. i brought an ex to a house party at the humidty house and she got VERY uncomfortable walking the street.

“Danny….um, are those guys, you know- armed?” the beautiful young lady asked me.

“baby, to.the.teeth.” was my reply.

she took my hand in a death grip. and a local cat said to me-

“yo lil’ whoodie. where yat.”

i smiled, and since i can’t give you audio, i replied in my native tongue. “good evening, i’m heading over to the Alex’s.

he laughed and asked, “where yah board at, yah hurd meh?”

i replied that i leave it at the house since i’m too lazy to carry it and on our merry way we went. dude even offered me a beer. fah realz.

other places of interest.

Parasol’s. best damn roast beef po-boy in the city. a place called traceys opened up a block down and there’s a “battle for neighborhood supremacy” shit going on, but i’ve never been in tracey’s. the rivalry is written about in the link. if you stop into the bar and order food, and there’s a tall, black (VERY black) man tending bar, that’s Eric. part of the local skate tribe. tell him i said stay up. very cool guy. he MIGHT even still be tending bar at Molly’s (i mentioned this place on the french quarter post).

St. Chalres Street Car. you must hop on this bitch. it’s beautiful. a 3 day pass costs under $10. i don’t recall the exact price, but i’m sure the website will tell you. st charles ave is also great place for a stroll. fun fact: i totally had sex with a GF on the trolley one sunday afternoon when we had the car to ourself; the driver didn’t seem to “notice”. lol.

Lucy’s every local know’s Lucy’s. GREAT spot for night game. but still worth checking out for a late afternoon drink. again, this is another local secret.

Lafayette Cemetery. this is a MUST-SEE. it also happens to be my “go-to” first date venue. it’s cheap, actually it’s free, and it’s absolutely breath-taking. you see, you can’t really bury people in NO, if you do….eventually they’ll rise to the surface, so we use above ground tombs. i was always amazed at how life-long NO female residents have never been there. and if she’s NEW to the city, man-oh-man did walking hand in hand in a cemetery generate MAJOR tingles for just my knowing the place exists and the sheer originality of my choice to bring her. it’s like i’m sharing my secret places in the city and women eat that shit up.

The Garden District. tourists always want to see where anne rice lived. i think it’s on first street, but google it. some of the most beautiful architecture out there. me cruising, WTUL playing in the background, i rarely feel THAT alive.

where to stay? well when Lucky visited, he copped a place at a GREAT place on carodelet. yes, it’s a hostel, BUT it’s fucking nice and you’re a quick walk to the St. Charles street car. $10-15 gets you a cab ride to the the qauter and you can take the bus tulane uni for hunting college girls. well, i know the guy that runs the place (Robert) and he’s cool. mention Dannyfrom504 recommended his place. you won’t a discount but you’ll have something in common with him to chat about.

live music. yeah, google “” throw new orleans in the search engine, and take your pick. again, WTUL usually offers free tickets to most of the venues in the city.

ok, i know. “where do i go to meet women?” the BEST place to go for “night game” is tulane university. the map below gives you all the highlights. my most EPIC night went down when i was stationed there and i brought my boy from sicily that got orders to NO the college bar scene. he was tired of ONS’s, and i found out he couldn’t land a long term deal. well, he was sarging the french quarter. *smh* “dude, you’re banging a bunch of tourists that are down for the weekend, you’re probably talking to 6-7 girls before you land one.” he nodded, i added, “how often are you getting cock-blocked.” he shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head. lol. she closed 2 girls his first night out. i closed 3 on my best night and recall fondly having to wash my mule in her sink once i knew i was heading back out. don’t judge me. a woman smells spermicide on your hog….she’s bailing on you. lol. don’t ask me how i know.

UPT Bar Scene

so, i can vouch for: waldo’s (LOVE waldo’s), the boot (a MAJOR fave, walking distance from waldo’s ftw), rendon inn, cooter brown’s, carrolton station, and the frat house. the web-pages may be up or not. now, i haven’t sarged NO in a minute so, some of the places may be closed. friar tucks was fucking legendary for it’s $1 beer thursday night. $10 at the door, you get a HUGE mug, and refills are a buck. you leave, you pay again. sadly, she is no more. again, use the numbers here and check if they are still open. but i know the boot and waldo’s is still open. stay close to the college, and follow the crowds/noise. lol.

i’d recommend renting a cab for the day. call ahead for rates. but a cab ride from the quarter to tulane university is right around $20.

i forgot to add: if you want some of the best seafood around take your ass to Deanies. order the BBQ shrimp appetizer portion and a seafood platter. never been to the FQ location as i live about 15 minutes from the original bucktown location on lake pontchatrain.

also, i forgot to mention: Preservation Hall in the quarter. you have to sit on the floor. lol. GREAT NO jazz venue.

please check out WhereYat and Best of New Orleans a week or so before going to the city to plan your trip and fine tune your visit to your own personal tastes.

i hope this series helps you guys out and please feel free to email me with any questions. but for the love of God, quit with the “going to No emails. I’m tired of writing the responses. Lol.

chili cheese fries by morning 40. they mention one of my fave greasy spoon diners. oh, one eyed jacks is a GREAT music venue in the quarter.

ninth ward by the boys. i almost cried when i learned they broke up. i got to see them uptown and got backstage by helping them load their gear. lol. i even got to wander the crowd in the giant masks they were using. EPIC. also look up “I’m a drunk”. Paw-Paw loved this band and the fact that they had a sax and glorified drinking. Lol. Miss you Papa Cat.

as an aside, big up to VivaLaMansophere. the aggregator’s get little to no props. it’s a thankless job, so please visit my blogroll- check the aggregator’s, and hit up the site’s listed and say “thanks”, they deserve it.

I’ll be in NO early October. When I get exact dates, I’ll let you know.

stay up

My Guide to Visiting New Orleans


you’ve done Vegas, LA, NYC, Boston, DC. but have you ever been down to the NO? i’ve had more than one inquiry from readers that were set to visit my fair city and i gave a list of ideas on what to do. since i’m lazy, i’ve decided to finally post about what to see/do in New Orleans. i’d recommend going march to early may, and september-november. halloween is ALWAYS party time in NO. i’d avoid going mid-may-auguest as it’s hot as fuck.

fisrt things first; NO is divided into 2 major areas: downtown and uptown. downtown is the home of the french quarter and all the iconic crap you see on most post cards. uptown is everything below hwy 90. if you look on a map and follow I-10, you’ll notice it suddenly curves north-westardly. you’ll see a split at the curve heading across the mississippi river; this is hwy 90 or pontchartrain expwy. this is the dividing line between dwt/upt. cool? we will cover both sections in 2 parts: day/night.

we’ll start with downtown during the day.

downtown is the home of the french quarter: bourbon st (titties), royal, decatur, jackson’s square, the river walk, etc. you can easily spend 1/2 a day in the quarter. first: parking. you can pay to park or park somewhere along esplanade ave which is free. the only downside is parking on espalanade is that it’sconsidered “residential” parking and there’s a supposed 2 hour limit. you may/may not be ticketed. i’ve only been ticketed once parking in the quarter and it was for being outside the designated line. OR you can drive through the quarter and hope you find a spot. after 11am- forget it. in most cases pay-to-park puts you right next to all the main attractions/sites. i’d recommend the one next to jax brewery, a 5 minute walk to Jackson’s square.


this is jackson's square

this is jackson’s square

head out around 10am and park. stroll on over to jackson square and just enjoy the area: stop in St. Louis Cathedral, watch the painters, just have a lazy stroll. then head over across the street and stop at cafe du monde (world famous) for a cup of cafe au lait and an order of beignets (french donut covered in powdered sugar) and listen to the street musicians and relax. once you’re done head up decatur street until you run into the French Market. stroll the french market (which could easily eat up an hour or so) and browse the wares. prices are usually negotiable.

from there, hop on decatur and check out Hex’s. NOW, i know many of you readers are very religious so i’ll warn you: it’s a “witchery store”. i go there and get my palm/cards read every time i go to the city. ask for Denise, tell her i sent you. she’s a certified voodoo priestess, VERY powerful medium, and dear friend. just describe me. lol. along the same lines, if you’re into this sort of thing, check out Reverand Zombies Voodoo Shop. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not take pictures or touch any of the “offering” alters. before i met Denise, this was my go to card reading place.

by now, you’ve probably built up an appetite and want something to grub on. this is where it get’s tricky since choosing a restaurant in the quarter is like picking your favorite kid. so, i’ll recommend the following:

Johnny’s on st.louis and decatur. have the roast beef po-boy. expect a line, but well worth it.

Central Grocery on decatur between dumaine and st. phillip. the link is from a NO food blog as central’s actual webpage blows goats. get a muffuletta. they come in 1/2’s and full. now, this is a VERY big sammich. 1/4 should be enough for one person. grab a bottle of barq’s root beer and head to a park bench along the river (notice where the blogger noshes his). i have MANY childhood memories of eating a muffuletta along the river with mom, sis, maw-maw and paw-paw.

Cafe Maspero on decatur and toulousse. it’s basically a deli with local cuisine.

Angeli’s on decatur and gov. nicholls. kind of bohemian. this is a local “secret spot” and if you feel in the mood for something different they have GREAT food.

Pere Antione on royal and st. ann. this is classic creole and cajun cuisine. a bit pricier but WELL worth it. i’d recommend ordering from the “Louisiana Classics and New Orleans Favorites”. i always get the crawfish etouffe, and my mom loses her shit for the “mushrooms tchoupitoulas” (chop-eh-too-lus).

Port-O-Call on esplanade and dauphine. best burger in the city, HAND’S DOWN. it’s been on foodTV and travel channel. they serve STRONG drinks, steaks, and a MONSTER burger, THAT’S IT. you gotta respect a place that keeps the menu that basic. again, this is if you just want a simple yet amazing burger experience. also usually the choice of pre-drinking grub.

Acme Oyster House on iberville between bourbon and royal. GREAT seafood. the oyster rockafeller soup is insane. the “NO Specialties” portion of the menu is VERY good, but i’d recommend the 1/2 and 1/2 seafood platter. and trust me, the portions are HUGE.

i’m sure you realize there are MANY other places i could recommend, but these are my go-to list for a visitor to my city. when in doubt, if a place cathces your eye, check the menu and see if it’s up your alley.

so, you’ve stuffed your belly, and done a bit of walking. this is when i’d recommend heading to bourbon st. yes, you heard that right- tourist mecca. first off, stop into Tropical Isle and order a large hand grenade. HOWEVER, it is VERY strong. if the bar keep happens to be a tall, good looking white dude named Tim, tell him i sent you. just describe me, if it’s him he’ll know. tell him i brought my Paw Paw there once. this gentleman also knows my ex-Lyssia (she used to tend bar there). cool guy. kick back, enjoy your drink, enjoy the music (there’s usually a guy singing) and people watch. that’s our favorite past-time in the NO. i can’t tell you how many tourists i’ve had great conversations with in Tropical Isle. please keep in mind, locals are VERY friendly. that’s usually the first thing tourists tell me.

now, walk out of TI and head to your left. next on the agenda is Lafittes Blacksmith Shop. this is a must see as it reputed as being the oldest structure used as a bar in the US. it’s soooooo seedy and mysterious and cool. stop in and have a beer if you like, or just step in and get a feel for the nostalgia.

you may have noticed you passed a kinda gay set of clubs as you crossed St. Phillip. well, thats because you’ve officially crossed into the NO gay community epicenter. don’t fret, you’ll be fine, they don’t bite. but it would be in your best interest to put aside any homophobia or dislike for the gays. k. now, as you mosey on down to Laffite’s you might notice a joint tucked away to your right called
The Clover make a note of it, we’ll be discussing it later. the club Oz is where playboy visits when they’re in town. the club across the street is the one i used to dance in. what, don’t judge me.

after some time head down to Krazy Korner. ask for Marianna (i THINK she still works there, but i haven’t seen her the last few times i’ve stopped in) or Angie (she’s the manager). if neither are there head over to Bourbon St Blues Company (no link, sorry). once you get there ask for Angie (again she’s a manager and barkeep, i went to high school with her). if she’s working, tell her i said “Kisses Schmoops”. if she’s not there, no biggie. grab a seat and enjoy the show. if it’s daytime there should be an MC on the stage. order a beer (you’ll probably get three since it’s buy one get 2 free…..YEAH) and grab a spot at the bar and relax. remember, there’s no rush, you’re in the big easy- kick back and relax. plus, if it’s hot as balls out, enjoy the AC.

me and Angie

me and Angie

by now it should be late afternoon and you might find yourself getting hungry, i’ve already covered that. and now for some of what we in NO call Lagniappe (something extra). if you’d like you can visit my favorite used book store. “Acadian Books” just behind the St. Louis Cathedral at 714 orleans ave. if you blink, you’ll miss it. or my other book haunt, “Librairie Book Shop” just to the right of the Cathedral at 823 Chartres

ok. by now you might be pretty pooped, head back to your hotel cop a shower and get ready for tonight. OH, where are you staying? if i may; let me recommend The Royal St. Inn. this place is CHOICE. it’s swanky, it’s cool, kind of sleazy, and it’s AFFORDABLE, well…..realtively so. if i may, book “The Marigny” or “The Mississippi” suite. ok….ok, it’s $159 a night. but it’s WELL worth it. besides, one of the primary local hang-outs is the bar beneath your room (the R bar), plus it’s walking distance to all the places i’ve mentioned above. of course, feel free to book anywhere else you deem best.

now….the quarter after dark. first things first.

DISCLAIMER!!!!!! NO is a VERY dangerous place late at night. when walking out in the quarter, the biggest mistake tourists make is being blindingly drunk and stumbling about. usually, they hem you up on the cross streets. so if YOU MUST cross from bourbon to decatur, walk in the middle of the road. this enables you to keep a distance from the deep doorways where the thugs out to rob lie in wait. on the main streets: royal, decatur, bourbon- you’re fine. we good? good. also, there’s really no point going above bourbon street at night.

first thing you as a tourist must know is: clubs/bars don’t shut down in NO. so, we usually don’t start our night until 10-11. secondly, we drink…..A.LOT. HOWEVER, pace yourself. don’t pound drinks, sip, savor, and relax and let your night unfold. thirdly, put some food in your belly before heading out, and never, ever, EVER, eat a lucky dog. also. be aware, the closer to canal street you get, the shadier it gets. so, stay off canal at night.

now as touristy and hokey as it sounds i highly recommend the Haunted History Tour. now these are comprised of: ghost, cemetery, vampire, and various other walking tours. you get a history lesson and it is actually a pretty interesting tour. take your pick. after the tour….

stop over at Molly’s and mix in with the locals. again, this is not a touristy spot. these people are locals. sit back, grab a beer and enjoy yourself. don’t be shy about being a tourist either, if anyone asks you where you’re from, tell them and then mention you know a local who recommended the place. see….that’s not so hard. hell, we LOVE talking to tourists. remember the R bar i mentioned earlier, yeah…..that place is tits too. you gotta respect a bar that offers haircuts and a shot for $10. wanna grab a drink, listen to some live music, shoot some pool…..and DO YOUR LAUNDRY???? well, Check Point Charlie’s has you covered: right there on esplanade and decatur. just be advised, the place CAN be rough. lol.

feel free to mosey on back to bourbon (hell, i always start my night with a hand grenade) and watch the debauchery unfold. just realize, 99% of the places you visit are tourist spots. no harm in it, hell, you ALWAYS see something funny on bourbon at night, especially TIT-TAYS!!!!!!!
it also might be time to refuel at The Clover. i recommend the cheeseburger with egg. best post-drinking food in the city IMHO.

New Orleans Night Game.

oh, i know what you were waiting for. “where does Danny go hunting?” truth be told, the quarter isn’t really conducive to pick-up. but the one place that you can do well is The Gold Mine. don’t even bother going before 11. matter of fact, i’d shoot for 12-1 am. it’s in an old stable and it’s loud, sweaty and usually packed. they play every type of music and have a pool table. i’ve scooped a chick at the gold mine more than once. it’s usually PACKED with girls.

now, picking up on bourbon would seem like a dead lock. i mean, it’s a bunch of tourist chicks from mississippi, alabama, texas, and florida looking to do shit they never mention to the rest of their friends back home. however, the cock-block factor is HUGE. but, you can pull, it’s not impossible. i prefer to meet a tourist during the day, number close and promise to show her the REAL parts of the city later that evening. one good method is gaming the shot girls working on bourbon. usually, they tend to be pretty, well….let’s just say more willing to “show a tourist the good drinking spots”. if anything, get in good with one and have her invite you out with her friends. i usually end my night with a stop at the clover (linked above) for a post drink cheese-burger with blue-cheese and fried egg. at 4am, it’s heaven. you know you have a drinking problem when you know how to find the bathroom at the clover. only locals will get that reference.

meet the Morning 40. a GREAT local band that has since broken up. they were a group of fun-loving, unapologetic, proudly alcoholic, fun-loving boys from the 9th ward. did i mention NO also has a GREAT music scene. At least i got to see them perform once.

MC Trachiotomy. a local guy that does his own production and lyrics. he’s a virtual one-man band and fave among the local indie music snobs. met him once, he’s cool as fuck.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit Preservation Hall for some amazing jazz. House of blues usually has some decent gigs, and there’s a few different place good for live shows. check the “whereyat” link i’ll provide later for shows. also, if you listen to WTUL they usually give out free tickets. if they announce tix for a show you’d like, call in (504-865-5885) they’ll give you 2 free tickets. show up at the venue, tell them you’re on the “TUL list”, show ID and BOOM…’re in. can’t beat free.

metal….SURE, we do metal as well, but a few on them lean towards the “satanic” side. i usually see them when they play at House of Shock. would it surprise you to know that they’ll all Catholics? lol.

EyeHateGod. what we call in NO “sludge”. cool guys as well.

for any other info on what’s going down while you visit, please check out: WhereYat Magazine. it’s updated monthly. the friday paper also offer a “Lagniappe” section that breaks down what’s going on for the coming week. music, museum exhibits, festivals. all of it. OH, the WWII Museum is a good place check out. Paw-Paw has a brick there dedicated to him. hope all this helps.

i’m still working on the “Uptown” post. lol.

stay up.

BBQ Chicken

i swear by my BBQ chicken. i’ve NEVER had someone turn it down or say they didn’t like it. since todays the 4th, i thought i’d pass on the recipe; i don’t believe all the “family secret” horseshit. let’s get to it.

beer. fire + meat x being outside= beer.

chicken- i use supermarket cut thigh and drums but you can use quarters as well.

marinade- place chicken in a large plastic bag or large plastic container, cover with beer and add a 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar. add 2TBS liquid smoke, 1TBS liquid crab boil, and 5 cloves of crushed garlic. let soak over night. I also use this marinade for ribs.

BBQ sauce. i use stubbs spicy.

seasoning- i use, stubbs BBQ spice mix, garlic powder, chipotle powder (can be omitted), and McCormicks buffalo wing powder (my secret ingredient). feel free to play with this in any manner you wish. the marinade is the real super star.

place the chicken skin side down one the non heated side of your grill (this is KEY!!!) and season with above. let cook for about 30-45 minutes. flip and season the the skin side, this is important. as the meat cooks, the skin releases fat that keeps the chicken moist. cover and let it sit for about 30 minutes and check it again. heat until internal temp reaches 165.

personally, i don’t put sauce on the chicken, i put it on the sauce side and dip. but if you choose to add sauce, add it during the last 7-10 minutes of cooking. the big mistake rookies make is adding sauce right away. you do that and you heat the sugar in the sauce to the point it burns. no bueno. if you want to be bold, get your favorite BBQ sauce and add some ranch or blue cheese dressing to it. sounds weird, but it’s fucking amazon. give it a shot.

remove from heat and let it sit for about 10 minutes. i like to grill up some sausage to go with it. i’ve always gone with spicy italian sausage since i feel the slightly sweet flavor compliments the vinegary flavor of the chicken. you can even throw in some tater salad and mac-n-cheese. thats the bueaty of cooking Maw Maw once told me, “it’s not rocket science, add and use whatever you got. i’ve made over 1000 pots of gumbo, never made the same one twice.”

if you don’t have a grill, you and your vagina need to go visit another site. OR you could turn your oven to 350, cook skin side down, flip, season, cook until internal temp is 165.


stay up.

this is my secret seasoning. just put it in a cheese shaker like the ones you put parmesan cheese.

this is my secret seasoning. just put it in a cheese shaker like the ones you put parmesan cheese in.

i've tried MANY different sauces, but i like Stubb's the best.

i’ve tried MANY different sauces, but i like Stubb’s the best.

doneski. it tastes just as good as it looks. little bit of spice, nice moist vinegary bite, and bit of a smoke flavor.

doneski. it tastes just as good as it looks. little bit of spice, nice moist vinegary bite, and hint of a smoke flavor.

Joining the Military

after reading ETD and learning that Aaron would have joined the military and knowing the job market today whilst finishing my final year of active duty service….i think i can speak on this topic.

april 14th 1994 i left for boot-camp. but before that day, i had already made some SERIOUS choices regarding my time in. i was fortunate enough to have an uncle that retired navy and gave me some tips. here’s what he told me, and some of my suggestions.

know what type of work you want to do- nothing will make 5 years suck more than doing a job you have no interest in. on that note, choose a job that PAYS IN THE CIVILIAN WORLD. do you want to fix computers, work in electronics, medical, construction? have at least 3 fields in the back of your mind. if they offer you a field, ask for the card that gives job specifics. if at the end of the day, they don’t offer you a field you’re interested in…..tell them you’re sorry for wasting their time and walk away. realize…they just spent money on lab work, doctor’s to examine you, etc. they WANT you by this point. call their bluff, and walk. of course, this MAY not work since we have such a shitty economy right now; hence my suggesting you have a few fields open.

a few i know of that do well- biomedical technician, air electronics, radiology technician, air mechanics, mechanic- general, information technology (IT), nuclear medicine- better be good in math, interior communications- basically a cable guy, ultrasound technician, MRI tech, paralegal, and i haven’t even gotten into the SPEC-OP’s stuff yet.

now you have to choose your service. first off, let me say…..avoid the air force. i only say this since they have a history of fucking you over on your field of choice. they’ll sign you up as going to “whatever” MOS, but if it’s not available when you finish bootcamp…’ll do your first 5 years doing whatever they can’t give away. had a friend join the AF and signed on as a bio-med tech. he went to bootcamp, then found out he was going to fix ejector seats on jets- in phoenix arizona, for the next 5 years. he got out when his time was up.

the other services GUARANTEE you your field of choice.

ARMY- the good news; afghanistan is winding down. so the deployments are slimming down as well. the only thing with the army is that you get trained in a very specific field. say you want to work in medical. well WHAT in medical do you want to do? if you want to be an ortho tech….you’ll be putting casts on for 5 years. auto mechanic- you’ll be in the motor pool fixing cars/trucks/tanks/helo’s/planes (based on what you want to fix). the good news is, as long as you do well on your PFT, and don’t become a discipline case; you WILL advance quickly. expect to make E7 (senior enlisted) in 10 years. that’s pretty damn good money. and the more rank you get, the less you work in your given field and work more in management.

USMC- basically the same as the army, you just get a prettier uniform and you have access to better pussy- especially if you get stationed in pendleton. FACT- marines get MAD PUSSY. plus you WILL be trained in the best enlisted combat available. army are soldiers, but marines are fucking warriors. in the marines, you are either division or group. division are the grunts….badasses (and they pride themselves on that), and group (POG’s) does all the other work in the USMC- mechanics, admin, computers, etc. there’s no medical jobs in the USMC though, which leads us to……..

NAVY- i chose navy since Paw-Paw was in it, and my uncle is a retired E7. realize with the navy you have the real possibility of SEA DUTY- going to a ship. many rates (navy jobs) are sea duty heavy and the sea/shore rotation is harsh. my ex was an ET (electronics tech) and her sea/shore rotation was 5/2 (5 years on a ship, 2 years shore). YEAH. DO NOT accept a rate until you have “seen the card” (a placard that explains the job). choosing a job is the last part of enlisting. DO NOT accept navy apprenticeship. you will be a slave until you get an “A” school. “A” school is just formal job training in either seaman, air, and fireman skills. look it up, i’m not going into detail. just don’t apprentice- they’ll sell it as “a way to see what you want to do.” tell them you want an A school. PERIOD. and if you’re wondering what i do in the navy- i’m a Corpsman. i was a 0000 (general duty) and now i’m an 8452 (advanced radiography tech). HM (corpsman) offers some VERY lucrative fields of work, and the best general medical training you could ask for. you get trained in the basics then learn on the job more advanced skills. and you are EXPECTED to excel….because that what HM’s do.

5 years will suck if you’re doing a job you have no interest in. and make sure you can get a job as a civilian in the field you choose. that’s the strongest point of the military- REAL.LIFE.JOB.TRAINING. companies LOVE hiring military folk. FACT. plus they’ll pay for college and give you 30 days of vacay time a year. now…..a word of advice.

DO.NOT.GET.MARRIED!!!!!!!! you’re there to get your shit together, not land a wife and possibly land in MGTOW hell. DO.NOT.GET.A.WOMAN.PREGNANT. you will not believe how many couples meet in boot camp/job training and get married after knowing each other for 2-3 months. YES. i’m serious. shit amazed me when i saw it unfold. and it STILL happens. i had a LOOOOOOOOOONG talk with my nephew when i learned he joined the army. and avoiding marriage was a HUGE talking point. look, you’re there to learn a skill and be employable as a civilian, fuck all you want, just avoid marriage. ok.

BOOTCAMP- aaaaaaah yes. 2 months of deconstruction. look boot camp is a mind fuck. they break you down to build you up. get yer ass in shape as best as you can before hand in the form of- push ups, sit ups, pull ups, and running. run 2 miles (army/navy) and 3 miles (USMC). in boot camp, the most important meal is breakfast. DO.NOT eat the eggs. eat cereal (preferably raisin bran) and drink coffee for the first 2-3 weeks. realize- you will NOT shit for the first 2 weeks. this is why i recommend the diet i do until you shit. once you shit, eat whatever.

DO.NOT be an individual during boot camp. every company has a “bug”; that guy that fucks it up for the entire company, the “gomer pyle” in full metal jacket. DON’T BE THAT GUY!!!!!!! don’t worry about being the best, just do your best. you quit, they fuck with you and you become a mark. you CAN do what they’re asking you, so never quit. keep your head in the game and just focus on what you need to do that day. that’s the best advice i can give. my nephew said after graduating boot camp he felt like he could do anything, and that his approach anxiety died. he didn’t give a fuck, he just went for it…..and pulled/s like a champ.

Aaron mentioned the retirement pension aspect. YEAH. realize it’s not going to be good for you like it is for me. i joined in 1994, i will get 1/2 of my base pay for a pension. it’s changed now, and i don’t know exactly how it works. ask your recruiter. and DO NOT trust a recruiter who pushes you. my recruiter was cool, he was informative and didn’t try to push me in any direction. keep your eye on your 6. lol.

SPEC-OPS- let’s be honest. some of you are wolves and want to kill and be general bad asses. i took the test to determine if i could go to BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition School- SEAL training) and NAILED IT. well, i know guys in the SPEC-OPS field. get along well with them. if you decide to go this path, COMMIT to it. it will be the hardest thing you ever do. it will push you PAST your limit. NEVER QUIT. push through it. remember- the only easy day was yesterday.

so- choose the right service, the right field, and bang out your first 5 years and determine if you want to stick with it. if you decide to do 20, figure out the quickest way to E9 (top enlisted rank) or a commission (becoming an officer). take advantage of exotic locales for duty stations (overseas duty OWNS), and see as much as you can. i’m my 19 years i’ve had a blast. seen some pretty morbid shit, but that’s the job i chose; so, no regrets.

also, realize, IF you get married while on active duty; the woman you marry has access to 1/2 your pension after a certain amount of time being married. i thought it was after 10 years, but i’m being told by some it’s 15. then the state you married in has a say in it. look, personally…..i’d NEVER get married while on active duty. NEVER. besides i have serious game, thusly i am never deprived of female attention.

and lastly….WOMEN. military women SUCK by and large. i’ll fuck a military woman, but i’d NEVER commit to one. a military 7 is a civilian hard 5/soft 6. and you will see white-knight’s and beta’s like a motherfuck. seriously. you will witness 4’s being white-knighted and pedalstalized like victoria’s secrets models. YES, you have some cool girls, but the ratio is probably 1:20. learn game, get laid (it’s easy in the military- just don’t get a chick preggers), and learn all you can. you’d be amazed at what you can accomplish by the time you’re 22-23. i joined at 20. and by 25 i was ready to take on the world. now- i’m 39, and about to get a pension along with memories that i could never get anywhere else- from all over the world.

if you choose to join up, PLEASE email me with any questions. i’ll do my best to answer any specific questions. hope this post helped some of you.

stay up.

i'm seksi and i know it. goofing off at xray school in san deezy

i’m seksi and i know it. goofing off at xray school in san deezy

the radiology crew in Spain.

the radiology crew in Spain.

shooting shit on my ship.

shooting shit on my ship.

OH. i have a question for you guys. SunShineMary made a t-shirt for the blog. well, i was thinking of have shirts made. IF you guys are willing to purchase one, let me know and i’ll have them made. the support from you guys means the world to me. if you’d be willing to buy a Dannyfrom504 shirt from me directly……please let me know. i appreciate it.

Why You Should Avoid 9-10’s

Roosh posted an interesting post on closing nines. i’d like to add something i touched on earlier in regards to 9-10’s. i’ve closed a few 9-10’s and have been friends with MANY. let me tell you something; they are either VERY cool, or VERY dull. and by dull i mean they are boring annoying, or uninteresting. and there’s a reason for the latter.

they don’t NEED to be interesting.

every dude i know that’s struck out on 9-10 that i was in the company of made a critical error from the jump- they fawned over the physical beauty. REALLY darren dummy; you think she has NO CLUE she’s pretty. way to be original. these guys are WAAAAAAAAAY too eager to agree with whatever girl is interested in. REALLY, you REALLY enjoy re-runs of friends?

let me give you a hint on how to tell you’re dealing with a COOL hot girl and dull-as fuck pump and dump 9-10-

when they state an opinion ask them WHY they have that opinion.

it’s that simple. if it takes her more than 2-3 seconds to answer, she’s dull as shit. hot YES, but you WILL get tired of her very quickly. i promise. this girl has been fawned over for most of her life. and i’ll share a secret with you. 90% of the 9-10’s i know have been cheated on. FACT. why- the only guys that land them tend to be guys with TONS of game and access to a LOT of pussy, or the guy get’s too insecure thinking SHE’LL cheat on him because she’ll find someone better.

like i said, i’ve close probably 3-4 during my 20-30’s. i’m still friends with 2 of them and ALL.OF.THEM have been cheated on. my best friend is a hard 9 Asian. she’s was cheated on. i had to nurse her through about 4-5 months of complete heartbreak. she was a mess. she’s posted here and has pointed out how great i do with talking to girls. see this. now… girl is a GREAT girl. very sweet, very demure, very feminine, and cannot resist a dominant man. she cringes around betas. and i HAVE seen her play dudes that were sucking up to her.

if your intention is to see her naked, follow my rule of referring to a 9-10 as “cute” when it comes to her looks. 9-10’s HATE being considered cute. it’s classic hamster- she friend zones you for calling her hot, and craves your validation when you don’t. if i see i’m not getting anything from her physically, i withdraw ALL of my attention. she no longer exists on planet Danny.

now, honestly, it’s GREAT to fuck a 9-10 (though some can be boring in bed unless they’re psycho) and gives you tons of confidence. but…..a lot of times they are simply boring and or high maintenance. i prefer a solid 7. she’s pretty enough to keep you interested, but much more laid back and easy going. 9-10’s a great for short time, not long term. plan accordingly.

so ok. you’ve decided, “DAMMIT DANNY. i wanna land a 9-10.” one of the things Roosh mentioned was the venue. if you live in a rural area, you’re going to have slim pickings. but the places i’ve “hunted” in the US that have given a modicum of success: bars on college campus’ and lawyer bars. might as well head to carousel rider ground zero- the college girl. the second is the local lawyer bar scene. i had a 7-8 month run off hitting up the bars on st. charles ave uptown in NO. the lawyers respond well to alpha guys and LOVE to give up control in “relationship” land. then you have the paralegals. my latina paralegal neighbor introduced me to the lawyer bar scene when i was stationed in NO. and yes, she was a +1. lol.

along tulane university there are a string of bars that the girls hit up on fri/sat night. i closed 2 in one night once. the french quarter might seem like a no-brainer; but most of the time it’s touristy and that means cock block hell. when i was stationed in europe and visited the UK and ireland, i was ALWAYS ant uni bars. never failed to closed. of course my “accent” helped.

bookstore, coffee house can usually yield a number, but woman’s defenses are usually set to “stun” if you approach. might as well head off the where the girls are in kesha mode. lol.

here’s another tip. most 9-10 are usually cool and get approached less than you think. if you use a line or something obvious, you lose. if you do get the occasional ice-queen- just walk away while she’s talking. trust me, she’s not used to that. lol. remember what i said about accepting her negative energy. happy hunting.

stay up.

edit- big up to 3MM for facing the feminist firing squad.

lol. i got permission, but i WILL take this pic down tomorrow. and YES, she’s engaged now.

ITLR- Easy Day Game from Day One

some utilize game to get laid. to me, thats pigeon holing the benefits you garner for knowing game. i’m going to share a VERY easy game tactic that i’ve used for YEARS. it RARELY fails to get tingles and smiles.

you’re at the supermarket, the cashier asks you if you found everything you were looking for. look her dead in the eye and dead pan the following- “this has been quite possibly the greatest shopping experience of my adult life. i could die tomorrow, and i will pass into the next world marveling over this experience.” NEVER had a girl not laugh. all you’ve done is stood out and made her bland an boring day slightly more interesting. NEVER underestimate the power of humor on women.

if she asks you how your doing you answer, “SUPER-FANTASTIC. AND THANK YOU FOR ASKING!!!!!” 99% of women have NEVER had a customer reply in said manner. this works on ANY women that greats you: cashiers, waitress’, etc.

if you’re at a restaurant and they ask if you prefer a section i always answer, “cute, single waitress section.” once the waitress come to check if i’m satisfied with my meal i reply, “this is quite possibly the greatest dining experience i’ve ever had my entire adult life.” if you’re sitting at the bar apply the same technique but tell her you’ve had some damn tasty drinks, but what she’s served had to have been made of unicorn tears brewed by elves in a secret location.” again, the key is to stand out. and you WILL stand out.

the beauty in this is you can start doing it NOW. and next time you go to the supermarket, bar or local eatery, the girls WILL remember you. trust me.

ITLR- Alpha Behavior for “Normal” Guys

the POF post is fucking boring, i get that. so let’s spice thins up.

i’m friends with a few dudes that play hockey. they both played college level and one was a goalie headed to minors. let me tell you something: hockey players get MAJOR ass. unlike football and basket basketball, these guys are tough bastards that actually FIGHT during the game. needless to say they get TONS of ass and they are the epitome of alpha. people that don’t know then assume they’re assholes, and to an extent, they are. the DO.NOT.TOLERATE bullshit from ANYONE- male or female. this is truly the essence of game: confidence, toughness, and calling people out on their bullshit. but i’ll let you in on a little secret.

they’re actually really nice. nice until, well, you cross them.

now Roissy posted a great post about a woman who posted on craigslist an article that asked for a guy who took charge and she ending blowing, only to ask him to “get in touch” with her. it’s a fascinating post.

well, i was talking to my hockey buddy in the ER and we ended up talking about girls. i realized that there is something the average guy can take away from hockey guys. i’ll break this down is simply as possible as to how to be an alpha as shit hockey guy without ever setting foot on the ice.

confidence, confidence, confidence. what makes these guys so confidant? well, first of all; they place themselves FIRST. that doesn’t mean they don’t care about other, but in a social gathering, they place themselves numero uno. they don’t give a fuck what you think about what you think of them. if you like them, cool. if you don’t, cool. but they WILL.NOT. act in a manner thet you might find favorable to gain their approval.

learn to fight. fighting is a MUST in hockey. and i’d like to point out that hockey is the only sport where the players are ALLOWED to fight. my buddy in the ER is 25 years old, 5’11, and weighs about 210. his job was to blast whoever was the opposing teams star player. he LOVED putting guys into the boards. he was one of the team goons. he didn’t take shots on net, he’d get the puck and pass it to set up the snipers. i ALWAYS suggest to guys that they take up krav maya. the confidence you get from knowing it is indescribable. and when a woman KNOWS you’ll swing….you don’t get just tingles, you get tsunami-esque wetness and natural female supplication. funny thing is, she NEVER wants to see you swing, but when she knows you will….

they give 2 shits about impressing women. we all know by now, make a woman think she can’t be part of your club- she’ll do anything to get in. they make their sexual intentions known and if the girl isn’t down, she gets no more attention. they understand IOI’s, they escalate early, and they don’t ASK for a woman to leave with them. they put their arm around her after making out and inform her that they are leaving.

my boy out here played goalie at a MAJOR university, and he told me there is a sorority whose member have to fuck every guy on the hockey team before they graduate. they’re called “puck sluts”. we hang out drink beer, watch the hockey and talk shit.

that’s another thing, we bust balls on each other NON-STOP. the second girls show up they wing for each other like champs. it’s the best display of alpha male behavior you could ever witness. as i’m sure you see, what they do is nothing you yourself can’t integrate into your life. it may not happen overnight, but it’s definitely a change worth making.

stay up.

Repost- What I Love about Women

……pretty much everything, but considering how the “asshole” post might have left a bitter taste in some mouth’s i figured i’d drop a happy pill in the kool-aid. it’s been no secret here that i’ve ALWAYS been crazy about the opposite sex. i thought about some of the things about you ladies that make my man-hamster (i wonder if that exists) go crazy. so, here’s my list of the things about you women that drive me crazy (in a good way. lol):

-wearing my saints/LSU stuff- MAJOR points here. girl +15 if she get’s “girly” saints gear. but her in undies and wearing one of my long sleeved saints t’s while reading her book. WINSAUCE!!!

-baby T and boy shorts- that’s it. i’m DONE. i see her in these and i’m literally reduced to a blubbering idiot with the annunciation skills of a stroke victim.

-“pleeeeeeease” followed by the “eyes”- AAAAAAAWWWWWW GAWDAMMIT!!!!!!! and you ladies KNOW the “eyes” i’m talking about. DIRTY POOL. VERY dirty pool. you deploy this and i’m filing it under: “i’ll bring this one up when i wanna ********* and she gives me shit about it.” lol.

-cooks for me-

never experienced this one before so it’s more a “wish list” addition.

-victoria’s secretions- i LOVE going to Vicky’s with the gf. “huh, oh…YEAH….of course we can go, why….why…..why are we still here? LET’S GO.” is typically my reply to being asked if i mind if we “stop in.” and i KNOW you ladies love bringing us in there as much as we love going there.

-BEWBIES- does this REALLY need an explanation. i’ve been asked if i were an ass or breast man and i have to say…..BOTH, are you kidding me. the last gf had GREAT breasts, but no ass….and guess what: i DIDN’T CARE. i’ve dated women with a GREAT ass but small breasts and you know what: her breast size DID NOT register. i think women by and large regard their breasts the way guys regard their penis size and can be VERY self-conscious if they have small breasts. if you fall into this camp, please listen to me carefully. DON’T!!!! your A/B cups are PERFECT. seriously. i adore the whole package, not just a couple of specific parts.

-when she mentions “cookies” in the company of others- you know what i’m talking about here. lol. when she does this we’ll have a little conversation about what type of cookies i/she want and she’ll let me know where the “cookies” will most likely be eaten. aaaaaaaaah. INTIMACY FTW.

-wake up sex move- ok. this needs some explanation. we’re all adults and well aware of a man’s “condition” in the morning. when i wake up she’s usually on her side of the bed not facing me. i’ll usually move toward her and…..well, you know. well women have this little “move” where they arch their ass upward to make it easier for me to… know. lol. I LOVE THAT ARCH!!!!!! it’s sooooooo damn sexy. and i’ve NEVER had a gf that didn’t do the “move” or mention it to a female friend that didn’t smirk when i bring it up. GOD BLESS you ladies. seriously. i can tell most of you ladies are smiling as you read this. lol.

sexy emails or texts- oooooooh. this is another one that is just mean. don’t get me wrong…i love it, but i have an INSANELY high libido. for a woman to do this is just…..torture. a sexy text can honestly derail my thought process for 10-15 minutes.

“touchies”- touchies are how a women lightly brushes her hand across any part of your body while doing any menial daily task (usually watching tv). her hand is BARELY touching you and she does it. this will honestly put me to sleep if done on my back or head. SERIOUSLY. if you’re a woman, DO THIS. lol.

long hair- i’ve posted about how most guys don’t pay enough attention to a woman’s hair. BIG MISTAKE. you work great magic by simply brushing/playing with her hair or massaging her scalp. trust me on this one.

overt girliness- slays me. EVERY TIME. i love feminine women, so ladies… girl. we like that. lol.
there are probably more, but this is what i was able to come up with after thinking about it while at work today. if any of you guys care to add to it, i’d LOVE to hear about it.

stay up.

here’s your lenten recipe-

ITLR- Fuck your Fucking Man Cave

let me just go on record and say it as plainly as i can-

man caves are for fucking pussies.

if you’re a man in his 30’s and you have a man cave, you have fallen for the biggest (and most brilliant) scam modern women have ever come up with- the man cave.

so let me get this straight, you and the misses buy a house, 90% of your shit get’s axed, and wifey gets basically whatever furniture, home design crap she wants. every time i visit one of my married neighbors houses, i feel like i need to schedule myself a pap. there is NO.WAY. a man picked out the shit i see in most families homes. it seems more like hubster “just let her get what she wants” so she shuts up. well, NOT I said Dan.

while it’s no secret that i’m not married and have ZERO experience in said matter, but i always felt skeeved when i see that dude had little to no say in the decor of the his house. now enter the grand diversion- the man cave. maybe i’m a primitive asshole, but i thought the cave WAS the man’s. archaic yes, but a man’s home is his castle, not his salon. granted, if your “man cave” feature a table for beer-pong, darts, and ping pong, and you’re over 30- then you definitely have a fucking problem.

the other truly pathetic man-cave variation is the single guy house with a designated “man-cave”. seriously, you own/rent your own place and you STILL need a man cave to feel in touch with your masculinity. i can at least understand a dude married with kids having one, but a single guy. it gives me douche chills just thinking about it.

i guess i’m a bit of a hypocrite because i guess i do have a man cave. as soon as you walk in the front door, you have stepped into my man-cave. and if you happen to be a woman, you only get to see my “bed-chamber” if you plan on getting nakie. seriously, i DO.NOT. let women go into my bedroom unless she’s a VERY good friend.

belay my last. this guy gets a pass.

belay my last. this guy gets a pass.

the entrance to my "man cave". ladies, leave your dignity, self respect, and panties at the door.

the entrance to my “man cave”. ladies, leave your dignity, self respect, and panties at the door.

the bed-chamber. aka- the impregnation room. this is where the disappointment happens.

the bed-chamber. aka- the impregnation room. this is where the disappointment happens.

the kitchen. THIS is where the magic happens.

the kitchen. THIS is where the magic happens.

for my Lenten feast tonight i made salmon crostini on garlic naan bread, goat cheese, and sliced avocado. then a quick spritz of lime juice. EPIC. served it with a nice salad and ginger dressing.

Chipotle Steak and Danny’s Bung Burner Mac and Cheese

it’s no secret that i like my food spicy. i’ve gotten tamer when it comes to “spicy” in recent years but i still like some “pica” when i eat. i’m here to share my recipes for a great steak and mac and cheese with a “kick”.

Chipotle Lime Steak
you will need:

1 flank/skirt steak
1 7oz can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce
1 cup cilantro (just tear it up, don’t chop it yet)
2-3 garlic cloves. pressed, not chopped. just give a quick whack with a tenderizing hammer or side of a knife
juice of 1 lime
2 TBS comino (cumin)

place above ingredients in a food processor and mix until a paste-like consistency is formed. set aside. season steak with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. grill to desired doneness (4 minutes per side for medium rare) and let sit for 10 minutes. cut across the grain in a slightly diagonal manner. plate steak and top with the chipotle sauce. add more lime if needed.

Danny’s Bung Burning Mac and Cheese
you will need:

1 8oz box of elbow macaroni
1/2 16oz block of velveeta “mexican” cheese. cut into cubes. can use slightly more if needed.
1/4 cup milk
1 habanero chopped finely (can substitute with jalepeno’s). PLEASE WEAR GLOVES WHEN HANDLING HAB’S.

cook pasta in salted water until al dente. drain and set aside.

heat milk until it barely boils, then turn heat to low. add 3-4 cubes at a time to the milk until all the cheese has melted. note- you MUST keep stirring the cheese or it will scorch. add the habenero’s (go with half of one, 1/3 of one whatever…..just realize it WILL have some ass to it). when done (add more cheese to make it creamier- experiment with it) pour over the macaroni and stir well. i added some canned jalepeno’s for a little tang to go with the heat. enjoy.

honestly, this is the simplest, best tasting mac and cheese i’ve ever had. i used to fuck with a béchamel and different cheeses and butter and egg and all that shit. but this recipe is TITS. of course, you can use regular velveeta if you don’t want to dance with the fire God’s. lol. what i especially love is that it reheats VERY well. most regular mac and cheese reheats and gets clumpy, but when you use velveeta- you reheat it at a low power level in the microwave and it comes out damn near perfect.

for your Lenten meal, i’ll link my recipe for BBQ shrimp

and in other news i bought a new scented candle yesterday. if you’ve been around these parts long enough, you know i dig my scented candles. what…, i don’t want you to rub your cock on my face. pardon…no, i don’t have a pap scheduled anytime soon. do i what?…, i don’t want to go “antiquing” this weekend. are you done? please get it out of your system…..i’ll wait.

as a heterosexual male, buying a scented candle is dicey. i prefer “outdoorsy” scents. currently i’m rocking a sand and driftwood woodwick candle. i really dig the ambiance of candle-light. it relaxes me. now, if you see me (or any other “man”) buying a sherbet chiffon candle….please question their hetero-street cred. lol. and by the way- as i’m writing this and my candle is burning, i’m watching the hockey. GO FLYERS!!!!!!!



Book Game

i don’t know or really care what the attraction is, but there was a time when i was ALWAYS reading. i went through my “heady” book days and the whole nine. well, for a while i used to highlight certain passages from books (don’t do it anymore). i was living in Spain and was cool with this 19 yo girl. she was a solid 8, into retro crap. now what you need to understand was Spain isn’t a huge base, after a year, you know damn near everyone… we had to keep things VERY down low.

well, me and girl used to ALWAYS talk books. we were talking about infedility and relationships and i mention Kundera’s “the unbearable lightness of being” and how a man can sleep with multiple women but still only love one.

she was hooked. so i let her borrow my copy. about a week later she saw me and gushed, “ZOMG, you highlight parts of your books?” i nodded and admitted to my “crime” (i read the book back in 2003) and couldn’t understand what she was tripping over. then she mentioned the passage about a man only sleeping (as in sleep- sleep) with a woman he truly loves, that a man cannot allow himself to be vulnerable with a woman as to sleep next to her unless he is in love with her.

for some reason that shit lit her up. we ended up getting coffee during her break (she was at work) and we discussed the book.

fast forward 2 months and she’s at my place, i’m making us lunch (cooking game) and i made my move. we were on the sofa looking at my collection of money from all over the world (pre-Euro) and i leaned in and kissed her. we ended up sleeping together, and thus began a VEEEEEERY secret affair that lasted until i left Spain. went on for about 5-6 months.

she was cool. she was very down to earth. i liked her. but i knew it was just a dream. i knew it’d never be anything more than Spain. but sometimes, that’s enough. a brief interlude of romanticism brings a man back to earth and out of his own head. i was in an odd place then, and she really pulled me back to reality, to a better place.

all this just from a book that i highlighted. i don’t practice this anymore btw. but i’ve had more than one woman borrow a book and comment on my making highlights of passages. i can only assume (since i don’t have a vagina) that women (who typically read a LOT) can’t resist a man who reads. my books are really “guy’ish” type books. poetry, philosophy, short stories, classics, and more “male” oriented fiction. i’d like to believe a man’s books give a woman an idea as to what type man she’s dealing with.

EVERY TIME i have a new woman come to the house, she will ALWAYS gravitate to my books and nose through them. never underestimate a woman’s tingles to your library (if you don’t have one….start one NOW, even if it’s only a few books…..if you want suggestions- see below for a few personal faves).

selection of short stories by thomas wolfe
meditations by marcus aurelius
the unbearable lightness of being by milan kundera
heart of darkness by joseph conrad
fight club by chuck palahniuk
love is a dog from hell by charles bukowski
the complete poems of frederick lorca/pablo neruda
siddartha by herman hesse
portable henry rollins
huck finn and tom sawyer by mark twain
wuthering heights by emily bronte (my FAVORITE classic novel)
thus spoke zarathustra friedrich nietzsche

that should get you started. and remember….ALWAYS have one book that is sexual in nature sitting in there. a woman who’s considering fucking you will ALWAYS grab said book and look through it- i use “how to give her absolute pleasure” by lou paget.

happy hunting, and stay up.

as an aside, i’m watching “my dog skip”, and i ALWAYS get close to tears at the end (just like old yeller), and girl i mentioned above watched it with me once and went absolutely ape-shit when she noticed i was choked up at the end. i’m sure Brody sitting at her feet MAY have had something to do with it. but i just don’t get why girls get so moist over guys that get mushy at “dog dying” movies. i could watch a woman get shot and die and think, “damn….that sucks.” but a dog dies….i’m a like a 5 year old girl with a skinned knee. lol.

library 1, in the foyer, the huge tome is a webster's dictionary from 1930. the rest are my "homesteading" books.

library 1, in the foyer, the huge tome is a webster’s dictionary from 1930. the rest are my “homesteading” books.

main library, living room.

main library, living room.

bedroom library. antique books are on the center shelf. countries traveled lower, various atop.

bedroom library. antique books are on the center shelf. countries traveled lower, various atop.


last night i discussed how to use a dog to your advantage when talking to a woman. this wasn’t learned from research *snicker….research a fucking post* rather via being a bonafide member of the super secret underground society of the “doggy community. and you know what, 60% of the time it works EVERY time *love anchorman*

first thing’s first. if she DOESN’T like dogs- RUN. she’s probably an alien spy chronicling human behavior before planning an invasion. that, or she’s just a soulless twat.

it has been my experience that you can tell a good amount of info by the type of dog a woman owns. whether i dated, was friends with, or just casual observation. dog parks are fucking money. i met a slamming hard 8 in san deezy that LOVED Brody. he actually used to pee on her- SWEAR to God. she found out her BF cheated on her and i asked her out. we went out a few time, but it fizzled out. i already had orders to spain. well, she had a rescue and a chihuahua.

let’s discuss WHY i asked her out. and it wasn’t just because i saw IOI’s. WHAT does a woman’s dog tell you about her personality. it’s actually VERY easy.

toy dog- chihuahua, yorkie, pekingese, pomeranian, etc. this is usually the choice of a GIRLY girl. possibly a trend follower girl as well. she def likes chick flicks and until she actually has a kid, she WILL treat the dog like it’s her child. the dog sates her desire to nurture and mommy something. she’s also more high maintenance.

rescue- she’s gone to an animal shelter and adopted an abandoned dog. usually a cool, girl next door type. probably a good call for a LTR. also usually a bit older; as in, over 24. very likely choice for a woman that’s got a heart, but frugal. nothing wrong with that.

breed specific- the choice of breed usually reflects on the person’s lifestyle. a few examples.

Labrador retriever- outdoorsy girl. possibly a runner. but this is a girl that’ll happily go camping with you. she LOVES being outside. yet, she’s a traditional, care-free girl. low maintenance.

bulldog- i’ve ALWAYS been amazed at how many women love bulldogs. it’s been my experience that bulldog loving women LOVE, i mean CRAVE alpha men. you CANNOT be wishy washy with this woman. she shit tests at any sign of weakness. she loves to sit back at the house and watch TV. she is perfectly content sitting at your side and just enjoying your company. she’s protective, but will not bother you when you want “you time”, she knows you’ll be back soon enough.

pit bull- i’ve been shocked at the number of women i’ve know that have pits. see above. oh, and she’s probably got a few tattoo’s and know what “suicide girl’s” is.

my go to guide for learning about dogs based on individual breed is not only does it have excellent explanations about dogs, but gives instructions on training, proper HUMAN behavior, and great explanations on the nature of canines. if you woman doesn’t own one of the breeds/types listed here, go to said site and git yer learn on.

hell, let’s even apply this to me. i linked Brody’s breed description and i can honestly say- i VERY much resemble a staffy. i’m loyal, protective, adore my family, play hard, work hard, i’m goofy (PLEASE someone argue with me on this one), i’m small, and intelligent (debatable, i know). i’m friends with a few of my readers, PLEASE….anyone of you, read the “temperament” section of a staffy and tell me that doesn’t describe me to a tea.

now get out there and have some fun.

it was a GREAT day today. see, my family is VERY close. when i was a child we used to go to my aunt charlottes for a family reunion type thing. the men drank beer and cooked. the women drank wine, cooked, and complained about the men. and us kids played in the pool. interestingly enough all of clan gutierrez married 100% red-blooded cajuns. and let me tell you something- cajuns are some hearty individuals. we love, work, and play harder than ANYONE you’ll ever meet.

well me and my mom-n-them (regional reference FTW) met up with my paw-paw’s sister carmen at her assisted living center to witness her being dubbed a maid in the 2013 royal court (it’s a mardi gras thing). then we ate and talked. now i haven’t seen these people in almost 20 years. as man of this the family, i have a specific role. i didn’t sit down (no room) and i’m the youngest in the group, so i had to stand. i was the “go-boy”. i didn’t eat until all my aunts and cousins (they’re older than me) ate. one of my one cousins (female) usually fills in this role, but she ain’t the youngest- so i did it. secondly- i’m security. i was constantly scanning the room for anything i thought could be trouble. funny thing is- i’m programmed to do it. lol. it’s IMPOSSIBLE for me to switch off.

all in all it was a great visit. then we headed to a VERY famous bakery to pick up some king cakes (again, a mardi gras thing) my bay sis made. now i’m at paw-paws watching foodtv and drinking beer with him. great day. tomorrow i’m off to take a “friend” *wink wink, nudge nudge* to the range to go shooting, then housing some vietnamese goodness.

I forgot to put this up- was watching wheel of fortune with paw-paw and the puzzle had 3 words. The last 3 letters of the first word ended with -ing. Zero letters visible on the second word. Last word ended in -r. I was writing this post and watching the show when paw-paw blurted out, “banging your sister.”

I almost spit my beer out laughing. Lol.

stay up.

aunt carmen, photo wrecker, mommy

aunt carmen, photo wrecker, mommy

paw-paw and aunt carmen. 2 mexicans that married cajuns. lol.

paw-paw and aunt carmen. 2 mexicans that married cajuns. lol.

little cousin amy housing some king cake.

little cousin amy housing some king cake.

when she's not tearing out finger nails or churning butter- she's a pastry chef at a famous bakery. baby sis.

when she’s not tearing out finger nails or churning butter- she’s a pastry chef at a famous bakery. baby sis.

authentic smoked cajun andouille and tasso from Jacobs. FUCK YEAH!!!!

authentic smoked cajun andouille and tasso from Jacobs. FUCK YEAH!!!!

BIG PIM....oh who am i kidding, minuscule pimp'n.

BIG PIM….oh who am i kidding, minuscule pimp’n.

Running a Soft Harem

Athol had an interesting post where he pontificates his options if he lost Jen. he mentioned a soft harem. THIS is something i am well qualified to speak of.

i ran a soft harem for about 2 years when i came back from Spain. five girls. 4 were single mom’s, and one had no children. and they ALL knew i had other women. but they were smart enough not to ask, and i was smart enough to never rub their noses in it. running a SH requires a bit of aloofness and a TON of charm. women are VERY competitive and jealous. most of the shit tests i get about “other women” come in the form of me leaving and her asking, “so…which one of your other girls are you going to see now?”

aw. how cute.

i usually go with one of two replies. the first being, “you know, i’m kinda worn out. you did a number on me. i think i need to recoup for a few days.”

the second being, “you know. i haven’t checked my schedule. i need to eat first and refuel.”

agree and amplify works well, as does negs, and teasing. the important thing is you DO NOT directly mention the girls. allude to them jokingly, but NEVER confirm. when in her company, she is the center of the universe. this is NOT about supplication, but about keeping her focused on you. not wondering about your side pieces.

it’s very difficult for some guys to run a SH. most guys get too many feelings and drift into “relationship” mode.


any women in the stable need to be kept at arms length emotionally. i care about them, i do. but the dynamic we share is tangential. i fully admit, if it weren’t for the fact that i live in Jax and the SH was in NO, the girls would press me for a relationship. this is simply in their nature. most girls, even single mom’s do NOT want to be a side piece booty-call. some will accept it as “good enough”. they are getting some male attention and affection… they “allow” the harem status (though i ‘d NEVER refer to having a SH). if you EVER mention having a SH to one of the girls in the stable…..yer fucked. she’ll feel objectified and used (most of the time, some don’t care), so always err on the side of being cautious and secretive.

running a SH is a GREAT thing for a man. he gets it all: sex, female company/affection, and pride that people can smell a mile away. which in turn, attracts other women. i KNOW i’m not getting married anytime soon, even still……i retired my stable a while ago.  i still talk with all of them, but the sex just doesn’t go down. and yes, they ALL knew i had multiple women.

if you can pull it off, i highly recommend a SH. how do you do it? quite simply.

  1. BE.HONEST. let her know up front that you ARE NOT looking for a relationship, but enjoy her company. if she declines on the sex, just keep working game. if that fails…..bail. she gets no more of your time.
  2. never directly mention having a SH. EVER. if she asks about you having other women just use the responses i posted above or agree and amplify with, “damn, i dunno, i probably fuck about 5000 other women.” and roll your eyes.
  3. when with her, make it all about her. DO NOT make it just about sex. you have to create the illusion of a relationship. have lunch, have coffee. if you aren’t just fucking her she can’t use it against you. so make sure you spend time with her outside the bedroom. just not, like…a LOT of time. lol.
  4. realize, at ANY point, she can end the entire dynamic. DO NOT guilt trip her or shame her for ending it. be polite and tell her you’re sorry it has to be that way, but you understand. if she finds a BF, congratulate her and wish her and the new endeavor well. trust me, if it hit’s the skids, she’ll be back. lol. TRUST ME.

i wouldn’t recommend a SH unless you have ninja like game. it’s very difficult for most guys to pull off. especially younger guys. but if you’re going to give it a try, i’ve laid out the ground work. best of luck and happy hunting

Chicken Caesar Salad from 504

look, nothing get’s a woman more turned on than a man with skills in the cooking department. here’s a simple, universal recipe that make woman melt with tingles. never underestimate food game. you don’t have to be fancy, as this easy and quick to make salad proves. it’s simple, and it’s HOME-MADE. i’ve NEVER had anyone try my caesar salad and not want the recipe. and it’s actually healthy for you. add it to your repertoire, and dazzle that cutie that’s sipping on a glass of wine while making dinner in jeans and a t-shirt. trust me, she’ll be removing it later. lol.

when i was 15 i bussed tables at Chateau Estates country club, a VERY upscale CC in kenner. my parents are still members. well, on wednesday it was “family day”, meaning there was a buffet. the signature dish was caesar salad. never had it before, and one waiter in particular made the dressing from scratch. even though i was just 15 at the time, i had already started building my culinary proficiency. the first time i tried the dressing i wanted to learn how to make it. Martin was the dude that did the dressing (yes, STILL remember his name), and he ran me through the process.

well, one wednesday- Martin called out. the maitre’d was in a panic. when i told him Martin had taught me the recipe i was instructed to whip up a batch. it was the same, precise taste. the waiters were told to bus their own tables and that i were to be making the salads that night.

i did ok. no complaints, and the night went off without a hitch. Martin was BEAMING at my talent, and to this day i recall the recipe. it is NOT for the faint of heart as it contains a SCARY ingredient. but it’s MONEY. let’s get to it.

you will need-

2 egg yolks, JUST the yolks

3-4 TBS dijon mustard (more or less to taste)

2-3 cloves minced fresh garlic

juice of half a lemon (again- more or less to taste)

pinch of sea salt

3-4 anchovy fillets mashed into a paste (or 1 TBS anchovy paste)

mix the above until well blended, then add 1 cup olive oil. mix well and pour over romaine lettuce. top with parmesan cheese (i don’t like croutons, but feel free to use ‘um if you like).

take one chicken breast (2 if you’re cooking for you and a chick) and season with….NOTHING. if you MUST, season with kosher salt and fresh cracked black pepper. the star here is the dressing, so need to change the flavor with extra ingredients. cook it up normal about 3-4 mnutes per side over med high heat. let it sit for 10 minutes before slicing to let the juices redistribute. slice into strips and place atop the salad that has already had the dressing added. enjoy, and watch her tingle as she destroys her salad.

the great thing is, the ingredients are GOOD for you. this is truly a healthy salad. NEVER had anyone complain about my CCS. so make that shit. play around with it and tweak it to your taste. that’s the great thing about cooking, it’s not quantum physics….it’s MEANT to be tinkered with.

stay up.

this is the finished dressing from said recipe. oh, the anchovies can be a little "secret ingredient".

this is the finished dressing from said recipe. oh, the anchovies can be a little “secret ingredient”.

DONESKI. now dig in.

DONESKI. now dig in.

The Grudge Fuck and the Sweetest Revenge

i was in italy, in between gf’s and i was still learning about how bad the SMP is in the military.

i had an apartment in Motta’ Sant Anastacia, just outside Catania(Sicily). my next door neighbor was a pretty popular guy and he aways had parties which included girls from the base. i was ALWAYS walking right in the house and mingling. i met a girl that came by my place 2-3 times. BUT……she’d never fool around and LJBF’ed me. i quit letting her come over after the third time she pulled that shit.

fast forward just over a year. i was stationed and new orleans and she ended up getting orders there as well. since i knew her, i was appointed as her sponsor. that means i pick her up from the airport and help her check in. got an email from her and she was seemingly happy i was her sponsor. now, i knew this girl. she was a party girl. red hair, HUGE tits, 4’11, solid 7.

i finally found her at the airport and predictably, she wanted to go straight the the Quarter after she dropped off her luggage at my place. you see, it was too late for me to bring her to the base to check into the barracks so she HAD to stay at my place that night. so….we went to bourbon, and she wanted a Hurricane. so i took her to Pat’O’s and she got one. when i told her only tourists drink hurricanes and that locals down Hand Grenades she wanted one. we went to tropical isle and i got her one. then she wanted another. i told her that that wasn’t a good idea. she bought one anyway.

as we walked bourbon it was clear she was feeling it. now, this girl could throw down. she held up, but i ended up having to take her off the streets. we went back to my apartment and as we approached my door i asked her how fucked up she was. she answered, “drunk enough to fuck.”

well well well.

now, this girl had a BF. she talked to him an hour before we went into the city. now i knew she messed around in italy so i was SUPER serious about wrapping up. well, she kept trying to take off my condom. look, i was on a mission here. i was banging this girl HARD. pure jungle fucking. choking, hard doggy, bending her legs back hard, hair pulling; all the moves. after about an hour of fucking i was annoyed, and decided to shower. she joined me about 5 minutes into it and next thing you know, i have her bent over, facing the back of the shower and we’re going at it.

it’s VERY rare i go raw, but considering i did, i knew i was gonna finish soon. then it hit me. as i felt myself about to pop, i pushed into her HARD, and finished. i slowed my pace and eventually she gave me the fish eye and said, “OH FUCK NO!!!!!!! YOU DIDN’T!!” i apologized and told her i couldn’t help it, but secretly i was giggling inside. when she asked me how i could brick inside her i told her , “Sorry, but tell your BF i said thanks.”

asshole. YES, i admit it. but i HAD to get back for the bullshit she put me through. and i did. i ended up banging her again on sunday and after i got her to the clinic, i ignored her. she got fat, and she ended up an SMP cliche. but hey, at least i got it in her prime.

My Humble Beginnings and My First Soft Harem

Decided to kick off 2013 with a post for the younger readers. I’ve decided to try and post more for the younger readers that are coming up. Which means stories of my successes and failures from the past. I guess I’ll be explaining how I got where I am.

Let’s do dis’ Lucas.

I arrived in Charleston October of 1996. I was 20. I accidently slept with an Officer I picked up at the Tree House, a house club back then. Total accident as in we didn’t realize we were Military. Funny story.  Long story short- the next morning I noticed her uniform in her closet. I asked her if she were Military and she told me she was an Ensign. Once she realized I was an E-1, she started to freak. I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Thanks Ma’am.” She looked HORRIFIED. Her name was Rachel and she was a 23 year old Nurse. We kept it secret of course, but every time we passed each other I’d greet her with a smile and a, “Hello Ma’am.” She return the greeting and blush slightly. My LPO caught on eventually and asked, “You cutting into the nurse corps Danny?” I simply replied not a chance in hell and walked away. lol.

Back to the point of this post. I was at the same club when I saw this BANGING Indian chick. I watched and waited and finally ascertained she was there alone. I approached and said, “Well, you look like you’re having fun.” And smiled. She smiled back and said she just wanted to get out of her room for a while. We talked for about ten minutes and I got her number. I told her I’d be in touch and I went back to my friends. I called a few days later and we talked a few times before I ended up going to her dorm and we fooled around. I found out she was a virgin. Eventually I called her and I told her I wanted to see “Interview with a Vampire.”  She –


She agreed and we saw the movie. And then she asked to see my place. Now, by this time we’d fooled around enough when she asked to go back to my room. We’d never gone to room before, and I lived in the barracks. She knew I was Navy and she didn’t care that I was a POS HR (E-1). Well her parents owned a hotel in Myrtle Beach and I suggested we go to Myrtle Beach and she told me, “Um, look Danny listen, this is fine and all but this is all this will ever be. I can never introduce you to my family.”


“I never mentioned meeting your parents, I just wanna visit MB. “ The red flags flew up like a mother fucker. This was obviously something that had been on her mind for a minute. I didn’t know anything about shit tests and everything back then, I was just a young, dumb and full of cum 20 year old Sailor. But I KNEW something wasn’t right. I don’t know why, but I just let it go. Look girl was a hard 9 with a slamming body.

Well, one night we were out getting wings and I made a comment about a waitress and she got annoyed. Now, my game was pretty raw back then, but I was schooled by some SERIOUS players that were my best friends in Charleston. I looked at her, and reaffirmed that “this is all this is ever going to be.” When she nodded that it was, then I informed her that that meant I could fuck other women if I wanted. Her face went blank, “You’ve been fucking other women?” I knew I had her. I told her “maybe, hell why shouldn’t I, you’ve made it to where I’m basically a booty call, so why shouldn’t I offer my services to other women.” Then I told her I wasn’t fucking other women, but said, if it came along, I should. That didn’t go over too well with either.

“I will NOT be the only one with rules in this little dynamic. From here on out, I’m instilling my own stipulations. The first being, is if I meet someone who might be relationship minded, I’ll pursue it.” She said that if I did, just let her know and we’d end things. I kept my frame and told her, that if she gets to keep me a secret from her family, I get to keep her a secret from “other girls”.

Needless to say the drive home was pretty silent, but I FELT.GREAT. I KNEW I had done something serious. As soon as I dropped her off, I went to my boys apartment where 2 of the 3 players lived and told then what went down. Ray (the oldest of all 4 of us) told me I held my ground and asserted myself, then told me to hang back a bit and wait for her to call. I told him that would probably take forever. He laughed and said, “yeah, 2-3 days TOPS. Trust me, she’s gonna stew over this one. Remember, you took her virginity.” I told him about the stipulation she made by coming out of the blue her family. Ray told me, what I had done was taken away her power. She was holding all the cards, she had it all: she was getting dick, commitment, and then when she was done with me, she was just going to me go. I was right to shake things up, but since I took her virginity she just couldn’t “forget me” and she actually did have feelings for me. I was assured she’s call.

2 days later she called.

She told me she didn’t like the idea that I would sleep with other women. I told her I didn’t like that fact that I was being used. She asked me how I was being used and I explained what Ray had broken down to me. She went silent for a moment and started crying. She told me she never thought about that way before and she never meant to hurt me. I told her I wasn’t upset, but I wanted her to see things from my perspective. She explained that her family was very traditional, and she could never marry a non-Indian man. I completely understood that. Basically, I started my first soft harem. I saw her less, but I started banging one of the waitresses at the steak house I was working at. Then I started banging the sister of one of the waitresses. I had my first soft harem.

I still saw the Indian chick, but I started seeing her less. She was actually busy with school. Eventually, she told me she met someone and she wanted to start dating him. And that what she was doing to me was unfair. I never quite got it, but I told whatever she thought was best for her. I needed Ray’s sage-like wisdom. Ray told me-

“She met a dude that was going to toe the line about her parents and not care that she’d dump him when she was done with him. Basically she found a simp, she’s probably fucked him already. So she’s ripping the band-aid off now. Trust me, she’s NEVER going to forget you. Besides aren’t you tapping those 2 Latina chicks?”

It all made sense.

I kept up with the 2 Latina’s until I transferred to Italy. Lina knew about Kenyis, but Kenyis was clueless. She was the typical “hot headed” Latina- Panamanian. Lina was more laid back- Puerto Rican. Aside from the 2 Latina’s I was usually tapping one of the girls in the barracks. EVERYONE in the barracks knew about Kenyis and Lina because we were fucking in my room. Guys would stand by my door to listen to them scream “PAPI, MAS DURO, MAS DURO, DA ME SU UESO PAPI!!!!! SI PAPI SI!!!!” I know this because they told me. once, after Kenyis pissed me off, I told the guys I’d give them a treat. I cracked the curtain at the foot of my bed to give the guys JUUUUST enough room and told them STFU. I had Kenyis ride me reverse cowgirl, and I pulled her hair back and let the guys watch her fuck me. I was the BEQ hero. Now the interesting this was that ALL THE GIRLS knew about this so I usually had first pick at a new girl when one arrived at the BEQ. You know how girls are. One was a good friend and she told me they would say, “Oh, yeah, that’s Danny. He’s the local slut. He fucks these 2 Spanish girls.” On weekends everyone would drink and go from room to room. Eventually I’d meet the new girl, and they usually asked, “So I hear you’re the local slut.” I used to use a line from “Don Juan DeMarco” that went, “No no no no. I NEVER use women, I just GIVE them pleasure. And it is of course the greatest pleasure they’ll ever know.” Cheesy, but it worked. 2-3 drinks later I had her knees to the sky and clawing my back.

I hope you guys got the message from this post.

First, FRAME IS EVERYTHING. I took control with Indian chick and asserted myself.

Lastly, my time in Charleston proves Game and red-pill philosophy DOES work. The sexual double standard exists. Sorry, but it’s true. When a woman know a 5’4” mediocre douche is banging 2 hard 8 and 9 Latinas…..they HAVE to know what’s so special about him. Young women, well at least MOST young women, cannot resist a cad. But this phenomenon typically runs true only with younger women.

Running a soft harem requires decent time management, and yes, can entail lying. Like I said, I was 21 at the time. But you can’t beat variety, especially in your 20’s.

Stay up.

Repost: What I love about Women

……pretty much everything. lol. it’s been no secret here that i’ve ALWAYS been crazy about the opposite sex. i thought about some of the things about you ladies that make my man-hamster (i wonder if that exists) go crazy. so, here’s my list of the things about you women that drive me crazy (in a good way. lol):

  • wearing my saints/LSU stuff- MAJOR points here. girl +15 if she get’s “girly” saints gear. but her in undies and wearing one of my long sleeved saints t’s while reading her book. WINSAUCE!!!
  • baby T and boy shorts-  that’s it. i’m DONE. i see her in these and i’m literally reduced to a blubbering idiot with the annunciation skills of a stroke victim.
  • “pleeeeeeease” followed by the “eyes”-  AAAAAAAWWWWWW GAWDAMMIT!!!!!!! and you ladies KNOW the “eyes” i’m talking about. DIRTY POOL. VERY dirty pool. you deploy this and i’m filing it under: “i’ll bring this one up when i wanna ******** and she gives me shit about it.” lol.
  • cooks for me-   never experienced this one before so it’s more a “wish list” addition.
  • victoria’s secretions-  i LOVE going to Vicky’s with the gf. “huh, oh…YEAH….of course we can go, why….why…..why are we still here? LET’S GO.” is typically my reply to being asked if i mind if we “stop in.” and i KNOW you ladies love bringing us in there as much as we love going there.
  • BEWBIES- does this REALLY need an explanation? i’ve been asked if i were an ass or breast man and i have to say…..BOTH, are you kidding me. the last gf had GREAT breasts, but no ass….and guess what: i DIDN’T CARE. i’ve dated women with a GREAT ass but small breasts and you know what: her breast size DID NOT register. i think women by and large regard their breasts the way guys regard their penis size and can be VERY self-conscious of they’re having small breasts. if you fall into this camp, please listen to me carefully. DON’T!!!! your A/B cups are PERFECT. seriously. i adore the whole package, not just a couple of specific parts.
  • when she mentions “cookies” in the company of others- you know what i’m talking about here. lol. when she does this we’ll have a little conversation about what type of cookies i/she want and she’ll let me know where the “cookies” will most likely be eaten. aaaaaaaaah. INTIMACY FTW.
  • wake up sex move- ok. this needs some explanation. we’re all adults and well aware of a man’s “condition” in the morning. when i wake up she’s usually on her side of the bed not facing me. i’ll usually move toward her and…..well, you know. well women have this little “move” where they arch their ass upward to make it easier for me to… know. lol. I LOVE THAT ARCH!!!!!! it’s sooooooo damn sexy. and i’ve NEVER had a gf that didn’t do the “move” or mention it to a female friend that didn’t smirk when i bring it up. GOD BLESS you ladies. seriously. i can tell most of you ladies are smiling as you read this. lol.
  • sexy emails or texts- oooooooh. this is another one that is just mean. don’t get me wrong…i love it, but i have an INSANELY high libido. for a woman to do this is just…..torture. a sexy text can honestly derail my thought process for 10-15 minutes.
  • “touchies”- touchies are how a women lightly brushes her hand across any part of your body while doing any menial daily task (usually watching tv). her hand is BARELY touching you and she does it. this will honestly put me to sleep if done on my back or head. SERIOUSLY. if you’re a woman, DO THIS. lol.
  • long hair- i’ve posted about how most guys don’t pay enough attention to a woman’s hair. BIG MISTAKE. you work great magic by simply brushing/playing with her hair or massaging her scalp. trust me on this one.
  • overt girliness- slays me. EVERYTIME. i love feminine women, so ladies… girl. we like that. lol. i was sitting at my mom’s with the gf and my step-father walked in from the back yard (he’s VERY much a handy man) and was carrying some duct tape and a hammer. the gf saw him walk in sat up straight smiled and said, “duct tape and a hammer, i’ll be be good i promise” and started batting her eyes. i couldn’t help but to laugh at her. she was VERY submissive. i will also point out that she works in one of the “power” careers where she has to order people around. i’ve ALWAYS said lawyers, professors, bartenders, stripper, etc are the EASIEST to run game on. these women order dudes around ALL DAY, so in most of the personal lives, they DO NOT WANT TO BE IN CHARGE.

thank you ladies for embracing your feminimity.


look. i KNOW my wimminz. i KNOW them.

sent a text to a “friend” back in NO to let her know i’ll be home feb and am looking forward to meeting up. then told her to kiss her daughter for me (single mom game tactic, her daughter LOVES me).

i got a response-


oh boy, i KNEW something was amiss. i simply repeated my text in a more genteel manner. about 2 hours later, she called me. she NEVER calls me. hmmmmmmmmmmm.

come to find out, baby daddy saw the text and HE sent the “?” text hoping i would get nasty. i am a NINJA when it comes to my dirt. during our talk, i told her; first and foremost, my concern was NOT bringing excess drama to her life. i like this girl, known her since high school….even dated her briefly. we NEVER talk outside of vagary.

“Danny, if you get a text from me about ‘your throbbing cock’, that’s not me.”

i laughed. i know this girl too well. i told her, “baby, if i ever got a text like that from you i’d think you were either drunk or the ex hijacked your phone. she laughed and  told me she just wanted to make sure i understood. then i brought up the obvious.

“baby, he ain’t gonna do SHIT to me. he’s a pussy and i’ll eat his food. what i DON’T WANT is him giving you a hard time. so i’ll back off. just be aware, i’ll be home in feb, and i wanna see you. we’ll have “lunch”. she giggled and said she was looking forward to it. she actually told me her daughter responds better to me than to her dad. :/?

and just to make it clear: dad is about 6″ and has about 90 lbs on me. but trust me, which is ok. but what i don’t want is to bring drama to her life. which is why she and i are so secretive.

ITLR- What’s In a Name?

Last night while at work it occurred to me that over the years I’ve had an interesting habit that I think would be benficial to share with you guys. Every woman I see on a frequent basis, be it work, the local, back in NO, etc. get a nick-name.

Now I know this sounds silly and innocuous, but I’m here to tell you this can have a VERY powerul effect on a bond with a woman. Let’s take the girls I work with: ALL of them have a nick name. And since they all know I blog I don’t think they’ll mind me sharing. Working in Radiography, we get assigned markers with our initials on them. The markers are used to determine the left or righr side of the anatomy. One of the girls I work with has the initials BNY. I call her bunny. Now, EVERYONE calls her bunny. And I don’t just refer to her as bunny, I have a little jingle that I say when I see her (in a hushed voice)

Buuuuuunnee. Bunny bon bo bonator….

She giggles everytime. You’ve already heard about So-So, there’s Judy booty, and C-ro. When I was on the ship in japan there was Cher-bear, DD (she made that on up), mahal (tagalog for sweetheart..girl’s philipino), barbie, and NeNe. The gf was named Nacy, but she was called schmoops, trick-nugget, ho-cake, and various plays on schmoops: schmoop-sicle, schmoopaloopalopagus, you get the picture.

Giving a woman a nickname plays into the flirty and playful banter with men that women eat up. The name must be feminine, playful, and most importly…unique to her. What most guys don’t get is that the nick name creaates a subtle yet powerful bond in which you stand out from all other men in her life. Don’t go pervy unless you haveit with a girl like that. Hell, there’s one girl I work with that I refer to as “cuntessa”, and she LOVES it. One of my female friends is named “cunty-mcgee”, even her bf doesn’t talk to her like that. My ER girls have nick names: Ra-Ree, grenas, and Jay-Jay.

The interesting thing about the girls I work with now, is that EVERYONE at work refers to these women by the nickname I gave them. That’s some pretty serious validation, you have to admit. But mostly…

It’s fun.

So your homework this weekend guys is to come up with some nicknames for the women you work with. Keep it light, keep it playful, and keep it NON-SEXUAL. Lol. You have to be a Jedi Master to pull off the sexual crap. Don’t go there….you’re probably not ready for that. But I can tell you, I get away with some of the perviest comments and behavior with the girls I know IRL: married, single, the one’s with bf’s….ALL of them. Most of the guys would NEVER try the shit I pull off. One girl was at the front desk with me, she got up and when she come back, I acted like I was sniffing her chair and dry heaving. Lol. She let out a loud, “DANNY!!!!!” and slapped me on the back. There’s only TWO girls I work with that I leave alone: one’s my boss, the other hates everyone in general. Lol. And she’ll admit to that.

Since this is an ITLR post, I know the nosy as fuck women-folk are reading and giggling. I have no doubt they’ll be chiming in on this. What I find even funnier is that in this bizarro world community, most of my female readers and blog-ho’s….gave me their REAL names. Lol. They’re the few women I DON’T refer to by a nick name.


Stay Up

Oh, on a side note- I’ll be meeting up with a girl I recently met for a drink when I get off work. And YES, she knows about the blog and told me she WILL be check to see if I spill any deets. So sorry, this will be some secret squirrrel  shit. I’m only mentioning it because ei know she checks the blog sometimes and she’ll read this and I can give her shit. I’ll get to your comments from today when I get….if I get home. Lol.

And keep THIS in mind….

ITLR- Running a Soft Harem

Athol had an interesting post where he pontificates his options if he lost Jen. he mentioned a soft harem. THIS is something i am well qualified to speak of.

i ran a soft harem for about 2 years when i came back from Spain. five girls. 4 were single mom’s, and one had no children. and they ALL knew i had other women. but they were smart enough not to ask, and i was smart enough to never rub their noses in it. running a SH requires a bit of aloofness and a TON of charm. women are VERY competitive and jealous. most of the shit tests i get about “other women” come in the form of me leaving and her asking, “so…which one of your other girls are you going to see now?”

aw. how cute.

i usually go with one of two replies. the first being, “you know, i’m kinda worn out. you did a number on me. i think i need to recoup for a few days.”

the second being, “you know. i haven’t checked my schedule. i need to eat first and refuel.”

agree and amplify works well, as does negs, and teasing. the important thing is you DO NOT directly mention the girls. allude to them jokingly, but NEVER confirm. when in her company, she is the center of the universe. this is NOT about supplication, but about keeping her focused on you. not wondering about your side pieces.

it’s very difficult for some guys to run a SH. most guys get too many feelings and drift into “relationship” mode.


any women in the stable need to be kept at arms length emotionally. i care about them, i do. but the dynamic we share is tangential. i fully admit, if it weren’t for the fact that i live in Jax and the SH was in NO, the girls would press me for a relationship. this is simply in their nature. most girls, even single mom’s do NOT want to be a side piece booty-call. some will accept it as “good enough”. they are getting some male attention and affection… they “allow” the harem status (though i ‘d NEVER refer to having a SH). if you EVER mention having a SH to one of the girls in the stable…..yer fucked. she’ll feel objectified and used (most of the time, some don’t care), so always err on the side of being cautious and secretive.

running a SH is a GREAT thing for a man. he gets it all: sex, female company/affection, and pride that people can smell a mile away. which in turn, attracts other women. i KNOW i’m not getting married anytime soon, even still……i retired my stable a while ago.  i still talk with all of them, but the sex just doesn’t go down. and yes, they ALL knew i had multiple women.

if you can pull it off, i highly recommend a SH. how do you do it? quite simply.

  1. BE.HONEST. let her know up front that you ARE NOT looking for a relationship, but enjoy her company. if she declines on the sex, just keep working game. if that fails…..bail. she gets no more of your time.
  2. never directly mention having a SH. EVER. if she asks about you having other women just use the responses i posted above or agree and amplify with, “damn, i dunno, i probably fuck about 5000 other women.” and roll your eyes.
  3. when with her, make it all about her. DO NOT make it just about sex. you have to create the illusion of a relationship. have lunch, have coffee. if you aren’t just fucking her she can’t use it against you. so make sure you spend time with her outside the bedroom. just not, like…a LOT of time. lol.
  4. realize, at ANY point, she can end the entire dynamic. DO NOT guilt trip her or shame her for ending it. be polite and tell her you’re sorry it has to be that way, but you understand. if she finds a BF, congratulate her and wish her and the new endeavor well. trust me, if it hit’s the skids, she’ll be back. lol. TRUST ME.

i wouldn’t recommend a SH unless you have ninja like game. it’s very difficult for most guys to pull off. especially younger guys. but if you’re going to give it a try, i’ve laid out the ground work. best of luck and happy hunting.

stay up.

i shall bed you all before the night is through.

House of Shock, YISH!!!!!!

it’s late september and you know what that means. HOUSE OF SHOCK!!!!!! i cannot wait to get home and walk the halls of one of the best local run haunts. what… don’t know about the HOS……

i volunteer at the HOS, i have friends that work there. hell, i know all three of the main actors in the first video. the first vid is of the stage show you see before being ushered into the HOS. well, if i’m lucky, one of my friends will be allowing me to act as his character  this year. we’ll see. this is how my city does Halloween. and yes, the HOS DOES play heavily on satanic theme’s. Bronan should enjoy this. most of the actors are in metal bands.

but it’s all a show. i can’t/won’t give away of the secrets of the actors (much like the male blogger’s of the sphere). i’m sworn to secrecy.

the eternal pain tribe is a group that performs acts in which the actors have hooks placed in them and they suspend or pull against the hooks. funny thing is……they’re actually the sweetest people you’ll ever meet. lol. and YES, i know a few of them as well.

i think i should include some guys that work there. NO black metal, you’ve been warned. but they’re local guys….so, respect.



me, mike and guido from Pain Tribe. they’re actually very nice guys.

Eiwhaz. if i’m lucky, i’ll be in this costume.

Repost: Baby Making Music

i have a nice little playlist i shall share for your bedroom fun. i don’t usually employ music for the purpose of making a seductive environment, but i DO love music. never been into role-playing (in the bedroom…..not skyrim-esque). but when the mood fancies, i do have a few albums that i tend to put into the “baby making mix”. they are.

1. Massive Attack- Mezzanine. by far one of the most alluring and seductive albums ever made. it DOES NOT get the recognition it justly deserves. Teardrop and Angel are standouts, but the whole album is BOMB. and Angel just DRIPS with seduction and lust.

2- RadioHead- Amnesiac. this album has a vibe that is just sexy as all hell. it’s a hard sell for me for second place and tied closely with number 3. Amnesiac is ethereal, mysterious and other-worldly. i’m not kidding, when pyramid song plays, all i can think of is watching a woman ride me. it’s a slow build to a deeper pace and amazing crescendo.

3- Interpol-Turn on the Bright Lights. by far one of my favorite albums ever made. this my “my heart is in 1,000,000 pieces and Beth is responsible for it” licking my wounds album. i’ve always loved bands that had complex bass lines (PETER HOOK FTW) and Carlos D KILLS IT for Interpol. add t0 it lines like, /it’s in the way that she walks/ her heaven is never enough/ she puts the weights into my little heart/ and she gets in my room and she takes it apart/ oh, she puts the weight into my little heart/.  obstacle 1 is by far one of my favorite songs ever.

4- My Bloody Valentine- Loveless. CLASSIC SHOEGAZER album. this is the foundation i give for anyone getting into shoegazer. EPIC wall of guitar and ethereal hard to decipher lyrics. imagine an Angel whispering in you ear and all you can hear is beauty, not words, and a background sound that moves you to pure bliss. that’s shoegazer. it derived the name from the band staring at the ground as they played. Kevin Sheilds is a fucking evil genius. shoegazer is best appreciated via headphones.

5- Gregory Isaacs- ANYTHING!!!! lol. seriously. GI is the KING of getting ladies in the mood. use with caution, if you break out GI, you BETTER be ready to perform. this is pure jungle fuck beast mode music. most people will fall back on Barry White; NO…GI FTW!! how do i know i’m right, my gay male friends always defer to Gregory. lol. most of the rhythm is in perfect sync for gunning a woman down. in #1, he even asks her what she brings to the table to land him. FUCK yeah Greg. GI’s is my secret weapon bedroom music.

6. Galaxie 500- Blue Thunder. this was the album playing while you were helping a friend clean up ater the party and there was a girl or 2 milling about that you end up ditching the cleaning to make out with. it’s mellow a bit down-trodden but sexy like a rainy weekend afternoon (if you don’t find rain sexy…..die in a fire). the fact that they cover Ceremony by Joy Division seals the deal for me on these guys. and they were HUGE Joy Division fans.

7- The Daysleepers- Drowned in a Sea of Sound. these guys i classify as “NewGazer”. follows the musical format of shoegazer (which died out around the mid-90’s.). but these guys are tits. the sound is clean and reminds me a bit of the cure. and we all know the Cure is DEAD sexy.

8. Fleeting Joys- Despondent Transponder. again, a “NewGazer” band. along the same lines as Daysleepers, but these guys come across as a bit darker in some of their songs. which i why i like to have to these 2 bands in the line up. i tend to be more morose than most.

9. Neko Case- Blacklisted. i FUCKING LOVE Neko Case. saw her live last year in NO. she has such a powerful voice and she writes her own stuff. her music is SOOO seductive and sexy that i can’t sell it, you just have to listen. she’s been described as “a mixture of patsy cline and david lynch”, to me…..that’s a GOOD thing. the woman who is able to see how the song “blacklisted” is applicable to me will be my future ex-wife. srsly.

10.this is where you reader’s get to leave suggestions. what’s your go-to baby making music? [edit-scrap that i forgot about this one.] Arab Strap- The Read Thread. these 2 scotsmen have made 5-6 albums all about the same topic: booze, sex, heartbreak, and loss. this is another Beth Album. i heard them on TUL, asked the DJ about them and she said the album is brilliant. checked it out on amazon and went to the virgin and purchased it (remember buying CD’s :/ )? everything is done in house. the duo write all the music and lyrics. the second is about him and his GF ending it. two standouts are…..

the funny thing is, if i have music playing in the background during…well, you know. i BARELY realize it. but for some reason, most women really associate the song with the sex. i’ve had women tell me they couldn’t listen to certain CD anymore because it reminded them of sleeping with me. should i be flattered or ashamed? lol.

Repost: Text Fun

the young lady here is an early 20’s UCLA student . i ran some text/IM fun with her on FB for the purpose of proving the PUA guys rules for texting are BS. read and learn. and YES, the woman involved DOES know i posted this.

Privateman and I were talking and I mention my posting in the open and how I’ll tell women I blog, and talk with them about game. He wondered if it would mess up a man’s chances. I told it hasn’t screwed up MY chances.

I present to you: exhibit A.


This is a text string with a VERY lovely lady who happens to blog. She’s a facebook pal so I can tell you this girl is VERY attractive.

me: get yer cute ass out of the house and go have some fun.

Sent at 12:32 AM on Friday

Her:  haha I’m making myself finish an application first

me:  what are you going to wear out tonight. i want details corazon.

Sent at 12:33 AM on Friday

her:  Nothing too exciting is happening tonight, so it’s not fancy

Just a flowy orangish spaghetti strap with a bandage skirt

me:  i thought thursday night is the obligatory “ladies night”

her:  For some reason not too many parties are going on

And I still can’t go to bars, so that’s ruled out :/

Sent at 12:35 AM on Friday

me:  what’s a “bandage skirt”? kinda proud i don’t know what that mean.

yup. DEFINATELY proud.

i thought you were 21.

Her:  Nope, I still have a month

Haha and a bandage skirt is one of those tight spandex skirts that’s just a

straight line

me:  my boy parts just moved.

her:  Haha they tend to have that effect

me:  i double checked. yeah. we have movement. lol.

damn you ladies and your weaponry.

her:  Sometimes you just have to pull out all of the stops :]

me:  which is why i shove a roll of socks in the front of my jeans.

Sent at 12:40 AM on Friday

her:  Haha nice, the equivalent to the push up bra

me:  lol. pretty much. i really get angry when i remove a bra and think,


Leslie:  Understandable

I’m not a fan of padded bras for that very reason

me:  how tall are you?

her:  5’3″

me:  may i ask your measurements?

her:  34C

me:  WOW. very nice. you must be proud. oops, more movement. lol.

Sent at 12:44 AM on Friday

her:  Lol must be rough to have all of this happen involuntarily

me:  you have NO idea. and i’m in my late 30′s when i was 17-27/28. i might

as well have had my dick on my forehead.

the male libido (especially mine) is a raging tempest of lust.

her:  Oh, I believe that :]

Sent at 12:47 AM on Friday

me:  the ex (who had a similar libido) couldn’t keep up.

Sent at 12:49 AM on Friday

me:  lost my virginity at 14. that was it….i was on a mission. and girls

back home are goers. first time i went to san diego 1994, i cleaned up. i

fell in love every 10 minutes. lol.

her:  Haha it’s rough for sd girls, there are too many pretty ones and guys

like you just can’t choose

Sent at 12:51 AM on Friday

me:  oh no….i had NO PROBLEM choosing. lol. you could throw a dead cat in

the air at SDSU and it would land within 10 feet of at least 7 9′s.

Sent at 12:53 AM on Friday

her:  Haha every guy’s dream

How long were you in sd?

me:  want to know a secret.

her:  Definitely

me:  i know it’s not like that in california, but eventually. wanting to

fuck every cute face you pass…..

goes away.

Sent at 12:55 AM on Friday

me:  i’ve done damn near everything in the SMP i’ve ever wanted to do. my

next post is how to get a woman to ejaculate.

Sent at 12:56 AM on Friday

her:  NICE, that’ll definitely be a useful one

I look forward to reading it

Sent at 12:58 AM on Friday

me:  it’s not that difficult if you can get the woman to relax and get over

the fact that she’s going to feel like she’s gonna pee. took the ex in japan

4 times to finally squirt.

her:  Wow, very impressive

me:  but the orgasm you’ll get from it… will change your world.

her:  I can imagine…unfortunately that’s all I can do at this point

me:  nancy kicked me and i fell off the bed when she finally had one.

Leslie:  Hahaha nice

me:  you can ONLY squirt.

or you can only have clitoral orgasms?

her:  The latter

me:  that’s true for 90% of all women. you’d have to have a couple before

you could make yourself have one.

Sent at 1:03 AM on Friday

her:  Sad that I don’t even know what I’m missing out on

Sent at 1:06 AM on Friday

me:  whenever a girl tells me “i can only cum via oral” i roll my eyes.

hell a co-worker had me teach her bf how to do it. it’s not really hard.

Sent at 1:07 AM on Friday

her:  More people need to pass this information on to guys

Sent at 1:10 AM on Friday

me:  and this is why i blog. i just want to help guys do better with


i was talking with privateman about this. i don’t get NEAR the traffic he

gets . but athol kay commented on my blog. That’s a HUGE compliment.

Sent at 1:11 AM on Friday

her:  I’d say your blog is pretty popular

It always seems to get a good number of comments

And they’re not just from the same users

me:  nah, i don’t get as many comments as most other blogs. but i prefer to

stay under the radar. i average about 200 +/- 50 views a day.

but i noticed i get more traffic when i talk about my run ins with women.

but thank you saying angel.

her:  Of course

And I think anecdotes make things interesting

Sent at 1:15 AM on Friday

me:  well, i post examples since i don’t articulate or theorize well. i do

best with telling stories. i teach a lot of medical courses, and i think the

examples are easier for average guys to relate to.

Sent at 1:17 AM on Friday

her:  Ya, that’s a good way to explain

Learning from experience, in a way

Sent at 1:21 AM on Friday

me:  i was considering quitting the blog. but a few of the more popular

bloggers told me to keep at it.

privateman told me i’m a lot more well known than i realize. orly? :/

her:  I’m sure you’re underestimating your notoriety

me:  enough about me. let’s talk about the lovely ******. lol.

i don’t know why, but 34c just popped into my head.

Sent at 1:24 AM on Friday

her:  Hahaha

What would you like to know?

me:  what type of men do you tend to gravitate to?

what do you like to do when not studying?

her:  I’ll answer the second first, since it has a more straightforward


I like to do a lot of outdoor activities, like play tennis, run (kind of)

And I really enjoy reading new books, and writing

And I love to cook

me:  i like to cook, and kiss girls. lol.

her:  Haha kissing is a great hobby

me:  lol. you should post more. it can be liberating.

her:  Ya, I always feel really good after I publish a blog

But I feel like it will be hard to increase my frequency of posts since

school’s started

me:  well, according to my blog, people are going to your blog from my


now you owe me a kiss. lol.

her:  Haha do I?

me:  lol.

maybe i’ll end up cooking for you if you do.

her:  Or maybe I will if you end up cooking for me


me:  if i cooked for you, i think i might end up with more than a kiss. my

cooking is THAT good.

but never underestimate my propensity to completely screw things up. lol.

her:  Lol I admire your confidence

Sent at 1:37 AM on Friday

me:  well thank you love. as long as you’re smiling as you’re reading and

typing…….danny is happy.

Leslie:  Well you can take my word that I am smiling

me:  ******** +3

uh-oh. more movement. lol.

her:  Lol common theme for the night

me:  oh you know you love it. lol.

her:  Haha it is pretty entertaining

-then I told her I purposely went against some “text game” rules just to see

what happens.

me: would you mind if i post about our texting? reason i ask is that i’ve

broken a lot rules associated with “text game”.

i’d delete your name of course.

her:  Of course not

me:  good.

her:  I’d be extra interested to read your take on this.

me:  in summation: you’re an attractive woman, all i did was light

flirting, added some light sexual innuendo, and then would change back to a

more personal chat.

and i responded very quickly. most “game guys” tell you to wait in between

posts. NONSENSE. i escalated when i felt like it. and i posted multiple

comments back to back (thats not supposed to be bueno).

i favored on the side of being bold rather than just being a nice guy to

you. i was polite, and respectful. but i also let you know i see you as a

sexual creature.

what do you think?

her:  Sounds pretty accurate to me

-And NOW for the money shot.

me: so i ask, did i manage to build any attraction on your end?

her:  Yeah, I can honestly say you did build some attraction

me:  well thank you. you (and yer amazing 34c’s….my favorite size)

flatter me. *kisses your hand*

her:  It’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten a kiss on the hand, so the

flattery is mutual

I really should go though

My friends are waiting for me to start getting ready

me:  have fun angel. talk to you later.

i’ll post our chat later.

her:  I look forward to it

after reading the post, her response was that it was very surreal reading out conversation on the blog. i’ll call her and ask her to reply to this so you can get her outlook.

Into the Black

the integrity of this site is paramount to me. i try to keep it raw and honest. well…..strap yourselves in kids. this isn’t gonna be a rainbow and puppy post. i wasn’t going to post this, but then realized maybe it would be cathartic in a way, and hiding behind it won’t fix it. i’m not one to cower behind anything. i’m not embarrassed of this, nor ashamed, it is what it is.

i had a melt down at work today.

the details are irrelevant. but i left my boss’s office in a complete rage, sense of disillusionment and frustration. i went into CT and the civilian tech could tell i was in a state (she knows me well). i don’t recall exactly how or why, and inside my head i said, “just hack it out today, then you can go home, have a few beers and take a handful of your blood pressure medications.”

and it made sense. i REALLY found peace in that though.


i KNEW this was a serious red-flag and i grabbed my shit and headed to mental health. i talked with the Psych Tech, told him i was there for suicidal ideation (SI) and he basically put me on one-to-one watch. which means he had to stay at my side. now, i want to be clear…

i’d NEVER hurt myself. but i was in such an eroded state that the thought popped into my head and i’ve been doing this long enough to know i needed to seek help. i was brought to the ER, which was AWKWARD since i know the ENTIRE ER staff. lol. my doctor made a joke about me having SI because CT went down again. i swear to God, i laughed. i noticed the longer i was away from my department, the calmer i got. i KNEW the problem. i asked the psych tech what i was facing and he told me-

“HM1, you’ll either be told to go home, or you’re going to be committed. i honestly think it’d be the best thing for you to unplug. the facilities are civilian and VERY cushy.” the first thing i thought was how i might NEED to be committed, but i didn’t want to because i didn’t want my co-workers to take up my slack. it was then that i made the decision that i was going to do what i needed to do to get sent home, then report for duty the next day.

i was then sent back to mental health to speak with a psychiatrist. nice lady. we talked for about 45 minutes, and i can tell you the only reason i’m not in a padded cell cushy inpatient facility is because i KNOW the system and i made a signed contract to NOT hurt myself. that’s the pussy way to deal with problems. i’d NEVER off myself, but i did realize i was in a bad place. so i dealt with it. 

had a talk with DogSquat. i’m glad he’s a friend. he get’s this shit. we’ve both commented how there’s shit we just can’t talk about with civilians because you guys can’t relate. he knows the black that i know. i understand him, he get’s me. he’s been going through some shit and i talked to him about it, it was nice to have him there to listen to my bullshit.

i really have no point to this post other than to prove i don’t hide behind secrets. my life is an open book. today is going to have to repercussions and i’m ready to deal with that. i’ve been told by my division officer what my expectations are, and you know what….i want out of my department. i feel like a liability and not an asset to my work center. i have no faith in my leadership, and have lost confidence in my ability to perform my duties to the expectations of my department.

i’m going to request to be removed from radiology. the department is a detriment to my health and well-being, and ultimately, that’s what most important. i’ll keep you posted.

stay up.

my PTSD song. this one is on  my “run” playlist

let’s take this in another direction. ALWAYS loved this song.