Approach Anxiety Issues

we’ve all been there. women just don’t get how difficult it is to approach. it took me a long time to get over the fear. any guy that tells you he’s never had an issue with approaching is either lying or was a unicorn in a past life. last week i posted how i closed a slamming single mom and became a booty call for over a year. so let’s break down my MO.

1. eye contact. then make eye contact again and stick out your tongue like you’re in grade school, then smile. girl’s eat that shit up.

2. when you do that usually she’ll laugh. if she doesn’t- BAIL. punch out maverick. but if she laughs, point to your eye, point to your heart, then point to her. if she’s down she’ll repeat it and add a “2″ by holding up 2 fingers. you respond with pointing at your eye, pointing at your heart, pointing to her, then holding your arms out as wide as you can. indicating “i love you THIS much”. she’ll laugh.

3. get up, walk over and ask her name. remember, NEVER give your name until she asks it. very key. then ask her if she makes a habit of falling in love with random guys at: name whatever location you’re at. sit and look for IOI’s and escalate as soon as you can.

i’ve done this shit SOOOOO many times that its stupid. i’ve rarely had it go awry. and the great thing is it’s VERY easy to gauge if she’s not interested. i mean let’s face it- it’s playful, it’s flirty, it’s validation. it’s everything that girl’s go crazy for in the SMP. will it get you laid- not necessarily, but it will give you experience and thusly more future success and more general confidence talking to women. and trust me, woman can sense when you’re nervous. some find it cute, other’s find it off-putting. however confidence is a tingle generator.

as a matter of fact, i’d recommend doing this to girls you DON’T want to bang. just practice and practice until it becomes second nature.

there’s a reason i like to equate hunting to the SMP. you could be a FANTASTIC hunter, head out into the woods, but come home empty handed. your success is NEVER guaranteed, DESPITE your expertise. but embrace the hunt, because when you make a kill it’s absolutely exhilarating.

so get your ass out there, use what i’ve shared with you, and hunt. and i bet the girls reading this would agree 100% with my technique. cuz let’s be honest; if a guy like me with the muscle tone of christopher reeve’s thighs can pull it off, anyone can.

stay up.

6 Comments on “Approach Anxiety Issues”

  1. theshido says:

    “if a guy like me with the muscle tone of christopher reeve’s thighs can pull it off, anyone can.”

    Speaking of which, why don't you lift weights?

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