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The 3 Pillars

i was recently reading this and it’s a great book for guys. it’s almost like Art of War and is somewhat slept on. both are books that are not “sit down and read leisurely” type books. but since the red-pill is now firmly planted in my head, i started to think how said books applied to game and the SMP.

the SMP is composed to 2 “opponents”. Men and Women. both have different strategies and goals. we are all well aware that: men want sex, women want commitment. i’m not a woman, so this is mostly for guys to utilize your “assets” to your advantage and “plan for victory”. note- this is mostly applicable to guys seeking a relationship. let’s begin.

this being the first step. she’s caught your eye, you’ve gotten her number, you may have talked and shared flirty texts. she has made the first hurdle into your world. HOWEVER, she’s just made the first step. ANY flakage means withdrawal of your time. also, the younger the woman, the more likely the flake factor and the more pressing you need to be about holding her accountable. flake once, consider yourself warned. flake twice and your number is deleted. the closer a woman is to the wall the less likely she is to flake, remember….she’s trying to land a LTR, one flake and she’s done.

besides, a woman that is REALLY into you will likely not flake. once she’s won your time she moves on to-

if you are spending time with her, eventually you will spending some coin. i’m not saying to break yourself, but as a southern man i don not mind paying for “dates”. dates are NOT defined but how much you spend. some of the best dates require little to no money.

realize- though she may have access to your resources, she’s still NOT in the clear. she can still kill her chance at commitment. but by this point she may have proven herself via my “rule of 3’s” she will possible move to the third pillar-

the prize. this is what a good woman seeks. she can only attain it after i have screened her as being loyal and worthy. note- in all my years on this ball of dirt only 5 woman have landed my commitment. as a man you MUST consider your time. resources, and commitment the way a woman guards her access to sex with her. when you finally begin to incorporate this into your life, you notice a change in your interactions with women.

if you budge and make a, “well, she’s special, i’ll gloss this one over”- yer screwed. frame is a must. i’ve walked away from some VERY attractive women that stumbled on the first 2 pillars. so, keep her off the pedestal, and make her traverse the pillars.

stay up.


So, you got her back to your place. NOW WHAT!!??

and NO….NOT play Skyrim. Although LDS would end up offering her pizza rolls, funyons  and a mountain dew.


so….she’s been cool enough for 2…3…..hell maybe even 4 dates. well, eventually (if it all goes well) she’s going to WANT to come to your place and get a better feel for you (hubba hubba). this could make or break your chances with her. personally i WANT to get  her to my place, though not for the nefarious reasons some of you might be thinking. if she steps into my house…..she’s TOAST, and i’ll seal the deal. i don’t mean i’m going to get laid (well….ok, i PROBABLY will) but i mean she’ll enjoy coming to my place to spend time with me so much that she will typically decide after the encounter that she WILL invest more into me. 2 things are key here. 1- food and 2- entertainment.
the food part is easy, just click my “food porn” tag and pick a recipe. my go-to would be the BBQ pulled pork sandwiches with chipotle coleslaw. WHY? well first it can be messy…so it’s fun to eat and BBQ is comfort food. secondly it’s a GREAT excuse to watch a woman lick her fingers in front of you…..AND you get some kino in by wiping the sauce from the corners of her mouth. and you HAVE to eat this with your hands. DO NOT let her use a fork and knife (i have some rather hoighty relatives who’ll do this). i will also point out 2 things when cooking for a woman that you MUST adhere to, 1- MAKE THE DISH BEFORE YOU COOK FOR HER. seems simple but i know guys that have cooked for a date NEVER having made the dish before. MAJOR no-no. if i’m cooking for a woman for the first time you can rest assured i’ve made this meal at LEAST 3 times to make sure i’ve got it down. 2- SHE MUST SEE YOU COOKING THE FOOD. this is sooooo key. now, for the BBQ pulled pork, it can take 2 hours for the meat to be done. so….have her come over 30-45 minutes BEFORE serving. when she walks in she’ll smell the cooking and she will INSTANTLY be turned on. she knows that delicious aroma is GOR HER, and she cannot help but tingle. the coleslaw takes 15 minutes to make so don’t sweat that. IF you are dead set against cooking, it can very easily be movie date and just burn her some popcorn and get her a glass of wine. game, set, match.
but i’m assuming you’re reading to find out how i’d run this. so….get yer ass in the kitchen and cook for her. as my mother told a you 15 year-old Danny who wanted to take his at-the-time crush out to eat at a fancy country club to impress the young lass. mommy had a different idea. “do you really like this girl Danny?” “of course!!!!”, i replied. she said. “well son, how about you find out her favorite dish, invite her here and i’ll teach you hot to cook her favorite dish and she eat here with you.” i looked at her wide-eyes and confused…”that’s not how it works, i need to take her out-out” i thought to myself. mom followed with, “son…any jerk with a credit card can buy a girl dinner, but if you COOK for her, she’ll NEVER forget you.”
now. when she gets to the house show her around. this is where the fun starts. IF it’s the third or fourth date, she’s probably already decided she going to sleep with you, this is ESPECIALLY true if she’s coming over to your house. she might not be thinking of sleeping with you THAT DAY, but….she probably hasn’t ruled it out either. here’s the trick. DO NOT LET HER SEE YOUR BEDROOM!!!!!!. this is a playful game i do with women. i’ll have the door ajar, and i’ll show her around the house but NOT the bedroom. she of course will WANT to see the bedroom. you casually tell her, “oh, sorry, i have a rule. and i can’t let you in my bedroom.” and smile. and lead her back towards the kitchen or living room.
enter her Hamster. she’ll want to know this rule and WHY she can’t see the bedroom. DO NOT give in right away. but after she insists tell her, “i have a rule. and i just don’t allow women in my room who are wearing clothes.” now….i did see this on Roissy’s site also. but i’d been running this back in 2002 on UNO girls i had classes with. once she knows the rule, she’ll typically tell you that’s stupid and you should let her see it. i usually tell her, “maybe…if yer a good girl, perhaps someday you’ll get to see it.” the game is now on. DO NOT dwell on the bedroom. move her attention to the food.  a simple, “c’mon, i need to get back to cooking.” and lead her to the kitchen.
now……since you are cooking, you can either provide her with a movie from your selection, but i usually tell them to bring a movie for us to watch. this is also a HUGE clue as to her personality and how she views you. does she bring a comedy (she’s a cool girl), does she bring a romantic movie (she’s probably DTF and is setting the mood), does she bring an action flick (propose….seriously), does she bring a twilight flick (kick her out. j/k. maybe) . be rest assured she probably put a decent amount of thought about bringing the “right” type of movie so take note what she brings. bring her into the kitchen and let her take a gander at the what’s to come. then ask her what she’d like to drink. i NEVER suggest an alcoholic beverage unless SHE ASKS for one. i typically offer water. if she refuses the water, i’ll recommend sweet tea (i always have a pitcher  for a woman coming over…..southern thing) OR wine (and i’ll mention wine as in “these are your only 2 other choices b/c this is honestly all i have left to offer”). i’m sure you catch my drift. only pour her as much as she asks for. i’ll usually pour her LESS than she wants and tell her, “i don’t wanting you getting TOO BOLD and thinking you should make a move on me. i’m not that kind of boy.”  suggest she put the movie in and keep an eye on her. if you’re in the kitchen and she’s in the living room she MIGHT make a run to check out your bedroom. IF SHE DOES….walk up to her. pull her close and say, “rules are rules.” kiss her and remove her shirt. if she DOES NOT allow you to take it off. no biggie. take her hand and bring her back to the living room. if she’s cool, she won’t try and go into your room (but she’ll be thinking about it… me) and she’ll stick to watching her movie with you. IF she mentions you showing her the room (shit test), don’t even look at her. just smile and say, “you really want to get naked, don’t you. BAD girl.” hopefully by this time the BBQ pork should be ready. make her her serving and have her start eating (+5 if she waits to begin eating until you join her…..she obviously learned manners), and then make yours. sit next to her (you need to be close you 2 can playfully clean each other faces as you eat) and get to enjoying the food. enjoy her company and when finished (this is where YOU SHIT TEST HER) take your plates and start doing the dishes. i ALWAYS say, “sorry, i have a thing where i need to do dishes right away. if i don’t they NEVER get done.” if she help you clean the dished WITHOUT your asking… more than likely have a keeper. if she offers it’s your call…but i’ll usually shrug my shoulders and say, “it’s up to you, you ARE a guest.” again…if she HELPS OUT… points. if she doesn’t help you after she mentions it (she’ll lose some, but not too many  points with me) if she FLAT OUT says or does nothing to help you clean DUMP HER. by dump i mean…she’s probably a very self-centered woman, and probably very selfish. go ahead and sleep with her, but offer NO COMMITMENT.
regardless of how dishes situation pans out (see what i did there?) from here out, just finish the movie and continue with playful flirty banter. don’t bring up the bedroom unless she does. and if making out ensues…well……i’m sure you can handle it from there. i ALWAYS start out with touching her face, neck, hair (key spot) and shoulders. but i choose to “mirror” what she indicates to me she wants. if she touches my chest, i touch hers. she touches my leg, i reciprocate. MOST WOMEN will do this and they are giving you a non-verbal clue as to what she wants. sure, you can be bold and cop a feel, but i choose stealth and observation over over-playing my hand with a woman who MAY NOT be ready for sex.
if you cop a feel and she stops you. fine. if you try again and she stops you QUIT MAKING OUT ALL TOGETHER. you HAVE to stop, she may be uncomfortable. tell her, “ok, maybe this is getting out of hand and i may be getting carried away. my bad.” she MAY be trying to frame you by denying the sex card so you CANNOT play into the frame. so take ALL SEXUAL ENDEAVORS off the table. find something else to do. she may indicate needing to leave, and if she does….let her. be cool. tell her you enjoyed her company. she’ll probably recommend doing something at a later time, you take it from there. kiss her good-bye and thank her for stopping by.
if things lead to the bedroom, well. if you need my advice there……lol.  happy hunting.
stay up.

Lessons learned from working with a beautiful woman.

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i was grabbing a coke zero for my shift when the kid in line in front of the counter noticed me, stands up (he was leaning on his elbows), and says, “well, i guess 45 minutes of your time is more than enough from me to waste.” he exits the store, i’m shaking my head. the girl behind the counter is a cute black girl. we know each other but aren’t friends. she smiled at me, and said hello as  i put my coke on the counter. i state, “and the fact that you had to POINT OUT that you were wasting her time speaks volumes about your manhood little-shaver.” she giggles and nods. i asked her how long he had been there, and she told me 10 about minutes. “did he ever ask for your phone number or if you were single?” she shook her no. “were you attracted to him?” again she said no.

this reminds me of So-so.

when i first got out here, i was immediately put into training for a secondary modality. 3 months later i was placed on a 7:30pm-7:30am night shift. i like working nights, seriously. well, my coworker was the very lovely So-so (my nickname for her).  so is Cambodian, amazingly beautiful, and sports an epic rack. EPIC. did i mention she’s asian? EVERYONE knows who So-so is, and she’s fawned over by 98% of the men she comes in contact with. i worked side by side with her for over a year (actually, i was her supervisor). now some things you need to know about her before i proceed.

she’s VERY traditional in her Asian-ness. i learned A LOT about that in my tenure with her.  she will not walk in front of me (b/c i’m older), if we’re eating together she won’t start eating until i eat (same reason). it took me a while to get used to it. after some time, these rules loosened up a bit. now, she’s like my sister. i love her to death, honestly. she’s VERY independent and guarded about herself….more so of her family. she DOES NOT talk about her family with ANYONE outside her family. well, her family considers me an extended member….and i’m very honored by that. i actually got to meet her younger sister (also a hottie). there’s little i don’t know about her personal life. she doesn’t share everything, but she’s open about many things with me. is she’s upset, she RARELY shows it. she’s very demure, quiet, very intelligent, has a BLACK sense of humor (another reason i lubs her), and she’s very driven. and like i said, she’s fucking beautiful. face-8, body-9, perssonality-9.5.

on a routine night no less than 5 guys would approach her and chat her up. and i mean chat her up for 10-15-20 minutes. in most cases, they just prattle on and on hardly giving her a chance to talk. she’d sit up straight, smile, and give brief answers to the questions they’d field her way. eventually, they’d move on. this happened ALL THE TIME. not ONCE did a guy ask her for her number. she’d usually casually let slip her having a dude………but the guys would proceed undeterred *sigh*. smh.  and they  ALWAYS kept the conversation focus squarely on her. not ever once looking my way. never…..NOT ONCE did ANY man ever build attraction in her……until finally ONE man got it right. So-so finally had a man talk to her that managed to build attraction . JUST one.

on one occasion, i had to pull rank on a kid that worked in the ICU who used to come to my dept, ask her to go into the hallway, and he’d talk to her for 15-20 minutes. once i noticed she was getting bothered by it….i stepped in and devil-dogged him in private.

based on what i described, who in the class can tell me WHY 99% of the guys failed to turn So-so’s head? badger, Pm, Yo, Ds…..i want no answer from you at first. besides, i’m sure you already know. i’d be interested in hear the ladies perspective on this as well.


she didn’t give me her number…and i kinda like it.

Posted: August 5, 2011 | Author:  | Filed under: girl distractions | Modify: Edit this |15 Comments »2 nights ago i was at the local (i work late hours and stop in for a beer after work) and a very attractive brunette came in and sat next to me. i don’t like the single number rating system, i prefer the way they rate ladies on the movie “Beautiful Girls”. it’s a 1-10 number for: face, body, personality (more on this later). i’ve lived in my area for well over a year and in my experience, you NEVER see girls out alone or without a group of guys there. so when she sat next to me, i didn’t really think much of it, i figured the bf would show up in a second.

“are they still serving?” she asked. i smiled and told her that last call is at 1:30am. she thanked me and i went back to watching ESPN.  for the life of me i can’t remember what happened next, but she initiated a conversation with me. we talked for about 30-45 minutes. i’d like to tell you i was some smooth talking sonuvbitch, but i wasn’t. i was just my normal old self. i made her laugh, and teased her about being a packers fan. we talked about football, new orleans, food, and our mutual dislike of the city we live in. i finally worked in an indirect mention of a boyfriend and she winced. yes, she does have a bf. i won’t go into any personal stuff about her since we talked about the manosphere. and she knows i blog. we talked manosphere because she has experience with “beta” behavior. when i mentioned not caving in to a woman’s every need and waiting on her hand and foot she gave me a wide eyed ”YEEEEEES!!!! EXACTLY”. when i told her about the manosphere she excitedly mentioned going home to google it. am i worried she’ll find my blog? nope. i hope she does. she’d be another Bb, stephanie, or Lily as far as i’m concerned. interestingly enough, i told her about the “experiment” i did on lyssia, where she had to list all the qualities she needed in a man. when i told her i only had 6 qualities out of the 14 she listed, she laughed and said, “that’s too funny.” i don’t recall her exact reply, but she thought the experiment proved a good point.

i mentioned that she probably should spend some time being single for a while and she nodded that that might be a good idea. i ended up asking for her number anyway (why the hell not). and she said, “that’s probably not a good idea, but now that i know that you’re always here…..i know just where to find you.” as a matter of fact, she said this more than once. to be honest, i’m glad she didn’t give me her number. it show’s me she loyal enough to not stray in a relationship. i respect that.  but,  i’m pretty sure i’d have gotten the number if she were a single lass.

i realize some of you might be thinking i could have gotten her number, but that’s some PUA shit. i wasn’t looking to ONS her. i’m shooting for a LTR. so when she said no, i didn’t push her for it. but i did tease her that i couldn’t let her in on the restaurant’s “secret” if i didn’t get her number, and she laughed.

what i noticed from the talk we had: i KNOW she was attracted to me, by the time we were about 15-20 minutes into the conversation, she was completely facing me, and leaning in slightly. she didn’t play with her hair (pony tail), but when i touched her the 2-3 times i did she acted like nothing happened.  she touched her face a few times, she kept her chin low and kept her head slightly sideways exposing her neck, she smiled and laughed frequently (i have 2 black belts at making people laugh) and it was apparent she was VERY comfortable with me. she is 27, dark brown hair, big-(and very pretty) dark brown eyes, 5’6″, looked about 115 lbs, face-7.5, body-8, personality 9.5, no kids (WoOOT!!!!). like i said, she was a really cool girl. also…i made ZERO mention of her looks, and the conversation was 50-50.

who know’s, maybe we’ll bump into each other again.

what do you guys think?


Fun at Publix

Posted: August 19, 2011 | Author:  | Filed under: alphagirl distractions | Modify: Edit this |7 Comments »i went to publix to get some stuff i needed to cook this weekend. i had picked up one bottle of wine (merlot, for marinating some lamb shanks for tomorrow….more on that later), garlic, a thick cut rib-eye, and powdered sage….i was heading to buy some beer when i looked up and BAM!!!! cute brunette, face-7/body-8/personality-?. she was literally 2 steps in front of me about to pass, she saw me looking, i smiled and said, “well hel-LOH”, and watched as she walked past me. she looked back and grinned. i got my beer and went to the checkout line and unloaded my crap. i was waiting to check out when i heard a voice behind me say, “steak night tonight?” it was the cute brunette. i surprisingly said no, that tonight was grilled lamb shank night, then realized that that was tomorrow night. i had jumbled my thought process because she surprised me. i shook my head and said, “no, yeah, tonight is steak.” and i laughed. her name is melissa.

“grilled lamb shanks, that sounds REALLY good. how do you cook them?”, she asked. i explained the marinating in wine and herbs over night them cooking them over indirect heat for about 1 and 1/2 hours and serving it with a pomegranate glaze (i’m not using the glaze….i was BS’ing to impress her). she mentioned that that sounded, “really good.” i laughed a little, “no darling ‘really good’ is the wrong way to describe my cooking” and that “big plate of awesome was getting warmer.” she laughed and asked me if that was what the wine was for. i told her it was, then she asked if i use a specific type of wine. “well, i like a merlot because it has a fuller body, and pairs well with the gaminess of the lamb.

this was pure and utter BULLSHIT, i just grabbed a cheap bottle of yellowtail.

then i noticed it, the big “X” sharpied on her hand. she was 18-20. NOT a LTR canidate. she had gone to “ladies night” last night.

it was time for me for pay, so i paid and she mentioned having to give my cooking a try  some time. i got digits, of course i did. i’ll keep you posted. [the actual date with her follows]


Date night

Posted: August 22, 2011 | Author:  | Filed under: girl distractions | Modify: Edit this |16 Comments »7:54, she texts me. i had been awake for about 10 minutes.

“starbukz iz clozed”

i’m immediately annoyed with her. my 15 year old nieces text my with this type of spelling, i can accept it from them, from a “college student” it pisses me off. i take it as a sign of unintelligence. BAD sign for me.

me- no worries, meet me at ************ next to *******. [ed- it’s in the general area of the starbuck’s] order a banana and strawberry smoothie for me when you get there. i’ll pay you back.[ed- i was giving her a reason to be there and not just stand around]  i’ll be there in 10 minutes.

her- kk

i get there, she’s at a table, smoothie sitting across from her. she’s stands up to hug me when i approach, i kiss her cheek. she’s wearing: SHORT denim shorts, a grey tank top, flip-flops, she has her hair back in a casual, yet very attractive manner. i sit, thank her for the smoothie and ask her what she did today. she went on about school for a few minutes then she asked about the steak and lamb i cooked. i change the subject……

“why did you decide on nursing?” i ask her. she went on about wanting to help people and nursing paying well (i dropped out of the nursing field……so she kept asking me about the health care field). i mention i’m a licensed LPN, and my trauma experience, she wants to talk shop. again….i change the subject.

“where did you get those shorts, i like them.” she replied and i let her prattle on. i need to keep her on her toes.

“i like your nails, where did you get them done.” test time……she holds her hand out in front of her face and studies her nails. REALLY studies her nails, and goes on about going to a salon by her school. she’s chatty, playful, plays with her hair, leans in towards me. i touch her foot with mine under the table…..she smiles.  i know where i stand.

i’d like to point out that while this girl is very pretty and obviously interested in me. i know i need to punch out. i’d like to tell you guys that i’m going to push-pull, neg, and get her into bed. but i can’t. that’s not what i’m looking for. she’s probably a VERY sweet girl. but she’s too young for me and not a suitable partner for a LTR. i will not see her again.

i have an app on my phone that will fake a phone call, i have 2… is my sister, the other is work. i clicked the “work” option. when the phone rang, i told mel it was my job and i had to answer (she know’s i’m military). i faked having to conduct a phone muster recall (yes…..we really do these things) and told her i had to leave. she said she understood , i got up, she did as well. i moved to her, took her head and kissed her (just on the lips). i told her i had a good time talking to her, and left.

i deleted her number.


Lady X

Posted: August 17, 2011 | Author:  | Filed under: alphagirl distractions | Modify: Edit this |13 Comments »everyone, i’d like to introduce you to Lady X. she’s from new orleans. i’ve known her for a long time. for the sake of maintaining her privacy; i will only tell you 2 things about her. she’s a very cool woman btw.

1- she’s absolutely beautiful

2- she’s attracted to me.

now, i couldn’t tell you exactly WHY she’s attracted to me. so i talked her into giving a better description as to my behavior and mannerism towards her. note, i have NEVER gamed her. EVER. maybe i should have titled this “narcissistic horse-shit.” and for the record, we’ve NEVER taken things to the physical level (none of your beeswax). she knows i blog (she’s been here before), and for the sake of maintaining some “blog integrity” (is that even fucking real?), i thought it be better to hear straight from the lady what i do that spins her wheel.

feel free to chime in Darling.

  1. Lady X

    Well thank you, love.
    As far as WHY I find Danny so appealing….well let me start by saying that ALL (yes, ALL) women are attracted to a dominant man…whether they’ll admit to it or not. It is what it is. I adore Danny’s take charge attitude. This doesn’t make him an ass like one would think. He simply oozes with confidence and there is nothing sexier than a confident man who knows what he wants, when he wants it & how. ***shiver***
    Anyway… of course his flirtatious sense of humor is by far the most unique there is out there. His blunt, nasty humor just brings out that sailor charm no girl could resist.
    The fact that a man can be so self sufficient is an utter relief. No woman wants to mother their man…at least not this gal!
    There’s much more I could add but I feel safer stopping here. Wouldn’t want to swell his head…although this is a man that already knows. ;)

  2. Lady X

    Yw…only for you, dear. :)

  3. First rule of Manosphere, Red Pill dating and relationship wisdom:

    The masculine attracts the feminine.

    The tender dialog ‘twixt our two protagonists shows exactly this.

    Get a room.

    Oh, the famous Roosh commented on my most recent blog post. That’s a big ol’ win in my book.

  4. Lainey

    Hi, Lady X. Danny seems like a nice, if not naughty guy. You guys are cute.

    • Lainey-
      i’m VERY naughty. Lady X is just giving a PG rating/description of me, she could very easily go into….more “adult” descriptions, but she’s got more class than that. which is another reason i adore her.

      • Lainey-
        this is a girl who if i’m in a really foul mood, she’s totally able to calm me down. she’d uber nurturing. she’s well aware of my temper (which i rarely lose), and she’s superb at cheering me up.

    • Lady X

      Hi Lainey…yes Danny has a good blend of naughty & nice. Makes for a delicious combination!

  5. Looking Glass

    Having your Lady post on your semi-Game blog. If that ain’t confidence, I’m not sure what else there is, relationship wise. :)

August 18, 2011 at 04:56  (Edit)

she’s not my lady. lol. but thank you. she’s a VERY good egg though, and she’s an absolute Angel. i need to quit complimenting her, she’s lurking and will hold it against me.

won’t you girl……..

she responded with, “you know me so well dear.”


Approaching Redux

Posted: August 4, 2011 | Author:  | Filed under: alpha | Modify: Edit this |2 Comments »since my “approach” post has had a decent amount of traffic and there’s been some comment on other blogs about said topic, i will offer my little “trick” to let you know if you have the green light to approach her.

let’s say you see a girl you’re interested in, we already know my “eye contact” rule. well IF she makes eye contact with you and doesn’t immediately avert her gaze….stick your tounge out at her like you were in grade school, then smile. i kid you not, this has worked for me 90% of the time. if she laughs or smiles……get your ass over there and ask her her name, if she doesn’t… me, this is a girl who takes herself WAY too seriously and you’d do best to steer clear of her.

Johnny made a comment about approaching not being what most guys find difficult, but the sexual escalation is. to me, escalation is very different from “approaching”; which is where i feel a lot of men get nervous. i’ve said before and i’ll say it again…..i don’t pontificate game well. but how i escalate is to wait for a moment in the conversation where i can make a sexual/romantic innuendo or joke, i’ll gauge her response and determine if she’s into it or not.

but trust me, sticking your tounge out at her works.

[edit- i just remembered my go to escalation: making a mention about getting her pregnant. it’s too over the top to be taken seriously, and most of the times i do this, the woman laughs.]


Momma’s Boy

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I got to work and had this little exchange on FB IM. 

"Are you close with your mom."

"Why??? :/


I read the article.'s written by 2 WOMEN. Smh. Secondly, 
a few of the explanations were insulting. To me, this sums up EVERYTHING I need to
know from the first slide:

"Ah, men and their mothers. It's a bond we may not fully understand until we
birth sons ourselves. In the meantime, we'll keep busy by examining how the
men in our lives interact with their mothers, in order to glean more info on
their overall character. Here's a guide to help your guy analysis."

So....these 2 Dummies don't even HAVE sons, yet they want to spout out
mother-son relationship analysis. Die in a Fire. I wonder how many women
reading MSN are going to take this advice as Dogma.

"To answer your question: YES. I'm close with ALL of my immediate family
with the exception of my father. Secondly this article is mostly bullshit.
Some is down-right insulting. Yes at some point I do believe you need to let
go of momma's skirt."

"How often do you call your mom."

"Are you serious? Please tell me you aren't going to try to Psychoanalyze
ME. You're not smart enough, I'll lead you in the total wrong direction. Look,
as a woman, it's best to leave the mom-son dynamic alone and respect it
(unless it's an unhealthy and caustic one...even then, you're treading
dangerous ground). All that should matter is: A-are they close? B-Does he
respect her."

"If he's a momma's boy (which is what I think you're leading to), recognize
it and decide if you can deal with a man like that in your life. Because you
AREN'T going to change that dynamic."

Her- (10 minute pause, but I KNEW she was at her computer).
"Thanks Danny"

"Anytime sweetie. That's what I'm here for."

For the record, I call the Mom about 3-4 times a month. She relays family
news I need to know about. The Grandmother died (Rest in Peace Mamma-Cat) in
June, my Paw-Paw will be passing before the year ends. Don't ask how I know,
I just do. I figured since I'm bored at work I'll just comment on each slide
and offer a SON'S take.

Slide 2- 
"He Calls Her Daily.
If your man and his mom are always chatting, then he likely tells her
everything. including intimate details of your relationship. Not only will
she be privy to your private moments with her son, but she probably also
weighs in on every argument the two of you have. And guess whose side she'll
be taking."

Me, talk to my mom about my sex life. Ew. I was on the phone telling my mom
last year how I had hotel reservations over the weekend when I got into the
city. My step-father over heard this and asked her, "why is he staying in a
hotel, that's stupid? Just stay here." I started giggling. My mom answered,
"because he HAS to stay in a hotel for the weekend." Good 'ol carson
clueless asked, "why the hell not?" my mom (God bless her) answered him
dead-pan, "Because he's not allowed to have sex in this house." Lol. 

These women OBVIOUSLY have insecurity issues. Now I think a guy calling his
mom EVERYDAY is odd, but I think these girls are sending the wrong message and
are over-reacting.

Slide 3-
"He Needs Her Input.
There's something emasculating about a grown man who can't make a decision
without his mother's guidance. Sure, we'd like him to respect her opinions,
but when he uses his mom as a crutch, it's a sign that he's too insecure to
stand on his own two feet. If he doesn't trust himself to make a decision,
then how are you supposed to trust him to?"

Somewhat agree, but maybe there's a reason he "needs her input." I translate
this as these ladies thinking, "he doesn't need ME." I ask my mom's input on
things, but not EVERYTHING. I didn't ASK my mother if she approved of my
volunteering to deploy to Kuwait. But, I DID ask her what she thought about
it (she didn't want me to go......sorry mom, but Danny's was heading to the
desert). And.....maybe mom gives some pretty damn good advice and he's makes
BAD decisions. Yet, I agree......a man needs to be able to stand on his own
2 feet.

Slide 4-
"He's Not Appreciative
A guy who takes his mother - the woman who gave him life - for granted
probably doesn't give props to any of the peeps in his life, including his
girlfriend. This type of man typically has an inflated sense of self and
feels entitled: He doesn't thank people, because he thinks they're just
doing their required duty, whether it's as a lover, a mother or a friend."

Ok. I'll go with this one. 

Slide 5-
"They're Just Not Close
While there are legitimate reasons for a man to become estranged from his
mother, some guys just don't have the patience, time or heart to stay close
to their moms. If he doesn't value his relationship with the first woman to
love him, then chances are that he won't make his relationship with his
lover a priority. and the same goes for his eventual family."

Nope. Too presumptuous. There may be a DAMN good reason he's not close to
his mother.

Slide 6-
"He Bad-Mouths Her
While not all mothers deserve a Mom of the Year award, regardless of how
terrible a guy's mom was or even still is, his propensity to diss the woman
who birthed him is a poor reflection of his personality. A jab once in a
while is understandable; constant bad-mouthing (or worse, whining) shows a
lack of respect for women and a serious need to grow up."

Agree. I ended a date after a girl told her mom over the phone to, "shut the
fuck up already." We had lunch (she said it while we were driving to the
place). I ate as quickly as i could didn't talk all that much and (made her pay
for her meal btw) and took her home. The look on her face when I told her
good-bye and didn't lean in to kiss her was priceless. Never called her again. She was:
face-9, body-8, personality- -4.

Slide 7-
"He's Not Respectful
Even if she was pretty awful in the past, if your guy is nasty to his mother
in front of you or other people, then he's tactless and insolent. And if
he's capable of treating his mom with such blatant callousness, then chances
are that he won't hesitate to berate you in public, either."

See slide 6

Slide 7-
"He Thinks She's His Maid
If he still expects his mom to clean up after him, then this over-coddled
dude likely relies on other people to handle all his adult responsibilities,
like filling out job applications and scheduling appointments. The fact that
he hasn't taken ownership of these tasks shows that he's immature and lazy."

I think we're over doing it here. What makes you think he thinks his mom is
his maid? Does he LIVE with mom? I think this more points to these ladies
not wanting to pick up after him since drinking the feminist kool-aid. 
I bet these 2 will be cleaning up some after their sons. Is being domestic THAT
awful? I ALWAYS share house-hold chores with the lady. That's just fair.

Slide 8-
"He Still Adheres to Her Rules
Men who live by their mother's edicts long after they've left the house
don't have the cojones to establish their own set of values and standards.
If every sentence out of his mouth is "my mom says," then it's not only
annoying, but also a signal that he's afraid to live his own life."

Agree but I think the big picture here is that these 2 are implying, "He won't
adhere to MY rules."

Slide 9-
"He Puts Her On A Pedestal
When Mom is god's gift to the world, whatever she says, does or thinks will
always be superior to what you say, do or think. Even if you're brighter,
prettier and kinder than his mother, you'll never quite measure up in his

LOVE this one. Holy shit. These 2 are saying, "THEN I WON'T BE ON THE
PEDESTAL!!!!!!" guess what, my mother is on a pedestal. Deservedly so, if
the missus doesn't like it....the hell with her. However I am NOT at
mommy's beck-and-call. But she's a PHENOMENAL woman.

Slide 10-
"He's Close With Her
A guy who's close with his mommy isn't necessarily a momma's boy. Actually,
a man who has a good relationship with mom is generally more sensitive,
communicative and understanding toward women's emotions than one who barely
speaks to his mother."

Wow they got another right.

Text fun

Posted: September 23, 2011 | Author:  | Filed under: girl distractions | Modify: Edit this |6 Comments »Privateman and I were talking and I mention my posting in the open and how I’ll tell women I blog, and talk with them about game. He wondered if it would mess up a man’s chances. I told it hasn’t screwed up MY chances.

I present to you: exhibit A.

This is a text string with a VERY lovely lady who happens to blog. She’s a facebook pal so I can tell you this girl is VERY attractive.

me: get yer cute ass out of the house and go have some fun.

Sent at 12:32 AM on Friday

Her:  haha I’m making myself finish an application first

me:  what are you going to wear out tonight. i want details corazon.

Sent at 12:33 AM on Friday

her:  Nothing too exciting is happening tonight, so it’s not fancy

Just a flowy orangish spaghetti strap with a bandage skirt

me:  i thought thursday night is the obligatory “ladies night”

her:  For some reason not too many parties are going on

And I still can’t go to bars, so that’s ruled out :/

Sent at 12:35 AM on Friday

me:  what’s a “bandage skirt”? kinda proud i don’t know what that mean.

yup. DEFINATELY proud.

i thought you were 21.

Her:  Nope, I still have a month

Haha and a bandage skirt is one of those tight spandex skirts that’s just a

straight line

me:  my boy parts just moved.

her:  Haha they tend to have that effect

me:  i double checked. yeah. we have movement. lol.

damn you ladies and your weaponry.

her:  Sometimes you just have to pull out all of the stops :]

me:  which is why i shove a roll of socks in the front of my jeans.

Sent at 12:40 AM on Friday

her:  Haha nice, the equivalent to the push up bra

me:  lol. pretty much. i really get angry when i remove a bra and think,


Leslie:  Understandable

I’m not a fan of padded bras for that very reason

me:  how tall are you?

her:  5’3″

me:  may i ask your measurements?

her:  34C

me:  WOW. very nice. you must be proud. oops, more movement. lol.

Sent at 12:44 AM on Friday

her:  Lol must be rough to have all of this happen involuntarily

me:  you have NO idea. and i’m in my late 30′s when i was 17-27/28. i might

as well have had my dick on my forehead.

the male libido (especially mine) is a raging tempest of lust.

her:  Oh, I believe that :]

Sent at 12:47 AM on Friday

me:  the ex (who had a similar libido) couldn’t keep up.

Sent at 12:49 AM on Friday

me:  lost my virginity at 14. that was it….i was on a mission. and girls

back home are goers. first time i went to san diego 1994, i cleaned up. i

fell in love every 10 minutes. lol.

her:  Haha it’s rough for sd girls, there are too many pretty ones and guys

like you just can’t choose

Sent at 12:51 AM on Friday

me:  oh no….i had NO PROBLEM choosing. lol. you could throw a dead cat in

the air at SDSU and it would land within 10 feet of at least 7 9′s.

Sent at 12:53 AM on Friday

her:  Haha every guy’s dream

How long were you in sd?

me:  want to know a secret.

her:  Definitely

me:  i know it’s not like that in california, but eventually. wanting to

fuck every cute face you pass…..

goes away.

Sent at 12:55 AM on Friday

me:  i’ve done damn near everything in the SMP i’ve ever wanted to do. my

next post is how to get a woman to ejaculate.

Sent at 12:56 AM on Friday

her:  NICE, that’ll definitely be a useful one

I look forward to reading it

Sent at 12:58 AM on Friday

me:  it’s not that difficult if you can get the woman to relax and get over

the fact that she’s going to feel like she’s gonna pee. took the ex in japan

4 times to finally squirt.

her:  Wow, very impressive

me:  but the orgasm you’ll get from it… will change your world.

her:  I can imagine…unfortunately that’s all I can do at this point

me:  nancy kicked me and i fell off the bed when she finally had one.

Leslie:  Hahaha nice

me:  you can ONLY squirt.

or you can only have clitoral orgasms?

her:  The latter

me:  that’s true for 90% of all women. you’d have to have a couple before

you could make yourself have one.

Sent at 1:03 AM on Friday

her:  Sad that I don’t even know what I’m missing out on

Sent at 1:06 AM on Friday

me:  whenever a girl tells me “i can only cum via oral” i roll my eyes.

hell a co-worker had me teach her bf how to do it. it’s not really hard.

Sent at 1:07 AM on Friday

her:  More people need to pass this information on to guys

Sent at 1:10 AM on Friday

me:  and this is why i blog. i just want to help guys do better with


i was talking with privateman about this. i don’t get NEAR the traffic he

gets . but athol kay commented on my blog. That’s a HUGE compliment.

Sent at 1:11 AM on Friday

her:  I’d say your blog is pretty popular

It always seems to get a good number of comments

And they’re not just from the same users

me:  nah, i don’t get as many comments as most other blogs. but i prefer to

stay under the radar. i average about 200 +/- 50 views a day.

but i noticed i get more traffic when i talk about my run ins with women.

but thank you saying angel.

her:  Of course

And I think anecdotes make things interesting

Sent at 1:15 AM on Friday

me:  well, i post examples since i don’t articulate or theorize well. i do

best with telling stories. i teach a lot of medical courses, and i think the

examples are easier for average guys to relate to.

Sent at 1:17 AM on Friday

her:  Ya, that’s a good way to explain

Learning from experience, in a way

Sent at 1:21 AM on Friday

me:  i was considering quitting the blog. but a few of the more popular

bloggers told me to keep at it.

privateman told me i’m a lot more well known than i realize. orly? :/

her:  I’m sure you’re underestimating your notoriety

me:  enough about me. let’s talk about the lovely ******. lol.

i don’t know why, but 34c just popped into my head.

Sent at 1:24 AM on Friday

her:  Hahaha

What would you like to know?

me:  what type of men do you tend to gravitate to?

what do you like to do when not studying?

her:  I’ll answer the second first, since it has a more straightforward


I like to do a lot of outdoor activities, like play tennis, run (kind of)

And I really enjoy reading new books, and writing

And I love to cook

me:  i like to cook, and kiss girls. lol.

her:  Haha kissing is a great hobby

me:  lol. you should post more. it can be liberating.

her:  Ya, I always feel really good after I publish a blog

But I feel like it will be hard to increase my frequency of posts since

school’s started

me:  well, according to my blog, people are going to your blog from my


now you owe me a kiss. lol.

her:  Haha do I?

me:  lol.

maybe i’ll end up cooking for you if you do.

her:  Or maybe I will if you end up cooking for me


me:  if i cooked for you, i think i might end up with more than a kiss. my

cooking is THAT good.

but never underestimate my propensity to completely screw things up. lol.

her:  Lol I admire your confidence

Sent at 1:37 AM on Friday

me:  well thank you love. as long as you’re smiling as you’re reading and

typing…….danny is happy.

Leslie:  Well you can take my word that I am smiling

me:  ******** +3

uh-oh. more movement. lol.

her:  Lol common theme for the night

me:  oh you know you love it. lol.

her:  Haha it is pretty entertaining

-then I told her I purposely went against some “text game” rules just to see

what happens.

me: would you mind if i post about our texting? reason i ask is that i’ve

broken a lot rules associated with “text game”.

i’d delete your name of course.

her:  Of course not

me:  good.

her:  I’d be extra interested to read your take on this.

me:  in summation: you’re an attractive woman, all i did was light

flirting, added some light sexual innuendo, and then would change back to a

more personal chat.

and i responded very quickly. most “game guys” tell you to wait in between

posts. NONSENSE. i escalated when i felt like it. and i posted multiple

comments back to back (thats not supposed to be bueno).

i favored on the side of being bold rather than just being a nice guy to

you. i was polite, and respectful. but i also let you know i see you as a

sexual creature.

what do you think?

her:  Sounds pretty accurate to me

-And NOW for the money shot.

me: so i ask, did i manage to build any attraction on your end?

her:  Yeah, I can honestly say you did build some attraction

me:  well thank you. you (and yer amazing 34c’s….my favorite size)

flatter me. *kisses your hand*

her:  It’s been quite a while since I’ve gotten a kiss on the hand, so the

flattery is mutual

I really should go though

My friends are waiting for me to start getting ready

me:  have fun angel. talk to you later.

i’ll post our chat later.

her:  I look forward to it

her response:  “Haha it’s so odd to see our conversation laid out like that. It was interesting to see yohami’s take, I actually kind of hope other people comment. :) ”


Well, well, well…..

Posted: September 16, 2011 | Author:  | Filed under: alphagirl distractions | Modify: Edit this |18Comments »

i was going to wait a few days before posting, but something happened tonight. as i was 1/2 done with pint 2 and enjoying some buffalo chicken flat-bread goodness, a lovely DHB sat next to me. she wants to make a to-go order. she’s asking Ginger something about the menu, and i inject myself into the conversation, “you really should try the grilled wings, they’re REALLY good.” she looks at me, “really?” you can see she’s mulling it over. Ginger agrees with me, and she decides to go with my suggestion. after Ginger leaves, i look at her, “i’ll make you a deal, if you don’t like my recommendation you can come to my house and punch me right in the nose.” she laughed and replies, “i’m going to hold you to that.” i followed  with, “no seriously, i’ll lean forward and let you have at it.” again she laughs.

i was in. we start talking and she tells me she’s seen me before, “you complimented my hair.” [edit-I DID??? i don’t remember that, told you flirt with every girl i come across, i REALLY don’t recall seeing this girl before.] i inform her that, “don’t take offense, but i flirt with pretty much everything with a cute face and girly bits.” again, she laughs and says that that’s not a bad thing. i ask her about her plans for the evening, “hanging out with a friend and eating my wings.” i ask if the friend is a potential boyfriend, “i wouldn’t mind it, but he’s taking too long.” [edit- i knew it, this was going too well. lol.] i talk a bit about my blog, the SMP, and she’s looking VERY curious, and listening to me intently. i tell her i’m good with women, i understand them well, and have one of the very cute waitress’ confirm it. DHB nods in acceptance that i’m not full of shit.

ok guys, here’s the scoop. she’s 21, he’s 31, and he’s not escalating. she’s latina [edit-FUCK YEAH!!!!!] and i tell her that more than likely SHE’LL have to make that first move, but alas…..she’s going to eventually end up uninterested him since he’s obviously not dominant enough. anyone that understand’s anything about game knows this. i didn’t ask if she planned on making the first move, but i’m pretty sure she want’s him to escalate. i tell her, “you’re gonna be sitting there, watching a movie you could care less about, eating a wing, playing with your hair, laughing with him, meanwhile your brain will be screaming, ‘FORTHELOVEOFGODPLEASEKISSME!!!!!’ “, and she laughs very hard at this while nodding.

i ask for her number, and i can tell she wants to give it, but she doesn’t give me her number. good move on her part, i respect that. she follows with, “but now you know where i work, stop by and i’ll tell you what happened.” i’m going to tell her i blogged about this little exchange and will ONLY give her the url if she agrees to comment. i haven’t given a description of her since i’ve put it out there that i’m interested in her, and if dude wasn’t in the picture…..she’d give me a shot, i know she would.

stay tuned for tomorrow’s update. i’d love to hear what you guys think of this.

and for the record guys, GET OFF YOUR FUCKING ASS AND MAKE A MOVE!!!!! *sigh*


Hypergamy and alpha behavior

Posted: September 8, 2011 | Author:  | Filed under: alphagirl distractions | Modify: Edit this |55Comments »i received an email from a girl i knew back in Japan about 2 weeks.  “did you quit cooking or something? haven’t seen any new pictures.” before the blogging i used to post pics of what i was cooking on FB. we’ll call this lady Ms DC. she’s 32, very pretty, relatively sweet woman. she just recently finished her MBA, face-8, body-9.5 (seriously), personality-7. once i got settled here she IM’D me on fb. something to the tune of suggesting when i retire the 2 of us need to get together and start a family. i have no doubt she was joking, but something about it seemed oddly unfamiliar of her. our history is as follows: i knew her back in japan. she was on my ship, she worked in the IT field and she was ALWAYS flirty with me. but, when i attempted to escalate she acted aloof and disinterested, but still flirty. she was probably about 24-25 at the time. i ended up dating nancy and Mrs DC flirtation went into overdrive. i ended up having to tell her, “sorry girl, i tried and you weren’t interested. i have a gf now…and trust me, it’s better you hear this from me than have HER approach you.” nancy’s mexican, VERY mexican. lol. danny 2.0 was in full effect by this point.

fast forward to now. she just turned 30 when she sent me that IM. her “family mode” alarm HAS to be screaming.  i asked her, AGAIN, that why was she so sure i was willing to have a family with her. she touted her education, earning ability, my pension, my great cooking, how our kids would be beautiful. i had to point out to her, “baby, i could give 2 shits about how much you make. so why do you think i’d be doing cart-wheels to have you as my woman.” she mentioned how i was “always after her” back in japan. i laughed, “yup, back in 2001 i gave chase, and i ended up with nancy for almost a year. you should have jumped onto the danny train when it was still in your station.”

this all transpired well before i found out about the manosphere or had heard of hypergamy.

i’ve always laughed when i hear woman lament how she can’t understand whay she’s single when: she got her master’s, she’s got a great job, she’s outgoing, she makes really good money. and i always remind them, “well, you’re describing qualities that women look for in men, maybe you should look for a girlfriend.” i’m just as likely to bang the girl serving my fries at the local burger joint as i am a CEO. matter of fact fry girl is probably less likely to give me shit than the CEO.

the woman who didn’t give me her number but was clearly attracted to me…she’s 26, also just finished her MBA. her father is retired military (VERY senior level enlisted retiree). i’m at the bottom rung of senior enlisted ranking. i’ll pull in $50-60k a year without my retirement pension. see where i’m heading with this?

i’ve posted about my “lawyer phase”, and those women KNEW i made very little money, hell….i didn’t even own a suit. but they still wanted me, still suggested a relationship. none of the encounters with any of them ended because they wanted it to be over. usually the problem was our totally incompatible schedules (i was going to college and working full-time).

i was thinking about this the past few days. and i had to wonder; would a woman’s hypergamous nature get thrown to the wind when she encounters a man with alpha characteristics?


Mary the Cavewoman

Posted: September 5, 2011 | Author:  | Filed under: alpha | Modify: Edit this |12 Comments »had a little chat with one of the guys in the ER last night. long story short, he came on too strong too early after he got some IOI’s and she quit talking to him. “i’m so sick of women man, they’re just fucking impossible.” the poor lad lamented. he’s 23, the woman he spoke of is a cute 19 year old girl in his barracks. oooooh if i had a dollar for every time i’ve heard a guy say these very words. hell i WAS this guy when i first joined this wonderful navy. i told him my “caveman analogy” story. i told this same story to the young lady that didn’t give me her number that i wrote about a while ago. said woman listened, mouth slightly agape and would smile and nod from time to time.

“women always have and always will be attracted to the same thing in men.” i pointed out to the fellow. now, for purely entertainment purposed our lovely miss Mary will be the protagonist in this tale. Mary is a young cavewoman with her family in their village doing whatever the fuck cavewomen do, and she’s reached the age where she can choose a mate. she’s beginning to feel the urge to fulfill her biological impulses. she has a STRONG desire to have her own child. she’s now taking extra notice of the available men in her village. she spots one, a man she’s ALWAYS adored, he’s a big man…tall, muscular, powerful looking. he’s coming back to the village carrying a saber tooth tiger. she recalls how bravely he fought in a raid on her village  Mary is absolutely melting with desire. he leaves the animal at his dwelling for his sister to dress and he joins the other men. then she notices something. the men don’t seem to take him seriously, he’s slightly ridiculed. she’s perplexed…this man could CRUSH the others. but he remains quiet, and the men just seem to ALLOW him to remain in their presence. for some strange reason, her attraction wanes. would her children be pariahs as well….maybe she should look elsewhere.

then she notices one of the men in the group that seems to stand out. he’s not all that big in stature, but he appears to command a great deal of respect among the other men. he’s physically attractive, but only slightly taller than the demure Mary. then she remembers the raid, and how the other men had him hide to avoid injury. and he never hunts. she thinks to herself, ”will my son also be a weak boy, unable to defend himself and his wife? how will he feed me? hmmm.” she’s beginning to feel frustrated.

then she notices one of the other men approaching the village. he’s not that tall, but definitely taller than she is. he’s got a decent build, and he’s carrying with him a deer, and various fish he must have caught. she watches as he brings the game to his mother, father, and sister. he joins the men, they all greet him and he seems well liked by the others. he stands his ground, he jokes and play fights with a few of the other men. she remembers the raid and how he did in fact fight with the other men to defend the village. then she recalls one of the other women complimenting the man, and now the claws come out. “she’s going to claim him, but i think I want him.” she doesn’t realize this man knows the other woman is interested in him, but he’s rejected her. she knows everything she needs to know about this man that will make him an excellent mate: he can feed and protect her, her child will be accepted by the others, and this man obviously cares for his family. all solid qualities that makes her feminine side rage with desire. She and caveman dreamboat end up partners and soon her biological imperative’s have been met. she’s a happy and content mother and wife.

i went on to tell the guy that these four qualities (social dominance, strength, and the ability to protect and provide) ALWAYS build attraction in a woman. now, i know i’m not saying anything that probably hasn’t circulated through the manosphere, or hell……even TLC before. maybe a woman can’t look at a man right away and determine these things (hence shit tests)  but they still melt over these 4 qualities.

Bb and mr wonderful were going to be the cave couple in here but she actually has a life and i didn’t feel like waiting for her approval to use her trademarked handle without permission. lol. i don’t think Mary will mind being a cave woman for 10 minutes.  and if she does, i’m pretty sure she knows how to find me and will swiftly locate me and slit my throat. so if i quit posti…….


My experience with the “L” word.

Posted: September 8, 2011 | Author:  | Filed under: girl distractions | Modify: Edit this |12 Comments »and no, i don’t mean lesbians. Bb asked:

i’ve been without my laptop and have grown to loathe posting from my phone. in her post she asked if a man can truly love a woman. i kind if find the question amusing considering SHE’S MARRIED. lol. i’ve thought a lot about how to respond to this, and i’ll try and keep it as short as possible. when i thought about this, i thought a memory of Beth would pop into my head, but instead…..

i was 27 and living in Sicily. i had been dating sonia for 4-5 months.

the absolute worst EMS call i have ever responded to, was as follows (in summation): the call was for ”newborn in respiratory distress” secondary to anaphylaxis to formula. basically a 2 week old stopped breathing because it had ana allergic reation to formula. we got on scene and my partner (who was the senior EMT in the hospital) looked at me and said, “i can’t do this.” and walked to the front of the ambulance. when your partner taps out on a call (this is a RARE move btw….feel free to chime in Dogsquat.) you HAVE to take on the call. there was a look of absolute terror and helplessness on the father’s face. what followed was 20 minutes that passed in 15 seconds. the boy had a breathing rate of 13-14 breaths per minute (it should be about 100-120 per minute). the baby was cool to touch and i noticed mild cyanosis (starting to turn blue, means blood isn’t moving throughout the body). i was breathing for the baby with a bag-valve-mask, flicking his foot with my finger (tactile stimulation) and was giving him supplemental oxygen. fortunately, his condition had improved as we arrived to the ER. the doors were thrown open , and a team of about 4 people rushed the gurney out of the ambulance.

i don’t know how long i had been sitting in the captains chair. all i remember is one of the ER docs and the ER Dept Head escorting my upstairs to mental health. ALL EMT’s have a to go through a CISD (critical incdent stress debrief) after a traumatic call. i’d already done hundreds of calls, human dismemberment doesn’t move me. the hospital is pretty small so mental health knew all of us well. they sent me home after a about an hour of talking with me. i was THAT fucked up by the call.

sonia was living with me in between semesters at uni of catania. i walked in the door, and she didn’t even bother speaking. she walked over to me, hugged me, and led me to the living room. she put on “dumb and dumber”, and brought me a beer which i didn’t drink. she then informed me that i wasn’t cooking that evening (i had prepped food to cook), and she went across the street and got my favorite “pizza capriccosa”. i couldn’t eat. after she had eaten she sat behind me, and placed my head on her chest and she sang a song gently in sicialian. i guess at some point i fell asleep (she was rubbing my neck and head…..that puts me out everytime), because she was leading me to the bedroom. i laid down and fell asleep. next thing i remember she was on top of me, i think it was around 4am. she had opened the persionas (the shutters the protects windows in italy) and the moon light bathed the room. she looked stunning. serpentine and elegantly graceful, i felt like i was drunk. all i could concentrate on was her. we were lying in bed facing each other, and she finally asked me.

s- ”danny, que fai oggi?” (what happened today?)

d-”un incidentne con un bebe’.” (an accident with a baby.)

s- ”e serioso?” (was it serious.)

d- “in fatti, molto.” (yes, very).

as i explained what had happened she sprang up, covering her mouth. she looked horrified.  “perche no me explicare pui presto?” (why didn’t you tell me sooner?).  i replied, “e impossible a parlare al momento.” (it was impossible for me to speak at that time). i told her the child lived and is doing fine, but i could already see a tear in her eye. i pulled her to me and felt her tiny fingers clutching my arm. “mi dispiache danny.” (i’m sorry danny). i told her it was alright.

“ti amo danny.” (i love you danny). and without hesitation i answered her, “anche ti amo.” (i love you too). the words came from my mouth without me even thinking about it.  and for the first time in my adult life, i actually meant it. i had NEVER said those 3 words to a gf before. and aside from beth, sonia is the only other woman i’ve said them to.

so, yes Bb, men are capable of really loving a woman.

on a side note, i had been thinking about quitting blogging. life has a strange way of giving you signs when you need it. after telling 2-3 other bloggers i was considering quitting, i recieved a lot of support (i appreciate it guys), then i had a milestone of my brief time blogging: i had almost 300 views mon, and almost 400 tuesday. i’ve NEVER had that kind of traffic. i’m very flattered and want to thank everyone who stops by for doing so. then last night i met a guy at the local (he’s posting as Spade) and ended up talking about women with him, and he is now enjoying some red pill insight. at one point after we had been talking he looked confused, and said, “this is a total mind fuck.”

if you’re still in blue-pill la-la-land, indeed.

i guess i should keep on blogging.


The 20 Minute ONS Close


posted this back in February and thought i’d bring it back since i’m actually an unoriginal hack and have ZERO life, so i don’t have any RL posts to run. again, i’m almost 40 and an INTJ…and basically a homebody. but there WAS a time when i actually went out into the world with the intention of getting laid and having fun. now my old ass likes to sit at home and play checkers with PrivateMan. i mean, c’mon….someone has to help him change his diapers.ladies, you’ve been warned.i’ve never shared this with ANYONE, and i can’t believe i’m sharing it now.*sigh* i was talking with a prominent blogger and told him about this, he told me i HAD to post it. i ran this routine for over 2 years while i was stationed in New Orleans (1999-2003). ok, i lived in metairie and there’s an area called “fat city” that’s like a mini seedy french quarter. it was about 10 minutes from my house and you could find ANY manner of bar or club out there. well, where i lived there were 4-5 bars where everyone “pre-gamed” before heading out to fat-city. thursday was always ladies night and friday and saturday nights usually saw decent action. i hunt alone, i don’t need/like wingmen (INTJ ftw). there was one place very close to my house that was kind of a piano bar. cool place, crowd was a little bit older. i was 27-28 at the time, but i looked MUCH younger. on certain nights i noticed a woman would come in alone, take a seat, order a drink, sip at it (there were no cell phones then), look around, finish her drink, then leave. “that’s kind of odd.” i thought. look, i LOVE to people watch. and i know most women don’t go out alone. then, one night, a woman came in: early 30’s, dressed nice, pretty; came in and ordered a drink and sat down. she looked around often and finally some guy walked up and shook her hand. he stayed there for about 2-3 minutes talking with her before she got up and sat at an empty table with him. they talked for about 10-15 minutes then…..they left. i noticed while talking he’d lean in and she’d laugh and place her hand on her chest. i was MESMERIZED. after they left i sat and thought about what i had just seen. i was blown away. the 2 of them didn’t know each other either, i KNEW i waited and watched, and i noticed the following pattern.

  • 30’ish
  • comes in alone
  • sit by herself and no one meets up with her
  • orders and nurses a drink
  • scans the room frequently
  • leaves after one drink

the next time a woman fitting the above came in, i waited and after she had scanned the room, i made eye contact and smiled. she smiled back. i got up and went to talk with her, “hi there….what’s your name.” that was it, that’s all it took. she entertained a conversation for a few minutes and i suggested we “moved to a place where we can talk alone.” she agreed and we went to a table. i commented on her outfit. i’ve ALWAYS been a flirt, so escalating wasn’t a problem. when she was almost done with her drink, i said, “you better not have another one of those.” i think she said something along the lines of why not, and i said, “because this place is boring, let’s head back to my place…i have a great bottle of wine i brought back from italy.”  now during our flirting i mentioned living in Italy for 3 years and showed her my proficiency in the language and talked about my cooking ability (DHV). i made her laugh and got IOI’s. she said, “hmmm, why not. never had wine from Sicily before.” we had talked maybe 20 minutes. 15 minutes later we were making out VERY heavily in my living room. 9am saturday morning she was showering and by 10:30 she was gone. NO NUMBER, just sex.i ran this for over 2 years until i met my gf. it worked 98% of the time. i’d usually pull one a month. i DOUBT this will work on GIRLS, and by girls i mean the 18-26 crowd. now i admit, it might not work in all areas. i don’t like giving shit like this out because i don’t want people to try it, not pull it off and think i’m full of shit, but i WORKED FOR ME. pick the venues well, and if you’ve been reading and have at least an understanding of game, you should do well.WHY DOES IT WORK: older women tend to be more relaxed and open sexually, and they RARELY head to a bar alone. they typically won’t approach you because that would be “slutty”. but she WANTS to be opened. her hamster will rationalize the ONS as “it just kind of happened.” it’s not really dark game because she WANTS to get laid. if you think she’s cute, pony up and let her “use you.” again, take the lead and make ANY excuse to leave once you have IOI’s. if you have a dog, mention the dog just texted and said he wants to meet you. hell, LIE and tell her you really don’t want to miss (insert any TV show), and the 2 of you could watch it together, so long as she “behaves” herself.  trust me, she knows what the fuck’s up. good luck and happy hunting.

stay up.

7 Comments on “Best of”

  1. Doug1 says:

    How long did you live in Sicily with the US military?

    You’re in a specialty that will transfer superbly to the civilian world, and for which there’s demand. Very well played that.

    • dannyfrom504 says:

      i lived there for 3 years.

      and yuppers, that’s why i choose this field. 2 more years and i’m retired.

      as for the RSS thing, just subscribe to the blog and you’ll know when i put out new posts. but i update on a daily basis.

  2. Thanks Danny! Will definitely be coming around more often. Cheers!!

  3. […] from 504 has a ton of great articles about various recipes, how to cook for girls, and even gives a great date model for the home-cooked meal for a special lady.  Seriously guys, if you need some new recipe ideas, […]

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