We’re Just Wired Differently

saturday i had duty with my girl jackson. i was watching the new 300 movie (again, with a blue vein throbber erection) and jackson was looking at furniture for her daughter. she kept asking me to look at ottoman’s, mirrors, armoir’s, etc. i really couldn’t be bothered by it. eventually she quit asking me to look at shit when i told her angrily that i was busy watching persians being slaughtered.

i little later that afternoon, i decided to also jump onto craigslist. i started looking for crossbows. i found a nice barnett for $350. they don’t make that particular model anymore and $350 is a GREAT price. i tunred the monitor towards her, with a pic of the crossbow and asked her what she thought. she looked at me, riased her eyebrows and said, “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!!!???” i laughed.

she was absolutely right. why the HELL would i ask her opinion on crossbows?

i spent all day yesterday looking at hunting dogs and reviewing crossbows. i replied to 2 craigslist ads by guys selling crossbows but no dice. i decided to head to Green Acres (my personal toy store) after i called, i was informed he had something used i might like. he handed me a Ten Point Titan HLX (ten point doesn’t make this anymore, now the have the titan XTREME). wanna see a happy Danny?

ain't she purdee

ain’t she purdee

Ten Point Titan HLX yoked out

Ten Point Titan HLX yoked out

he gave me the crossbow, quiver, and 4 arrows for $500. i dropped $300 without batting an eye. but the arrow heads are BEASTS!!!!!! i got a set of Rage broad heads. the following is pictures from their site, *WARNING GRAPHIC* prey kill pics.


you see to middle arrow, that’s how it leaves the bow. when it makes impact, the blades deploy open causing MAJOR trauma. now, i know you might find this cruel but the fact is it kills the animal MUCH quicker. thusly, the animal suffers less. my boy sent me a pic of where he popped a buck and there was a HUGE puddle of blood. “never had a deer get more than 30 yards after being shot.” that’s a good thing btw.

Paw-Paw taught me 2 things. never kill what you don’t plan on eating. never kill anything unless it’s attacking you.

it’s been a while and i know how much you all LOVE this bit. it’s time for….


i placed an order to diamond candle and they came in today. i was giddy as school girl crushing on beiber. but i ordered THREE. WHICH ONE DO I USE FIRST!!!!??? DKHOFAHSV;ORTESUZIO;TUVV290 ]HQ7T=VM1KDNFOIVANJGJNOIRZUYN’TNPY/. my man hamster was out of control. fortunately Blaine put his soft hands on my shoulder, told me to close my eyes and just pick one.

he’s good like that.

i'm so giddy i could pee my pants

i’m so giddy i could pee my pants

i ended up rocking guava berry and Blaine gave me a roman war helmet. and now for great moments in gay cinema.

on a more serious note. today LaidNYC announced he was closing shop. i actually spoke to him last night and he told me about it. i’d been telling everyone that he’s said he was going to stop blogging eventually.

Laid is a VERY genuine guy. the first time i spoke to him he was cool as hell and even said he has the utmost respect for guys that post openly. so i’m not surprised he’s gonna start a new project that isn’t anon. well, despite what you may read, he’s a VERY humble individual. i’m glad to know he’s in the place he’s in now, he really deserves it. but i ain’t saying bye to him.

i KNOW i’mma run into him eventually. lol. best to you Brother.

stay up LaidNYC. stay the fuck up.

Sunday Day Bang Danny Stylee

i decided to take some RnR and went to the gun range today. i went with my AK, Mossburg 500 persuader, Ruger P95, and Ruger 22/45

meet bertha and sophi.

meet bertha and sophi.

Ruger P95 with laser sight

Ruger P95 with laser sight

ruger's 22/45. holds 10+1

ruger’s 22/45. holds 10+1

the AK. 25 yards. i was quite inaccurate, but haven’t shot it in almost 7 months. the AK is NOT known for it’s accuracy at a distance. and, i REALLY need a LOT more practice with long guns.

the 22/45. i like dumping the clip fast as possible at close range. this was at 7 yards

i had a BLAST

told you i had a blast

told you i had a blast

after shooting i went to see 300 with a woman i know, then we went off for vietnamese food. the movie was REALLY good. considering i’m a Sailor and the movie is mostly a sea battle, i had half a stalk for 90% of the movie. the chiseled men with 6 packs were probably also a factor. the bang scene in the movie was FANTASTIC!!! even girl said, “damn, now that’s fucking.” lol.

and amennemtis (whatever the fuck her name was) had some TIT-TAAAAYSS!!!!! DAY-UM!!!!

we headed off for vietnamese food after the movie and i had me a nice bowl of bun bo hue

nommy nom nommers

nommy nom nommers

now i’m sitting at home, waiting to watch walking dead and having some beers. guns, pussy, food porn, and beer.

it was a good ass day.

stay up.

Pig Killer

last night mom called me and told me my cousin needed to talk to me. the same cousin that wants me to set up shop on her 64 acres. she left me her number and i called her. after 2-3 minutes of small talk i asked her what was going on.

“Danny, i think i have a hog problem.”

not surprising. i shot a 200lb hog on I-10 last december. when they come that close to human populace, they’re running out of land to ravage. she called my mom to see if i knew anything about hogs and she mentioned me talking about killing pigs back in texas.

i told my cousin her and her boys needed to load up 12 gauges with slugs and kill every adult they see. a lot of locals will rent out their hog traps to catch the smaller ones and i told her 3-4 foot deep bear-pits work well also.

then she asked me if i had ever hunted hogs with a team of dogs. i had to tell her i’d NEVER done a that type of a hunt. BUUUUUUUUUT, i DO KNOW a prominent blogger that LOVES pig-hunting with dogs. this individual is quite famous for not really reaching out to readers/bloggers.

interestingly enough, he responded IMMEDIATELY when i asked him about said subject. i know you’re reading this dude, so thanks for the advice. i spent all day today researching hog hunting. i read blogs, i checked out stores, my INTJ kicked in and when a subject catches my interest, i absorb everything i can.

finally i went to my boys list of dogs known to be best for hog hunting. i decided on a 3 dog team: 2 bays and a catch. bays herd the pig and won’t let it run, the catch is a larger breed that latches onto the pig and holds it until you show up to kill it. bays wear cut collars and catches wear cut collars AND cut armor.

cut collar and cut armor.

cut collar and cut armor.

i decided my “catch” would be a Dogo Argentino. these dog were engineered SPECIFICALLY for hunting hogs and cougars in argentina. but at the same time, they make EXCELLENT family dogs. the catch will be a male since i need strength, boldness, and sheer intensity. these dog fear nothing, and they can bring down a 200 lb pig.

the bays will be 2 Black Mouth Curs. i talked to 2 friends in the ER that hunt and they swear there is no better hunting dog. apparently these dogs LIVE to hunt.

cousin said she will buy whatever dogs i thought were best. i found a dogo argentino breeder pretty close and emailed the owner. he responded immediately and ask me to call him. he asked 2 questions that told me i was dealing with a good breeder-

1- why do i want a dogo argentino.
2- do i know anything about raising a dog.

my mom bred shi-tzu’s and i watched her vet hundreds of buyers. i sent him the link to my youtube and he watched the videos i have of Brody. he told me, “i’m expecting a litter in about a week or so. i told him i’d be in louisiana mid april and he said he NEVER sells the pups until they hit 8 weeks and invited me to his kennel when i got home so i could meet the sire and the bitch. i told him the dog would be my cousins, but once it turned 4 months i’d start training him.

the best thing about training a dog like this is it’s their natural instinct to go to work on a boar. i’d just needed to teach him the commands and judge how he operates so i can fine tune his technique and fix and flaws i might see. plus i need to understand his personality.

the Curs, those will be challenge. i need to work with them as a team THEN individually. fortunately, BMC’s LIVE to hunt. but i still need to see how they perform as a team and figure out each dogs personality. cousin is going to fence in a quarter acre and build them a pen. these dogs NEED to run around and work, or they can become destructive.

she was receptive and i told her the DA was gonna be about $1500. still gotta find a Cur breeder. then i told her they needed a knife with a blade no less than 8″ long. personally, i have a 9” k-bar bowie, she asked if she could pop it with an AR. i told her, “sure, you’re just gonna end up with a pissed off hog charging you. shot gun slugs sweetie, shotgun slugs.”

this should get interesting.

proper pig sticker

proper pig sticker

this is why you use a cut collar.

this is why you use a cut collar.

stay up.


it was a slow day in radiology so i headed over to the ER. a few of my friends were working and one of the Doc’s i like was the serving MO (medical officer). he’s a wolf- did 2 tours as battalion Commander in afghansitan, and 2 of my boy’s were working that are also afghan vet’s. one played hockey goon at U of Minnesota, and the other is a former mexican thug.

we were talking about a patient they had earlier and the hockey thug noted how he saw “the fear” of a man about to die. all of us know that look. i’ve seen it HUNDREDS of times. i watched so many people breathe their last breath in my face that it isn’t funny.

i know death.

the conversation turned to fear. Doc’s afraid of heights, Goon’s afraid of snakes, Mexican’s afraid closed spaces.

when it came to me, i said, “what scares me is every time i get an order for a portable in the ICU, when i see some 80 year old guy with tubes in every orifice, that scares the shit out of me. i NEVER want that to happen to me. some 20 year old nurse wiping my ass as i hear my life blip away. FUCK THAT!”

there was silence for a minute or so when Doc chimed in.

“a man dies fighting a dragon. that’s a proper death.”

we all nodded in agreement. Goon admitted he should have died a few times in afghanistan, but rationalized this it wasn’t his time. same with Mexican. hell, there are MANY times when i should have bought the farm.

Goon chimed in, “i want to have a stroke as i’m deep dicking some cutie.” we all laughed.

i said, “you know how i want to go? like tristan in “legends of the fall”. me, a grizzly, and a knife. i’ll NEVER win, but i want to go down hacking away at a superior opponent.”

Doc nodded, “that’s a man’s death. that’s how a man should go. there’s honor in that death. his family will speak of him with admiration.”

Goon and Mexican nodded in agreement. what we do with out time on the earth is nothing compared to how we leave it. fear must be overcome. if you’re scared of heights- do a tandem parachute jump. if you’re scared of snakes or spiders- go to a pet shop and handle one.

what you fear is nothing to cower from, it’s something you can over come if you have enough balls to face it. it’s right in front of you; will you cower or will you take it on.

i hope you choose the good fight.

this is how i want to die.

stay up.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Panic.

i’ve always been an avid swimmer. lifeguard, swim team, surfing, LOVE swimming and being around the water.

i got sent to guantanamo bay as soon as i came into the navy. i was 20. there are 3 things to do in GTMO: work-out, drink, scuba. oh, and throw shit at banana rats and 6 foot iguanas. i was at the beach with some friends and one guy had snorkeling gear. i asked if i could borrow it and went out into the water.

it was fucking beautiful. the water was crystal clear and it was about 15 feet to the floor. i was about 40 feet from shore. i was looking at the fish, the plants, the coral, everything i could take in. suddenly i realized all the fish disappeared. then i saw why.

there was a 10 foot tiger shark cruising about 20 yards away.

i froze. i kept facing the shark and slowly paddled back to shore. it finally came towards me then turned about 10 yards away from me and disappeared.


i continued slowly head back to shore and prayed to sweet Jesus this thing wasn’t going to come out of no where and truck me. i had heard PLENTY of stories from the cubans how tiger sharks would circle the rafts and wait for them to fall apart. one told me how a shark kept running into the boat trying to sink it.

so i was justifiably concerned.

i made it back to the beach unscathed, calmly left the water, took off the snorkeling gear and joined my friends. “dude, you were only gone for 15 minutes.” 15 fucking minutes. it felt like an hour. i explained what happened and my buddy (army guy, don’t remember his name) said, “oh yeah dude, cuba’s loaded with tiger sharks, they can be pretty aggressive too, you’re lucky.” i looked at all of them who were nodding in agreement and i replied, “FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!!”

they just laughed, then told me not to snorkel if it’s murky because the barracudas will snap at you. needless to say, my snorkeling career ended. i was just surprised that i was able to remain as calm as i did. then again, i knew if i panicked it might have drawn more attention from it.

then there was sicily. me and some friends rented a few kayaks and headed out to taormina and hit the beaches. one of my coworkers…..OH, wait.

i was there with my new girlfriend (a local girl) and she brought a few friends. well once we set up out little area the gf and her pals took off their tops, not an unusual thing. not unusual for THEM. they notice 6 american boys staring wide eyed and my gf asked med, “questo non e normal per le americani?” (this isn’t normal for americans?). i shook my head no and the gf fired something back in sicilian and the tops were put back on.

so, my coworker asked me to paddle out to this rock formation about 2 football fields away. we were just over half way there when i notice a large shadow. i looked up thinking a plane was passing over head, but saw only clear blue skies. i looked down and caught the tell-tale sign of a side-to-side slow swoop of a large tale.

“danny, what’s that?”

i froze. we had at least a 12 foot great white swim under our kayak. the water had to be about 30-40 feet deep. i told Rose, “sweetie, i need you to be very calm, and not say anything. but that’s a shark.” her face instantly turned white and i could see her trembling. i slowly paddled the kayak back to shore and rose was nervously slashing. i told her to quit paddling and keep her eye on the shark.

anyone that watched shark shit knows the LAST thing you want to do is splash water when a shark is about. i also wanted to give Rose something to do to keep her from panicking.

once we were in waist deep water Rose jumped out the kayak and ran straight to her bf. she’s from Massachusetts and said in that stupid accent, “there was a fucking shark, it was fucking wicked huge.”

the gf asked what had happened and i told her, “un tiburon.” (spanish for shark, i was still learning italian, but the 2 are very similar). the said, “un grandissimo bianco.” the gf calmly pointed out the area between sicily up to naples is breeding grounds for great whites, but they never bother people.

sometimes, you find yourself in situations where everything tells you you’re fucked. in both cases i was scared as hell. but i KNEW i had to keep cool or things could go VERY badly. sometimes, you’re thrown into a situation and it’s imperative you keep your cool. my coworker never went into water deeper than her waist during her 3 years in sicily. me and my buddy Billy swam from messina to the mainland of italy a few months later. lol.

the next line in the scene is joe telling freddy, “that’s how you do it kid. you knew how to handle that situation. you shit your pants and you dive in and swim.”

stay up.

Kill Your Idols

i stumbled upon this community almost 3 years ago. i think it’s an important hub for men that realize something is wrong in our society. what i find to be the greatest asset of the sphere is that there are so many different voices. a reader will inevitably find a blogger they connect with- a similar voice if you will.

i really don’t read a lot of blogs. it’s not a personal thing, i post what i can then get back to life.

at some point i realize some readers regard the blogs/bloggers a bit more than they should. my advice-

kill your idols.

take the advice for what it is and apply it if it’s something that you feel will enhance your life. i know where my life is going, and that is an ascent into minimalism. i’m not a PUA. never claimed to be one. but i do fairly well with women. when one crosses my path i’m usually good at getting her attention, possibly even a number. but she’ll never be the end all be all of my existence.

if you decide to go the PUA path, that’s cool. everyone does what’s best for themselves. but personally, i can’t subscribe to something revolves around getting laid. there’s MUCH more to life than that. yesterday REALLY put that point into perspective. lol.

i thought i’d found the dream- bought a nice house, make a decent living, but all of that is really shit. after reading enjoy the decline i REALLY had a new perspective. i realized everything i was told i “needed” was bullshit. all i “need” is a roof over my head, food on my table, and the company of those i hold dear.

i think a lot has gotten lost on modern masculinity. i know, times change, and certain qualities of classic masculinity may be antiquated. but who made that rule? i think men SHOULD know how to hunt, how to exist if stuck in the woods, how to build a house. it’s actually quite fun. i LIKE knowing i can exist without depending on going to a supermarket.

i know guys that spend HOURS in the gym to “look good”, but the fact is most men have never actually even been in a fight (and GOD knows after yesterday i’m not advocating it). i was under the impression that working out was to be healthy and stay strong; NOT to be able to flex in the mirror and say, “gee i look good.”

the men i’ve met in the sphere are some of the best people i know. that’s a fact.

but the simple fact is, they are your average, every day, run of the mill guy next door. you could be living next a sphere heavy hitter and never know it. but these guys are also the first ones to look at you oddly if you were to regard them “sphere legends”. i always wince when guys fail to see me as just some asshole with a blog.

because honestly, who the fuck am i?

read the blogs, but kill your blogging idols. they are no better or worse than you.

oh, to these who attended the MMGMMD, my mom said to tell you she was VERY happy to see all of you. “tell Mitch i’m enjoying my second bottle of champagne”. and she said she felt so happy when Dok went and fetched himself a glass of water without asking- “i just wanted them to feel at home.”

mom loves her kids, especially her sphere kids.

stay up.

Home Field Advantage

every man is different. every man has unique strengths and weaknesses. one of the most difficult aspects of game is learning what works best for you. i’d probably suggest you ask those friends closest to you what they think are your best qualities. from there, see which are most applicable to red-pill/game.

i’ve always been humorous. i’ve always been able to make people laugh. humor is a great social lubricant.

of course, all i can do is relay how i used what i possess towards learning game. and, well i’m a pervert and i can make people laugh. fortunately, most women are huge perverts so making them laugh then going pervy removes “creep status”. the fact is, i’ve had guys watch me interact with women and admit, “i just couldn’t do that.”

but for me, it’s calculated. i watch every move she makes; calculate every smile, nod, laugh, eye movement, shift of body, etc. i surgically read IOI’s. my job is to take her off of her game, and make her play mine. once i make her laugh and she’s leaning towards me, i’m almost home. a number close is guaranteed. i was telling this to Sploosh at a strip club last night. when i can make her break character and and laugh while she’s on stage, i KNOW i have her.

the above basically explains why online dating doesn’t work for me. besides as Sploosh astutely put it, “they see 5’4″ and they move on.”

uh….thanks? dick. lol.

but he’s right. online women can be as superficial as men. but when the same women that would glance over me online sits in front of me, she’s mine to pick apart and qualify. a large part of how i work is by joking with her. i was on a first date with what would end up my as girlfriend. she asked me if i had any tattoos. i told her no and she asked me if i liked tattoos.

“yeah, i just think they’re most sexy when they’re inconspicuous. when a woman has excessive tats it takes away from her natural beauty. like say, you’re undressing her and as you remove her panties (notice, i’m already planting the ‘we’re gonna have sex’ seed in her head) and you notice she has a small heart inside her bikini area, THAT’S HOT.”

she smiled and agreed how sexy that could be. but i wasn’t done.

“then you notice something really hot. like inside the heart she has something hot written inside of it, like ‘black cock’.”

she stared at me for a moment, then burst into laughter. i knew right there that me and this cute little mexican girl would get along just fine. now, i admit, unless you have super sick game, this is something that takes time and usually comes with age. you get to understand yourself better as you get older. if you’re a younger guy and you’re reading this, you are well on your way to jedi status.

i didn’t have the luxury of a series go blogs that i could reference and cite. you do. read up, get off your ass and practice the Venusian Arts. trust me, i’ve met very few women that didn’t appreciate a man that could effortlessly interact with woman and could bring a smile to pretty faces with ease.

i’ve seen guys that could be models, but they have ZERO skills with actually talking to women. like a hot girl, they’re looks became a crutch and they never had to learn how to be interesting. i fully admit i have the sex appeal of John Merrick, but i sure as shit can make a woman laugh, all the while escalating with flirty sexual banter. most of it is even self-depricating.

so play up your strengths, kick the pedestal out from under her, and bring her into your world. it benefits both parties.

stay up.