The Common Denominator

at present i have 4 in the stable in jax: a nursing school student-22, a stripper-21, a biology major attending U of F-19, and a waitress-21.

the “how i managed this” is irrelevant, i did the same crap i always do: make her laugh, compliment the laugh or smile, find out id she single, if she’s single i hand her my phone and mention we’re going to hang out. if i do this with 10 women, there might be 2 that WON’T give me their number. FACT. guys email me and comment how they thought this approach could never work, then become shocked when they try it and SURPRISE, they get a number.

however, if i get 10 numbers, i MIGHT end up seeing 2, maybe 3 of the girls. it really is a numbers game when it comes to women. the first time i “hang out” with a women, i’m just seeing if she’s the type of women i want to see again. i’m at a point where if i’m put off by her personality- i’ll quit talking to her. but that just comes with age and having been with enough women. with the exception of the stripper, i ended up with the other 3 while doing the same thing-

i was out reading.

the nursing school student ended up sitting next to me while i was reading “the fuck up” by arthur nersesian. it’s a story about, well, a guy that can’t get his shit together and can’t seem to catch a break. when i told her, “i don’t think you’d like it, it’s kinda more for guys.” i got her number by letting her borrow the book and told her i wanted a book report in a week while we had lunch.

the U of F girl and i ended up talking while i was nosing through “the new astrology” by susanne white. it’s a book that mixes your western and eastern astrological signs and give a CREEPILY accurate description of someone’s personality. girl read her sister’s sign and was amazed. i told her we should meet up to talk books, number closed. we hung out twice- closed closed. lol.

waitress- well, i already told that story. you might want to try some Neruda or Lorca for spanish poetry. i’m also a fan of Rainer Rilke. poetry is fucking money because it’s such a subjective thing and you can describe a poem in a manner that is and of itself seductive. Neruda’s descriptions of women is great. Lorca was gay, so he tends to be quite erotic (fucking perv).

i never LOOKED to meet these women. and the great thing is is i can go a month or longer without hearing from them, then out of nowhere, i get a text or a call and we’ll get together. sometimes they just want to come over and “de-stress” sometimes we just have lunch.

so remember, do your thing, get out and enjoy life. i just happen to like to read. and women LOVE reading. when they see a guy reading it get’s their attention and when you’ve got game/red pill knowledge it makes interacting with her all the more fun.

here’s a bit of mood music for you younger guys eager to attain Game Jedi status that are still taking your lumps. don’t quit, it will sink in. saw these guys live in japan at summer sonic. right when this very album had just been released, and they played this little number. it’s about a man transforming, just like you guys that are absorbing red-pill will transform. stay with it, the 2:50 mark is where i want you to pay attention….

stay up.

Dating’s Dead, Hanging Out is In

been putting off writing this since it entails a TON of dialogue. so i decided i’ll only add the necessary dialogue. k. but i figured this was apropos since it’s HUMP DAY.

about a month ago i landed a waitress’ number at my local. i made it a point to mention taking her on a date. i texted, no response. texted her again, she replied about 20 minutes later that she wasn’t working, but she was “busy”.

i deleted her number.

well, 2 weeks ago after work i stopped off at La Nopolera for some dinner. i had a book of poetry from Becquer so i brought it with me. i’m a big fan of carrying a book with me when i go to a restaurant, coffee shop or any place i’m going to be sitting and passing the time. the exception being my local or a strip club. and poetry is perfect because you can read and stop quickly when interrupted. and, well….most women LOVE poetry.

the hostess asked me if i had a seating preference and i answered with, “cute waitress section” and smiled. the hostess laughed and brought me to my table. i perused the menu and decided on the carne asada plate.

my waitress (Krissy) showed up and took my drink order. i ordered sweet tea and she asked me what i was reading. i told her it was some poetry by Becquer and she said she’d never heard of him. i explained he was a poet from southern spain that wrote some of the best romantic poetry i’d ever heard. then i asked her if she read.

she replied that the only things she reads now are her textbooks for college. turns out she’s going to be an RN. the conversation easily segued into me mentioning i worked in the medical field as well. after 2 minutes of small talk she left to get my drink.

she brought me my tea and since there really weren’t many people there she asked me about the book. girl was cute. soft 7. small, about 110 lbs, came across as a relatively feminine and sweet girl, and she’s 20. when she said she never read much poetry i told her a little about the poet and his relatively sad life. she asked if she could hear on of his poems and i searched one of his most famous.

“What is poetry? you ask, while fixing
your blue pupil on mine.
What is poetry! And you are asking me?
Poetry… is you.”

it’s a pretty crude translation, but she really seemed to like it. i told her it was more beautiful in spanish. and i read the actual poem.

“¿Qué es poesía?, dices mientras clavas
en mi pupila tu pupila azul.
¡Qué es poesía! ¿Y tú me lo preguntas?
Poesía… eres tú.”

THIS got her. she said it really was more beautiful in spanish. i negged her with, “aren’t you supposed to be taking my order.” and smiled slyly at her. she smiled, broke eye contact, and asked me what i wanted. i gave her my order and she left.

i continued to read and eventually she brought me my food. we made a little small talk then she left to let me eat. she checked on my one or two more times and i eventually asked for the check. before she could leave i told her, “but it’s not looking good for your tip.” she smiled and asked what she had done. i told her-

“you really aren’t wearing enough flair. sorry”

she laughed and said Nop really doesn’t do the “flair” thing. i told her it didn’t matter and the customer is always right. again, i smiled after i told her that. she laughed and i used my usual “you have a really cute laugh, your dude’s lucky”.

she replied that with work and school she didn’t have time for a boyfriend. i looked at her for a few seconds, grabbed my phone with the keypad open, handed it to her and said, “cool, we need to hang out some time.” she took my phone and punched in her number. i paid my bill (i left $4 on a $12 tab).

i texted her 2 times over the following week. the first i opened with “please tell me the flair issue is resolved.” she responded back with telling me to let her know when i planned on coming back and she’d be wearing more. i didn’t respond.

the next text was a quick, “what is your cute ass doing atm?” she responded with “studying”. i told her pretty soon she was gonna need some “RnR”. she agree and i didn’t respond back. 2 days later i texted her around 9pm. she works the 5-close shift because of school. just so happened she was at work. when i texted her, she replied she was closing and it was busy.

i replied with, “cool, here’s my address, bring me some chicken tenders. i’ll pay you when you get here.” now, i live less than 10 minutes from her work. i employed the bringing me food tactic to prevent her from flaking. just like the handing a girl your phone when you want her number, most women will go along with a solid frame. without her bringing me food, her hamster might have made her flake.

i gave her a REASON to come to my house.

around 11:45 my doorbell rang. lol. i let her in and of course she had my chicken tenders like a good girl. i asked her how much they were and she told me she didn’t pay for them, one of the kitchen white-knites made her an order. she walked in the house (i have an open floor plan 3 bedroom/2 bath house) and she commented on my not having a sofa. i said, “yeah i gave it away.” she asked why and i told her it was a long story. then she made note of the AK-47, .22 pistol, and .9 milli vanilli sitting on the floor. i told her that that was a few of the MANY firearms in the house. fortunately she’s a southern girl so it didn’t really phase her. lol.

i asked her if she were thirsty and that i had water, tea, juice, and coconut milk (i told you, i live with an asian chick). she asked for wine. i told her, “i’m not really down with contributing to the delinquency of a minor”. she laughed and replied with, “i doubt that’s going to be the worst thing that happens here tonight.” GOOD GIRL. i looked at her oddly and said, “what the hell are you talking about, i was about to fire up the xbox so we could play call of duty”. i rolled my eyes after i said it. lol.

i told her the front part of the house was basically my room-mates so we didn’t go down there, then brought her to my room and she paused and asked why i didn’t have a bed.

“i gave it, my night stands and dresser away.”

she asked why and i again told her, “long story.” i showed her the my bathroom and she lit up. “now THIS is what i’m talking about.” i then informed her she needed to EARN the privilege of using my tub. she smiled, tilted her head slightly and asked, “oh do i?” this was the moment. i looked her in the eyes, hooked a finger into the front of her jeans, kept eye contact and pulled her towards me slowly.

we kissed for about 2 minutes and i told her, “let’s go get your wine.”

i poured her half a glass and i sat at my spot in the living room by my coffee table. she sat next to me DESPITE the fact that i have a very comfy round chair that spins and is loaded with pillows. we made small talk for a minute and she asked about the blanket we were sitting on; how it looked old. i told her-

“yeah, i think i got it when i was 6-7.”

she gushed, “this is from when you were a BOY, AAAAAAW, that’s so cute.” and her sentiment was genuine. of course brody was licking her leg (he does that to EVERYONE, he’s such an attention whore), and she made a comment to him about her getting “doggy kisses”. i added, “yeah, at least someone’s getting some action around here.” she looked at me, put down her wine, and leaned into me.

we stared kissing and soon enough we were getting handsy. then her shirt/bra came off. then my shirt. then i took her hand and walked her to my room (sans) brody. when we were done, she bathed in the tub, and i showered. when i got out she asked me to sit in front of her in the tub so she could bathe me (DAMN what a good girl). then i told her i needed to have my “front cleaned”. lol. i left the tub and she asked me if i’d bring her her wine (the tub has a rack that allows for a book, and a thing to holds a wine glass by the stem).

i brought her her glass and went into the living room to watch tv. i started answering comments on the site. when she was done in the tub, she came out and sat next to me and asked what i was doing. i told her i was answering comments from my website. she asked me what the site was.

oh boy. here we go.

i told her i host a web site that teaches guys how to understand and attract women. she looked at me, mouth agape and said, “shut the fuck up Danny.” i left the site “dashboard” and went to the homepage. her eyes widened. i kid you not she read for almost 30 minutes. then she asked if i were going to write about “her”. i told her i wanted to and if i did i’d change her name and where she worked. i told her to text me after she reads it, she knows it’s going up tonight and i can’t wait to hear what she has to say about it.

in just over a week, i went from a number close to a +1. now, i fully admit, a large part of “Danny game” is reactionary. my responses are ad-lib and based largely on what she gives me to work with. but for the most part i’m sure you can see what i did land this young lady. humor and negs make up a BIG part of how i interact with women. class dismissed. lol.

stand by for tomorrow post about the conversation we had AFTER she’d read it.

the bed. i decided to go more luxury and bought a $30 sleeping bag to put on top my pallet.

the bed. i decided to go more luxury and bought a $30 sleeping bag to put on top my pallet.

stay up.

Sleeping with a Woman

“Making love with a woman and sleeping with a woman are two separate passions, not merely different but opposite. Love does not make itself felt in the desire for copulation (a desire that extends to an infinite number of women) but in the desire for shared sleep (a desire limited to one woman).”

-Milan Kundera, “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”

when i read this it really resonated with me. i NEVER let women stay over. after the sex, we can shower, but then she has to go. if i’m at her place, i bounce. i don’t care if it makes me a dick, i don’t care what the women i’ve slept with thinks about it. the way i see it, we aren’t in a relationship. if she feels slighted because i gunned it down then left, well then, she needs to rethink her decisions. mondays post will show how i “hit it and dipped” the first time i banged my ex.

but let take a step back, i LOVE sleeping with a woman. seriously. i don’t know how it goes for all couples, but the ritual occurs like this for me and a gf. we start out with the cuddling bullshit. she’ll scratch my back or my neck. there’s small talk, then eventually she heads to her side, i head to mine. and i ALWAYS sleep on the right side

i think a lot stems from the fact that when you sleep, you’re vunerable. and most men DO.NOT like making themselves vunerable. so when you meet a woman you connect with, it’s a welcome change to sleep with her. as far as i’m concerned, it’s one of the ultimate forms of trust a man can offer. hell, i’ll bang at the drop of a hat (almost), but let her sleep with me?

no. thanks for the pussy, but i got shit to do tomorrow.

i’m wondering if it’s a reciproical thing. i’m sure women appreciate the intimacy of it. i’m sure there HAS to be a different thought process for women when it comes to sleeping with a man. though i doubt little of has to do with the “vunerablility” i mentioned before. i’m guessing it’s more of a bonding thing- shared sleep for women.

the first time i slept with the object of my oneitis (banged her on the first date. YISH!!!), i knew i didn’t want her to leave. after some marathon sport fucking and a shower, it was time to sleep. i was out immediately. i THINK i held her at first, then ended up on my side. the next morning, we were heading off to grab lunch and i asked her if i snored while i sleep. she answered-

“no, you fart.”

i was visibly embarrassed (and i NEVER get embarrassed). she responded to my awkward face with, “no big deal, it’s kinda cute.”

but there’s a question i need an answer for. why? WHY is a woman 9000 degrees under the covers, but her ass is always 30 below? i HATE being asleep and suddenly i feel this stinging cold in the small of my back. smh.

stay up.

Book Review: Enjoy the Decline

I’ve been pretty open about my plans for retirement- couple acres in Tay-has, the travel trailer, the microfarm, etc. Currently waiting on my sis to cop a uhaul and head up here to claim my sofa and king sized cloud of a bed. Other friends have laid claims to the TV, my bookshelf (books are staying with me obviously), and mom wants the spinny chair. What I don’t sell I’ll donate to goodwill. All I plan on taking are my books, some clothes, the food bank, the guns, and a few mementos. I’m well aware that I need to get rid of almost all of my shit and kinda looking forward to it.

With that in mind, I finally decided to jump into “Enjoy the Decline by Aaron Clarey”, and must say I was NOT disappointed. The odd thing is, having met him I heard his voice as I read the passages. Kinda surreal. Now, I know dick about finance. Numbers totally fuck me up. I’d have a PhD by now if I could just pass college algebra. ETD, prepares you for the rough times ahead. And believe me, its coming. But Aaron is able to break down to the lay-person how exactly the economy will implode. Its one thing to hear speculation on the news, or make your own predictions based on current events. But reading Aarons take is kind of chilling at first. But then, he slaps you on the back and tells you not to worry. :/

In the beginning he explains basic finance to us. Then tell us how to prepare, how to educate, invest, and breaks down what’s most important in life. But after you start to finish the first chapter, something odd happens. Around page 54-55, Aaron quits writing and suddenly Tyler Durden takes over.

“I am Jack’s wasted youth. I am Jack’s public education.”

“I am Jack’s utterly disillusioned and disappointed American dream.”

I won’t spoil the content, but trust me- if I could, I’d take a copy of ETD back in time and give it to me the day I graduated High School. This book is a MUST READ for all the young men in the Sphere. We’ve all heard the feminist horse shit, we’ve been lied to, marginalized, mistreated, misrepresent, and mostly, made to feel unnecessary. The media portrays us as buffoons; they cater to the “empowered, independent woman”……

It’s time we responded. Read this book…..and learn how.

What I took from this book was a survival guide, a starter kit if you will for MGTOW. While he doesn’t condone or speak against marriage and kids, he does speak in a manner akin to “at your own risk”. You’re a grown adult, make your own decisions. But he’s also realistic as to the current environment for American men and lays out a very basic plan to make the most of what time we have before “hope and change” kicks in, and the parasites overtake the host. Fortunately for me, I’ve already taken care of about ¾ of what Aaron recommends. Interestingly enough, Mr. Clarey informs us if he had it to do over again, he’d have joined the Military. Expect a post very soon on what a man joining the Service needs to know to survive.

Please don’t think its all doom and gloom in ETD, that’s the beauty of it. In essence Aaron has made the mistakes and wants to prevent you from doing the same and have a fulfilling life. This is why I think every young man needs to read ETD, he’s helping you have a better, more prosperous and meaningful life.

So rosin up that fiddle as the city burns behind you, kick back you enjoy the decline. I mean, all you have to lose is…..well, everything. lol

Stay Up.

why my copy will always be cooler than yours.

why my copy will always be cooler than yours.

oops….forgot to add this.

Roll the Dice. The Wisdom of Buke

I know it’s pretty cliche to dig Bukowski. But….dude’s tits. Say what you want, but Buke lived life by his own rules, his own code. And it’s a code I totally respect. I once rented a place on Decatur for a weekend and just drank, wrote, and people watched. One of the best weekends of my life. Here I present my favorite poem by Buke, and a the code to witch I try to adhere to.

if you’re going to try, go all the
otherwise, don’t even start.if you’re going to try, go all the
this could mean losing girlfriends,
wives, relatives, jobs and
maybe your mind.go all the way.
it could mean not eating for 3 or 4 days.
it could mean freezing on a
park bench.
it could mean jail,
it could mean derision,
isolation is the gift,
all the others are a test of your
endurance, of
how much you really want to
do it.
and you’ll do it
despite rejection and the worst odds
and it will be better than
anything else
you can imagine.

if you’re going to try,
go all the way.
there is no other feeling like
you will be alone with the gods
and the nights will flame with

do it, do it, do it.
do it.

all the way
all the way.

you will ride life straight to
perfect laughter, its
the only good fight
there is.

– Charles Bukowski
stay up.

True Colors

I want to be clear here: everyone knows how I feel about my family. You all know how important they are to me. I believe last Summer most of the sites discussed “female submission”. Well…I was on The Spearhead  today where there’s a post that validates EXACTLY why the MGTOW continues to grow. THIS is my reasoning for being so hesitant about marriage. The quote from Roslyn Holcomb says it all.

I WISH I could say this type of sentiment were uncommon. I am NOT advocating a guy trying to get out of child support or not take responsibility for his offspring. But after the quote Mr. Price makes a perfect point. The focus of this post however ISN’T about the Spearhead per se, I just wanted to use the article to reference my OWN encounter with a young lady shortly ago on DetiNation.

Deti was good enough to comment about himself on DetiNation where he gave his personal beliefs on relationships/marriage and made mention of “female submission”. It didn’t take long for a young lady named Pip to chime in regarding Deti’s opinion. *sigh*

“…women’s refusal to submit to the men in their lives, men’s failure to insist on their wives’ and daughters’ submission; men’s failure to lead their wives;…”

Submit? Really? I’m not going to be led. Why would I ever want to do this? Or allow this? It’s about choice. If two people want to arrange their union in such a way, fine. But if they want to live their lives the way I and my MGTOW partner do, for example, where we stand equal in all ways, that’s equally great. To claim that this is the only way to have a marriage – a soft form of slavery to my eyes- is utterly abhorrent to a lot of women. And they won’t do it.”

Well, how much you wanna bet she read and raved about “50 Shades of Grey”. I’d LOVE to talk to her SO in 10 years and ask him how “equal” the divorce proceedings were. How much “equal time he gets with his kid(s).I had posted a longer response to her, but my server dropped and I had to repost from my phone. But I’m not going to denigrate women in general. I do realize that this isn’t the sentiments of EVERY woman. But it’s prevalent enough for me to heed the warning that comes with me getting married. There’s no point to me being bitter when I can just go my own way.

Her sentiments and the comment Roslyn made are EXACTLY why I’m so skittish and apprehensive about marriage. It’s why I’m SERIOUSLY looking into buying an acre in southern Louisiana and putting a travel trailer on it. I’m just too scared of the risk that comes with marriage and I’ve come to realize I don’t need a huge house and 90% of the shit I have packed inside it. I own a 1800 sq foot 3BR house and utilize 10% of it.

I’ll have my retirement, I’ll have my little slice of heaven, I’ll have Brody, I’ll hunt, fish, trap, read, tend to the chickens and goats, and small garden. MAYBE I’ll get a job, maybe I won’t. Hell, even one of my best friends (divorced) said he’d LOVE to do the same thing and that he owns 10 acres out by his hometown of Jennings, La. I know what you’re thinking, “How the hell did you come up with this hair-brained plan?” Well, I read a book by a man that had a hunting camp. After a divorce, he was wiped out and broke. Then he lost of his job. He moved into his camp for what was supposed to a short while. Four years later and he said he should have done this years ago. Maybe it’s my outdoorsy ass rearing it’s head here, but what he’s doing sounds fucking awesome. I can buy a used travel trailer for under $5000 and an acre in La for under $3000. I think my buddy wants me to park on his 10 acres with him.

Rock on. For my retirement, I’ll be on an extended camping trip. In the event any of you guys are interested in the book-  Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat .  Now, the guy is a prepper, but I’ve also been reading up on homesteading and stuff and it’s a VERY intriquing idea. I’ll be like Shrek, “IT’S MY SWAMP!!!!” lol. I do also realize this is not ideal for most guys- especially the married ones; but it’s PERFECT for me.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the well wishes. It’s very kind of you to care. I’ll try and post sunnier stuff when I’m back to shitting sunshine

Stay up.

Books for Guys that actually like to read…..

Short post tonight, like me. book zone…..


“Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte”. One of my faves. Read and enjoy.


tonight………..INTERPOL. RIP. TOTBL is by far one of my favorite albums to this day.


this one is my personal fave.