It’s on

i’ve been on kind of on a sabbatical from women; i really need to stay focused on school, and i study all the damn time. well, there’s a SLAMMING blonde barista that just started working at the starbeezy’s i study at. i.will.close. i know what you’re thinking, “and how will you do that Danny?”

it’s the same technique i explained on closing strippers and waitresses. 1- lose the customer status. did that already, i know most of the staff there. then become a regular….again, DONE.
now it becomes a chess game. well….

check- she’s a solid 9 and has a boyfriend. and….well you know what i’ve long said about women of exceptional beauty: they all get cheated on. i KNOW her bf is going to mess around on her. i’ll bank on it. well, one of my VERY good friends (an openly gay black guy) is going to mention me to her. after i find out she’s broken up he’s gonna tell her she needs to just get some rebound dick. guess who he’s going to mention to her?

Danny. and if she asks about the tats (most girls ask what the molon labe says/means, it’s written in greek)….IOI and thats when i escalate and drop my “yer gonna end up pregnant” comment.

checkmate. enjoy your weekend.

OH…..i almost forgot. it’s been a while but i think it’s time for-



got a new shipment of diamond candles yesterday and i’m as a excited as a little girl with a new pony to be burning my “grapefruit mint” ring candle. as the summer comes to a close i think back to lazy days at the beach with blaine. the gentle burn of the sun, the waves crashing onto the beach, the sound of the gulls. i’d sit lazily sipping my cosmo, reading a book, and in a state of total bliss.

then i’d feel his strong hands on my shoulders, his warm breath on my neck, lips brushing my skin. his hand inching slowly up my thigh until his fingertips are inches from my…..wait, what?

my grapefruit ring candle. who's ready to rub their cock on my face?

my grapefruit ring candle. who’s ready to rub their cock on my face?

latah brah

The Ladies of Publix

i was at public monday buying beer. as i paid and made small talk with the cashier when the girl bagging exclaimed excitedly, “I”VE SEEN YOU BEFORE!!!!” i smiled and said i one in a lot. the cashier nodded in agreement, “yeah, he’s stops in every day.” the bagging girls said, “he smells SOOOOO good. what was that cologne you had? you said it was new.”

“yeah, Jean Paul Gauliter’s new scent”

the bagging said, “HE ALWAYS SMELLS GOOD!!!!!” this girl’s 18-19. i’m leaving in less than 2 weeks, and she’s WAAAAY to young, but i KNOW i could have closed it.

today, i stopped in to get shit for my tattoo. JUST finished it at 6. i was getting shit to clean it off and the bagging girl gushed when she saw it. “NEW TAT???!!!” i nodded and she asked what it was. i told her and she asked what it meant. she asked to see it and i told her, “some other time. me and some beer have a date.”

she was smiling from ear to ear. i looked back and she was still looking.

i’ve said since i started blogging, the best way to practice “game” is on women that HAVE to talk to you. loll for IOI’s and escalate when early on. the second girl gave me IOI’s, but i remained aloof. when i see her again, i’ll tell you what happened.

too be continued…..

I was cleaning shit yesterday in anticipation of my pack out and found this.


i have NO CLUE, who this is or when i got it. abundance mentality- get some.

stay up.

Test Your Game

i ran this post a long time ago, i’m going to repost it for my newer readers, but in a shorter format.

early in my blogging career, i was the PM supervisor for radiology. i had 2 civilians and one military tech to Lord over. my ultrasound check was a SLAMMING hot asian girl. i worked with her for almost 2 years. i watched HUNDREDS of guys approach her. this was their typical open- in EXACT detail.

they’d walk up to the check in desk, i was sitting less then ten feet to her right, usually writing a post or “doing research”. yeah, that’s it- research. a guy would walk up and just start talking to her. asking her how much longer she had left at the hospital, asking about her schooling, then just showering her with compliments about how hard working she was.

she’d smile, be gracious, and mention how hard it is to juggle work, a second job, school, and spending time with her boyfriend.

the guys would continue on, usually for about 5 more minutes, then walk away. i’d spend the next 2-3 minutes regurgitating what they had said and adding “want some dick” in between compliments. she’d laugh and nod.

then, ONE guy showed up and made her tingle. here’s what happened.

older guy, maybe early 40’s. he approached asked why she was still in and when she was transferring. she answered. then he looked at me shook my hand and introduced himself. he asked me how long i’d been there and made a joke. then he went back to girl and asked what she was doing. she told him he was studying. he asked what for and she mentioned nursing school. the she mentioned the second job and the bf. he chuckled and said, damn girl, you’re kill them youthful asian good looks with all that hard work, but old boy is lucky. take care you guys” he walked away.

i lifted my head, looked over and she was blushing and smiling BIG TIME.

this is the ONLY time i’d seen her react like that. to this DAY, she remembers him.

so, i ask you readers. HOW did this man manage to generate tingles after SO MANY others failed.

i will provide the answer tomorrow in bold.

If You Fall, Get Your Ass Back Up

i was going to UNO at the time. i think i was about 27-28 or so. my case of oneitis had moved back to LA. i was taking a psychology class. i sat behind a girl i knew from the base and to her left sat a girl that i shit you not looked like angelina jolie (the YOUNG algelina). black hair, deep blue eyes, pouty lips, slamming body, couldn’t weigh more than 100lbs. MY exact “type”.

her name was elizabeth, she had a bf that went to tulane. cool girl, but i rarely talked to her for the first few classes. then the girl i knew from base dropped the class and i ended up sitting next to elizabeth. i caught her cheating on me a few times, and i teased her that i guessed all my answers, sometimes i’d cover my paper so she couldn’t see and she’d playfully push me.

then there were the scantrons. remember scantrons? well all of UNO’s exams were done on scantron. they were 10 cents a pop so i ended up buying 20. she ALWAYS needed a scantron. i let her have one the first time then told her her she needed to give me a dollar every time she wanted one. “Danny, they only cost 10 cents.” i told her, “yeah at the book store, so go get one from there. Danny-mart charges a dollar.”

from that moment on, she ALWAYS handed me a dollar on a test day.

i really didn’t talk that much with her during the semester. eventually the day of the final came. we finished our exam about the same time. she turned her test in ahead of me then waited outside class when i walked out.

we talked for a moment. and i blankly asked her if she and her bf were still dating. “yeah, i dunno. *sigh*” then she paused gave me a look and asked, “why?” with a coy grin. i completely blanked out. i mumbled that i didn’t know i was just curious.

she smiled, looked at me with the same grin and said, “just curious?”

i was in a mental tail spin. i could NOT come up with a coherent response. i kept stumbling and everything i was saying was a rambling of nothing. finally, i got to where i had to turn to get to my car and said, “ok, this is me, i guess i’ll see you later.” i heard her reply, “i guuuuuuuess.”

as i walked to my car my inner monologue was SCREAMING at me




i got into my car and i felt like the biggest douchebag on the planet. i felt like a complete pussy. i told myself i don’t deserve to get laid ever again. i felt like the biggest piece of shit on the planet.

i was driving away and HOLY SHIT- there was elizabeth loading her crap into the back of her SUV. i stopped, lowered the passenger window and asked, “Liz, can i talk to you for a second?” she smiled, walked over, placed her hands on the door and said, “i guess.” she was smiling.

i told her i felt like a complete ass and i blanked out, but that i figured i should get her number so we could get together some time. she smiled and said, “see, was that so hard?” i chuckled, handed her a piece of paper and a pen, laughed and said, “just give me your damn number.” she smiled as she wrote and handed me the paper and pen. i told her i’d call her soon.

she said goodbye and walked back to her SUV.

called her once and she wasn’t home. left my name and number. she called me a few days later and we talked for about 15-20 minutes. come to find out she liked to hang out a club about 10-15 minutes from my house. when i told her i lived pretty close to said club and described where i lived she knew the EXACT area where i lived. she mentioned me meeting her at the club sometime and i told her i was a complete homeboy, that i had JUST come back from living in europe and i was partied out.

“i NEVER go out on a school night, and on weekends i’m here watching a dvd and kicking back.”

Elizabeth had just turned 22, i was about 28-29 at the time (it was 2002). we might have spoken on the phone one or two more times after that first call.

a few weeks later, on saturday night my phone rang around 12:30 am. WTF???? my phone NEVER rings that late. i didn’t recognize the number so i let the machine get it. it was Elizabeth and i could BARELY hear her, there was loud music in the back ground. i picked up and she asked me for my exact address. i gave her directions and she said she was coming over.

well, well, well.

30 minutes later i heard her honk her horn. i gave her the gate code, she walked up to my third floor apartment and i knew something was off. she was talking VERY erratically and she was super excited. she explained that the club was lame and 2 of her gf’s flaked and she remembered i lived close to the club.

she had also dropped X and didn’t want to roll alone. i showed her the apartment (it was fucking TINY) and when we got to my room she said how much she liked the mirrors. i told her she was lucky because i typically don’t allow girls in my room unless they’re topless. she looked at me, pulled off her her shirt and bra and moved in to kiss me.

i guess you can figure out the rest.

this girl was a BEAST. i don’t know if it was the X or this was just an amplified libido that was usual for her. but i can tell you i had a GREAT time. she left around 9 the next morning. EPIC session.

it didn’t really develop into anything more than me being a booty call when she didn’t feel like going home after partying. if my phone rang 2-3 am on a friday or saturday i knew exactly who it was. this went on for about 5-6 months before it fizzled out.

but like most women that are VERY physically attractive, she was kind of dull . and outside of fucking her there wasn’t really much interesting about her. and she told me to my face guys would gush when approaching her and tell her how she looked just like angelina jolie.

i asked her how many of those got to see her nakie. she laughed and said, “none, ew.”

and if you can just hang out with some VERY attractive friends, you might find the hotties gravitating towards you. but the fact is 9-10’s are kind of over rated after you get it in. i took Elizabeth to lunch at a vietnamese place and 15-20 minutes into it i wanted to be back home. whenever she’d come over there was about 5 minutes of talking before the sex went down.

the lesson is, even if you screw up, if you’ve received IOI’s you can still make a recovery. it happens to EVERYONE so don’t beat yourself up over it. i kid you not, had i not driven past her SUV, i wasn’t expecting to, i NEVER would have made the second attempt.

this post would have been a “shoulda, woulda, coulda” post. i SERIOUSLY had a horseshoe up my ass that day.

stay up.

Ass Grab

for whatever reason, i’ve always had interesting work relationships with female coworkers. one in particular stands out. she was half-philipina and white. VERY cute. i met her in NO before i got stationed in japan. she was sponsored by a girl that worked for me who had also just got to NO a few weeks earlier.

i ended up taking them both out to show them the city and the philipina girl sat in the back seat, in a sun-dress with her legs apart. that didn’t really get my attention as much as her neon blue panties did. i TRIED not to stare, i swear to you.

eventually i was in japan and found out the young lady landed orders to my ship in japan. i was tasked with taking the fucking 2 hour train ride to narita, finding her, and making sure she got to the boat safely. she ended up passing our with her feet resting on my lap as she curled up on her bag.

i’ve been there before, by the time you get to japan, you’re exhausted.

she ended up staying at my place since she didn’t want to sleep in the nefarious coffin racks on the ship. she knew me well enough to know i lived in relative plushness. i made her stay awake and my girl janiae came by to show her some of the local sites.

a basic foundation for a decent working relationship had been established. well, i learned something about the girl very quickly.

she’s a HUGE pervert.

now, i worked with 4 women back then and only one of them was reserved (read: married). sexual innuendoes ran rampant in medical. i knew other girls from other departments that were jealous of how the guys and women got along in medical. we considered these girls as family. did we get pervy- oh yeah.

on one occasion janiae made a comment to me that received a less than friendly reply. she responded by throwing something at me. i ended up closing and locking the door, picking her up and dry humping her on the floor. i got up after about 30 seconds, she sat there in a fake cry, “i got raped by a white boy.”

then there was the time me and a friend stuffed the same girl in a garbage can, as the rest of the department laughed on. again, pretty common horseplay on the ship.

well then there was philipina. she had a habit of “cup checking” me when i’d walk past her. then the other 2 girls started doing it. well naturally, we started “box checking” the girls. the philipina would even grab my ass as i walked past her and giggle, “ASS GRAB!!!!” when she did it. considering she had such an amazing dumper, we had no problem grabbing her ass as well.

you may be wondering why there was no “hooking up”. simple. an old grizzled E6 told me early in my career, “son, never put your dick in the cash register.” girls i work with are forbidden fruit. then i watched the fall out of 2 coworkers when they quit seeing each other, it made shit VERY uneasy in the workplace.

lesson learned.

one day i was in the office doing records and she (philipina) came in to talk with me, as she passed, i gave her ass a squeeze. she looked at me, closed and locked the door and stared at me. she gave me the look. the, “i wanna fuck” look. she told me she was tired of the teasing, and unzipped her jumper to her waist. now this girl is 4’11”, MAYBE 98lbs, and VERY attractive.

girls on the ship cut their white undershirts to just below their tits so they could stay cool. and it looked sexy as fucking hell. she walked up towards me and i was totally frozen. not turned on, but completely taken aback. she bit her lip and felt herself up as she slowly stepped towards me. once she was close enough i held my hand out to push her away.

she took my hand and placed it on her tit. “they’re nice aren’t they.” i managed to mumble, “what do you think you’re doing.” she replied that she knew i wanted to fuck her and she wanted me too (she has a thing for white boys). she finally reached at my belt buckle and thats when i walked away and told her this wasn’t happening.

she smiled, put her jumper back up and laughed, “I KNEW IT. FAAAAAG!!!!!” she then explained to me they her and the other 2 girls wanted to see if i would back up all that “bad boy talk” i was famous for. “yeah, so much for gunning me down boy.” the next day (this happened on a sunday, she and i had duty and were the only ones in medical) the other 2 girls spent the day teasing me about what went down.

they had had planned this for over a week. cher got the honors since she most fit “my type”, and she was the most naturally sexual of the other 2. even janiae made fun of me about it. but it didn’t feel bad. i simply told them-

“none of you bitches is worthy of this dick.”

i DO have a pic of her, but i won’t link it. if you care to see, comment.

stay up.

Home Field Advantage

every man is different. every man has unique strengths and weaknesses. one of the most difficult aspects of game is learning what works best for you. i’d probably suggest you ask those friends closest to you what they think are your best qualities. from there, see which are most applicable to red-pill/game.

i’ve always been humorous. i’ve always been able to make people laugh. humor is a great social lubricant.

of course, all i can do is relay how i used what i possess towards learning game. and, well i’m a pervert and i can make people laugh. fortunately, most women are huge perverts so making them laugh then going pervy removes “creep status”. the fact is, i’ve had guys watch me interact with women and admit, “i just couldn’t do that.”

but for me, it’s calculated. i watch every move she makes; calculate every smile, nod, laugh, eye movement, shift of body, etc. i surgically read IOI’s. my job is to take her off of her game, and make her play mine. once i make her laugh and she’s leaning towards me, i’m almost home. a number close is guaranteed. i was telling this to Sploosh at a strip club last night. when i can make her break character and and laugh while she’s on stage, i KNOW i have her.

the above basically explains why online dating doesn’t work for me. besides as Sploosh astutely put it, “they see 5’4″ and they move on.”

uh….thanks? dick. lol.

but he’s right. online women can be as superficial as men. but when the same women that would glance over me online sits in front of me, she’s mine to pick apart and qualify. a large part of how i work is by joking with her. i was on a first date with what would end up my as girlfriend. she asked me if i had any tattoos. i told her no and she asked me if i liked tattoos.

“yeah, i just think they’re most sexy when they’re inconspicuous. when a woman has excessive tats it takes away from her natural beauty. like say, you’re undressing her and as you remove her panties (notice, i’m already planting the ‘we’re gonna have sex’ seed in her head) and you notice she has a small heart inside her bikini area, THAT’S HOT.”

she smiled and agreed how sexy that could be. but i wasn’t done.

“then you notice something really hot. like inside the heart she has something hot written inside of it, like ‘black cock’.”

she stared at me for a moment, then burst into laughter. i knew right there that me and this cute little mexican girl would get along just fine. now, i admit, unless you have super sick game, this is something that takes time and usually comes with age. you get to understand yourself better as you get older. if you’re a younger guy and you’re reading this, you are well on your way to jedi status.

i didn’t have the luxury of a series go blogs that i could reference and cite. you do. read up, get off your ass and practice the Venusian Arts. trust me, i’ve met very few women that didn’t appreciate a man that could effortlessly interact with woman and could bring a smile to pretty faces with ease.

i’ve seen guys that could be models, but they have ZERO skills with actually talking to women. like a hot girl, they’re looks became a crutch and they never had to learn how to be interesting. i fully admit i have the sex appeal of John Merrick, but i sure as shit can make a woman laugh, all the while escalating with flirty sexual banter. most of it is even self-depricating.

so play up your strengths, kick the pedestal out from under her, and bring her into your world. it benefits both parties.

stay up.

Daily Game: What Would Danny Do?

Watch this video. First and foremost: what do you notice in this brief video? and the old lady at the start has ZERO to add in the application of “day game”, so quit bringing it up. lol.

Secondly, the 2 girls to my right were trying to take a picture. They took 2 pictures and weren’t satisfied with it.

What would Danny do? What’s your day game play?

I’ll fill you tomorrow morning what i did.

the girls took a pic, didn’t like it, retook it, and didn’t like it. when they were about to attempt a third, i stepped in, said, “give me the camera, you suck at this.” (neg). i took the pic, handed girl in pink the phone and let her look over the pic. she like it and thanked me. i asked where they were from and found out they hailed from biloxi, miss. i asked them if it were their first time in NO and they said no, but i was their first mardi gras trip. i asked why they didn’t come with their boyfriends and found out they were single.

they asked if i were local (i was wearing a fucking LSU shirt- fucking dumb girl), and replied that i was born and raised there but i was only in the city to see friends that work on bourbon. girl in pink made a joke about “showing them around.” i chuckled and mentioned they wouldn’t see many parades if they did.

now i had ZERO interest in getting a number from her. she was with a friend and i knew the cock-block factor would be high. i simply told them it was nice talking to them but i had to run.

girl in pink mentions “maybe hanging out some time.” *sigh* i said sure and handed her my phone, i punched in her name and called it. “now you have mine. see you soon.”, i replied. the reason i did the video was because i saw SEVERAL really cute girls in jackson’s square.

i have no intentions of calling her. game everyone.

stay up.