i mentioned that there was a blonde honey limbed lovely that caught my attention. and i got the impression you guys were going to want see the turn-out. hate to be a kill joy but the fact is…..

haven’t been there in 2-3 weeks.

you see. something i always stressed to you guys was live your life as what is most important to you. and on planet Danny a lovely blonde isn’t changing my plans. she works at starbucks and i have no reason to go there now. i have no class crap to study. thusly, i’m not going there just to chat up some girl.

women are the side-dish to my life. not the entrée.

i’m not here to bullshit you guys about myself. and i’m assuming most of you reading don’t want me to BS you. if i go back to that sturbeezy’s, and she’s there, i’ll give it a shot. but my expectations are low to non-existent. i think i heard the term “outcome independence” in the past. i dunno…

that’s just not the crux to my life atm. the mission is ALWAYS more important than the girl.

latah brah

The Slob Bible

i saw this while i was living in jax and 1- i always loved Dice, 2- he has a bit about todays woman that had me crying. but the kicker is the reaction of the women when he goes through the bit. just a warning NSFW based on language. because of the language, the sites showing it for free have a “age entry” requirement so i can’t link it. enter “andrew dice clay indestructible”- check the

if you decide to watch it wait for just about the 26 minute mark and strap yourself in. again, the females response is funny/telling.

latah brah


quick post today…..

confession: i had a tinder account.

i first heard about tinder during the last winter olympics. the athletes were using it to have after event bang-fests. see, tinder is supposed to be a “hook up” site. i figured, “no strings sex, COOL.” so i had an account, uploaded some pics and added my witticisms for my profile. then the waiting game began. you “like” the ones you think are cute, and “swipe right”, the ones you don’t.

seems simple, right?

here’s what i experienced: most of the ones i liked were cam girls wanting me to subscribe to their site. fuck that. then i realized something odd. the girls that wanted to hook up were fucking creepy. and i felt legitimately creepy reading what they were sending me in IM’s.

look, i LOVE a filthy girl. but i think i prefer my filthy girls to show their naughty side once i we establish some repoire. i’m well aware that girls are super nasty. but the cheesy nasty on tinder is just stupid. plus….i do better when i interact with someone face to face. i can read IOI’s and body language.

my advice, do it the old fashion way. get off your ass and deal with people (or women) one on one, directly. and stay the fuck away from tinder.

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latah brah.

It’s on

i’ve been on kind of on a sabbatical from women; i really need to stay focused on school, and i study all the damn time. well, there’s a SLAMMING blonde barista that just started working at the starbeezy’s i study at. i.will.close. i know what you’re thinking, “and how will you do that Danny?”

it’s the same technique i explained on closing strippers and waitresses. 1- lose the customer status. did that already, i know most of the staff there. then become a regular….again, DONE.
now it becomes a chess game. well….

check- she’s a solid 9 and has a boyfriend. and….well you know what i’ve long said about women of exceptional beauty: they all get cheated on. i KNOW her bf is going to mess around on her. i’ll bank on it. well, one of my VERY good friends (an openly gay black guy) is going to mention me to her. after i find out she’s broken up he’s gonna tell her she needs to just get some rebound dick. guess who he’s going to mention to her?

Danny. and if she asks about the tats (most girls ask what the molon labe says/means, it’s written in greek)….IOI and thats when i escalate and drop my “yer gonna end up pregnant” comment.

checkmate. enjoy your weekend.

OH…..i almost forgot. it’s been a while but i think it’s time for-



got a new shipment of diamond candles yesterday and i’m as a excited as a little girl with a new pony to be burning my “grapefruit mint” ring candle. as the summer comes to a close i think back to lazy days at the beach with blaine. the gentle burn of the sun, the waves crashing onto the beach, the sound of the gulls. i’d sit lazily sipping my cosmo, reading a book, and in a state of total bliss.

then i’d feel his strong hands on my shoulders, his warm breath on my neck, lips brushing my skin. his hand inching slowly up my thigh until his fingertips are inches from my…..wait, what?

my grapefruit ring candle. who's ready to rub their cock on my face?

my grapefruit ring candle. who’s ready to rub their cock on my face?

latah brah

The Ladies of Publix

i was at public monday buying beer. as i paid and made small talk with the cashier when the girl bagging exclaimed excitedly, “I”VE SEEN YOU BEFORE!!!!” i smiled and said i one in a lot. the cashier nodded in agreement, “yeah, he’s stops in every day.” the bagging girls said, “he smells SOOOOO good. what was that cologne you had? you said it was new.”

“yeah, Jean Paul Gauliter’s new scent”

the bagging said, “HE ALWAYS SMELLS GOOD!!!!!” this girl’s 18-19. i’m leaving in less than 2 weeks, and she’s WAAAAY to young, but i KNOW i could have closed it.

today, i stopped in to get shit for my tattoo. JUST finished it at 6. i was getting shit to clean it off and the bagging girl gushed when she saw it. “NEW TAT???!!!” i nodded and she asked what it was. i told her and she asked what it meant. she asked to see it and i told her, “some other time. me and some beer have a date.”

she was smiling from ear to ear. i looked back and she was still looking.

i’ve said since i started blogging, the best way to practice “game” is on women that HAVE to talk to you. loll for IOI’s and escalate when early on. the second girl gave me IOI’s, but i remained aloof. when i see her again, i’ll tell you what happened.

too be continued…..

I was cleaning shit yesterday in anticipation of my pack out and found this.


i have NO CLUE, who this is or when i got it. abundance mentality- get some.

stay up.

Test Your Game

i ran this post a long time ago, i’m going to repost it for my newer readers, but in a shorter format.

early in my blogging career, i was the PM supervisor for radiology. i had 2 civilians and one military tech to Lord over. my ultrasound check was a SLAMMING hot asian girl. i worked with her for almost 2 years. i watched HUNDREDS of guys approach her. this was their typical open- in EXACT detail.

they’d walk up to the check in desk, i was sitting less then ten feet to her right, usually writing a post or “doing research”. yeah, that’s it- research. a guy would walk up and just start talking to her. asking her how much longer she had left at the hospital, asking about her schooling, then just showering her with compliments about how hard working she was.

she’d smile, be gracious, and mention how hard it is to juggle work, a second job, school, and spending time with her boyfriend.

the guys would continue on, usually for about 5 more minutes, then walk away. i’d spend the next 2-3 minutes regurgitating what they had said and adding “want some dick” in between compliments. she’d laugh and nod.

then, ONE guy showed up and made her tingle. here’s what happened.

older guy, maybe early 40’s. he approached asked why she was still in and when she was transferring. she answered. then he looked at me shook my hand and introduced himself. he asked me how long i’d been there and made a joke. then he went back to girl and asked what she was doing. she told him he was studying. he asked what for and she mentioned nursing school. the she mentioned the second job and the bf. he chuckled and said, damn girl, you’re kill them youthful asian good looks with all that hard work, but old boy is lucky. take care you guys” he walked away.

i lifted my head, looked over and she was blushing and smiling BIG TIME.

this is the ONLY time i’d seen her react like that. to this DAY, she remembers him.

so, i ask you readers. HOW did this man manage to generate tingles after SO MANY others failed.

i will provide the answer tomorrow in bold.

A Poll for the Ladies

while on house hunting/job hunting leave, i quit shaving. i went 20 day without. below are the results. i’d say guys could chime in too, but i’d end up with an erection and that would make me uncomfortable since i’d prefer you’d be able to see my blue vein throbber.

so Ladies….what say you. you can look at a pic of me with out on my “about” page.

15 days in.

15 days in. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!

after 20 days.

after 20 days.