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i’ve been on kind of on a sabbatical from women; i really need to stay focused on school, and i study all the damn time. well, there’s a SLAMMING blonde barista that just started working at the starbeezy’s i study at. i.will.close. i know what you’re thinking, “and how will you do that Danny?”

it’s the same technique i explained on closing strippers and waitresses. 1- lose the customer status. did that already, i know most of the staff there. then become a regular….again, DONE.
now it becomes a chess game. well….

check- she’s a solid 9 and has a boyfriend. and….well you know what i’ve long said about women of exceptional beauty: they all get cheated on. i KNOW her bf is going to mess around on her. i’ll bank on it. well, one of my VERY good friends (an openly gay black guy) is going to mention me to her. after i find out she’s broken up he’s gonna tell her she needs to just get some rebound dick. guess who he’s going to mention to her?

Danny. and if she asks about the tats (most girls ask what the molon labe says/means, it’s written in greek)….IOI and thats when i escalate and drop my “yer gonna end up pregnant” comment.

checkmate. enjoy your weekend.

OH…..i almost forgot. it’s been a while but i think it’s time for-



got a new shipment of diamond candles yesterday and i’m as a excited as a little girl with a new pony to be burning my “grapefruit mint” ring candle. as the summer comes to a close i think back to lazy days at the beach with blaine. the gentle burn of the sun, the waves crashing onto the beach, the sound of the gulls. i’d sit lazily sipping my cosmo, reading a book, and in a state of total bliss.

then i’d feel his strong hands on my shoulders, his warm breath on my neck, lips brushing my skin. his hand inching slowly up my thigh until his fingertips are inches from my…..wait, what?

my grapefruit ring candle. who's ready to rub their cock on my face?

my grapefruit ring candle. who’s ready to rub their cock on my face?

latah brah

We’re Just Wired Differently

saturday i had duty with my girl jackson. i was watching the new 300 movie (again, with a blue vein throbber erection) and jackson was looking at furniture for her daughter. she kept asking me to look at ottoman’s, mirrors, armoir’s, etc. i really couldn’t be bothered by it. eventually she quit asking me to look at shit when i told her angrily that i was busy watching persians being slaughtered.

i little later that afternoon, i decided to also jump onto craigslist. i started looking for crossbows. i found a nice barnett for $350. they don’t make that particular model anymore and $350 is a GREAT price. i tunred the monitor towards her, with a pic of the crossbow and asked her what she thought. she looked at me, riased her eyebrows and said, “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!!!???” i laughed.

she was absolutely right. why the HELL would i ask her opinion on crossbows?

i spent all day yesterday looking at hunting dogs and reviewing crossbows. i replied to 2 craigslist ads by guys selling crossbows but no dice. i decided to head to Green Acres (my personal toy store) after i called, i was informed he had something used i might like. he handed me a Ten Point Titan HLX (ten point doesn’t make this anymore, now the have the titan XTREME). wanna see a happy Danny?

ain't she purdee

ain’t she purdee

Ten Point Titan HLX yoked out

Ten Point Titan HLX yoked out

he gave me the crossbow, quiver, and 4 arrows for $500. i dropped $300 without batting an eye. but the arrow heads are BEASTS!!!!!! i got a set of Rage broad heads. the following is pictures from their site, *WARNING GRAPHIC* prey kill pics.


you see to middle arrow, that’s how it leaves the bow. when it makes impact, the blades deploy open causing MAJOR trauma. now, i know you might find this cruel but the fact is it kills the animal MUCH quicker. thusly, the animal suffers less. my boy sent me a pic of where he popped a buck and there was a HUGE puddle of blood. “never had a deer get more than 30 yards after being shot.” that’s a good thing btw.

Paw-Paw taught me 2 things. never kill what you don’t plan on eating. never kill anything unless it’s attacking you.

it’s been a while and i know how much you all LOVE this bit. it’s time for….


i placed an order to diamond candle and they came in today. i was giddy as school girl crushing on beiber. but i ordered THREE. WHICH ONE DO I USE FIRST!!!!??? DKHOFAHSV;ORTESUZIO;TUVV290 ]HQ7T=VM1KDNFOIVANJGJNOIRZUYN’TNPY/. my man hamster was out of control. fortunately Blaine put his soft hands on my shoulder, told me to close my eyes and just pick one.

he’s good like that.

i'm so giddy i could pee my pants

i’m so giddy i could pee my pants

i ended up rocking guava berry and Blaine gave me a roman war helmet. and now for great moments in gay cinema.

on a more serious note. today LaidNYC announced he was closing shop. i actually spoke to him last night and he told me about it. i’d been telling everyone that he’s said he was going to stop blogging eventually.

Laid is a VERY genuine guy. the first time i spoke to him he was cool as hell and even said he has the utmost respect for guys that post openly. so i’m not surprised he’s gonna start a new project that isn’t anon. well, despite what you may read, he’s a VERY humble individual. i’m glad to know he’s in the place he’s in now, he really deserves it. but i ain’t saying bye to him.

i KNOW i’mma run into him eventually. lol. best to you Brother.

stay up LaidNYC. stay the fuck up.

The Truth Hurts

so today in class we learned the next three days will be “how to find employment post military”. and GUESS who’s coming in to teach us? quite possibly the best agency for finding employment EVER. is it a marketing agency? is a private professional instructor? NOOOOOOOO!!! that would make too much sense. they brought in the big guns.

the US Dept of Labor.

i swear to God i’m not lying. the first thing i said to the guy next me was, “uuuuuh, THEY’RE going to teach me how to find employment? have they checked their track record over the last 5 years?” but it’s cool. i banged out “Men on Strike” by Dr. Helen Smith and “3 Years of Hate” by Matthew instead.

after class i went to my local and 2 guys from my street were having dinner. they saw me and asked me to take a seat with them. they’re both cool guys; around mid-late 30’s, married, kids. you know the deal. my neighborhood is primarily upper middle class folk. and i’m the only non-married, childless dude.

i sat down and the first thing they want to know about is the white camry they’ve seen in my driveway a few times. i told them it was a friend of mine and they asked why they were there after 10pm. i told them it’s a free country and i can have friends over whenever i want.

“BULLSHIT DUDE!!!!!” who is she, a girlfriend?”

*SIGH* i told them i’m leaving soon and didn’t really need a gf. one looked at me and said, “i swear to God, you’ve got it made. i love my wife and kids, but if i could do it over i’d have never gotten married.” they gush over my being able to sleep in late, just get up and go do something, and over all, the complete control i have over my own life. the variation i have from women.

hell, most of the guys on my block will ask me directly, “please tell me about all the pussy you’re getting.” which is actually awkward for me. they have this idea that my house is strewn with pillows and scantily clad women. do i have variety- yes. but i explain to them the fact is i MIGHT see a girl once every month or two. as i wrote yesterday, most you women are pretty easy. most will readily have unprotected sex, but have their iPhone in a case.


this isn’t the first time i’ve heard this though. the minute a married guy, and by that i mean MOST guys find out i’ve never been married and have no kids they go on and on about how lucky i am. do you think they’d EVER make this admission to anyone other than another guy? do you think these guys would admit this to women that work with? i think you know the answer.

it was interesting having this conversation after reading Dr. Smith’s book. i was able to bang through it in over the course of 8 hours. the strength in the book isn’t really in the message, anyone that’s red-pill KNOWS what’s being stated. but it is good for specifics if you ever want to justify MGTOW.

i’m not so much on strike as i’m keenly aware of the risks. why get married when i can get the sex relatively easy. the truth is, you can never win or lose if you simply don’t play. you don’t NEED to warn me about the dangers of marriage when i hear from married guys that keep telling me how lucky am to not have ever gotten married.

and these guys are “happily married”. how much more validation do you need. it’s not so much about “hating women” as it is about self preservation. men traditionally are survivors, red-pill guys even more so. young guys…..please take what i just told you very seriously before you pop the question.

and i’d SERIOUSLY consider reading the book “Men on Strike” as it tells you in depth the vitriol you can look forward to on a college campus, the really of marriage today, and a honest look at the mentality of the modern “empowered” woman.

and i think you guys know where i’m going to send you to cop the book.

it’s been awhile so….


TOTES DRAMZ with the scented candle shit today. i was torn between woodwicks trade wind and dew drops candle. it’s getting warmer and i was feeling like something kind of citrusy. the outdoorsy type stuff is SO last season. *ugh* i ended having to enlist my bestie Stacy to help. Stacy, oh, she like…sniffs things. but bitch comes through in the clutch.

i ran to her counter and presented her with the 2 candles. i was feeling the dew drops, so i gave her trade winds first. she smelled it, made a odd face then sniffed the dew drops and lit up. “i like this one Danny” as she handed me the dew drops and said, “this one’s stupid.” as she pointed to the trade winds.


you hear that trade winds, you just got fucking owned. Stacy brought it like she always does. yer stupid. like seriously. who do you even think you are trade winds? like, what governing entity made you ALL THAT!!! you can take your stupid smell, and shuffle your bunk ass over to loser central. like why did you even get made, why are you even on the shelf? *stares at trade winds, rolls eyes*

whatever. over it.



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My Interview with Aurini

i had the pleasure of being interviewed by “Stares at the World” host D. Aurini. we had a really long talk, and talking with Dave made me feel like i should be wearing a monocle whist extending my pinky and sipping tea.

yeah, he’s that fancy.

and i was again reminded of how much i hate my voice. someone please gut me like a fish and set me on fire.

since this is a relatively short post, i thought i’d take away another few minutes of your life that you can’t get back. with that in mind, it’s time for some…


i was pretty disappointed with francis fir. i think maybe it had sat out too long and the scent lost its potency. so i decided to roll with Redwood. it’s not bad, but i doesn’t make me feel particularly pretty. and that’s really all i need. someone hold me.

insert something witty….here.

insert something witty….here.

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and i’m still waiting for some more stories about you guys Fed-Ex’ing

[edit- with all kennedy stuff being mentioned, i thought i’d take a different approach.

ITLR: The Truth About 9’s-10’s

i wrote a while back about how i slept with a playboy model back in san diego. well, i was having a talk with a guy at my local where he saw a very attractive woman. i told him he should go talk to her. he immediately said there’s no way he’d approach her. i laughed at first then realized that there are probably a lot of guys who answer the same way.

one of the great things about being friends with truly physically attractive women is it teaches you a thing or two IF you simply pay attention. i’ve had tons of female friends, as we speak, there’s a very beautiful woman living with me. i’ve written about her before.

there are 2 truths in regards to extremely beautiful women. TWO.

1. they always get cheated on.

2. many are RARELY approached, and most of the guys that approach are players.

let’s start with 1. these women attract players since players are usually the only guys with enough balls to step to them. the playboy chick, i hooked up with her after she found out her dude cheated on her. when “normal” guys approach, they come off as uncertain and intimidated. the girl will usually try and be accomodating; but remember….confidence, confidence, confidence. even if she WANTED to give you her number, not having a modicum of confidence simply kills tingles, but that doesn’t mean you’re dead in the water. hell, some 9-10’s even think it’s endearing when guys get tongue-tied as it shows honesty, they KNOW you aren’t some player. and every damn hot girl i know LOVES male vulnerability.

now, number 2. poop. tee-hee. ok, the females i know that were/are beautiful never went out with me when they were single. guys see me with them and assume we’re a couple. girls see me with them and will make contact and smile, wanting me to approach. number 1 is related to number 2, and thusly is the beautiful womans quandry.

player, or nothing.

she’s not some mythical creature: sack up, make contact, stick out your tongue, watch her laugh, approach, say hello, ask her name (remember- never give her your name until she asks), tease, neg, light hearted compliment (call her cute), find out if she’s single (remember- tell her her bf is lucky), if she’s single- hand her your phone and let her punch her number in. call her so she has your nember and tell her you need to get back to….whatever.

it takes less than 5 minutes. IF you’ve been doing what i’ve been telling you all along (make conversations with women you run into everyday), you’ll realize how simple it really is. because remember- she’s probably been cheated on a few times, she probably doesn’t get approached as often as you’d think.

besides, is being shot down the worst thing that’s going to happen to you. if so, invest in a xbox.

ok, it’s been a while so it’s time for….


so woodsy, so crisp. oh great, i've just made cumsies.

so woodsy, so crisp. oh great, i’ve just made cumsies.

the NEX finally got some new wood wick frasier fir candles and i copped one like it’s cool. they haven’t carried it in a minute and i have been quite disappointed. needless to say when i saw it, i dropped my “harvest” candle. The frasier fir reminds me of running naked in a snowy forest as drops of cool water sprinkle my heiney. i feel the chill of the air and the warmth of my breath steaming from my mouth and nostrils as i imagine the embrace of a strong ma…….

wait what. where am i? shit.


stay up.

Teasing is more fun than the #1

there comes a time when game becomes just that: a game.

i’ve always said- if it’s not fun, why do it? i’ve gotten to a point now where messing with a girl, teasing her, making her laugh and smile, is more rewarding than the +1. and i know TONS of guys who are good with women that feel the same way.

don’t get me wrong, i LOVE sleeping with a woman. i do. any man that claimed otherwise would be insane, or….you know….gay. to me, watching a woman do the dance, smiling at my teasing her, going along with what she understands PERFECTLY is sooo rewarding. it’s something deeply encoded in all women’s DNA: attraction.

women like what they like. they are attracted to what they are attracted to. and it’s not your looks, your money, or the car you drive. watching a woman who’s obviously attracted and flirting with you is priceless and does wonders for a man’s self-esteem.

so quit putting so much emphasis on the +1 and enjoy making her smile.

on another front…..


it’s officially fall, football is on the telly, hockey starts soon, and it’s starting to cool off outside. this means i can now rock my all time favorite scented candle: yankee candle’s “harvest wecome”. bestest more gooderest candle ever. and i’m not ashamed to admit it.

it smells FABOOSH!!!!

it smells FABOOSH!!!!

i can’t wait to start rocking cooler gear, and looking at boys in swea……i mean girls in ugg boots and scarves. yeah, that’s what i meant. anyone seen my chewing tobacco? wait, where did this body spray come from. that’s not MIIIIINE, srslee.

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Nuking a Feminist Reservist Officer

by far, one of my proudest moments in the navy came while at sea when i was stationed in yoko. i was an E5, and by this point i was sick-call supervisor. what this meant was that i ran sick call. sick-call goes down from 0800-1000/30. the sick, lame, and lazy post up and one of my 5-6 other junior HM’s would examine, diagnose, and prescribe meds for the sailors. MY JOB was to answer any questions they had, and to ensure their notes were up to snuff. after sick-call the medical officer (MO), would ensure the paperwork was done properly. NEVER had an issue with my guys or the MO. if we were short on staff, i’d also see pt’s. we good. ok.

well, sometimes we’d have a reservists go underway with us for about 2 weeks. no biggie, they typically are officer’s and would hang out with the MO. well, one reservist was a commander (cdr), and nurse practitioner that specialized in OB/GYN. this woman had my guys doing some absolutely outlandish shit after normal working hours: making poster boards about contraception and STD’s, having my girls remove the douche from the ship store (i admit, the stuff is VERY bad for a girls kitty), and she’d call us all in after our work day for inservice training.

what you have to realize is that when you’re underway as medical- you clean up the department from 0700-0800, do sick call from 0800-1000/30, lunch 1100-1300, departmental work from 1300-whenever the work is done. from that point, we set the watch, the duty crew takes over, and my guys are done to do whatever the hell they want. you DO.NOT. fuck with the junior guys liberty (time off), you want to punish your guys- you give them shit to do during their normal liberty time.

finally, the MO showed up while we were watching movies and told us the cdr wanted to do some training. there was a VERY audible gasp of exasperation and we were told to form up. i went to berthing to fetch 2-3 others. we’re sitting in sick-call and the cdr comes in and wants to ask us what kind of advice we give on contraception. one by one various HM’s rattled off methods, and me, being completely tired of this woman- spoke up.

“early withdrawl”.

a few of my guys chuckled and my LPO lowered his head. the cdr looked at me and said, “well, i can assure you that EW is NOT an 100% effective means to prevent pregnancy. i laughed and told her, “ma’am, i’m 34 years old, i don’t have any kids, and blast girls on their stomachs and backs all the time.”

there was stifled laughter throughout the room. the cdr looked at me sternly and said, “well i can assure you it is NOT an effective form of STD prevention.” i laughed and told her, “what am i gonna do, get herpes and HIV AGAIN?” the guys laughed. she stared at me for a moment and walked out the room. my boy duran ran across the room and tackle hugged me. “I FUCKIN’ LOVE YOU DUDE.” my girl cheryl (i’ve posted pics of her here before) held her hand over her mouth and was laughing.

after about 5 minutes our MO walked in and closed the door. he paced for a few moments before saying, ” ‘i’m 34 years old, i don’t have any kids, and i blast girls on their stomachs and backs all the time.’ who in this room could possibly come up with this statement?” finally he looked right at me. “why HM2, just why?”, he asked. i replied, “what- it’s basically true, i mean except the herpes and HIV part. look, we know our jobs, and i’m sick of that woman coming on our boat and giving my guys extra work. she’s here 2 weeks, we LIVE here. let her hang out with you or enjoy her fine dining in the officer mess.” my MO answered, “oh no, she has no interest in interacting with corps staff any longer.” i jumped up from the exam table and said, “good, my work here is done, i’ll be in the ward watching tv.”

she never bothered us for the rest of her time on the boat.

and now for a special treat…..SCENTED CANDLE FAGGOTRY!!!!!

the new theme song for this bit.

yankee candle FINALLY got on board with the whole woodwick thing. the woodwick rocks a fat ass. there were a few different candles and i finally went with emberside. it smells like a nice camp fire. i picture myself a lone cowboy on the range, rolling a cigarette, playing a harmonica and leaning against my saddle bags as i wait for my dinner to cook and the sun sets. but the reality is i’m actually typing this in a pink taffata robe, sipping a cup-o-soup for one. kill me.



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