Middle Age is Middle Earth for Men

sorry about last night. i had some uuuuuuh “things” to do to celebrate the big 4-0. i woke up to a text at 6am from my mom gushing at how she couldn’t believe her oldest is 40.

yesterday, i got a text from K that she was taking me out to dinner for my burfdae. i told her i’d rather cook something at home. she insisted on at least buying me a beer. we went to my local around 5 and took a seat at the bar. as i sipped my beer a very large woman (early 30’s) sat down and ordered cheese sticks. K is about 115lbs, and a 22 year old nursing student. i told my bartender i wanted a shot of jameson since it was my birthday. i’m no longer allowed to drink jameson at my local since i got fucking kersmashed on it one night. when he asked me what i was gonna do for my birthday, K chimed in with, “me.” lol.

“well alright” and away my bartender went. then a wave of faux pity washed over me about the fop that fatty pig fatty was going home to as i was getting balls deep in K’s guts (she HATES when i say that). i made us turkey meatloaf with pomegranate glaze and snicker brownies and had another first. while watching me cook, she finally walked up to me, said, “don’t stop what you’re doing.” (i was mixing the turkey with gloves on), and she began giving me a blow job. she said she’d never had a guy cook for her and it was an absolute turn on. lol. she’s a good girl.

we ate, then she let me watch “excalibur” and i made her memorize the charm of making. she rubbed my shoulders, pulled my sword from the stone, and babied me. then we went to the bedroom for a little more “fun”. then we watched “the blacklist” and played a little more. around 10pm she left and let me go do-do since i had to work today.

the charm of making. nerd game 101. she was giggling and shaking her head as i watched this movie wide-eyed and salivating. lol.

i decided to have a nice long time to introspect on my past on what may be my future. i mean in 2 weeks i’ll be heading to New Orleans to go house hunting/job hunting for 20 days. when i get back i’ll have about 3 weeks of work before i start terminal leave. before i know it, my time in the nav will be done, and i’ll be free.

it’s been an interesting 20 years. blogging has really had a profound effect on my life. posting openly forced me to approach more women and REALLY made my game more surgical, but the funny thing is; i see relationship MUCH differently now than i did when i was 20. i was fortunate enough to dodge the marriage and kids bullt, so the next 20 years are mine to do with as i will. i have no idea what will happen, but that’s not neccassirly a bad thing. i certainly don’t look or feel 40. i’m still smash 20 year old vagina, pretty decent stuff really. the flawed system of marriage is a total turn off to me, and since i CAN get access to sex without marriage, why should i puropsely go skydiving when i know half the chutes don’t open.

i no longer have my dick on my forehead. i can easily go months without pussy and not even notice. so, now my dick is pretty much on standby for the most part. i can honestly tell all you young guys to relax: your 20’s are the suck unless you have at least some modicum of game/red-pill knowledge- or (unless you’re LaidNYC). but let me assure you, once you hit your late 20’s it’s a game changer.

so keep reading the blogs. find one the seems to best reflect your own lifestyle, keep reading, keep practicing, earn your stripes and you’ll find success in your 20’s that will lead to ninja game in your 30’s.

oh, someone wanted to talk with you guys for a moment.

hi. we’ve never met before, but douchebag has mentioned me before. i’m Danny’s dick. i don’t really have a name so i think i’ll just refer to myself as Max. i just wanna say what a complete fucking pussy faggot Danny is for all the zen horse shit “i’m an a older more mature guy” crap. he seems to forget i have a say in this shit too, and he can TRY and put me on the back burner, but when i roar, he fuckings jumps to attention. if you could have seen me work last night- DAMN. i beat that pussy like it stole from me. it smelled like a greastrap at macdonald’s mid-summer when i was done with it. so don’t let fuck-nugget think he’s gonna “slow down”, not as long as i have something to say about it.


ok. i’m back. sorry about that. he gets ornery from time to time. especially after he’s just eaten. and remember, “middle age” for men is just as real as middle earth is to reality. so, all in all it was good as day, Max wanted me to post a little mood music from last night.


in searcing for the first video, i found THIS. making daddy proud.

stay up.

The White Rabbit

always loved alice in wonderland. read it when i was a kid, but even then i knew it was fantasy tale. but my young aquarian mind ate it up.

well, i was riding the klonapin wave the other night and watching the back end of “the game”. well the end of the movie features “white rabbit” by jefferson airplane. i couldn’t help but notice some similarities to game in the lyrics. i might be stretching, but hey…fucking klonapin man. emphasis mine.

One pill makes you larger (red pill), and one pill makes you small (blue pill)
And the ones that mother (feminists) gives you, don’t do anything at all

Go ask Alice, when she’s ten feet tall (entitled)

And if you go chasing rabbits (women), and you know you’re going to fall (no game)
Tell ’em a hookah-smoking caterpillar (red-pill wise man) has given you the call

Call Alice, when she was just small (humbled)

When the men on the chessboard (game jedi) get up and tell you where to go
And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom (red-pill), and your mind is moving low (leaving blue pill state)

Go ask Alice, I think she’ll know

When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead (blue pill mind set dies)
And the white knight is talking backwards (you notice them kissing women’s asses)
And the red queen’s (feminists) “Off with her head”
Remember what the dormouse said
Feed your head, feed your head (the red pill is correct)

like i said, may be a reaching a bit, but i noticed it enough to listen to the song a few times. don’t agree, ok. nothing more to see here, move along. lol.

tonight’s my families Christmas party. i’m taking Lucky and my nephew out after. Lucky took a new red-pill convert out last night after I dropped him off. i’m sure he’ll post as soon as he can. in the mean time, here’s seksi and his gift.


stay up.


unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, it’s been an “interesting” week. and while i wouldn’t go so far as to even THINK that the shit has hit the fan or is about to; one thing today has me scared as fuck. or at very least…..concerned.

a 19 year old has managed to shut down an ENTIRE major US city. if this DOESN’T concern you or you don’t understand WHY i’d be concerned- enjoy the herd, the hay’s to the right.

as are more than one fellah (and some females) in this community, i’m a prepper. i am. being from Louisiana i’m a natural at it. how? EASY. i grew up in a Cajun and Mexican home. on more than one occasion in my life i’ve had to go without creature comforts for over a week (hurricane) along with 6-7 other family members. living in Italy, i didn’t have central heat and air for 3 years.

right now. as we speak, if we lost ALL public services…..i could easily stay bugged in for 6-7 months. hell i wouldn’t even need to access my food bank, i could hunt/trap an endless food source- squirrel and rabbits. yup. i also have a VERY unique skill set: trauma management specialist, and i’m a DAMN good medic that can treat 90% of the maladies you may fall ill to.

so, as a “prepper”, what would i THINK could happen? i see 3 possibly 4 events: economic collapse, pandemic, invasion, or ZOMBIES (don’t fucking sleep on the fucking zombies).

one thing i LOVE about the Sphere is all the bloggers are knowledgeable in at least ONE thing. and i’ve never been much of a finance guy (i have BAD dyslexia and could never get past college algebra), thus not having a degree. so i’ve been going to Cappy Cap’s site a lot lately to get muh learn on financially.

WHY, do you ask.

well a week ago i got a letter from TSP (navy’s Thrift Savings Program) which is the navy’s version of a 401K and learned the over 47K i’ve invested will get me $200 a month once i’m 65. FUCK.THAT. i have already made plans on what i will do with my TSP once i retire (use it to buy land and my travel trailer, they can’t punish me purchasing those 2 items). so i’m gonna buy something i NEED.

well after reading some of Cap’s posts (great blog, and you should REALLY check out the podcasts…Aaron, i loff ever time you clear your throat) and made a decision today. during my lunch i hit a coin shop and bought $200 in pre-1964 quarters and 1/2 dollars. i will do this with each pay check i get from here out. i am now finally a bloody pirate. GAAAAAAAARRRRR!!!!!! if an economic collapse happens i will give 2 fucks about my bank account (see the recent events in cyprus). i also have a decent amount of seeds to grow my own food.

and i also buy 1 bottle of generic everclear on base twice month to make berry flavored moonshine. the new currencies will be booze, tobacco and trade items. and i know how to make wine from fruit juice. however this will only be useful during an economic crisis. do your own home work and find out what happened in British history after WWII. so, i’m buying silver. i giddily showed it off too. now it’s hidden.

as a seasoned EMT (which i was an EMT instructor), i can tell you emergencies can CRACK a poor constitution. i had to keep a 2 week old infant alive for 20 minutes in an ambulance that had an allergic reaction to formula. WORST 20 minutes of my life. seriously fucked me up for a while. but as a navy Corpseman, i’ve had to participate in MANY mass casualty drills- of all types. in a pandemic….DO NOT go to a hospital. they will be overrun, stay indoors and only go out if you need to. limiting exposure is the best bet. any “control centers” are going to be FLOODED. which leads to-

food, water, “creature comforts”.

i have probably 500 cans of food, 4 cases of MRE’S (Meals Ready to Eat- very caloric), sternos, 30 gallons of water, TONS of tp (that’ll be worth MAJOR fundage), candles (GOTTA have candles), camp site shower, water filter and purification tabs, wet naps, medicine (including VERY powerful antibiotics) but get motrin and aspirin, ammo, and weapons. during a hurricane as a kid, my job was to clean and fill the tubs with water, then seal them in heavy duty plastic (to keep dust and dirt out). water is WAAAAAAAY more important than food. if SHTF, i could live off ONE can of food a day and ration my water. so i really don’t need to leave the house.

as an active duty Corpseman, let me tell you this- the military is stretched THIN and the national guard will protect the civil politicians. YOU- not so much. so IF we get invaded (please tell me you don’t think we’re ripe to be attacked) you’re on your own. also, the gov’t is working to disarmed vet’s that have “mental health issues”. seriously. if you happen to live in a major city….good luck. in a SHTF event, mob rule will be the new law. you got, they want it, they take it. PERIOD. as i’ve said before, i’ll be living in a travel trailer on some acres in texas. after reading Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat i KNEW for once that THIS was something i’d want to do. the book is an easy read and truly a testament to MGTOW. M.D. Creekmore parked a cheap travel trailer on junk land as a family camp site. well, after a divorce and losing his job, he had no where to go. he ended up living on his campsite for what was SUPPOSED to be a temporary time. but ended up homesteading and finding “true contentment and purpose” for the first time in his life. i highly recommend giving it a read.

as for zombies, well…that’s easy. guns and board up the house. OR just watch “walking dead” and learn. and remember, you make noise….you draw them in, so piercing/slashing weapons are your best bet. you want a quiet kill. i’ll be rocking the bow. lol.

so sit back, relax, enjoy the decline, and ride the apocalypse. And yes, I am watching some trauma porn on the news. Lol.

And for the record, if SHTF feminists will find out just how bad a state they will be in since they’ve cowed most men. Your gender equality BS won’t save you from the horde…..nor will I.

stay up.

How much you wanna bet she get’s a slap on the wrist.

stumbled upon this and i thought back at the woman boy sexual assault/molestation cases and how the women are STILL portrayed in some form as victims. i’ve often said before, “you can’t rape the willing.” and where the HELL were these teachers when i was a minor. then again i was balls deep in 13-17 yo girls atm. but it still would have been cool. i had a SLAMMING homeroom teacher freshman year of HS. someone slipped some X in her coffee and well, while i didn’t see i heard she got touchy feely and ended up going home.

i digress.

i really do feel badly for this kids family though. dad had to be crushed to find out his son’s gay. all i know is if a an attractive woman offered to blow me when i was 12, for some reason i’d have instinctively known it was a GOOD thing that i needed to go with.

oh…..my POF profile. enjoy-

Repost- What I Love about Women

……pretty much everything, but considering how the “asshole” post might have left a bitter taste in some mouth’s i figured i’d drop a happy pill in the kool-aid. it’s been no secret here that i’ve ALWAYS been crazy about the opposite sex. i thought about some of the things about you ladies that make my man-hamster (i wonder if that exists) go crazy. so, here’s my list of the things about you women that drive me crazy (in a good way. lol):

-wearing my saints/LSU stuff- MAJOR points here. girl +15 if she get’s “girly” saints gear. but her in undies and wearing one of my long sleeved saints t’s while reading her book. WINSAUCE!!!

-baby T and boy shorts- that’s it. i’m DONE. i see her in these and i’m literally reduced to a blubbering idiot with the annunciation skills of a stroke victim.

-“pleeeeeeease” followed by the “eyes”- AAAAAAAWWWWWW GAWDAMMIT!!!!!!! and you ladies KNOW the “eyes” i’m talking about. DIRTY POOL. VERY dirty pool. you deploy this and i’m filing it under: “i’ll bring this one up when i wanna ********* and she gives me shit about it.” lol.

-cooks for me-

never experienced this one before so it’s more a “wish list” addition.

-victoria’s secretions- i LOVE going to Vicky’s with the gf. “huh, oh…YEAH….of course we can go, why….why…..why are we still here? LET’S GO.” is typically my reply to being asked if i mind if we “stop in.” and i KNOW you ladies love bringing us in there as much as we love going there.

-BEWBIES- does this REALLY need an explanation. i’ve been asked if i were an ass or breast man and i have to say…..BOTH, are you kidding me. the last gf had GREAT breasts, but no ass….and guess what: i DIDN’T CARE. i’ve dated women with a GREAT ass but small breasts and you know what: her breast size DID NOT register. i think women by and large regard their breasts the way guys regard their penis size and can be VERY self-conscious if they have small breasts. if you fall into this camp, please listen to me carefully. DON’T!!!! your A/B cups are PERFECT. seriously. i adore the whole package, not just a couple of specific parts.

-when she mentions “cookies” in the company of others- you know what i’m talking about here. lol. when she does this we’ll have a little conversation about what type of cookies i/she want and she’ll let me know where the “cookies” will most likely be eaten. aaaaaaaaah. INTIMACY FTW.

-wake up sex move- ok. this needs some explanation. we’re all adults and well aware of a man’s “condition” in the morning. when i wake up she’s usually on her side of the bed not facing me. i’ll usually move toward her and…..well, you know. well women have this little “move” where they arch their ass upward to make it easier for me to…..you know. lol. I LOVE THAT ARCH!!!!!! it’s sooooooo damn sexy. and i’ve NEVER had a gf that didn’t do the “move” or mention it to a female friend that didn’t smirk when i bring it up. GOD BLESS you ladies. seriously. i can tell most of you ladies are smiling as you read this. lol.

sexy emails or texts- oooooooh. this is another one that is just mean. don’t get me wrong…i love it, but i have an INSANELY high libido. for a woman to do this is just…..torture. a sexy text can honestly derail my thought process for 10-15 minutes.

“touchies”- touchies are how a women lightly brushes her hand across any part of your body while doing any menial daily task (usually watching tv). her hand is BARELY touching you and she does it. this will honestly put me to sleep if done on my back or head. SERIOUSLY. if you’re a woman, DO THIS. lol.

long hair- i’ve posted about how most guys don’t pay enough attention to a woman’s hair. BIG MISTAKE. you work great magic by simply brushing/playing with her hair or massaging her scalp. trust me on this one.

overt girliness- slays me. EVERY TIME. i love feminine women, so ladies…..be girl. we like that. lol.
there are probably more, but this is what i was able to come up with after thinking about it while at work today. if any of you guys care to add to it, i’d LOVE to hear about it.

stay up.

here’s your lenten recipe- https://dannyfrom504.wordpress.com/2012/02/24/bbq-shrimp/

Scoring Nakie Pics

you gotta love technology and most modern women’s (especially the 18-24 yo’s) narcissistic tendencies. getting naked or topless pics from girls is pretty easy. trust me, i’ve received TONS of nakie pics from various girls. being in a relationship is moot when it comes to copping naked/topless pics from girls. it’s even EASIER to get them from guys, cuz i’ve received more than eno……wait what? lulz.

it all starts with flirting and escalation. this is critical in ANY interaction with women. open, get IOI’s, you get the number. sounds simple enough right. you may be tempted to jump right out and ASK for or suggest a nakie pic. WRONG move. now you must…..

get to texting. “texting relationships” are great, AND becoming more and more frequent. keep it light and MILDLY sexual. face book status’s are GREAT for moving to text flirting. most girls will give up damn near every detail of their day via FB status updates. FB even has a great IM feature. hell, i posted a FB text with a VERY attractive LA girl on my site. and if you read it, please notice the date, i ran it a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time ago. she did NOT send me a nakie pic, but i didn’t ask, she’d never send one. lol

the next step is to tell her to send you a non-nude pic of her. 99.9999% of women will send you a pic. compliment her with LIGHT compliments. no “hot, sexy, DAMN” may be used. “not too shabby, cute, or even neg her outfit”. the playboy model i closed ONLY REACTED TO ME on a FB pic she posted. all the guys kissed her ass and told her how “hot” she looked. i told her i expected better from her than a velour adidas track suit. she responded 3 times. i NEVER supplicated. and she didn’t respond to any of the dozens of guys complimenting her.

lastly, you tell her to send you a topless/nakie pic. preferably when she’s been drinking. NOW….there are rules. the most important is for her to hide her face. you MUST tell her to leave her face out. she’s more likely to comply when she knows you respect her privacy but DO NOT push it if she refuses. once i know she’s not going to do it, i’ll respond with, “boo. yer no fun.” remember, keep it fun.

you want proof that women are down to send racy pics of themselves. ok…..got to my twitter page, click on who i’m following and make a mental note of MOST of who i’m following. a bunch of spanish speaking women who tweet pics of themselves in various stages of undress. some even post naked pics. i only use twitter to promote the site, i don’t really twitter outside of that (and seeing nakie pics of wimminz) so please don’t be offended if you’re following me and i’m not following you. i’m only interested in whoring myself out and seeing naughty pics of girls. sue me.

when you start getting pics, i’d appreciate a thank you. if you need further proof, google “angie varona”. class dismissed.

stay up.

the queen of interwebz pic whoring

the queen of interwebz pic whoring

Gone Fishing

in the interest of SCIEEEEENCE!!!!! i started a POF profile. the point of my starting one is to see who is viewing my profile and if i get messages. i have ZERO interest in meeting anyone on POF. i think online dating is great….

for women.

women’s sense of entitlement is already exaggerated. said entitlement is just exacerbated in online-dating. now, on my profile i’m 100% honest about my age, height, and weight and that i’m seeking women 22-26. i posted the maximum number of pictures i can- RECENT pics. i began the profile friday. so every friday i will post about my “VIEWS” and messages.

and don’t ask for the link. i’m not sharing.