Going Ashore

next week i start checking out of the command. tuesday, i move out of my house. on the 14th i have my VA appointment. the next day, i drive back home- for good. last week was my “official” (read, i didn’t request one) retirement ceremony.

i started this site in the summer of 2011 at the suggestion of others. i found the Sphere in march that year and stumbled from site to site. after becoming a regular commenter on Riv’s site and having Yohami goad me long enough i started this site.

so here i am.

and now i feel my time here is done. i have no further advice to give. i have nothing else to offer to you men about women. and i am no longer the man that started this site. therefore, it’s disingenuous for me to blog under this handle.

i promise, i’ll return. but i need to get my affairs in order and finish my retirement. i need to reconnect with my family. i need to reconnect with myself. like i said, “dannyfrom504” is dead. the man that started this site is gone.

the sites i mentioned before will announce my new site. i’m ready to start anew. if you choose to join me, i’d be greatly appreciative. but to those of you that read my BS, i thank you. i very much appreciate your reading. with all honesty, i could never imagine i’d have had as many of readers as i’ve had. to all of you…..

but it’s time for me to set to dock. thank you all for reading, thank you all for the comments. and thank you in general.

i’m not one to forget kindness, and reading my site- i see as kindness.

thank you. but i’m going ashore. this site will no longer be updated.


stay up .

We’re Just Wired Differently

saturday i had duty with my girl jackson. i was watching the new 300 movie (again, with a blue vein throbber erection) and jackson was looking at furniture for her daughter. she kept asking me to look at ottoman’s, mirrors, armoir’s, etc. i really couldn’t be bothered by it. eventually she quit asking me to look at shit when i told her angrily that i was busy watching persians being slaughtered.

i little later that afternoon, i decided to also jump onto craigslist. i started looking for crossbows. i found a nice barnett for $350. they don’t make that particular model anymore and $350 is a GREAT price. i tunred the monitor towards her, with a pic of the crossbow and asked her what she thought. she looked at me, riased her eyebrows and said, “ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS!!!!???” i laughed.

she was absolutely right. why the HELL would i ask her opinion on crossbows?

i spent all day yesterday looking at hunting dogs and reviewing crossbows. i replied to 2 craigslist ads by guys selling crossbows but no dice. i decided to head to Green Acres (my personal toy store) after i called, i was informed he had something used i might like. he handed me a Ten Point Titan HLX (ten point doesn’t make this anymore, now the have the titan XTREME). wanna see a happy Danny?

ain't she purdee

ain’t she purdee

Ten Point Titan HLX yoked out

Ten Point Titan HLX yoked out

he gave me the crossbow, quiver, and 4 arrows for $500. i dropped $300 without batting an eye. but the arrow heads are BEASTS!!!!!! i got a set of Rage broad heads. the following is pictures from their site, *WARNING GRAPHIC* prey kill pics.


you see to middle arrow, that’s how it leaves the bow. when it makes impact, the blades deploy open causing MAJOR trauma. now, i know you might find this cruel but the fact is it kills the animal MUCH quicker. thusly, the animal suffers less. my boy sent me a pic of where he popped a buck and there was a HUGE puddle of blood. “never had a deer get more than 30 yards after being shot.” that’s a good thing btw.

Paw-Paw taught me 2 things. never kill what you don’t plan on eating. never kill anything unless it’s attacking you.

it’s been a while and i know how much you all LOVE this bit. it’s time for….


i placed an order to diamond candle and they came in today. i was giddy as school girl crushing on beiber. but i ordered THREE. WHICH ONE DO I USE FIRST!!!!??? DKHOFAHSV;ORTESUZIO;TUVV290 ]HQ7T=VM1KDNFOIVANJGJNOIRZUYN’TNPY/. my man hamster was out of control. fortunately Blaine put his soft hands on my shoulder, told me to close my eyes and just pick one.

he’s good like that.

i'm so giddy i could pee my pants

i’m so giddy i could pee my pants

i ended up rocking guava berry and Blaine gave me a roman war helmet. and now for great moments in gay cinema.

on a more serious note. today LaidNYC announced he was closing shop. i actually spoke to him last night and he told me about it. i’d been telling everyone that he’s said he was going to stop blogging eventually.

Laid is a VERY genuine guy. the first time i spoke to him he was cool as hell and even said he has the utmost respect for guys that post openly. so i’m not surprised he’s gonna start a new project that isn’t anon. well, despite what you may read, he’s a VERY humble individual. i’m glad to know he’s in the place he’s in now, he really deserves it. but i ain’t saying bye to him.

i KNOW i’mma run into him eventually. lol. best to you Brother.

stay up LaidNYC. stay the fuck up.

When Celebs Hit the Wall

i’ve always really disliked beyonce. well before i knew about the sphere her “empowered woman” songs would make me physically ill. here’s a small sample- and you really only listen for 2 minutes at the most.

and then there’s this hamster laden gem.

so the woman made a career championing “women’s rights” and giving the tired “you go girl” mantra in damn near every song for the last 8-10 years. but as everyone that’s taken the red-pill knows; time is a cruel and evil bitch to women.

i was perusing one of my celeb mocking sites when i came across a video that made me think, “uuuuuuum. what”.

she’s old and now this women that made a career out of telling women how independent and empowered they should be is getting more and more risqué to stay relevant. this video had me laughing at the sheer irony. the last 10-15 years of her career just went out the window as she “shakes dat azz” to cop a check.

sad, but predictable.

also, big-up to Aaron and Jack. thanks for listening to my BS today. and remember if you need to get anything on amazon, go to their associate sites. please. do it or i won’t be your friend anymore.

seriously. lol.

stay up.


as most of you may know, a few of the bloggers are here in New Orleans for the meet up. so far, it’s been pretty fun. no one’s been hospitalized, gotten lost, or ended up in jail.

but one night out we were out on bourbon and i read a tweet along the lines of “a bunch of guys hanging out and very few women”. my reply was simply, “yup…..AND?” the tweets ended after that.

i’ve said from day one if your life exists around getting pussy; if the bench mark of your life being a success is how readily, easily, and often you get laid- i really don’t care to know you. go find someone else to worship at the altar of how cool you are.

the fact of the matter is: this meet up is just about friends hanging out and having fun. it’s NOT a contest to see who gets the most numbers and who bangs the most women. it’s about a group of people who’ve either never been to haven’t REALLY gotten to see my city.

well i can assure you, Endymion was off the fucking chain.

food porn, you know it.

riiiiiibs. and red beans and rice.

riiiiiibs. and red beans and rice.

this is the face of a happy man.

this is the face of a happy man.

Mom, Mitch, Tempest, and Forney enjoying din-din.

Mom, Mitch, Tempest, and Forney enjoying din-din.

guns….SURE, why not. though we didn’t get any range time in.

Sploosh, and my MAC-10.

Sploosh, and my MAC-10.

tomorrow is Lundi Gras and i’m going to bank on it being fucking insane. Lundi Gras is ALWAYS more festive; by Mardi Gras, people are pretty wiped out. gonna meet up with the guys in the quarter tomorrow as i’m sure they could give a fuck about parades after Endymion. Doktor Bill has informed us he WILL.NOT leave new orleans until he has an eggs benedict po-boy. lol.

i’ll let the guys that came down here though give you their impression of the time they spent in NO. for my part, i did the best i could to show them a good time.

life’s to short to make getting laid a priority. take the red pill, keep loved one close to you, appreciate the time you get with them, and remember this life passes relatively quickly. a man that sucks the marrow out of life will rarely be short of female attention. if you’ve taken the red pill, you’ll know exactly how to handle her when she crosses your path.

stay up.

A Ho by Any Other Name…

i found this little gem the other day and it gave the biggest laugh as it’s such a great example at hamsterbation that i don’t think i could ever provide a better snippet worthy of this young lady.

“lauren” is a freshman at duke, and a self proclaimed feminist. of course you know she has her supporters clamoring the bell of “you go girl”. but watching the video completely invalidates every point she tries to make.

the guy interviewing her SLAMS her; subtley of course.

but the fact is, this girl is a living, breathing, satire of feminism. it’s delusional self rationalizing horse shit.

the link below is the same you’ll see on WWTDD.


[ed- in the interest of “research” i looked the young lady up “bella knox” and got to review one of her scenes. and all i can say is if lawyers as well as she bangs on film, she’ll make a great public defender in compton. seriously, my dick looked up at me asked, “we are you subjecting me to this?”

miss bella, you are certainly no amid moretti.]

You Get to Weigh In

the book will be based off of what’s in the blog, but a more concise read. it will be in 3 basic parts.

intro- about me, and self improvement

red-pill philosophy

red-pill and it’s application to success with woman, and life in general.

i’m not even considering tackling this until i’m retired. i’ve had a few inquiries about it, so i thought i’d ask you guys outright. i’ve even spoken to one VERY prominent blogger who’s given me permission to use some of his work since….well, he’s written the best articles i’ve ever read on a certain subject.

so, what do you think?

stay up.

The Ancient One

As I stepped into his den, I knew he’d never remember me.

He’s old, ancient, even the elders can’t tell you.

He doesn’t smile, doesn’t greet you. He disregards you.

He’s always been this way.

Since I was a boy he’s been like this.

He takes nothing, asks for nothing, but he gives everything you have.

The very aorta of a world.

But he seeks no praise or approval. He just wants to be left alone.

We defiled him. Made him a dirty old man.

Two centuries ago, was a prince.

We made him a pauper, a vagrant. Still he bears no ill will.

His dank cloak laps at the levee and his children pass through his arms.

And those of us kind enough to remember him take a moment from our empty lives to briefly remember and pay homage to him.

To watch his majestic cloak, to admire his children, to let him know we’ve not forgotten him.

I’m here old man, and I’ve missed you.


don’t worry, regular posts will resume shortly.