i mentioned that there was a blonde honey limbed lovely that caught my attention. and i got the impression you guys were going to want see the turn-out. hate to be a kill joy but the fact is…..

haven’t been there in 2-3 weeks.

you see. something i always stressed to you guys was live your life as what is most important to you. and on planet Danny a lovely blonde isn’t changing my plans. she works at starbucks and i have no reason to go there now. i have no class crap to study. thusly, i’m not going there just to chat up some girl.

women are the side-dish to my life. not the entrée.

i’m not here to bullshit you guys about myself. and i’m assuming most of you reading don’t want me to BS you. if i go back to that sturbeezy’s, and she’s there, i’ll give it a shot. but my expectations are low to non-existent. i think i heard the term “outcome independence” in the past. i dunno…

that’s just not the crux to my life atm. the mission is ALWAYS more important than the girl.

latah brah

One Thing

quick post because i’m lazy and have to study this weekend.

everyone has one thing. one thing that means the world to them, is personal to them. no woman has EVER found my one thing. and this one thing usually isn’t family, it’s something personal. i’ll explain- i came home to NO before i moved to jacksonville from spain. i used to go to this bar close to my mom’s when the step dad was watching TV.

there was a bartender there that was fine as hell. every guy there drooled over her. i was there damn near every day for 2 weeks. she used to read when it was slow, which it was when i was there. i finally asked her what she was reading and i asked her if she’d read, “the unbearable lightness of being”.

she hadn’t. i bought her a used copy and told her we’d have a discussion after she finished it. well, she LOVED the book. i told her we needed to hang out one night after she got off work. her next night off, we went to the house she was watching while the owner (her boss, who had a crush on her) was on vacation.

do i need to elaborate?

one book, i got in. why? reading/books was her one thing. we ALMOST banged in a book store that i brought her to before i got the +1.

my best friend, a man i’ve known since i was 5 has his own one thing: skateboarding. a girl that can appreciate skate culture will win him over every time. i quit skating years ago, but i’m still part of the tribe because i appreciate and support the culture.

what’s your “one thing”? that girl you like, what’s her one thing? your son, daughter, wife- what’s their one thing?

food for thought, you do the dishes.

Past, Present, and Future

one of the classes i’m taking is a pre-requisite class that damn near everyone has to take. basically to make some funds for the school. all the class does is teach you to write a resume, go on a job interview, cite references for work, prioritize, and keep track of finances.

done, done, done, and done.

i however am the oldest of the class and for the most part i’m teaching my side of the class. and it’s funny: when i start talking career success and job related crap they listen intently. when i’m talking to the guys, the instructor listens for a moment and will say, “listen to the man, he’s been there.”

just before class was done i told them, “learn from your past, be ever mindful of the present, have a plan for the future. just don’t be so overly concerned of the past and future that you lose sight of the present.”

hokey. sure. but it’s the truth. and Lord knows i’ve made enough complete fuck-ups mistakes to know.

you see, i retired after my time in the nav. i knew my life was going to be different. in jax i was living my last years up. i knew i was leaving in 3 years so i was just having fun. well, eventually playtime came to and end. and my constant pursuit of women was placed on the back burner.

i had fun in jax, and there’s a LOT of posts of nothing but me chasing the skirts. many of the post were explanations of things i’d learned as a dick slinging little asshole that incredibly works out and got me some poon results. but now that time is gone.

i quit writing to get my shit together and figure out what i’d do next. and, well….i’m still in that present. as for the future; the original plan is out. but it’s been restructured. i must finish school (one more year of machining and i’m dropping welding). not that i dislike welding, but delgado’s program just isn’t for me. once i’m done with school, i have a few options- to be continued.

sorry i’m not slinging witticism and my typical self-deprecation horse shit. because, honestly…it’s time to be serious. but until then this site is still developing and maybe a new voice will emerge for me to offer something you readers. honestly, when i see i have over 200 views…i’m fucking amazed. so to you guys reading, thanks.

so in summation: don’t dwell on the past, keep your eyes firmly in the present, and don’t sweat the future.

latah brah.

Repost: A Sterling Reputation

it’s friday, i’m lazy, and i have to study all weekend for a make-up test and go to the shop to finish a project for school, so you get to read an oldie but goodie.

had a lengthy email conversation with a reader who was interested in precious metal. i’ll summit: if you can’t hold it in your hands-it’s useless. i try and buy at a local dealer, but there’s a run on silver and the wait on an order is about a month. gold is great- if you can afford it. i can’t. buy 1 oz. bars at largest. and keep in mind, i mentioned this over a YEAR ago.

but truth be told, it’s a bit late to try and get serious about silver. if you’ve been watching current events you probably know shit’s about to get real. i saw it and made arrangements. but i guess better late than never. if you can get it, get on it and acquire what you can in silver or gold. it’s well worth it.. enjoy your weekend.

latah brah

Pasta Alfredo ala Danny

mom came back from vegas after being gone for a week so Brody wanted to go pay a visit. i was kinda hungry and knew mom wasn’t in the mood to cook, so i decided to go with the first thing she taught me how to cook- fettuchini alfredo. interestingly enough, she taught me to cook it because i wanted to take this girl to dinner and FA was her fave.

“you like this girl son?” mom asked inquisitively. i nodded yes and she said, “any asshole with a credit card can take a woman out to eat, but if you cook for her she’ll be REALLY impressed and she’ll never forget you.”

God damn if she wasn’t 100% correct.

i invited her over and mom went shopping, the stepdad was playing golf, but my little sis stayed behind. i cooked the dinner, steamed some asparagus (place the spears in 3-4 paper towels, wet the towels and microwave for about 3 minutes or until done), and we ate. girl looked like she injected heroin. then we went up to my room and caught some stink finger and tit.

what, i was in 8th grade. i got the +1 a week later. catholic school girls FTW.

FA alfredo i EASY to make. melt 1/2 stick butter, or more if you like. once melted add one small carton (i think they’re 8oz.) of heavy whipping cream or half and half. bring to a low boil. lower heat and slowly mix in 1/2 cup parmesan cheese. lit simmer on low for 20-30 minutes until reduced and tightened up. salt to taste. add whatever cooked pasta you like. voila. as you add each ingredient have some fun and imitate julia childs.

for Alfredo ala Danny use shells, brown one cubed chicken breast. saute baby bella mushrooms and add one small jar of progress marinated artichoke hearts (strain off 90% of the fluid). add the above after you mix in the parmesan cheese and begin to reduce the sauce to allow the ingredients to blend.

c’est si bon

latah brah

so good you'll have to touch yourself after.

so good you’ll have to touch yourself after.

On Minimalism

when last i penned for this special ed class of a blog, i mentioned retiring, buying some land and setting up a travel trailer and kicking back. you might even recall my getting the idea after reading “Dirt cheap survival retreat” by W.D. Creekmore.

seemed like a good idea at the time.

well reality has come crashing down and i’ve changed plans (i’m free to do that, i pay my fucking taxes dammit). i have at LEAST one more year of school, then one class during the summer. i’m still by and large living much more of a minimalist lifestyle as is possible for a student. i still plan on having a camp, but i’m doing it a bit differently.

my cousin has roughly 62 acres 1 1/2 hours from NO. i asked her if i could put a trailer on it and use it for hunting and taking little vacays. she said sure. in return, she and her family can use it whenever they want. but she did say i could stay there as long as i need. kindness you say? nope…..

practicality- i’ll be keeping people OFF her land. and who better to do that than a retired HM with some serious rage issues and “trespassing laws” where if you don’t belong on the land, you can be legally shot.

i fucking love louisiana.

however, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. once i finish school i’m looking at living just outside of baton rouge, maybe gonzales. hopefully by then i’ll have my VA shit settled and once that’s done i really don’t need to work anymore. maybe i’ll work, maybe i won’t. i still have a LOT of shit to get rid of. i have no sofa, only my old queen sized bed, and my old table. the rest is just TV and small tables. why do i need to get rid of so much shit. well then let me fill you in…

fucking tiny houses. FUCK.YES. love the tiny house movement. WANT!!!!! see, once i get my VA shit sorted (more on that later), i’ll receive a retroactive check for around $65k (tax free). that should cover the tiny house and possibly acreage. if you’ve been living under a rock, you can become obsessed caught up/edumacated by watching the show on HGTV. not saying that channel is gay, but it’s not very straight.

in summation going from a 1800 sq.ft home in the burbs to a 3 bedroom one bath cottage built in the 40’s is a huge step. but my rent is cheap and well….my parents own the house. and the full transformation into the minimalism i’m looking to is a process, a journey.

at least i’ve taken the first step.

oh, if you’re wasting 10-15 minutes of your life reading the site and not following my twitter, please do so.

oh……in case you were wondering, little man is just fine. see.

ho ho ho fuckers.

ho ho ho fuckers.

latah brah.

Technical School

i stated before that i’m currently enrolled at Delgado technical school studying precision machining and welding. Cappy has written extensively on the scam of american universities. i’ve already spoken to him about the cost and advantages of tech school. and seriously, if you’re a young man, you should seriously look into it.


cost- a full load (4 classes per semester) runs just under $2k, minus book cost. if you don’t have the funds you can always apply for student loans *more on the scam regarding how students fuck themselves over later*.

time- most of the programs can be finished in 2 years. i’m on my second semester of machining, i have one more and a computer class this summer and i’m done.

demand- the guy that i work with in machining class (a Marine) is currently apprenticing at a shop in metairie. he’s not getting paid until he finishes the course; he’ll graduate when i do. i watch him machine work and he helps me with my projects. according to him 95% of the guys in his shop are over 50, and retire soon. there is literally no one to replace the guys about to retire. essentially, you walk into a job after you graduate. we’ll start making around $15 an hour, earning a raise within 6 months. and the instructors know damn near everyone hiring in the industry.

difficulty- for the most part, if you fail a course it’s because you are putting in ZERO effort. the instructors tell you what to highlight for written exams and as long as you show up and try to do the shop work, you’ll pass. THEY.DON’T.WANT.YOU.TO.FAIL.

of course, each program will have pros/cons and differing levels of difficulty. welding takes practice and repetition; and it’s HOT. machining takes well over a year to really comprehend. my boy in machining has been apprenticing over a year. the instructors tell us it takes some time to really get the hang of it. but everyone is there to help you out and they’re cool about it. yer a newb, they get it.

now, maybe you’re not really into machining or welding. what else could you do. here’s a few suggestions:

industrial maintenance, instrumentation, carpentry, auto mechanics, industrial electrician (any electrician actually). if you’re so inclined you could learn any of the subjects i mentioned by joining the military and getting the training through them, get 4-5 years experience, get out and get paid.

so there you go. with very little time and money (hell, even free if you enlist) and you can be walking into a very great paying, in demand job. and the school/work environment is locker roomish. hope everyone had a great holiday. i ate ribs at my parents place.

latah bra


i’m as miserable as i look. and my balls probably smell like a whopper.