the other night i watched an interesting documentary by a comedian who was talking about his having a small psnis. the documentary is called “Unhung Hero” (clever…AMIRITE!!!!, this guys comedy must be a hoot). i found it interesting for i guess what would BE an obvious reason.

i too have a small mule.

no seriously. i’ve never let loose the Kraken and had a woman respond with a “WOAH!! i’m not sure about this”. NEVER. bitches be evil yo. lol. but i sat through this piece of shit “documentary”, knowing there are quite a few guys that are actually concerned about this. i walked into this with an open mind. less than a quarter of the way into it, i KNEW his penis size wasn’t the problem.

his personality was the problem. here’s his claim to fame-

this guy was the biggest douchey beta i’d ever seen. he claimed his small penis was the reason for his relationships failing, and the reason his GF gave for not accepting his proposal. but his self consciousness and his obsession with his hog is what was putting women off. he doesn’t realize that a woman put off by the size of his dick isn’t going to bang him in the first place. yes, size queens exist, but they’re few and far between. but if she let’s you put it in on a regular basis, your situation is fine with her.

the first part of the show had him on a regime on male enhancement pills and a pumping his boy at night. MUCH to my surprise, those products did DICK to help him (BAAAAZIIIIING!!!!) get bigger. then he went to as many of his ex’s as he could and talk about his size on camera. what a fucking sociopath.

then he goes to a few counties to try what they use to “get big”. the ending of the movie has him in a seedy hotel in paupa new guinea with a man about to inject some green fluid into his junk. in what i’m hoping was done for “dramatic” effect, he leaves the room, has his camera guy pay the dude, and walks off.

then he goes to the opposite end of the spectrum and has a chat with a man known for having one of the largest mules in the US (forgot his name) who admits some women just can’t handle him. i had a friend, Josh King, who was nick-named King-ding-ling. he couldn’t even hide how big that thing was. he’s told me more than one story of having to tell a woman he was quite large, and that he was also a “grower”. ALL woman know what a “shower” and a “grower” is. lol. he’s had women flat-out say he’s too big, and he had a girl punch him when he pushed too hard and….well, kinda pushed her cervix in a little. “Dude, it sucks when i can only get the first 4-5 inches in.”

in the end of the show, he asks a woman he met while filming on a date where she states, matter of factly, “if this is going to work, it’s because of you not your dick.”

the moral of the story guys, is if shes already letting you smash her lady biscuit, she’s A-OK with what you’re packing. so don’t sweat it cowboy, i’m perfectly content with my 4 inches of dangling fury.

why are you looking at me like that? what.

and don’t forget to enjoy the comedy gold that is my twitter feed. we be having some drunken tweet tom-foolery there.

stay up (wokka wokka).

The Rifle and the Bow

repost b/c i’m lazy…..

when i was a kid, i BEGGED my grandfather for a gun. he was Houma tribe, and he took outdoorsmanship seriously. before he’d get me a gun, he made me learn to run rabbits. which is little more than a survival tool to eat in the event you get lost in the woods.

when i got my rifle, i was ridiculously excited. my grandfather, who rarely spoke, said, “never shoot anything you won’t eat. never shoot anything not attacking you. a man can take with a rifle and eat. but a man that takes with a bow, will feast. taking game with a bow is the mark of a pure hunter.”

the words didn’t really register then, but they make total sense now. i have more than one rifle. one in particular is a deer gun. any man can pick up one of my rifles and take game. hell, i’ve taken more than blogger to the range to go shooting. Unka Mitch fired my rifles, i’ve fired his.

but the bow is different. the bow is MINE. a bowyer measured my bow specifically for me. the draw is set to my arms length. i don’t have a high end bow. i bought a used bow, and i have no plans on upgrading. i LOVE her. actually, i have the same bow as Unka Mitch. seriously. the first time i let loose a few arrows, i was hooked. what my grandfather told me made perfect sense.

any ass with a rifle can glass an animal from 100 yards and drop it, blood track it, and process it. the bow requires skill. i’m only good from about 40 yards. past that, i may miss. hunting 101: never take a shot you aren’t sure you can make. if you hit an animal you HAVE to track it and finish it off. don’t let the animal suffer, never maim it.

the rifle is a great weapon in your hunting arsenal. actually, it’s a staple. but the bow, the bow is the weapon of a TRUE hunter; a man that has taken the time to master it is a man that respects and honors the hunt as it’s MUCH more difficult to learn than the rifle.

don’t shy away from the bow, find a hunter who’ll teach you it’s power. any archer will be more than happy to teach you. as is in life, do you want to walk the easy path, or learn to master the difficult road?

get some.

stay up.

choose one

choose one


so, last night we talked about how i received some solid game advice from my friends. then i was set loose in Italy. i landed a local girlfriend pretty quickly, but that petered out after 6 months. i ended up banging a few military girls, but wasn’t interested in having a relationship with them. you’d think i was utilizing the knowledge gained to slay many much poon. and to an extent, i was.

i had a coworker who was a lesbian and GREAT wing. at work one day she mentioned having a friend flying in and she wanted me to hang out with them. we all went out and it went well. girl was impressed that i spoke italian and my girl was winging like a champ. then, girl tells me she’d love to see my place and try my cooking. check.

we made arrangements and my girl dropped her off at my place while on her way to work; there was some kino and we kissed briefly. i know what you’re thinking: Danny gunned her down and sent her back to her buddy with a smile on her face. but no. it’s easy for bloggers to pat themselves on the back about all the tail they land, but i prefer to keep it honest. i don’t want to be disingenuous. what you’re about to read is probably going to make most of you VERY uncomfortable with me.

but i swear to God it’s 100% true.

so we’re at my place, we ate and while cooking i mentioned how War was playing at the base that night and she could see my enthusiasm. she said we should go check it out. in retrospect i should have bagged the concert, but she was really pushing to go so next thing you know we’re off to the base.

it was cool. we watched the show (military shows like this are relatively short), they played a 5-6 song set. then she suggested we play a little pool. as we shot a game, i noticed a few British sailors playing pool next to us. a few of the guys started chatting me up, making small talk. then they started talking to girl. they mentioned they were leaving the base to go to the pub across the street

she suggested we go. i suggested we leave.

here’s the rub. she HAD to stay at my place that night. she was staying with my coworker and she was at work; which was why she was staying at my place. my co-worker lived about 30 minutes away from my place, and she had to drive past my house on her way to work. MAD logistics here for her to wing and secure a bang for me.

well….OOOOOOH, i can’t believe i’m admitting to this.

she insisted on dude come back with us to “hang out” and….i finally agreed. i was delusional in thinking that i could still pull this off, but in my naivety i went with it. i SHOULD have told her to hang back with dude and piss up a flagpole. but there’s also the part of me that was blue-pill and in the back of my head was floating, “well, she has no where else to stay” and out of respect for my friend, i thought i had a responsibility to look after her.

i’m sure you guys know what happened that night.

the next morning, dude knocked on my bedroom door and asked me for a ride back to base. i gave him the number of a cab company and told him to get his own damn ride back to the base to meet up with his shuttle. then i informed him to take girl with him. girl was actually surprised that i wanted her to leave with dude. a few hours alter i got a call from my co-worker and she put girl on blast. basically told her she could stay at her place, but she wasn’t going to be her tour guide.

“if wants to go somewhere, GO. but i ain’t taking her. she’s a fucking asshole.”

it’s good to have friends that have your back. thinking back to it, i should have never left my place, so i shoulder a good part of the responsibility of the epic failure. mistakes are only negative if you don’t learn from them. that’s one of the things i’ve learned in this life. she wasn’t going to be anything special but a fuck. a fuck from a loooooooooong time ago.

had i gotten it in, i’d probably barely remember it. but i didn’t and i’ll NEVER forget it.

don’t be afraid or embarrassed to make mistakes.

also, i’ve been more active on twitter. if you aren’t following, you’re missing out. i was in the OR this morning and got a text from Laid about him admiring my running twitter game on a girl the previous evening.

game recognizes game. don’t miss out on the fun, if you aren’t following me, do it. all the kewl kids are.

stay up.

OH, i forgot. Mom had to put down her dog, Cody. i knew he didn’t have much time the last time i was home as he was feeble and dealing with MANY health issues. and i didn’t want to tell mom that he didn’t have much time. she’s pretty broken up over it. say a prayer for her, she could use it. thanks.

Paw-Paw and Cody. i was there the day they brought him home. loved the little snuggle-nugget.

Paw-Paw and Cody. i was there the day they brought him home. loved the little snuggle-nugget.

Triple Game

i joined the navy at 20. i did ok with girls, but was still pretty raw (as most guys are at that age). my first duty station was charleston,sc. i was there with my boy Alex, who’s a nor-cal ace with women. he pulled like crazy. during HM training he and i used to go to TJ (it was safe then) and pull mexican chicks.

my first month in charleston, i landed a slamming hard 8 indian chick named alka. pretty soon i had a rep for pulling some SLAMMING civilian girls. let me explain: most military guys pull military girls, said women are a notch below civilian chicks. think Laid’s break-down on NYC women. a military 7 is a civilian 5, soft 6. for instance i’ve never fucked a military women below military grade 8. make sense, good.

so i had a part time job cooking at a steak house, i was pulling like mad. i was bringing some quality ass back to the barracks (gotta show off), and was doing quite well.

then it dried up. nothing for 2-3 months. i wasn’t really going out, i was mostly running day game. well, i moved into a small apartment with my boy from nor-cal and his 2 buddies. and, well….they were all serious players.

first there was Aaron. Aaron modeled, he was puerto rican and looked like a light skinned black dude. he ran straight gorilla game. he was 5’10″ish, and dreamy as all hell. women saw him and threw the pussy at him. you know the type. he never went after woman, they went after him.

next was my boy Alex. Alex is mexican, about 5’7″, slender and decent looking. he ran comfort game. when he started talking to a woman, he had them laughing and giggling in second. he copped SERIOUS kino in less than 2 minutes of opening a woman. basically, he was a natural.

then there was Ray. Ray was older then us. we were all in our early 20’s; Ray was 25. Ray was MUCH wiser than his years. Ray’s job in the navy was a psych-tech. his job was to listen to people and help them with their issues. i’m sure you can see where Ray fits in. lol.

well, Ray was married, but didn’t divorce since he received allotments that he gave to his baby-momma and son. anyway, Ray was VERY good at reading people, and while i was in my dry spell and kinda down, Ray made me go out with they boys. it was a mini PUA workshop remodeling of Danny.

when we were out, he’d point out how Aaron worked, his game, and critiqued all the responses of the women. basically he was teaching me to interpret IOI’s. same with Alex, he pointed out the use of humor and how women responded to it. “JD (that was my nick name then), that’s your angle. you’re a funny guy, use that; it’s your best weapon.” Ray was the coach i didn’t have. while i could realize that my friends were successful. Ray showed me WHY they were successful. when Ray hunted (he taught me the term), he did it alone. and he wore his wedding ring. Ray’s game was air-tight. he was what PUA’s call ABC (always be closing), and not NBC.

next stop was winging for the 3 of them. i wasn’t allowed to close, but i had to jump on grenades and learn to use my humor. that lasted 2 weekends. next, was approaching. i had to open at least 3 sets every time we went out. but Ray had helped me to realize which women would be most likely to respond positively to me. that was 2 more weekends.

within a month, i had done a 180. now, it wasn’t just going to clubs and night game. every time i was hanging out with one of them, they MADE me approach. and these guys were straight beasts when it came to women. if i was tanking, they’d come in and wing out of no-where. after every set, they’d break down my strengths and weaknesses.

by the time i left charleston i was a different man. but, i still had MUCH to learn. i still had some blue pill exorcism to perform. tomorrow, i’ll prove that as i tell you the must omega pussy bullshit i have ever done. like i said, i have no problem pointing out my flaws.

i’m human and have made the same mistakes most of you have made. see you tomorrow.

stay up.

The Mysterious Man

when i get involved with a woman that i think could end up as a long-term prospect, there’s a little game i like to play. it’s a VERY INTJ thing too. while in the midst of a “where is this going” talk, i’ll usually put it out there that- “i have this thing. something that is absolutely precious to me. and if a girl can figure out what it is, i’ll know she’s the girl for me.”

i let her know that IF she figures it out i will be honest and let her know she found it, and that’s the truth. i’ll NEVER lie about this. once i put it out there, the game is on. is she solves the riddle, i’ll acknowledge it and reward her.

i have YET to have a woman figure it out. and it’s a very simple part of me. the only clue i’ll give is, “it’s what truly calms and sates me” that’s it. nothing more. i’ve only told this to 3 women, and NONE of them figured it out. it’s actually so simple that it stares them in the face every time they’re around me.

but the key to it is this- you’ve presented them with a challenge and something hidden away in you. a woman who’s attracted to you will claw though mountains or the sky to know your secrets- what make you tick. especially when it’s in the form of, “what calms and sates me”. SHE wants to be the one who calms and sates you. when she know’s there’s competition for that, her hamster becomes a Kenyan marathon runner bingeing on meth.

a mysterious man is a prize to a woman. WHY is he so aloof and withdrawn? WHY isn’t he more open about….? what REALLY moves him?

a woman can’t stand not knowing these answers when she has her eyes on a man. i know this, and i play it up. why shouldn’t i? she sure as hell put her vagina on a pole and holds it front of me. she’ll make me “work” for it. well, once i get it she’s in MY world. and if she wants access (and trust me, once you get that first “squish” the tables turn) she’ll jump through 1000 more hoops than she made you go through to pound her place.

so figure out what drives you, motivates you, calms you, or is special to you. then dangle that carrot in front of a woman who’s chasing you; just never tell her unless she honestly figures it out. you have more power and influence over women than you think.

dummy. lol.

stay up.

and for the record, Mom said these same words to me, at various points throughout my life.

Be Ready

recently, SSM ran a post that made my boy hamster run like mad. the post is about preparing for emergencies and withdrawing for modern worthless entrapments.

i wouldn’t consider myself a prepper by any means. preppers are waiting for a end-all-be all event- economic collapse, pandemic, war, terrorist attack, zombies, etc. well, being from southern louisiana, i was raised with self reliance in my blood. the minute i knew a hurricane was coming and we were going to ride it out, i knew my job: clean the tubs, start making extra ice, help mom with making room for us to sleep, check the batteries. Paw-Paw and Maw-Maw handled the food. about 2 hours before the storm would make land fall, Paw-Paw would fill the tubs with water and ice, then he’d place his beer in the ice water (smart fucker).

once the power went down the fun began. there were usually about 8-9 of us in the tiny 3 bedroom house (MEXICANS!!!!!) we lived by flaslight and candles and ate out of cans (no sterno back then) and what was in the fridge that was ready to eat. after the power went out, eventually the water would stop coming from the tap. me and sis played cards, i’d play with my action figures; TBH, it was like a mini-camping trip. it was FUN. i looked forward to riding out a storm. longest run we did was 5 days and it was a BLAST.

then there was my dad’s side of the family who’s father was Houma tribe and taught me wilderness survival basics. i used to LOVE going into the woods for 2-3 days. i could trap, hunt, forage, make a fire, and could build a mini cmap for 2-3 days worth of shelter. to me it wasn’t roughing it, it was FUN.

i watch a lot of the “apocalypse” type shows on discovery and the like and most of them make me laugh. as God is my witness, shit could go down tomorrow and i wouldn’t need to leave the house for 4-5 months. i could set up a perimeter (fishing line and small bells), defend my shit, eat, hydrate, illuminate, and have basic sanitation for the entire time. while each person should plan according to their own specifics (family vs. single person), i’ll give you the basics.


most people in survival mode immediately think of food first- WRONG. water is the most important thing you could have. you can go 2-3 weeks without eating. after 2-3 days without water dehydration sets in and you will be circling the drain. procure a water source, have a filtration system (check-amazon), have purification tablets (potassium iodide) and a means to boil water.

currently, i have about 40 gallons of bottled water. if i knew i was going to need more, i’d clean my bath tubs with bleach (BLEACH ONLY), rinse, and fill it with water, then duct tape garbage bags over it.

some experts recommend 2 gallons per person, but the reality is a quart or two per person should be a minimum, obviously more during the summer.


this one is quite easy. i have well over 150 cans of food. one can for me per day. do the math. i have 3 cases of MRE’s (1/2 per day), and at least 15 sterno’s and a sterno oven to cook the cans on (again amazon, it’s cheap too). platsic ware and paper plates are tits for this sort of thing as well. i’ve pointed out more then once there’s a complete bounty of food close by that most people NEVER consider: squirrels. they’re plentiful and pretty easy to snare or shoot with a pellet gun or .22. rabbits as well if you’re in a country’ish environment. and PLEASE, if you have the means to fish, have the equipment to do so.

and PLEASE, buy a non-electric can opener.


the above two mean jack shit if you can’t protect it. mob mentality WILL be the law of the land when shit hits the fan (SHTF). not much i can do for you if you live in an urban environment, you’re just gonna have to fight. i live in the burbs and we’re a pretty tight knit group. 80% of my neighbors are armed. as far as i’m concerned the best home defense weapon is a shotgun. easy to use, accurate at short distance, cheap, and effective. simply racking it is a powerful deterrent. my go-to bug out gun though is the Ruger 22/45. i carry a lot of ammo, and it’s effective at dropping small game. we all know i have other “girls”, but these are the only 2 worth mentioning.

these items require bullets, have plenty. the shot gun is good for defense and SHOOTING BIRDS to eat. but bird shot will still make a good owie if you shoot someone with it. i’d also recommend guys learn to shoot a bow. it’s effective, it’s quiet and it been a staple weapon since man developed them. plus, it’s GREAT stress relief. i had a brief chat with Keoni about bowhunting, hopefully this will be a proper nudge to get him shooting again.


you might find yourself without power for an extended amount of time. if you do, eventually your toilet is going to stop flushing. when that happens, yer in some deep shit. wokka wokka. guys have it easy; women, not so much. Paw-Paw used to put a up a make-shift toilet for the ladies to “go business”. it was outside of course, but here’s a few rules of thumb regarding outside toilets i learned from the good’ol Corps.

your field latrine should be about 150 yards from your base camp and MUST be on the bottom end of a down-grade in the topography. dig a trench 2 feet deep, by two feet wide. make a deposit. add saw dust or crushed leaves when it get’s ripe. when finished with it, fill it back up. personally, i have a camp toilet with numerous biodegradable bags. i can piss on any tree, but i wanna poop in SOME luxury.

and toilet paper, have PLENTY of toilet paper. i predict TP will even become a tradable item.


hey, just because SHTF doesn’t mean you need to TOTALLY revert to savagery. so here’s a few items that are useful to have around: wet-naps, sterno’s, tea candles and regular candles (they burn about 4 hours and i have about 200 in my house right now- you’re gonna need them at night too…..HELLO), solar outdoor shower, solar charger (put it the sun, use it to charge an MP3 player), books, games, cards, batteries, a few flash lights, non power tools (shovel, ax, machette, hammer/nails, tool set), do-it yourself book, dust tape, light bulbs, hand crank radio/light (solar charged btw- it even has a USB outlet to charge small items), fuses, bleach, vinegar, battery operated fan (you thank me if it’s summer), and shit to make fire.

i also have a solar powered heated shower- it’s heavy duty plastic and zip seals up-top. fill it with 5 gallons of water and place the black side to the sun, wait a few hours. once the water is warm, undue the clasp to start the shower. wet yourself, close water. soap up and rinse, turn off water. dry up. a hot shower is a GREAT mood lifter after you’ve gone a few days without a shower.


one day, you may find you can’t access your ATM. then, currency may become irrellevant. i have a VERY good supply of junk silver (dimes, quarters and half dollars). look it up. i also make it a habit to pick up small silver trinkets at flea markets and vintage stores. also….BOOZE. people will always want to dull the senses. i make a VERY strong hooch from everclear, fresh berries or cherries, and sugar. if there’s any interest i’ll do a food porn post on making this. it’s actually pretty easy.

and trust me, TP and bullets WILL become valuable trade items.


of all the possible “could be” scenario’s, this is one i’m VERY quilifed to talk about. in the event of some sort of viral pandemic, STAY INDOORS. DO NOT try and go to the hospital, it will be over-run and once they start turning people away, the looting will begin. i’ve been in NUMEROUS mass casualty drills and it’s awlays the same assessment: “good training, defintately see some room for improvement, but over all it went well.” this is military speak for CLUSTER.FUCK.

if you haven’t done any of the above, and a pandemic hits- welcome to fuckedville, population you.

this is the part where i tell you to invest in a good first aid kit, have a good supply of OTC cold meds, aspirin, naprosyn (advil, alleve), nyquil/dayquil type meds. don’t even think about antibiotics. go to Jack’s site, hit his amazon link and grab some “quick clot”, this is a means for stopping severe bleeding. some are made from shrimp, so if you have an allergy to shellfish… andy/c of my training, i’m a mini clinic. i have access to supplies you civilians don’t. sorry. you MIGHT want to look into getting gloves and masks to protect you from respiratory/droplet borne infection. i can perform minor surgeries, suture, treat 90% of the illnesses i come in contact with. i know quite a few HM’s that have been invited to be the “doctor” for a few prep per communities. my medical knowledge is a VERY highly sought skill set.

i was giggling and shaking my head during most of this one.

take a few first aid courses at your local community college. learn CPR. these 2 could save you, or someone you loves life.

if you experience a cut that requires stitching fear not. wash the wound thoroughly, then approximate the cut (lightly push the edges together to close it) and add superglue. seriously. i’ve had more than one drunk friend come over with a cut and no heath insurance. i cleaned it and glued it. it burns, but it works.

did i get EVERYTHING, probably not. but this is meant more for guys that have never thought about this before. and i’ve had a few inquiries, so i figured i’d write about it. if you want more you can check out this guys site, his advice is gold. also, most of the items i listed can be found on amazon (the outdoor heated shower is about $15).

here’s a few video’s for you guys.

i think Doc will enjoy this one.

this one is more recent and VERY good, kind grim though, but that makes it all the more authentic.

hope this helps.

stay up.

They’re all the Same

went to my local tonight to give one of the kitchen guys some cherry bombs i had made (kid gives me free food, i GOTTA lace him), and sat at the bar at my spot. dude next to me immediately turned to me and said, “dude there’s a girl sitting there, that’s her napkin,” i looked at him for about 30 seconds, and by all appearances- he’s an alpha.

tall, muscular, well groomed, chiseled face, etc. i think most women would look at him and be interested. i moved one chair over.

but the second he spoke to me i knew this man was a sheep in wolf’s clothing. i put my entire forearm against my head and leaned into it. classic body language for, “leave me alone.” soon enough girl came back. not bad looking, brunette, early 40’s, HUGE fake tits.

she’s a daytime waitress and i know her. lol.

i made a comment to my Irish bartender about cooking some stuffed pork tenderloin and girl asked me if i was going to bring some in for her. THIS is where i realized i knew her, and it was a game changer. i told her she hadn’t earned my cooking and she asked what the barkeep had done to get a sample. i answered-

“easy, he gives me the occasional free beer.”

i went back to watching the game and the lamb went on a tirade of just kissing girl’s ass. it was fucking nauseating. seriously, i felt bad for the guy. he was supplicating on a grand level, and girl was so far from attracted that her vag tingle machine had clearly gone on strike.

the great thing about the red-pill is that you become acutely aware in these situations. finally, i finished my pint and it was time for me to go. i put my hand on girls waist and said, “i’m out girl. see you when i see you.” she told me goodbye back and i held out my cheek-

“where’s my kiss?”

she quickly gave me a peck on the cheek and i lightly patted her ass as i walked out. now, please recall last night’s post where i did the SAME.THING to my neighbors 9 year old daughter (i just didn’t pat her ass), who reacted exactly the same. i wanted a kiss, i got a kiss.

i have ZERO sexual interest in either female (especially the kid….ew), but i maintained a dominant, masculine frame and the girls (despite the age difference responded EXACTLY the same. what works with a young girl (Lucky negged my niece who was crushing on him like a champ) works on a woman.

game everyone.

stay up.

also- Sis has a GREAT post that’s right up my alley.

The Feminist Lie

anyone who’s been in this corner of the netz is quite familiar with the common feminist argument that gender roles are antiquated and anti-wimminz. well, tonight was an interesting night.

every new years my neighbor roasts a pig. a whole suckling pig. my neighborhood is a tiny community in our subdivision. we’re very tight knit. i know 90% of the adults and know which kids are theirs. when i drive onto my street, they stop playing and move aside so i can drive past. on new years we all clear our drive-ways and they turn into mini-bars. we routinely meet up at local eateries for drinks and food.

i got a text from my neighbor about the guy who lives across the street (DJ, a serbian war vet psycho) was cooking the pig. i got dressed and headed over. the host has a 20 year old son and an 11 year old daughter. the guy that texted me (Sean) has a wife, 2 twin boys (5), and a daughter (9). as i walked into the back yard the boys screamed my name and ran at me trying to tackle me. i picked them both up, threw them over my shoulder and began spinning. then i took it to the ground. we wrestled for a few minutes then i got up to say hello to the adults.

i made my hellos and sean’s daughter ran up to me and threw her arms around me saying hello and telling me about her christmas presents. i stopped her and asked, “uuuuuh, where’s my kiss?” and put my cheek out. she kissed it and went back to talking as i picked her up. then her dad came over to chat with me about retirement crap.

i walked over to the pig and DJ told me about the pig prep and i told him i wanted to buy one of the rotating spits like the one he has (a Serb pal makes them for $70). he gave me a beer and we continued to talk. all the men were by the pig (pig, fire, beer- OH MY!!!!). all the women were by the table setting things up. the kids were playing and the 2 girls were keeping the smaller kids in check (which the ALWAYS do when the adults party).

when the pig was done it was laid against the fence to cool. and it was an AMAZING sight.

you died for a good cause my friend.

you died for a good cause my friend.

when the pig had cooled i held the top part of the spit to keep it from rotating as we carved up a hind-quarter. when it was plated, the women went to work. they sliced up the pig into bite sized portions and us men went back to beer and talking shit. when they told us it was ready, they made us our plates. then, they fed the kids, then they ate.

i grew up like this. men eat first. then kids. then the ladies.

according to feminists, this is a taboo tradition in these modern times. women serve men- OH NOOOOOOEZ!!!! but it was a symbiotic, jovial, loving affair. we all knew our roles. just because us men were “sitting around”, we have an unspoken role which we take VERY seriously: protection and provision. EVERY woman in our little community KNOW that they will not be fucked with, and the woman will go out of their way to take care of us men- PERIOD.

maybe it’s a southern thing, but this is the social dynamic i’ve always known. modern, radical feminists will call me a misogynistic pig. but the fact is, this dynamic works. it functions perfectly and without fail. it creates and enjoyable, loving environment. the men don’t look down at the women or disrespect them- quite the opposite. we APPRECIATE them and love them. when Audry made my plate i gave her a sincere “thank you”.

so feminists, keep trying to peddle your bullshit about traditional gender roles, because sorry…they work VERY well. even my mother would point and snicker at you. in the mean time-

how ’bout you give me a blow job and then fetch me a sammich.

stay up.

A Man and His Dog

when i left japan, i told myself i was getting a dog. i was accepted to xray school in san diego, and less than a week after getting to NO, i was making a 4 hour trip to a staffy breeder. i wanted a female, but as in all things parent related, sometime what you want, isn’t what you get; and you couldn’t be happier.

mom used to be a certified shi-tzu breeder and i had watched her sell enough litters to know how to go about choosing a dog, and the rule is fairly simple: the dog chooses you. i sat in the pen and the bitch was removed. i sat with 3 males and one female pup. the dogs showed little interest in me outside of sniffing the new human. i was interested in the girl, but why the fuck shouldn’t she be any different from other women as she really wanted nothing to do with me.

then a little brindled pup climbed into my lap, sniffed my chin and gave me 2-3 licks. he then smelled my hand and gave it a lick and climbed off to rough house with his brothers. i made an attempt to play with the other pups, but nada. then the little brindled lad climbed into my lap again and gave me another once over.

i looked at my mother who was grinning from ear to ear and asked, “what do you think?” mom giggled and said she already knew who’s coming home with us. i told her how i wanted the female, but it seemed like the brindle was the right choice. mom, in her infinite wisdom noted that in the matters of man and dog, the dog always chooses.

the four hour drive home he laid in my lap, he didn’t fidget, he never cried once. i was amazed. once he was home, he sniffed everything he came across. mom, sis, and the dad all took turns playing with and cuddling him. the next 3 mights he slept in a tiny, furry ball next to me. i usually toss and turn as i sleep, but those three nights, i was a stone. he planted himself deep into my chest and dozed each night. the bond was sealed. i wrote a few days ago how i trained Brody, and i have a few other posts about what it like having a dog as an intregal part of you life. but last night something interesting happened.

i had a girl come by shortly after midnight for a quick sesh of vitamin D. it’s always funny getting nude texts from girls when you have a girl over to get gunned down. “GOD yer such a slut” she’s shaking her head as she sits in front of me reading the texts as they pop up and i’m removing her shirt. lol.

about 3 minutes later a short time there after she was curled up in a ball snuggling next to me basking in utter disappointment resting quietly. i’m really not into this type of shit, but unfortunately, you gotta do it if you wanna see her nakie again (gonna get an angry text about that line) loll. suddenly, goofball pops his head in the room and walks quitely over to me and laid his head next to mine. even in the dim light, i could see his “i miss you daddy” look. i couldn’t help but smile and pet his head. i wondered if i’d ever find a woman that loves me as unconditionally as Brody. of course Stingray had a GREAT write up about this subject.

just a short while ago i was violating some guys daughter. now I was laying next to her and all I could think of is how lucky i am to have Brody in my life. if i want a quick validation, sure- pussy’s great. but in the sense of the long term, Brody truly is the jewel in my life. and i need to keep that in mind. that’s my resolution for 2014. but guess what, i’d bet my next paycheck that each of you have someone or something in your life that truly adds color and beauty to your day to day. when’s the last time you took a step back and acknowledge it.

well, that’s too long.

take a moment and ponder what you have i your life that you’ve taken for granted, and change that. when you do, you’ll find a pace that harping on negativity will NEVER give you.

and you thought this post was gonna be just about me getting it in. silly rabbit. ok, you want game shit. FINE, i ran across this. looks like Mrs. Paglia isn’t backing down. color me surprised. of course the atlantic had a white-knight come to feminists defense. *ugh*

the day i got him home.

the day i got him home.

THIS. this is what i get to deal with everyday. i'm truly blessed.

THIS. this is what i get to deal with everyday. i’m a lucky Poppa.

taken yesterday. i was watching it rain and she decided to plant his ass in front of me.

taken yesterday. i was watching it rain and he decided to plant his ass in front of me.

stay up.

Kill the host

it really surprised me how the “mimimalism” posts took off. well, there’s been a recent developement in my venturing into the world of less- mom and my Tia Josie came down and picked up her spinny chair, my last large persian rug, wall art, and some end tables. my house is now damn near empty. sometime after mardi gras i’ll be doing the paper work to transfer the house to my parents. no realtor, no stupid inspection fees and closing costs.

sign, sign, pay trasnfer fee, and done.

i guess at some point mom and T will kick some fundage my way, but i’m not really worried about it. already spoken with Delgado and it looks like i start summer session. i found out they need X-ray tech’s at my old hospital, and i think i have a place lined up while i go to school.

i MIGHT work 2, maybe 3 days a week. 5 hour shifts. but i really don’t need to work.

i’ll be making close to $4000 a month retirement/disability and i’ll draw E5 BAH while i go to school. in case you didn’t know, you can EASILY live off that in southern Louisiana; especially considering how i’ll be living. i have ZERO plans on contributing to a (by and large) nation of lazy fucks that want a hand out.

just like Cappy suggests, i plan on starving the host. and might even sign up for some “handouts” as well if i qualify. i’m not advocating what i’m doing to anyone else, each man’s path is his own. but i do know this is the right thing for me.

i’m not suggesting you give all your shit away and move into a travel trailer and start a micro farm; that’s a tad extreme. but i can say there is a certain feeling of liberation in doing so. the people i gave my shit to needed it. i could have asked for money, but i found a greater sense of humanity in just letting it go. i’m looking forward to this new journey. i’ll do my best to share what i learn with you. and while packing shit i learned- DAMN do i have a shit load of ammo. lol. and remember, Mardi Gras is approaching. you coming? all the keel kids are gonna be there. hope to see you.

this song always makes me think of Unka Mitch and Keoni, especially when he utter’s the “run rabbit run” line. i KNOW these 2 have said this to countless sheeple. lol.

stay up.

oh- some of you might have noticed a certain rift going on regarding me. let it go. shit’s beneath me. don’t email me asking details, don’t offer me your support, don’t shit talk other people, don’t tweet about it. just leave it be.

and since Jack is such a sucker for it, i’ll post this.

better than a GF anyway. when i'm done with a girl, i get to spend quality time with my Brody.

better than a GF anyday. when i’m done with a girl, i get to spend quality time with my Brody.

More Dog Game: The Voice

after spending a little over a week back in NO, i noticed something intetresting- my stepfather and niece spent a lot of time playing with Brody. in case you haven’t been keeping score, Brody is very well trained. he has very specific commands for his basics: sit, down, stay, move, come.


Brody was fully trained by 7 months old. when i give Brody a command, it’s in a calm, assertive tone. it’s never angry and aggressive (unless he does something bad), but when i do get angry, he knows it and responds with a dropped head, giving me a sideways glance. he’s VERY easy to read.

my step father, who is quite an alpha and despite me telling him several times Brody’s commads, is still missing a crucial factor to pack leadership- tone of voice. when he gives Brody a command his voice is playful. this confuses Brody. he’ll often look over at me as if to say, “dude, what do i do?” in essence, Brody doesn’t see it as a command as much as he sees it as “human talk”. and YES, i talk to Brody all the time.

same thing with my room-mate. while he’s quite protcective of her, he’s made a LOT of regression in his “training”. i’ve had to have a crash course on Brody with emphasis on things she MUST enforce. granted, i’ll only be in my house for another 2-3 moonths, but she needs to learn how to be a better pack leader.

then take my brother in law Keith. Brody responds VERY WELL to Keith. but there’s nothing about Keith that Brody particularly likes more than another human. but it’s HOW Keith speaks to Brody that makes him an effective pack-leader. he’s direct, assertive, and calm.

there’s a lot to be taken from this advice since it also effects women, as your tone of voice is very important to them. sometimes it’s not so much what you say as it is HOW you say it. i try not to speak in an angry or menacing tone. i go for calm, assertive, direct. of course i do have my goofy side which also has an effect on women, as it tends to put them at ease. and every damn woman out there knows a man’s “bedroom voice”. the bedroom voice is the tingle nuclear option.

from the time they are babies, women begin assessing and taking clues from the manner in which people talk. they are surgical in interpreting body language and gauging verbal cues. it’s their bread and butter. i never known a man that could outdo a woman’s ability to decipher subtle cues in everyday speech. it’s just not that important of a skill to men. women have always been the keepers of all things domestic. men hunted and protected, we didn’t need to develope that certain skill.

i’d highly recommend every man take a few public speaking courses or a course in stand up or acting. most people have a fear of public speaking and the only way to get over it is to tackle it head-on. i was fortunate enough to have taught many different medical subjects at various points in my career and have had several students (officer and enlisted) tell me how surprised they were at how good an instructor i was. they’re used to the silly, joke slinging HM me. the “instructor” me is much more serious and professional.

so don’t just work on WHAT you say, since often how you say it is just as important.

stay up.



i’m starting to do more twitter crap. so if you aren’t following me, please do. all the keel kids are doing it.

Book Review: Bachelor Pad Economics

it looks like Cappy has a new book called “Bachelor Pad Economics”, which will be released today. i was forwarded an advanced copy to review. short write up here, so let’s get to it.

if you haven’t read Enjoy the Decline then shame on you. but, the new book is a much more in depth read along the same lines as ETD. it’s around 500 pages, but it’s still a relatively quick read. Aaron writes in a manner that is quite easy to absorb so i easily went through 132 pages in less then an hour. and that was while at work and watching some TV.

TBH, the book isn’t really geard towards me. it’s more of the high school senior to early 20’s guy. Aaron gives some VERY solid advice that i know would be invaluable to a league of young men who really are hungry for some male advice to navigate the troubling waters ahead. and Aaron covers it all: education, employment, family (your own family), happiness, economics, starting a family.

it’s advice i was fortunate enough to receive from my Paw-Paw, that i’ve had commenters tell me they WISH they had. do yourself a favor, invest in YOURSELF. you only get one chance at this life so you might as well make the most of it. you know how much worthless shit you waste $10-15 on; well for less than $10 you can go to Cappy’s site and download a copy to your kindle after clicking on his amazon app. say it again-

“invest in yourself.”

stay up.

Omega Douche Chills

sometimes, just hearing a situation where a guy is clueless is a great learning tool as you journey through the SMP.

i had only been in jax for a few months. there was a guy in my department, nice guy, but he was fucking hopeless when it came to women. he had just gone through his THIRD divorce, i’m sure you’ll be surprised that the wives initiated, so one of the girls in my department was always taking him out frequently.

how sweet right?


she was a single mom of a 16 year old boy and she was/is on the carousel. so one night, i get a text from my girl So-So asking me to come out with her and the above mentioned girl. i asked, read that again (I ASKED), if it was going to be only the two of them and she assured me it was. of course, i show up and there he his- neomaxizoomdweebieomega. i gave a VERY stern look to So and she mouthed, “i’m sorry” and motioned her head towards the carousel girl (CG).

they were at a local sport bar that’s known for their great ladies night. they (CG) were outside to smoke. i joined them and after 15 minutes i couldn’t deal with the smoke or CG’s screaming for attention at every guy in the vicinity.

oh wait. CG was a 4. seriously. short, quite overweight, and her face is well….you get it. she’s bossy, needy, and relatively masculine. So is a hard 8. 5’6″, asian and slamming rack (especially for an asian chick). she’s very feminine, quite, demure, polite and generally sweet all around; which explains why i don’t mind hanging out with her.

i went to their table and after 10 minutes they came back in. dude sat to my right by the rail, and the girls sat in front of my. there was a tv on the wall in front of me about 10 feet away. dude went to the bathroom, and a few minutes later the girls went. dude came back to the table a few moments after that two girls in mini dresses came in and sat about 6-7 feet in front of use by the bar which was about 10 feet to my left.

suddenly i hear a whispered, “pssst, pssst. dude….” i looked at him and said sternly but quietly, “shut the fuck up.” i went back to looking at tv but the truth is, i was checking the girls from my peripheral. they were ok, pretty cute, but i knew they were with someone despite them being there alone.

then i hear hear douche nugget AGAIN trying to get my attention, but this time it was WAAAAY more obvious. i turned, looked at him and said, “eric. shut.the.FUCK.up.” this time he looked concerned. and went back to looking at the tv. he had been staring right at the girls while trying to get my attention. my skin was fucking crawling and i was setting since now i was omega by proxy.

the girls with us had finally showed up and the first fucking thing CG does is point out the fact that there were 2 girls there, and she pointed at them.

i dropped my head on the table and started shaking it. So knew EXACTLY what CG had done and tried not to laugh by lowering her head. i looked at CG and said, “the fucking work here and they’re meeting up with some guys that work in the kitchen.” everyone at the table froze and CG asked how i knew that.

i pointed out they were standing by the door to kitchen, and i had seen one of them talking to another waitress and said waitress went straight to the kitchen, less than 5 minutes after i pointed out this fact, 2 guys emerged from the kitchen. they all looked at me with complete surprise. eric asked me how i knew they were there to see someone. i pointed out the fact that i had worked in kitchens before and learned kitchen guys always bang the waitress’.

then i looked at eric and said, “and for fucks sake will you quit getting over fucking excited when you see a cute girl. you’re like a fucking beagle puppy when a person walks into the room. TWO- you just had your third wife dump you. i think women should be the last thing on you mind since you obviously suck when it comes to women.”

i should point out had no clue what the ‘Sphere was back then.

what pissed me off the most was i’m pretty sure the girls had notice dick-fuck ogling them, thus making me a herb as well. and then CG points at them and then motioned to us 2 single guys without even considering IF i’d even want to talk to the 2 holes. she just assumed b/c we were single we had an obligation to. fucking modern entitled woman, and she was 35 at the time but still carried herself like a 23 year old party girl.

less then 10 minutes later i informed them i had had enough and was calling it a night. So sent me a text as i was driving home, “dude. i’m sorry. like seriously.” lol.

the lesson here. know your company if you’re out. now you guys know why i hunt alone.

stay up.

oh, in case you didn’t know Matt’s having a book sale. check it out. all the cool kids are doing it.


quick write up tonight as i’ve been busy.

i got a text/picture a while back- do you like these shoes? i responded that it didn’t really care. now, i don’t date this woman, she’s just a friend. she’s about 24-25. it’s not the first time a woman i wasn’t involved with wanted my opinion on something they’d wear.

it struck me as odd. i eventually told her that i thought they’d look great on her just so she’d leave me the fuck alone (she reads the site, i’ll hear about this). i thought of all the times this has happened to me. i guess it’s an innate habit for a woman to seek male approval in such issues since well…she’s ultimately trying to impress males.

but sorry ladies i NEVER notice your shoes, other women do. i just find it odd that most women will readily admit how most men are clueless when it comes to general fashion and things of this sort, then turn around and ASK us our opinions on the very same issue. but i didn’t care and she STILL wanted my approval of something i could give 2 shits about and it blows me away. but what did i REALLY learn here-

i had no idea of what a “kitten heel” was, and i was proud of it.

a little retro gift for you gals.

taking Lucky to the airport tomorrow. had a good time hanging out with him and showing him my fine city and i’m pretty sure he had a good time. like a trooper he cheered my boys on as they lost to the fucking panthers on my final day of showing him the 504. it’s always nice to meet the people associated with the community and i look forward to the upcoming MMGMOMD and i think meeting Lucky should be a nice sample of the hedonism to come when we all meet up again. as my mom said to Unka Mitch, “whoever misses this is going to regret it. we’re gonna have a blast.” what…..dinner with the fan? WHAAAAAAAT!!!

stay up.

ITLR: Outcome Independence

i think one of the things most guys new to game and red-pill face (after approach anxiety ) is outcome independence (OI). most guys tend to equate OI with aloofness. this is too narrow an interpretation. the same as many guys thinking game is tool for helping you get laid. again, a limited definition. a limited definition will only yield limited results. to gain the most benefit from these ideas you must view them with a broader scope

we men are creatures of labor. as such, when we toil we expect to see results, and when we don’t we get frustrated. as we incorporate the red-pill and we open another girl and we get IOI’s, and we neg, and we appear to doing everything right only to have it go to shit it can be a very disappointing. i guess this could offer a nice example

we’ve all been there. and guess what, it’s going to happen MANY MORE TIMES. happens to me quite often.

what’s a man to do? you could be a pussy and quit, give up altogether and move into a travel trailer on a few acr….never-mind. you see my friend nothing will blow a set like a woman sensing a pussy agenda. YES, we all know you’re not chatting her up to discuss the middle east, but….you’re execution mustn’t give off the feeling that this will make or break your day. i mean, you’re not going to quit driving because you keep catching red-lights are you? no, of course not.

so, how does one internalize OI? it’s actually much simpler than you think. it crucial to not give two shits about what happens, and enjoy the moment, have fun. yup, it’s THAT easy. i know it’s much easier to say than to do and i’m sure you were hoping for something more zen. but the fact is, despite the fact being just below the surface that you want to fuck the girl, you can’t come off like you’re investing that much into the interaction with her. a woman can sense an agenda in seconds.

last night i posted the interaction i had with the stripper, i’m sure she knew right away that i wanted to see her nakie. as a matter of fact, after making a few comments about making her squirt and her saying it would be a great time; i told her if it goes down she’d be going back to tampa with a present. she asked what that was and i replied, “a baby.” i got her number without really trying, despite knowing full well that there’s a 2% chance i’m ever going to see her outside the club. but you know what.

1- i didn’t care. 2- i was just having fun.

just KNOWING you can illicit that effect is a very powerful and liberating feeling for a man. i keep telling Lucky, “it’s called “game” because it’s fun. when it isn’t, you shouldn’t be playing.” if she’s being stoic and you’re not getting a playful attitude from her, bail- she’s not feeling you. but what really kills the ability to internalize OI?

one is raging 20 year old hormones. it’s hard NOT to care when you’re a walking hard on 90% of the day and you’ve started getting decent at opening and game in general. the next thing is the entitlement thought process of the typical western 20 year old woman. well, guess what- there’s really not much you can do about these things. BUT….you can keep chomping at the bit and taking the lumps that i’ve told you you’ll encounter in your 20’s. why?

every lump will cement the weakness’ in your game. after time, if you keep at it, eventually you really won’t care about the outcome. does it take time, of course. is it worth it? that’s subjective. i’ve been hanging out with a guy who was a total fucking geek and watching him work now (at 22) would never make me think he had an issue with girls before.

if he can do it, so can you.

tomorrow is the family Christmas party so i’ll try and update. we’ll be having a guest at the party as Lucky will be attending the festivities. that should be pretty interesting since he’ll be meeting my Nephew. You know my nephew, the one I’ve been coaching red pill to since he was 8z tonight i’m going to take Lucky to tulane university.

lastly, i hear there’s been a bit of talk about a louisana family causing some controversy. sorry, but there’s no point in me getting into this especially when other’s have covered it better than i could. personally, I do ‘t have an issue with gays. none. but I DO have an issue that bill mahr still has a gig after saying WAY worse shit than Phil.

H/T- SSM and Free Northerner

stay up.

The Innocuous Compliment

to neg or not to neg, that is the question.

i’m not here to sway one way or the other. but a lot guys fuck up when complimenting a woman. i’ll give my 2 cents on complimenting.

i usually compliment a woman’s ear rings. the compliment and WHY you like them are irrelevant. you’re setting up for a neg. usually, i’ll say, “i like your ear rings.” and usually she thank me. then i’ll ask WHY she choose to wear them. whatever she tells you is irrelevant. it’s just a set up for this, “well, i approve. they bring attention to your eyes. and your eyes are quite nice if i may say.”

it’s polite, flirty, and non-supplicating in nature. a compliment is fine. especially you make her all tingly and follow with a neg. i usually say, “but we REALLY need to talk about your hair/shirt/jeans, etc.

most guys compliments are supplicating in nature. “Damn, yer hot.” will get you nothing more than a thank you and she’ll look away. you use this approach and you’re dead in the water.

remember, you want to kick the pedestal out from under her. the most I’ll compliment a woman’s looks is with calling her cute. NO WOMAN wants to be called cute.

they call it game for a reason, it’s supposed to be fun. Complimenting her if fine, as long as you make her work for it and have fun with her.

if that doesn’t, try using axe. I hear that shit gets you laid immediately. I’ll be in NO tomorrow and meeting up with Lucky Lothario. i’ll be bringing him to tulane university so I can get his British ass some over educated liberal poon.

stay up.

Comedy Game Genius

God bless youtube.

i first saw “the appointments of dennis jennings” when i was a kid. it cracked me up, and i was only about 10-11 at the time. comedy parallels game. if you can see the jokes and comedy in this short movie, you’re well on you way to red-pill game Jedi mastery. and it’s PACKED with jokes.

you see, when you watch stand up, the jokes are obvious. this entire short movie is all dead pan (if you know stephen wright, then you know his style) so you have to pay attention to the dialogue. there are several parts where i just dropped my head and started giggling. if you care to comment, go ahead. but i will NOT point out the jokes; either you get it, or you don’t.

you can ask anyone that went to vegas meet up, i can make a joke or witticism in nanoseconds after a comment is made. it’s the same thing when i talk to a woman. she makes a statement and i make her laugh. it’s usually self-deprciation, sometimes a neg, and sometimes it’s slightly sexual. i can never predict what i’ll say.

had a friend that ran gorilla game when we’d go out. girls would approach because him, and they stay because i made the laugh. the women never had a chance. now, watch and see if you can see what i see.

now WHY do i suggest watching this video? understanding humor woks WONDERS with game. ask yourself- how many women have you met that complained about a guy making her laugh. laughter leads to comfort and validation. she’ll more likely be open to conversing with you. humor and comfort lead to IOI’s. IOI’s lead to escalation. escalation leads to a number and/or a kiss.

i was at work surfing and ran across this little gem. could there be a shift in opions? i wonder. thank God i’ll be in southern louisiana where tough men are the norm. and our women embrace femininity.

aaaaaaand, interesting thing happened at work today and had a dude come in for an X-ray of his foot. his girl (solid 8) was with him and as i walked him to the exam room she was following, soon i could see was going to follow him in (MAJOR NO-NO, especially since she’s female), and looked back and said, “it’ll just be a second, hang beck here for a moment- referring to the waiting area. did the exam and QC’d the images. as i got back to the front desk my co-worker said, “she said you were really rude.” he rolled his eyes because he had HEARD what i said.

aaaaaw. look at what happens when princess get’s told no. she’s not the problem, i am. how many guys you think just let her do whatever the hel; she wants.

off to NO tomorrow and it looks like i’ll be meeting Lucky Lothario this week. this should be interesting.

stay up.

Pillow Talk

when we last spoke i was telling you how i violated a man’s daughter (she HATES that i call it that). so, she had read my site and was a tad befuddled, but at the same time she admitted that she knew there was something about that was “way too confidant”.

she was actually really cool about letting me write about this. as i explained what i had done to get her nakie she just shook her head and said she felt like she should be mad for me manipulting her into doing this. i laughed and pointed out the fact that she manipulates men on a daily basis, whether she realizes it or not. she thought about it for a moment then i added, “didn’t dude just make you my tenders for nothing.”

“whether you asked or not, you got what she wanted. just like i got what i wanted.” lol.

i explained to her how the SMP works now, how she’s basically in the driver’s seat and that (by and large) she determines who, what, where, and when sex goes down. how most guys are really clueless when it comes women, that woman are actually pretty easy to understand, and how most guys kiss women’s asses (especially if she’s attractive).

then i asked her if she has any brothers or male cousins (she has an older brother), and i asked if he hunted (he does). i asked, “do you think a man just walks into a forest, sees a deer, picks it up and just carries it back to the truck? HELL NO. he has to know how to find where the deer are most likely to be, and how to attract a deer within shooting range. gee doesn’t that almost sound a little like the dating world. if i want a woman, i need to where to find one, then how to lure one back into my filthy mitts. essentially, i shot your vagina.”

she laughed, “i never thought of it like that, but it kinda makes sense.”

i told her, “a lot of guys pigeon hole game by thinking it’s simply about getting laid. but the reality is- game is about being the type of guy other people enjoy being around. i’m not trying to get guys laid, i actually want guys to be better men.”

she said, “if you weren’t leaving in march, i’d spoil you rotten to get you to be my bf.” i told her, “no you wouldn’t, your sorry ass would probably fake a pregnancy. honestly, what went wrong in your life where you let my old ugly ass fuck you?” she laughed and slapped my arm.

then we got into my lack of furniture.

“so, why did you get rid of all your stuff Danny.” i explained that i was retiring from the navy soon, and that i’ll be living out a trailer trailer on my cousins property in southern louisiana, and that i’m buying a few acres for a hunting camp. when she asked about me ever getting married i told her essentially i was a MGTOW’r. that marriage for men is a bad idea and that i didn’t want to risk what could happen if i got divorced.

now, this girl is 20. i explained that i adore women, but i just couldn’t take the risk involved with marriage. she didn’t seem convinced so i gave her the “box of grenades” analogy. fortunately, she had a male in her family had gone through a nasty divorce. then i pointed out the lampooning of men in the MSM.

then she asked if i wanted kids. i quickly replied, “uh, no.” she seemed geinulely confused and asked me why. i told her i just didn’t want a kid. they require a LOT of time and effort, and i was happy with the companioship i get from Brody (she LOVES Brody btw). but after the conversation had run it’s course she said it seemed like somewhat of waste, that i seemed like a great guy and that i’d probably make a good dad. *aw*. and since she knows i’m leaving in march she’s really has no reason to seek a relationship, so basically i’ll be a peice of meat for the next few months. she’s USING this sailor.

you really have to give it up to southern women, most of them are pretty red-pill from the jump, and they LOVE dominant men. she ended up staying about an hour after i made a mess on her tummy and back (she said she’s on birth control, but NO). she had school the next day so she needed to get some sleep. which is cool, cause i didn’t have to tell her to hit the bricks (i KNOW i’mma get a text about that line).

but i think the funniest thing that night was her on top of me, looking to the right and saying, “never did this with a shotgun 2 feet away before.” i told her, “there’s really only one gun you need to worry about right now.”

study hard in school punkin, see you when i see you.

stay up.

my bathroom. thats the tub she went swimming in.

my bathroom. thats the tub she went swimming in.

my stand-up shower.

my stand-up shower.

Dating’s Dead, Hanging Out is In

been putting off writing this since it entails a TON of dialogue. so i decided i’ll only add the necessary dialogue. k. but i figured this was apropos since it’s HUMP DAY.

about a month ago i landed a waitress’ number at my local. i made it a point to mention taking her on a date. i texted, no response. texted her again, she replied about 20 minutes later that she wasn’t working, but she was “busy”.

i deleted her number.

well, 2 weeks ago after work i stopped off at La Nopolera for some dinner. i had a book of poetry from Becquer so i brought it with me. i’m a big fan of carrying a book with me when i go to a restaurant, coffee shop or any place i’m going to be sitting and passing the time. the exception being my local or a strip club. and poetry is perfect because you can read and stop quickly when interrupted. and, well….most women LOVE poetry.

the hostess asked me if i had a seating preference and i answered with, “cute waitress section” and smiled. the hostess laughed and brought me to my table. i perused the menu and decided on the carne asada plate.

my waitress (Krissy) showed up and took my drink order. i ordered sweet tea and she asked me what i was reading. i told her it was some poetry by Becquer and she said she’d never heard of him. i explained he was a poet from southern spain that wrote some of the best romantic poetry i’d ever heard. then i asked her if she read.

she replied that the only things she reads now are her textbooks for college. turns out she’s going to be an RN. the conversation easily segued into me mentioning i worked in the medical field as well. after 2 minutes of small talk she left to get my drink.

she brought me my tea and since there really weren’t many people there she asked me about the book. girl was cute. soft 7. small, about 110 lbs, came across as a relatively feminine and sweet girl, and she’s 20. when she said she never read much poetry i told her a little about the poet and his relatively sad life. she asked if she could hear on of his poems and i searched one of his most famous.

“What is poetry? you ask, while fixing
your blue pupil on mine.
What is poetry! And you are asking me?
Poetry… is you.”

it’s a pretty crude translation, but she really seemed to like it. i told her it was more beautiful in spanish. and i read the actual poem.

“¿Qué es poesía?, dices mientras clavas
en mi pupila tu pupila azul.
¡Qué es poesía! ¿Y tú me lo preguntas?
Poesía… eres tú.”

THIS got her. she said it really was more beautiful in spanish. i negged her with, “aren’t you supposed to be taking my order.” and smiled slyly at her. she smiled, broke eye contact, and asked me what i wanted. i gave her my order and she left.

i continued to read and eventually she brought me my food. we made a little small talk then she left to let me eat. she checked on my one or two more times and i eventually asked for the check. before she could leave i told her, “but it’s not looking good for your tip.” she smiled and asked what she had done. i told her-

“you really aren’t wearing enough flair. sorry”

she laughed and said Nop really doesn’t do the “flair” thing. i told her it didn’t matter and the customer is always right. again, i smiled after i told her that. she laughed and i used my usual “you have a really cute laugh, your dude’s lucky”.

she replied that with work and school she didn’t have time for a boyfriend. i looked at her for a few seconds, grabbed my phone with the keypad open, handed it to her and said, “cool, we need to hang out some time.” she took my phone and punched in her number. i paid my bill (i left $4 on a $12 tab).

i texted her 2 times over the following week. the first i opened with “please tell me the flair issue is resolved.” she responded back with telling me to let her know when i planned on coming back and she’d be wearing more. i didn’t respond.

the next text was a quick, “what is your cute ass doing atm?” she responded with “studying”. i told her pretty soon she was gonna need some “RnR”. she agree and i didn’t respond back. 2 days later i texted her around 9pm. she works the 5-close shift because of school. just so happened she was at work. when i texted her, she replied she was closing and it was busy.

i replied with, “cool, here’s my address, bring me some chicken tenders. i’ll pay you when you get here.” now, i live less than 10 minutes from her work. i employed the bringing me food tactic to prevent her from flaking. just like the handing a girl your phone when you want her number, most women will go along with a solid frame. without her bringing me food, her hamster might have made her flake.

i gave her a REASON to come to my house.

around 11:45 my doorbell rang. lol. i let her in and of course she had my chicken tenders like a good girl. i asked her how much they were and she told me she didn’t pay for them, one of the kitchen white-knites made her an order. she walked in the house (i have an open floor plan 3 bedroom/2 bath house) and she commented on my not having a sofa. i said, “yeah i gave it away.” she asked why and i told her it was a long story. then she made note of the AK-47, .22 pistol, and .9 milli vanilli sitting on the floor. i told her that that was a few of the MANY firearms in the house. fortunately she’s a southern girl so it didn’t really phase her. lol.

i asked her if she were thirsty and that i had water, tea, juice, and coconut milk (i told you, i live with an asian chick). she asked for wine. i told her, “i’m not really down with contributing to the delinquency of a minor”. she laughed and replied with, “i doubt that’s going to be the worst thing that happens here tonight.” GOOD GIRL. i looked at her oddly and said, “what the hell are you talking about, i was about to fire up the xbox so we could play call of duty”. i rolled my eyes after i said it. lol.

i told her the front part of the house was basically my room-mates so we didn’t go down there, then brought her to my room and she paused and asked why i didn’t have a bed.

“i gave it, my night stands and dresser away.”

she asked why and i again told her, “long story.” i showed her the my bathroom and she lit up. “now THIS is what i’m talking about.” i then informed her she needed to EARN the privilege of using my tub. she smiled, tilted her head slightly and asked, “oh do i?” this was the moment. i looked her in the eyes, hooked a finger into the front of her jeans, kept eye contact and pulled her towards me slowly.

we kissed for about 2 minutes and i told her, “let’s go get your wine.”

i poured her half a glass and i sat at my spot in the living room by my coffee table. she sat next to me DESPITE the fact that i have a very comfy round chair that spins and is loaded with pillows. we made small talk for a minute and she asked about the blanket we were sitting on; how it looked old. i told her-

“yeah, i think i got it when i was 6-7.”

she gushed, “this is from when you were a BOY, AAAAAAW, that’s so cute.” and her sentiment was genuine. of course brody was licking her leg (he does that to EVERYONE, he’s such an attention whore), and she made a comment to him about her getting “doggy kisses”. i added, “yeah, at least someone’s getting some action around here.” she looked at me, put down her wine, and leaned into me.

we stared kissing and soon enough we were getting handsy. then her shirt/bra came off. then my shirt. then i took her hand and walked her to my room (sans) brody. when we were done, she bathed in the tub, and i showered. when i got out she asked me to sit in front of her in the tub so she could bathe me (DAMN what a good girl). then i told her i needed to have my “front cleaned”. lol. i left the tub and she asked me if i’d bring her her wine (the tub has a rack that allows for a book, and a thing to holds a wine glass by the stem).

i brought her her glass and went into the living room to watch tv. i started answering comments on the site. when she was done in the tub, she came out and sat next to me and asked what i was doing. i told her i was answering comments from my website. she asked me what the site was.

oh boy. here we go.

i told her i host a web site that teaches guys how to understand and attract women. she looked at me, mouth agape and said, “shut the fuck up Danny.” i left the site “dashboard” and went to the homepage. her eyes widened. i kid you not she read for almost 30 minutes. then she asked if i were going to write about “her”. i told her i wanted to and if i did i’d change her name and where she worked. i told her to text me after she reads it, she knows it’s going up tonight and i can’t wait to hear what she has to say about it.

in just over a week, i went from a number close to a +1. now, i fully admit, a large part of “Danny game” is reactionary. my responses are ad-lib and based largely on what she gives me to work with. but for the most part i’m sure you can see what i did land this young lady. humor and negs make up a BIG part of how i interact with women. class dismissed. lol.

stand by for tomorrow post about the conversation we had AFTER she’d read it.

the bed. i decided to go more luxury and bought a $30 sleeping bag to put on top my pallet.

the bed. i decided to go more luxury and bought a $30 sleeping bag to put on top my pallet.

stay up.

Emotional Rape

Patrice O’neal changed my entire outlook on women and relationships. well last night one his HBO specials came on from 2005. and while it’s classic Patrice genius, he touches on something i found interesting in this area of men being sexual predators and women being perpetual victims

in the special Patrice touched on a very interesting subject. he referenced mike tyson’s obvious innocence when he was convicted of rape. then he posits that women “emotionally rape” men because they aren’t built to handle rejection. so he states they resort to emotional rape, by forcing us to have emotions they already have. what’s emotional rape? her asking-

“you miss me?”

if you say no, she kills the pussy. so you’re forced to say yes, when men really don’t express themselves like that. but you say yes so you don’t kill the pussy, then you end up wanting to cry in the bath tub because you’ve admitted something you don’t really mean but you’ve said and now she thinks you like her like that.

admit it, you’ve been there. you’ve agreed to things a woman brings up simply to keep access to sex DESPITE your not really agreeing with her sentiment. and sadly it happens all too often and woman are WAY too comfortable doing this. and YES…..i’m guilty of falling for this too.

if you want to see the whole routine, here it is. around the 16 minute mark is where it gets good. and the 22:00 mark deals with “emotional rape”

stay up.

OH, the official dannyfrom504 christmas card (NSFW) is available. it’s the same as last years, but if i get a new one, i’ll happily send it. just ask for it in the comment sec ion of the posts i run up until the 25th. ho-ho-ho mother fucker.

ITLR: Blood and Semen

some time ago LaidNYC ran a post that garnered quite a bit of attention (especially from angry feminists). it made me think of something along the same lines, but from a different perspective.

Laid wanted to hold women to a higher standard- well, i want to hold GUYS to a higher standard.

lets think for a moment; ask yourself, who are the people you’d bleed for? that you’d honestly be THAT willing to help that you’d go so far as to bleed. i’m speaking metaphorically of course. now i can’t speak for you, but my list would be pretty short. i’d be willing to bet it’s the same for most guys.

well, what if more men were to be that selective regarding the women they’d fuck; ergo “cum for”? most men will actually lower their standards to get laid. this is a mistake. as Laid pointed out in his post, “so you have a vagina….AND?” i believe i’ve spoken along those lines before on my site as well.

it’s pretty sad and telling that men don’t hold women to such a standard that they’d hold their friends to. it really should be the other way around. while i don’t think many men will actually employ this in their lives, but i know the ones that do will find they are actually much better with women than guys that just fuck what every women is DTF.

once a man gets to a point where he’s screening the women he encounters rather than being screened by women, he’s entered a zen-like game state.

stay up.

The Princess vs. The Angel

i was at my local tonight when i overheard a dad refer to his young daughter as “his little princess”.

there’s an on-going trend of referring to women (especially little girls) as “princess”. personally it makes me shudder when i hear a little girl being called a princess. when a girl hears this often at such a young age fosters a huge sense of entitlement.

a princess is something to be objectified, to be served, something beyond you. you are beneath a princess. if i refer to a woman as princess it’s to make fun of a woman being finicky. when i posted about my ex not being comfortable peeing in the bathroom because i didn’t heat that part of the house, thus my electric bill going up as “princess couldn’t piss in the cold”, it was to elicit a response from her. and it did in fact make her feel a pang of guilt.

now, when referring to a woman i adore, i prefer to call her “angel”. angel’s are divine, worthy of respect, something of beauty. we all know my love of the spanish speaking ladies. i usually refer to them as “angelita mia” (my little angel) and they eat that shit up. most of the time when speaking to a woman (be it family or gf) i’ll call her angel.

just consider the attitude of a princess versus that of an angel. princess’ EXPECT shit to be given to them. served to them. whereas an angel expects and wants nothing. they appreciate what you do for you and you in general. honestly, which of the 2 would you rather have in your life?

don’t believe me, try it. call a woman you know princess and tell me you don’t feel like a complete douche. then call a woman an angel and tell me it doesn’t practically roll off your tongue. i’m a firm believe in taking the pepsi challenge with these things.

i did have a nice time shooting the bow today. haven’t shot in a minute, and it showed from my patterns. i need to start going about once a week again. i didn’t have anyone to film it, so i’ll put up my first ever youtube upload.

stay up.

More on Dog Game

show me a man that understands how to raise a well-trained dog, and i’ll show you a guy that is quite good at understanding game and how to attract women.

it’s well documented here my relationship with my english staffordshire bull terrier- Brody. what many people don’t realize is when humans and canines bond, the dog naturally considers the human the pack leader, the alpha. it is critical to maintain a dog’s emotional well being by leading in a calm, assertive, dominant manner.

sound familiar?

i’ve written about it before. i’ve worked VERY hard to be a “good leader” for Brody, he deserves that. people are amazed at how well he listens, how well behaved he is, how “calm” he is compared to other dogs.

when a dog and human form a pack, and the human acts emotionally, indecisively, in a less than dominant manner; the dog will instinctively take control of the “pack”. i senses an ineffective “alpha” and will behave in a more dominant manner. this is where 99% of the problems humans face with dogs.

it’s not that the dog won’t listen, it’s just reacting to an ineffective pack leader. it’s VERY telling how most female dog owners have dogs that “don’t listen well”. millions of years of man domesticating dogs to make an ideal hunting companion cannot be argued.

well, there’s been a recent turn of events on Planet Danny- i have a female roommate. i’ve written about her before here. she’s a red pill woman. she will readily admit that in a healthy relationship, a man leads and a woman submits. this synchs naturally in her since she’s Asian.

VERY Asian.

but, despite her being red-pill minded, she is still a woman. i wouldn’t call her alpha per-se, or overly emotional. matter of fact, she can be a dick at time. almost de-void of emotion. but, dogs being dogs are able to exploit something the MUST.HAVE to follow an alpha.

consistent behavior.

this CANNOT be faked. you do it or you don’t. and when you don’t, dogs view you as a weak leader. when i first moved into my house i made a quick realization: when i would cook, Brody would follow me around and sometimes trip me up. the solution was simple- he’s not allowed in the kitchen. took me 2 days to teach him. i’ve lived in this house for over 3 years.

i got home from work one a little over 2 weeks ago, was watching tv when my rommie went into the kitchen when the unspeakable happened-

Brody followed her into the kitchen.

my eyes widened, and i let out a relatively loud, but firm, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING BOY????!!!!!” soon i saw a drooping head peer around a corner looking back at me. he KNEW what he had done. he KNEW he wasn’t allowed in the kitchen, and he KNEW my room-mate wouldn’t stop him. this show’d me that rookie needed to be school IMMEDIATELY in proper pack management.

it showed me that she lacked real leadership. well, in a house with a dog EVERY HUMAN MUST BE THE ALPHA. Brody does not exit the house until all humans leave, doesn’t enter the house until all humans do. and he must be TOLD he can enter/exit. he does not begin eating until i pour his food and let him know he’s allowed to eat. this and this where required reading for my sister when she told me she was getting a german shard. the second link is quite possible the best damn thing i’ve ever read in regards to male behavior. there is AMAZING game wisdom there.

damn near every red-pill woman i know that’s read it agreed with it whole heartedly. i post it a LOOOOONG time ago on my site. anyone here even considering getting a dog needs to read those 2 links. if you can internalize the second link, you will find you’re interactions with women 10000x’s better. remember what we learned last night.

“women don’t want to win, they want a winner.”

when dealing with women, i’m react the same with them as i do with Brody. i’m simply confidant, assertive, and calm. the results speak for themselves. i have an amazing, well behaved dogs. and if i run into a woman that butts heads with me in regards to my leadership, i see them as defective, and i they are voted off the island.

if you’ve spent anytime around this site, you’ll know i adore women, and i absolutely LOVE my dog. do yourself a favor and read the links i provided about dogs and pack behavior. you’ll have a better relationship with man’s best friend and you’ll be a better man to your woman; providing her with the calm, assertive, dominant man she craves.

i wonder what the red-pill Ladies over at Girls Being Girls think of this? hmmmmm. wonder if any of them will show up?

Brody. handsome devil ain't he. just like his poppa.

Brody. handsome devil ain’t he. just like his poppa.

stay up.

The Old Man

short post tonight since i got home late and i’m fucking pissed at my job. the OR can suck a dick. sorry, that had to come out.

i recently posted about how Anthony (of Opie and Anthony) had a break up with his GF. i was there listening in as it went down. i was even familiar with his ex as she was a regular on wackbag. now, i was a KNOWN fixture of wackbag at the time. want proof- go to the site and look up “stillbornstew”. that’s me.

i’m good friends with most of the moderators of the site, and let me tell you- baggers are fucking twisted (and i like that). i’m a follower of and am being followed by baggers on twitter. we good? ok.

ant’s old, his chick was WAY younger. and he currently has a gf in her early 20’s. yes, he’s rich and a radio celebrity, but his success proves that looks mean shit to women. and his looks are NOT one of his strong suits.

don’t believe me, just throw “anthony cumia” into google and search the images. well, mel forgot one of the golden rules in the manosphere- “there will always be another woman”. she landed a big fish, and she didn’t appreciate him. now ant’s got a NEW 20 year oldish girl.

as Patrice said, “women don’t want to win, they want a winner.”

stay up.

ITLR- Female Entitlement

i’m lazy. Patrice will fill in. here he discusses female entitlement. the background is talking about Ant’s break up with his longtime girlfriend (things got awkaward on wackbag after the split since she was well known on the Bag). when Patrice learned Ant gave his gf a key to his palatial estate, he went ballistic. and Ant’s house is SICK. despite that she STILL fucking nagged him.

finding Patrice REALLY had an effect on how i viewed relationships. it was the begining of my red-pill journey. i think sundays will be Patrice day here. young cats and men new to the red-pill could learn A.LOT. from patrice.

this story resonated with me A.LOT. when i was in japan, i was dating a girl who was basically living with me. now i had a NICE place in japan, and she lived on the ship. and female berthing is putrid. bitch was living in the lap of E4 luxury and NEVER appreciated the fact. she saw my electic bill one month (i think it was an oct bill) that was Y140,000 (almost $150). she looked at me surprised and asked if it were always that much. i told her it was when she was staying with me.

again, confused look. i said, “princess can’t piss in an unheated bathroom. she looked at me and winced.

i’ll explain. one time she went to the bathroom (i used to only heat half the house, the kitchen/bathroom area was closed off- you know, SAVE money) and she literally ran back into the living room, slammed the wall door, and jumped under her blanket. i sighed, bit the bullet, and started heating the whole upstairs. see, she was OBLIVIOUS to what it cost to have a girl stay with you. and i NEVER asked her for ANYTHING.

maybe now you can see why this is something i can relate too. AND she was hoping i would propose. by the time i left japan, i didn’t even want to have sex with her, and i really felt more friendship for her.

i know what you’re thinking: “but Danny, why didn’t you break up with her?”

she was on her second chance. dumping her again would have CRUSHED her. i was transferring in a month, i decided to be a nice guy and ride it out. see….i’m SUCH a asshole misogynist manosphere dick, right.

so ladies (and i know you’re reading this), appreciate you man. THANK HIM on ocassion. if he’s a quality dude and you don’t he WILL drop you. especially if he’s a man with options.

stay up

ITLR: Advice to Danny Just Before he Joined the Navy

as i approach the end of a 20 year career, i reflect back to what i’ve learned and what i’d tell Danny then, what Danny now knows. as we all know, i posted that i joined the navy at 20 years young. i didn’t like college (boy did i slam dunk it on that decision), and i had a good paying- but dead end job. i really wanted to do something where travel was a given.

i joind the navy.

so the first thing i’d tell young me- is to figure out where you THINK you want to go with your life. i had 2-3 jobs i wanted to do within the navy, and they NEEDED to be profitable in the civilian sector. i ended up in medical. so Danny, college is a joke unless your going into the STEM field, and your dyslexic ass ain’t passing college algebra. do yourself a favor and go to trade school. you’ll save a ton of money and have a marketable job.

the second- let life happen. don’t get so focused on “what you’re going to do with your life” that life passes you by. believe it or not; 20 years passed in a fucking blink. you will not become what are are going to be overnight. it takes time. who you will become is the culmination of your desire, your decisions, tenacity, and how you handle adversity. this leads us to-

your decisions have consequences. don’t gloat over every victory, and most certainly don’t wallow in your failures. the ability to get up after you fall is crucial. and never complain when things don’t go your way, that’s what women do. your job is to be a stone for those you love in times of crisis. multiply that by 1000 if you have a woman in your life. that being said-

women. you’ve been girl crazy all your life. you fall in love every 10 minutes; so first off, do not get married until you enter your 30’s. in your 20’s, get all that ramdom fucking out of your system. as a man, this is crucial. WHY? because evetually, you won’t define/value a woman based on the fact that she can get you off. guess what stupid- “SO WHAT!!!!!??” pussy is not that big a deal.

and PLEASE, do NOT get a woman pregnant during this time of your life. having a child will end your life and any plans you may have had. you will become a beast of burden for the next 18 years. i’m not going to tell you to never get married, just realize today women (finacially, and legally) can destroy your life. half of marriages fail, and the family court system has no problem butt fucking you for whatever money you have. that said, i advise you to wait unitl you’re in your 30’s to get married because thats the point in a man’s life where he’s most capable of giving a woman what they need in their men: physical and emotional maturity, and finacial stability. second, you’ll have easier access to the type of women you want now: young and beautiful MUCH easier than in your 20’s. dating in your 20’s sucks, but as you get older, you’ll have more and better options. and let’s face it kid, you’re ok with women, but you have a LOT to learn.

so focus on being the best you you can be. pursue things you have a real interest in. learn to do things that are going to be fulling to you, make your life richer and more interesting. earn your scars. party, have a good time. set yourself up so you have a comfortable life when you get older. no need to buy a ton of crap. save your money and use it to DO things you enjoy, not buy some worthless junk- TRUST ME on this one bud.

OH. you’re going to have you ass handed to you by a girl around 26. it will be the most devastaing heartache you’ll experience up to that point. this will suck wet donkey balls, but it’ll be essential to your growth. a man cannot love a woman fully until he has had his heart devastated by one. the way i see it, once you know that pain, you won’t want a woman you love to experience that. only a man without a soul would WANT a woman to experience that. you’re going to meet a girl in japan that will hope you propose. you are going to hurt her, but you’ll do it in a polite, gentlemanly manner.

realize this. as long as you have: food on your plate, a roof over your head, a job, and those that love you close; you have a pretty good life. you’re blessed. don’t get caught up on all the bullshit going on around you. food, roof, loved ones= a blessed life.

now, sit down Danny. you’re going to see some absolute horrors over the next 10 years or so. these are things you will never be able to unsee. but realize the lesson in what you’ll experience: one of the truest tragedies is losing someone and them not knowing deep down how much they mean to you. it will cause a slow decay. make sure everyone you hold dear realizes how much they mean too you. and never take them for granted. you have an amazing family, spend as much time with them as you can (especially Paw-Paw and Maw-Maw).

if you listen to what i’m telling you, you’ll have a pretty decent life. keep you eyes open, becuase american society is growing more and more caustic towards men. women are being encouraged to become more and more masculine. and men are being told they need to be more and more sensitive. don’t buy into that horseshit. women always have and always will appreciate a masculine man. if you run across one that doesn’t avoid her like unprotected sex in thailand.

lastly, don’t let what i told you in the last paragraph discourage you. an easy life is not a life worth living. learn self-relaince, hope for the best, and always prepare for the worst. gat as much out of the navy as you can and get out, it’s become far too hostile towards men, and standards are dropping VERY fast. pick a rate where you can get a good job on the outside and get the hell out.

good luck kid. it’s rough out there. but try and have a good time as well. also, give this a glance over once in a while.

oh, and go to this guy’s site and grab a copy of his book “Enjoy the Decline”. he has a LOT of useful info in that book.

stay up.

The Ring

back in 2007 my Maw-Maw (dad’s mom) gave me her engagement ring. i was really “meh” about it. it’s a nice ring, it really is. but since i’ve got my eyes WIDE open as to the danger’s i face with marriage and my unwillingness to place myself at the guillotine known as the family court system, i won’t be getting married.

i’m selling the ring.

had a jeweler tell me she’d give me $1000 for the ring. i have all the paper work from when the ring was bought. it was purchased for $7700, but i’ll only get $1000 for it. that right there tells me the sham that is “the engagement ring”. when i first came in to the military one of my LPO’s told me about how he bought and engagement ring for $1200. he broke off the engagement and tried to sell the ring to a pawn shop who offered him $250 for it.

even though i was still pretty naive, that really was an eyeopener for me. i never really considered marriage. i was still too green to jump into something like that. i saw a few people that got married during my 3 months of corpsman training in san diego who were already getting divorced so i was pretty leery of the whole matter. i never understood why so many military couples get married because on of them was being reassigned. basically, they get married because they didn’t want to break up.

i might have been green but i wasn’t THAT fucking stupid.

well 2 of the junior guys in my department have serious girlfriends. i asked one of them if he’d be interested in buying it. first thing he asked was, “is it rectangular?” i told him no and he immediately backpedaled with, “yeah, no, she’s pretty specific that it has to be rectangular.” i looked at him blankly and said-

“dude, within 3-4 years of getting married she’s gonna dump you.”

even though i HIGHLY DOUBT i’ll ever be getting married, that i have no desire to get married, i can tell you this; she’ll get whatever damned ring i pick out. if she doesn’t like it, she can go piss up a flagpole. maybe i’m just an asshole for assuming it was about the willingness to commit. the ring is just a symbol and she should actually feel privileged and (dare i say it) honored that i’m proposing to her.

just the fact that so many women feel that entitled as to DEMAND what kind of ring a man gives her is pretty jaw-dropping. although, anyone that’s taken the red-pill shouldn’t be surprised by this. i actually felt bad for the kid in a way. he’s a nice guy. but unfortunately he’s a complete blue pill zombie. sadly, he’s gonna have his ass handed to him.

not i said Dan. not i.

My grandmother's ring (dad's side). I'm gonna hock it and buy a ticket to Brazil. lol.

My grandmother’s ring (dad’s side). I’m gonna hock it and buy a ticket to Brazil. lol.

stay up.

A Tale of Two Men

there’s a guy i know. here take a look at him.


not a bad looking cat right. i know him VERY well. he’s a younger dude, and he does pretty well for a guy his age. i’ve seen a few of the women he’s closed and i can honestly say they’re all solid 8’s. but kid’s still got a lot to learn. he really hasn’t internalized game/red pill. he still goes into beta-slides and will occasionally white-knight. YET, i think most guys would love to have his success rate.

but, he’s in his early 20’s. he’s in the time of his life when a man needs to take his lumps in the SMP. i have no doubt that once it’s internalized he’ll be a ninja. and, i’ve seen women open him casually. too bad most of the time he doesn’t realize he’s been opened. a woman MIGHT be willing to give subtle “come talk to me boy” extended glances and smiles. but….ultimately they’re only going to go so far. eventually you need to realize what she doing, sack up, and go say hello.

And we all know this handsome devil.

not a handsome man

not a handsome man

you’ve read the site, you know i do pretty well with women DESPITE how i look. i’m MUCH better with women than that kid in the top picture. i recognize IOI’s within seconds, i escalate playfully, and i number close 8 out of the 10 women i open (i only get women’s numbers who are single). so remember this.


even at almost 40 years old, with my looks (as evidenced by the picture of me at the top of the post), i do MUCH better than i did when i was 20. lol. that was taken one month before i went to boot camp, almost 20 years ago. and with that, take it away clint-

so forget oreo’s eat 504 cookies I’M BAD!!!!!

stay up.

People who’ve Died

one of my junior HM’s saw his first patient die. really fucked him up. he came to me and told me he needed to talk to me. he’s well aware of my past as a trauma junkie master. this was one of those moments where the silly side of me gets shown the door. this was serious, and he really need some ear.

it’s no secret that i’ve seen some pretty morbid shit. i’ve talked about it before. well, what i consider to be an important part of my job is mentoring and counseling the junior guys. i don’t have this wall of, “you below me, me high rank” aura. i talk to the guys like we’re in the field. i NEVER have to use rank to gain respect. i even go so far as to tell other E6’s is they have to throw around rank, they are ineffective leaders.

i was living in san diego. it was christmas morning. i was checking my myspace account (what, it was 2006) and learned a friend had killed herself. she had lost her grandmother during katrina and grandma had raised by her. mom ran off and dad was a dead beat, she moved out as soon as she could. i tried to find her in NO when i was stationed there but didn’t have any luck. found out that Christmas that she’d been living 5 minutes from my apartment in NO.

i had taken this girls virginity.

i always knew she was kind of troubled so i felt bad when i wasn’t able to find her. as i sat reading her obituary, i felt numb. i got dressed and left the house. i was driving all over san diego. the streets were dead and one of the radio stations was playing a pearl jam concert they did in san deezy. then this song came on.

i broke down crying. i was already shook at girls committing suicide, but i remembered my boy Ricky. he was like my brother. i had been in the navy for almost a year. i went home to texas and was visiting friends. Ricky was in san antonio working. he was going to be coming in for fourth of july. well, for whatever reason my dad decided we were going to leave for florida (he was moving there) early.

never saw Ricky.

i was sitting on my cousins roof watching fireworks and around midnight, i put my beer down, left the roof and went inside. my cousin came in and i told him i didn’t feel like partying anymore. the next day i heard from his cousin. her, Ricky, and 3 friends from school were in an accident. ricky died, he was the only death in VERY bad accident.

i remember us making plans about what we were going to do with our lives. how we were going to retire on a ranch outside san diego. i was gonna marry his cousin, he was going to marry my sister. we’d get old, drink beer and laugh about how fat our wives had gotten. i always looked at my life from his perspective- to not waste my life since his got cut short.

i told the junior HM that death is part of what we do. i told him about the 2 friends above. told him that he’ll need to learn to detach himself from work death. when it’s a patient’s time, it’s their time. but at the same time, not feel bad if he never learns the detachment. this job isn’t for everyone. but the take-away is to fully appreciate every moment you have on this planet. you never know when you’re times up.

he just nodded his head and thanked me. hopefully i was able to help the guy out.

the girl at the very right is Liz.

the girl at the very right is Liz.

aaaaaaw. i was a senior at the time. she was a freshman.

aaaaaaw. i was a senior at the time. she was a freshman.

i don’t have any pics of Ricky. i’ve lost a TON of pictures with all the moves i’ve had; so, sorry.

stay up.

My Interview with Aurini

i had the pleasure of being interviewed by “Stares at the World” host D. Aurini. we had a really long talk, and talking with Dave made me feel like i should be wearing a monocle whist extending my pinky and sipping tea.

yeah, he’s that fancy.

and i was again reminded of how much i hate my voice. someone please gut me like a fish and set me on fire.

since this is a relatively short post, i thought i’d take away another few minutes of your life that you can’t get back. with that in mind, it’s time for some…


i was pretty disappointed with francis fir. i think maybe it had sat out too long and the scent lost its potency. so i decided to roll with Redwood. it’s not bad, but i doesn’t make me feel particularly pretty. and that’s really all i need. someone hold me.

insert something witty….here.

insert something witty….here.

and now, our sponsor. discussing an issue i often cover on this site.

stay up FABULOUS!!!!!

and i’m still waiting for some more stories about you guys Fed-Ex’ing

[edit- with all kennedy stuff being mentioned, i thought i’d take a different approach.

ITLR- My First Experience with Bullies

i was in second or third grade. for the first 2-3 weeks of school my mom would walk with me to the bus stop. once mom was comfortable enough, i walked there alone and would wait to board the bus to school (and yes, it was a tad shorter than most buses. let’s get that one out your systems). well, eventally i had 3 other boys (all older/bigger then me), pushing me around and making fun of my for being so small.

my life was a 20 minute hell for the next 2-3 weeks.

i’d never really been in a fight before, but their picking on me left me angry and sad at the same time. angry that they were picking on me, and sad that i felt powerless to do anything against it. now, they never hit me. the most physical it ever got was them pushing me. it was the verbal assaults that bothered me the most.

one afternoon after running home after getting off the bus my Maw-Maw (my dad’s mom) noticed i was upset (it’s amazing how women can read their kids/men). “boy, what’s wrong?”, she asked in her very country accent. i told her nothing and i tried to go outside, i just didn’t want to deal with it. well, that wasn’t going to cut it with Maw-Maw.

i explained to her my dilema and she looked at me understandingly. she told me, “well, i see. and which one is the biggest?” after i told her she said to me, “ok. now look. tomorrow, i want you to leave about 15 minutes early (i always got there first) and you find a big stick. then, you hide. when they show up, i want you to sneak up on the biggest one and start beating him with the stick. but you do NOT hit him in the head. only the body and legs. you hear me.” i nodded and she let me go outside.

the next morning my Maw-Maw saw me off to school and reassured me about what she had told me to do. i got to the bus stop, found a sizeable stick, and hid on the side of a house behind the bus stop. evetually they showed up. i took a deep breath, crossed myself and charged after the ringleader. everything was a blur.

10 seconds passed in rush of boiling blood, humiliation and sadness.

evetually, he was on the ground screaming for me to stop. i quit hitting him, and broke into tears. some adults had come outside to check out the rukus. one of the adults walked me back to my home and Maw-Maw ended up driving me to school. thankfully, the day passed quickly and was uneventful. when i got home i ran back to the house. i started doing my homework and eventually, there was a knock at the door.

it was kid and his mom.

my mom called me to the front door and kid’s mom went on about my beating her son. my mom was oblivious to the whole thing. Maw-Maw heard the commotion and came to the door. now, one thing about southern women: they are delicate flowers until you mess with their brood. Maw-Maw cut kid’s mom off and launched into a verbal assault of the hell her son had been giving me. kid never looked at me during the entire exchange.

then Maw-Maw dropped the fact that she TOLD me to carry out the deed. my mother was in complete shock. i had NEVER been in an altercation before. after my Maw-Maw explained what had been going on, kid’s mom asked him if he had been bullying me. the kid meekly replied that he was “just messing with me”. that was all it took; she grabbed boy by the arm and scolded him as she walked him back home.

i was sent to my room.

a few days later the whole thing had come and gone. i was outside and my Paw-Paw (dad’s dad) came out side and told me he wanted to talk to me. Paw-Paw was Houma Tribe Indian. he never spoke to me as much as he’d just tell me what to do. so when he said he “wanted to talk to me” my little ass knew it was serious. i don’t recall exactly what he said, but it was along these lines-

“there are some men that have hearts full of sadness. these men can only kill the sadness by hurting others. these men are twisted. but they never harm men stronger than themselves. they hunt what they think is weak. these men, when they see true strgnth, they cower. they fear the warrior. what you did was show him a warrior, and he’ll never bother you again. it’s never about winning or losing, all that matters is that you fight. and it’s not just men or beast that this applies to- when you become a man, you’ll understand.”

i KNOW this isn’t exactly how he put it, since….well, it happened YEARS ago. but i always remembered that talk. and now it makes perfect sense. as i got older i realized what he meant. after popping my fighting cherry, i was a different kid. i NEVER messed with anyone. matter of fact, i hate fighting. but whenever a kid pushed me, it was on.

a year later, i was at school playing football (tackle). a kid tackled me and as he got up he pushed my face into the ground. i went into the red. on the next play i nailed the kid with a brutal hit. he got up and we went at it. it was eventually broken up and i ended up visiting the principle. of course the other boy denied doing anything to instigate me. i explained what happend to my mom and got i punished for a few days. but, something even more profound happened.

that kid never bothered me again.

when i saw fight club (read it after) and got to the part of the movie where Tyler ordered the guys to start and lose a fight, only to find that most men will avoid physical confrontation, struck a cord with me. it made an impression because, well…….it’s true. even Doc Illusion stated in twitter how fighting seems to be a regional thing. i know in the south, men fight.

i don’t like how they leave out the narration after the fight.

THIS ONE got me though. fast forward to 9:30 on the clip.

stay up

Fed-Ex P (FEP)

i was reading over Ema’s story of how she lost her virginity. so, in the spirit of LaidNYC’s “virginity loss” bit, i want to know how many of you have flown a woman in or flown out to bang a girl. i’m not going to judge if you paid for her ticket, or she paid. just want to know if you’ve done it.

have i? OF COURSE!!!!

i was stationed in new orleans and met a girl at a class i was teaching. she was stationed in pensacola, i was teaching an EMT course there. we really couldn’t mess around since i was her instructor, but we exchanged numbers after the tests were done. well, eventually she asked if she could fly in to come “party in new orleans”. that friday i was picking her up at the airport. took her back to my place, and we went at it. we showered and i took her to the quarter. then, there’s a girl i knew who flew to spain. she came mostly since she had a place to crash while she bounced to madrid, barcelona, and lisbon. but, i did get some ass out of it. she Fed-Ex’d the pussy (FEP).

when i first moved here from spain, i was banging three girls. then i met the bestie of a family friend. they both bartended at a place by my mom’s house. since i knew bestie, girl approved of me. i saw her reading at work one night and next thing we know, we’re talking books. i let her borrow my copy of “the unbearable lightness of being” and told her we’d discuss it later. she LOVED it. next thing you know, we’re banging. hell, the first time ALMOST happened in my favorite bookstore. i moved past her (very tight aisles) and she lightly pushed her ass into my crotch.

i paused, she was still pressing into me and turned her head my way. i was moving my hand up her thigh and about to undo her jeans. then, someone opened the door and it broke the spell. that night, after she got off work, we both got off.

the bookstore. acadian books on orleans ave.

the bookstore. acadian books on orleans ave.

well, eventually, she wanted it to get serious. well, i was living here in jax and she was in new orleans. i told her i didn’t do long distance relationships. she PROMISED she’d put in the effort to make it work. this talk went down in dec. jan, feb, mar, and april she flew in for about a week. fed-ex pussy. have i ever been fed-ex penis?

of course.

girl went half on a ticket for me to fly to texas to tap it after she got out the navy and went back to san marcos. mexican chick, very tasty. then, there’s the a time girl went halves on a ticket for me to fly to LA to gun her down. total Fed-Ex penis.

met a stripper chick in pensacola (the same class i was teaching that i mentioned above. lol), told her about the money you make in clubs on bourbon; she and 2 of her friends flew in one weekend and crashed at my apartment. i didn’t charge them, but they still “paid me”. lol. i’d drop them off at the club (my girl Brook worked there, she hooked them up) and they’d cab it back. they each made a grand a night.

some guys brag about 3 ways. try a four-way. lol. it was basically a free for all when they’d be at the house.

damn, my sex life really is/was a fucking roller coaster. i don’t know if I’m going to hell or i’m already in heaven. what i do know is that there’s never going to be a shortage of women. if i can do this, you can too. it’s definitely tapered off in the past 6-7 years. but i also dono’t go out that often.

if you have a blog and have Fed-Ex’d the pussy, run a post on it and i’ll link it here. if you don’t have a blog, leave your story in the comments section. and i REALLY want to hear if any of my female readers have ever Fed-Ex’d. so for the next week let’s tell some FEP stories.

fed-ex pussy/penis- when you absolutely, postively have to get some TONIGHT. lol.

apparently Matty’s done it. not surprised, he’s the biggest whore of us all. lol. luff you cookie.

stay up.

Social Media Game

if you’d like to learn how to use game in a practical manner. it can help by simply using twitter or facebook. i offer you an assignment. go to my twitter account, check out who i’m following. most of them are female porn stars. say what you want, but the way i see it, if they’re going to take the time to post pics of themselves naked, i’m going to take the time to check them out.

but, the true gem of following them is watching how the guys following them treat them. i’m talking complete white knight omega douchery. i get the worst douche chills reading some of their tweets to these girls.

and get this; some of these girls link their amazon “wish lists” so guys can buy them shit. seriously. i can’t make this shit up. i read some of the replies to these girls tweets and i cringe.

however, you can learn how NOT to treat women by watching other guys and doing the opposite. read it, internalize it, and apply.

same with Facebook. long before i nuked my account, i was fb friends with the girl who was in playboy. cool girl, she really was. well, like most women, she’d frequently post pictures of herself.

with each new picture, the white-knights would line up and shower her with compliments. and she’d NEVER reply back. never. well one day she posted a picture and within 5 minutes she had close to 10 compliments. ALL.GUYS. i decided to have a little fun and posted the following comment.

“track suit. really? c’mon girl, you’re better than this.”

within 5 minutes she commented back, “HEY!!! it was chilly that night.” i didn’t reframe. i replied about 10 minutes later with, “whatever you gotta tell yourself baby.” well, not surprisingly, the white knights commented how crazy i was and reassured her how beautiful she is. do you think she replied to those guys?


i’d post a picture of her, but i KNOW she wouldn’t approve. so, i’ll text her pic to LaidNYC and Trouble.Maker. they’ll verify how slamming the girl is.

hell i even came onto a female reader/blogger back when i first started blogging. she’s a cutie that goes to UCLA, she even said she’d drop by and comment. OOOOOOOH. i brangs the drama and fun. she’s a good egg.

stay up.

Daily Game

i’ve always been a huge fan of charming women i have no sexual interest in. this makes your interactions with women you’re attracted to more natural and you’re less likely to be nervous. so, maybe you’re asking yourself, “golly gee willickers Danny. what do you tell these women?”

well, that all depends. let take today. i stopped in for beer, pumpkin spice to make my mom’s bomb as all fuck baked apples (we’re getting a cold front tonight), and pad thai sauce (long story). the cashier asked me how i was doing? i didn’t even look at her as i fumbled for my card and replied-

“living the dream allison, living.THE.DREAM.”

the delivery is what sells it as i tell her this in the most unenthusiastic voice you could imagine. both girls smiled and the bagging girl laughed a little. as she announced the price i replied.

“yeeeeah $24.16. i love the number 16. it rarely gets the credit it deserves.”

again, both women are smiling from ear to ear. there was even a slight blushing and the girls were avoiding eye contact and had their heads tilted slightly. all signs of tingles. as i took my bags the bagger told me to have a good day. i responded-

“you have a BETTER day jessica.”

again, she was smiling uncontrollably.

some guys like to pigeon hole game as a means to simply get laid. i think that’s looking at it from a pretty narrow prism. to me, game is about presenting a personality that people are drawn to. being able to be a man that stands out to women. those girls WILL remember me. i didn’t say anything sexual, didn’t compliment them, didn’t AMOG- i was just being silly.

women LOVE silliness in guys.

the takeaway is that you get to practice game without fear of rejection since you aren’t really looking to impress the girl. you’re just having fun.

but i know, i know: what if you ARE interested in her. you do exactly what i describe above. when she smiles compliment her on her smile. if she laughs, compliment her laugh. make a comment how her dude is lucky to see that smile so often. if she admits to having a dude, just drop it. if she admits to not having a dude. well, you have several options. my go-to is-

“well well well, are we taking applications? i think there’s a position i could fill.” if she jumps right to the sexual with you’re using “position”, look at her and say, “uuum, you know. i was thinking i could temp as your dude until i discover if i want the position full-time. where’s your mind at yah freak?”

playful, slightly sexual, neg. all the bases are covered. as you’re saying this you should be handing her your phone to get her number.

to be honest, i have more than one response but i think this is the best one. if there are enough inquiries, i’ll post more responses to women. but this should be good enough to get you started. the more you do this, the quicker you kill approach anxiety.

stay up.

The Polite Nuke

you’ve seen her before. early to mid 40’s, loud, brash, VERY entitled and “independent”. you usually roll your eyes when you hear her launching into a feminist diatribe. i saw this the other night. matter of fact, i couldn’t HELP but witness it. she was so fucking loud that tuning her out wasn’t even an option. she knew the bartender, the manager, a few of the staff (i don’t know ANYONE on the waitstaff anymore….all new guys), and she had a BO belly up to her shortly after she made her presence known.

i was sitting 3-4 seats down from her, GOD do i wish there were more room between us. but she was there, soaking up the attention being poured upon her, talking loudly, not a HINT of femininity in her. she had the “mom cut”, her hair was just below her ears and looked….well, dingy. but it was late, maybe she had been working: see, i’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

but every time she spoke it was like nails on a chalkboard. i winced. i WISHED i could ignore her. eventually, her BO had gone away. the staff were busy, and there i was, watching me team whip the cow-gurls (YISH!!!), and i clapped and pounded the bar when Colston made a completion. then i heard it-

“you from louisiana?”

it was her. the mid 40’s she-male ball buster anti feminine modern woman. i looked at her, nodded and said, “yes ma’am.” what followed was so perfect and poetic that it made me glow with happiness. she winced and said-

“don’t call me ma’am, makes me feel old.”


i realized i had found the best offense against these older “independent, modern, empowered women”.

don’t just ingore them, remind them that you don’t see them as a sexual creature. they’re just an older women, who you are simply being polite to. you see, she expects that, but she doesn’t WANT that. she WANTS to have a younger guy view her as sexy, not as a “mom-type”.

so gentleman, i propose a new battle-paln. no more nuking the older ladies. no more being a dick. NO….be polite. treat her like an asexual senior citizen. you will have robbed her of all her vitriol with ZERO risk on your part. seriously, who’s going to join her side if she gets pissed for you being polite, genuine and referring to her as “ma’am”?

granted, this will be APPRECIATED by red-pill women, but ardent feminists will despise it. if you spoke to my mother as i recommended, she be appreciative. but the woman at the bar, her reaction was telling. i’d like my readers to try this out and tell me what you see. i’m on a mission now when i run into a ball-busting feminist-nazi hole.

stay up.


Damn Straight

it’s Sunday, I don’t feel good, and I’m in no mood for writing. this was sitting in the draft’s so I thought I’d run with it. enjoy.

a Colorado Man, has the right idea.

I’d do the same thing. someone buy this guy a beer.

Leaving the Herd, Joining the Tribe

i was a nerd. no, seriously, when i was a kid i was a straight up geek. i read encylopedia brown, looked forward to book fairs, played DnD and acedemic games. yeah……certified nerd. back then, nerds were pariahs. i just didn’t fit in with the “cool kids”. i remember all too well grades 2-6. i had friends, but with each passing year school got more and more clique’ish. and i saw i had less and less friends. it soon became me and my fellow geeks.

6th grade. admit it, i was adorable.

6th grade. admit it, i was adorable.

then i hit junior high. one of my friends started skateboarding, then i too tried it. i became obsessed. my life did a fundamental 180. my language changed, my dress changed, my attitude- changed. had a great post about losing your virginity and how high school hierarchy breaks down your access to women. i walked a different route, i became a skater.

i went from a meek, soft-spoken kid to a trash talking, don’t give a fuck, “it’s all about me”, little bastard. i got REALLY into to punk and rap (white people didn’t really listen to rap back then). my afterschool’s were spent learning every trick i could. it took me almost a week to learn to ollie. i spent HOURS surfing concrete. i met wolves that wouldn’t have given me a second thought if not for me being part of the tribe.

the blogger as a high school freshman. admit it, you NEVER let your daughter be alone with this.

the blogger as a high school freshman. admit it, you NEVER let your daughter be alone with this.

then there were the girls. notice how i posted i lost my virginity in 8th grade. i started skating in 7th grade, and basically spent the year building a reputation (though i had ZERO clue about it) as a “bad boy”. i still did enough school work to get by, but i had been booted from my “honor’s” classes. right around 8th grade i started getting notes in my locker from girls.

no cells phones back then, but kids were definitely “sexting”. i got some pretty gnarly letters from girls when i was in school.

didn’t matter. i LOVED skating. weekends had me leaving the house at 9am and not coming home until 10pm. mom would have to give $2-3 to make sure i’d eat. ramps (dork and vert), street, i LOVED sessioning with my friends. it was one of the first times i did something just for myself.

mom had just divorced and i was banging heads with my step dad. skating gave a me a great outlet for self destruction that was somewhat accpetable. and i was a tiny kid. still, i had ZERO fear when i had a board underneath me. “Danny’ll do it” became a common phrase when it came to a stunt.

it was my first “going my own way” choice. it was fringe, but NO ONE fucked with the skater’s. jocks avoided us, the “popular” kids didn’t tease us, and we stuck together like blood. there’s a reason it’s referred to as “the tribe”. hell, even when i started surfing in san diego, i fit right in. even to this day, i make it a point to visit my friends back in NO and try to catch a session.

so…..what’s the point to all this?

when you find something you enjoy, you’re passionate about- do it. suck the marrow out of getting as much out of it as you can. get as proficient at it as you can. there’s nothing more liberating. i only skated for about 4 years. but it changed me forever. i learned that i was responsible for my own happiness and what other people think means DICK.

the herd chokes you, the tribe embraces you. and guess what….the women take notice and will want to follow you deeper into “your world”. so find your niche in this world, and own it. do you really think i give 2 fuck’s about what people think of my retirement plans?


stay up.

Local Game

i ended up at my local for a pint and some people were in my seat. i ended up at the other end of the bar and noticed the following-

2 40’ish latin guys, 2-3 open seats, youngish couple, open seat, chatty women (mid-20’s), guy (same age). at that point the bar makes a corner and has 5 more seats. where there were- 2 guys (early 50’s), same age women sitting between guys. they’re regulars, but i don’t know them.

ALL the guys were plastering the young woman with attention and compliments. and girls was in full on “attention me” mode. at one point, she was showing off a picture of what i think was her grandmother. then she showed them a necklace grams had given her. i filed that nugget of info, and got back to watching the footbal game.

at one point, one of the 50ish guys walked up to girl, tried to talk to her, and spilled his drink in the process. smooth, REAL smooth. he was done, not that he had a chance anyway. the guy sitting next to girl didn’t really do much outside of talk to her some. and the older guys with a woman their age kept feeding her ego.


eventually the 2 latin guys left and i moved to thier spot as it was directly in front of the TV with the game. as per usually, i’m nursing my beer, checking the site, repsonding to emails, and texting friends/a woman. out of NO WHERE i hear, “who yah rooting for?” it was the 20 something chick. i looked at her, then back at the tv and said, “neither. just watching.”

what happened over the next 15-20 minutes was her randomly asking me questions. which i poiltely answered while watching the game. then she asked about my necklace. i was wearing my “Virgen de Guadalupe” pendant. had it for years. well, i decied to fuck with her.

“it was my Paw-Paw’s”.

she breathed in deeply, “OMG, I’M WEARING MY GRANDMA’S NECKLACE. LOVE HER.”

now, this was a calculated lie to get this EXACT response. i know you’re probably expecting to hear how i number closed her and all types of game-goodness. but no. the take away here is i was getting attention from her without GIVING her any attention. tbh, i had ZERO interest in talking to her.

i wasn’t trying to be a dick, and honestly, i didn’t speak to her in a rude tone. i was just more interested in my own affairs. besides, she had AAAAAAAAALL the attention she needed from the others. i lied about the pendant to feign having something in common.

and she took the bait. so, how does the story end?

she left. but when she passed me, she asked me my name and when i told her she said it was nice meeting me. anyone wanna guess what her name is?

no fucking clue. didn’t ask.

stay up.

and….if you haven’t been paying attention Badger is posting again. read his shit, he’s the evil genius of the Sphere. and, he’s one of the guys responsible for me blogging.

ITLR: The Truth About 9’s-10’s

i wrote a while back about how i slept with a playboy model back in san diego. well, i was having a talk with a guy at my local where he saw a very attractive woman. i told him he should go talk to her. he immediately said there’s no way he’d approach her. i laughed at first then realized that there are probably a lot of guys who answer the same way.

one of the great things about being friends with truly physically attractive women is it teaches you a thing or two IF you simply pay attention. i’ve had tons of female friends, as we speak, there’s a very beautiful woman living with me. i’ve written about her before.

there are 2 truths in regards to extremely beautiful women. TWO.

1. they always get cheated on.

2. many are RARELY approached, and most of the guys that approach are players.

let’s start with 1. these women attract players since players are usually the only guys with enough balls to step to them. the playboy chick, i hooked up with her after she found out her dude cheated on her. when “normal” guys approach, they come off as uncertain and intimidated. the girl will usually try and be accomodating; but remember….confidence, confidence, confidence. even if she WANTED to give you her number, not having a modicum of confidence simply kills tingles, but that doesn’t mean you’re dead in the water. hell, some 9-10’s even think it’s endearing when guys get tongue-tied as it shows honesty, they KNOW you aren’t some player. and every damn hot girl i know LOVES male vulnerability.

now, number 2. poop. tee-hee. ok, the females i know that were/are beautiful never went out with me when they were single. guys see me with them and assume we’re a couple. girls see me with them and will make contact and smile, wanting me to approach. number 1 is related to number 2, and thusly is the beautiful womans quandry.

player, or nothing.

she’s not some mythical creature: sack up, make contact, stick out your tongue, watch her laugh, approach, say hello, ask her name (remember- never give her your name until she asks), tease, neg, light hearted compliment (call her cute), find out if she’s single (remember- tell her her bf is lucky), if she’s single- hand her your phone and let her punch her number in. call her so she has your nember and tell her you need to get back to….whatever.

it takes less than 5 minutes. IF you’ve been doing what i’ve been telling you all along (make conversations with women you run into everyday), you’ll realize how simple it really is. because remember- she’s probably been cheated on a few times, she probably doesn’t get approached as often as you’d think.

besides, is being shot down the worst thing that’s going to happen to you. if so, invest in a xbox.

ok, it’s been a while so it’s time for….


so woodsy, so crisp. oh great, i've just made cumsies.

so woodsy, so crisp. oh great, i’ve just made cumsies.

the NEX finally got some new wood wick frasier fir candles and i copped one like it’s cool. they haven’t carried it in a minute and i have been quite disappointed. needless to say when i saw it, i dropped my “harvest” candle. The frasier fir reminds me of running naked in a snowy forest as drops of cool water sprinkle my heiney. i feel the chill of the air and the warmth of my breath steaming from my mouth and nostrils as i imagine the embrace of a strong ma…….

wait what. where am i? shit.


stay up.

Yer Such a Dick

i LOVE when a woman says this to me. while it sounds like she’s angry, the truth of the matter is, she’s not. oh, she’s a little perturbed, but it’s not because you’re giving her a hard time. “yer such a dick” is the hamster running because you’re not supplicating and or, just being honest when she was hoping you’d “be nice”.

i’ve been called a dick for not noticing a woman’s lost weight. or she’s asking me to do something that she KNOWS is “boyfriend duty”; and trust me, a woman know’s when she’s asking you to do something that is a bit too much.

many times when teasing a woman, she’ll call you a dick. lol. i get this one ALL.THE.TIME. and it’s usually accompanied by punch to my shoulder. i’ll laugh and tell how cute she is when she gets mad. “c’mon punkin, pop that bottom lip out for me.”

they smile.

just think back to junior high and popping a girls bra. they only get angry when they aren’t getting tingles. but when a girl is digging you acts mad, deep down, she LOVES your attention. if she ever says this to you, and you can’t think of something to say- just wink and smile.

sometimes less is more.

on another front, been working with my boy and he finally nailed THIS.

stay up.