questions? concerns? need to talk to your mom/sister/gf? are you a woman and wanna send nakie pics of yourself? wanna curse me out? bring it. wanna stalk me…cool. just remember; i’m WELL armed and suffer from PTSD:

stay up.

7 Comments on “Contact”

  1. rgoltn says:

    Love your blog. The best thing about it is that you use real world examples to drive your points home. There are lots of dudes out there who sit on their soapbox and monologue about stuff in between XBox games. The real horseshit is the best. Keep it up.

    • anonymous says:

      I should probably say I would like your take on this. Look like a lot of rubbish or the 30 year old spinster seeking a beta to marry.
      P.S. Feel free to remove both comment when you want.

  2. andree says:

    Danny? Maybe you can make this clear for me man. “Running game” on women to pick them up, does that mean dhv and making them qualify to you ect….. there is so muck out in the manospherr im getting confused. What are the absolute basics of it. Thanks in advance

  3. andree says:

    The basics, as in fundamentals of game. Everybody has a different take and to confuse me even further I read to use game in ltr. Can u expkain game in short sequence, mystery method portrays to be a dancing monky but fucked if im gonna “dazzle” myself for women.

  4. Hey Danny. Been following your blog awhile and like your perspective. Good on you for your service and getting out with your humor intact. I’ve been out of AF 13 years and though I have many fond memories of the camaraderie, I don’t regret getting out at 14 vs. 20.
    Right now I’m in Rota as a civilian pilot flying….yes a navy charter! Just got here from Sig so it was fun reading about your experiences there (Aetna was actually undergoing a minor eruption last night and we could see the read glow of the lava).

    Anyway, keep up the blogging as a civie. I know lots of young men look to your column for positive advice on the red pill world.


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