Jobs for Men Considering the Military

i wrote some time ago about “joining the military”. i came in at a good time. there has been a serious overhaul in military retirement. what the linked article DOESN’T tell you (and i was looking for it, it was in a recent “navy times”) is basically, at 16 years of service they will do a board on you. if you don’t “measure up”, they will kick you out with “severance pay”.

yeah i know, it’s fucked up.

part of my job is counseling young Sailors, i usually only counsel junior males. i tell them all the same thing-“get the most training you can while you’re in that will allow you the most pay as a civilian and get the fuck out the navy. besides, the atmosphere is getting pretty toxic towards men.” never had a kid not nod in aggreement. i promise you, if you join the navy now you WILL attend a biannual “sexual assault prevention” training stand down. and it’s totally misandrist.

BUT, there ARE some jobs that will train and provide you with 5 years of experience. when you get out you go to the top of the list of persons applying for a job. some rates i would go into if i were joinging the navy

IT- they work on computers
ET- don’t go coms, go equipment- those guys fix everything that runs on electricity
most off the engineering rates pay well on the civilian side, but you work your ass off. i’d do anything aside from DC (they’re fireman btw- if that’s your thing). MR’s make SERIOUS money on the outside
CT- they run intel, it’s a stepping stone to working for the CIA, FBI, etc. i’d go interpretive (they do translating. chinese, arabic and pashto are MONEY right now)
SeaBee’s. these guys are great. they work hard and play harder. PLUS they do 6 mpnth deployments all over the world so you WILL do some travelling. any one of the “construction rate’s” pay well on the outside. you gotta love a group who’s motto is “we build, we fight”. lol. personally i’d go construction mechanic (CM), construction electrician (CE), builder (BU) or steelworker (SW).
AC- air traffic controller. they make MAJOR bank on the outside.
HM- my rate. downside….takes FOREVER to make rank. upside- there is specialized training you can do that pay well: xray, nuke med, cardio vascular tech, bio-med repair (that’s what i wanted to do…..counldn’t finish the NEETS modules, said fuck it….i’ll go to xray school)
AE- they repair electronics on airplanes. get out and take a job at boeing or any major airline.
any of the “deck” or “engineering” rates will land you a job with the merchant marines. they’re civilian sailors that actually make money.

you get free training, a sweet college program when you get out (the navy will be paying me to go to welding school) AND while going to school after getting out you get paid BAH (basic allowence for housing). throw your zip code here to see what you’d make. back in new orleans i’ll be malking $1089 a month while in school. you can’t beat that.

join up, choose a job that pays well, get your ass out. and i’m not going to lie to you, you’re slave labor as an E1-E3. BUT that just means you learn your job well. and don’t sweat boot camp, it’s a fucking joke now. shave your head before you take off and save yourself some time. and realize you won’t shit for the first week you’re in boot camp.

stay up.

Sunday Day Bang Danny Stylee

i decided to take some RnR and went to the gun range today. i went with my AK, Mossburg 500 persuader, Ruger P95, and Ruger 22/45

meet bertha and sophi.

meet bertha and sophi.

Ruger P95 with laser sight

Ruger P95 with laser sight

ruger's 22/45. holds 10+1

ruger’s 22/45. holds 10+1

the AK. 25 yards. i was quite inaccurate, but haven’t shot it in almost 7 months. the AK is NOT known for it’s accuracy at a distance. and, i REALLY need a LOT more practice with long guns.

the 22/45. i like dumping the clip fast as possible at close range. this was at 7 yards

i had a BLAST

told you i had a blast

told you i had a blast

after shooting i went to see 300 with a woman i know, then we went off for vietnamese food. the movie was REALLY good. considering i’m a Sailor and the movie is mostly a sea battle, i had half a stalk for 90% of the movie. the chiseled men with 6 packs were probably also a factor. the bang scene in the movie was FANTASTIC!!! even girl said, “damn, now that’s fucking.” lol.

and amennemtis (whatever the fuck her name was) had some TIT-TAAAAYSS!!!!! DAY-UM!!!!

we headed off for vietnamese food after the movie and i had me a nice bowl of bun bo hue

nommy nom nommers

nommy nom nommers

now i’m sitting at home, waiting to watch walking dead and having some beers. guns, pussy, food porn, and beer.

it was a good ass day.

stay up.

Pig Killer

last night mom called me and told me my cousin needed to talk to me. the same cousin that wants me to set up shop on her 64 acres. she left me her number and i called her. after 2-3 minutes of small talk i asked her what was going on.

“Danny, i think i have a hog problem.”

not surprising. i shot a 200lb hog on I-10 last december. when they come that close to human populace, they’re running out of land to ravage. she called my mom to see if i knew anything about hogs and she mentioned me talking about killing pigs back in texas.

i told my cousin her and her boys needed to load up 12 gauges with slugs and kill every adult they see. a lot of locals will rent out their hog traps to catch the smaller ones and i told her 3-4 foot deep bear-pits work well also.

then she asked me if i had ever hunted hogs with a team of dogs. i had to tell her i’d NEVER done a that type of a hunt. BUUUUUUUUUT, i DO KNOW a prominent blogger that LOVES pig-hunting with dogs. this individual is quite famous for not really reaching out to readers/bloggers.

interestingly enough, he responded IMMEDIATELY when i asked him about said subject. i know you’re reading this dude, so thanks for the advice. i spent all day today researching hog hunting. i read blogs, i checked out stores, my INTJ kicked in and when a subject catches my interest, i absorb everything i can.

finally i went to my boys list of dogs known to be best for hog hunting. i decided on a 3 dog team: 2 bays and a catch. bays herd the pig and won’t let it run, the catch is a larger breed that latches onto the pig and holds it until you show up to kill it. bays wear cut collars and catches wear cut collars AND cut armor.

cut collar and cut armor.

cut collar and cut armor.

i decided my “catch” would be a Dogo Argentino. these dog were engineered SPECIFICALLY for hunting hogs and cougars in argentina. but at the same time, they make EXCELLENT family dogs. the catch will be a male since i need strength, boldness, and sheer intensity. these dog fear nothing, and they can bring down a 200 lb pig.

the bays will be 2 Black Mouth Curs. i talked to 2 friends in the ER that hunt and they swear there is no better hunting dog. apparently these dogs LIVE to hunt.

cousin said she will buy whatever dogs i thought were best. i found a dogo argentino breeder pretty close and emailed the owner. he responded immediately and ask me to call him. he asked 2 questions that told me i was dealing with a good breeder-

1- why do i want a dogo argentino.
2- do i know anything about raising a dog.

my mom bred shi-tzu’s and i watched her vet hundreds of buyers. i sent him the link to my youtube and he watched the videos i have of Brody. he told me, “i’m expecting a litter in about a week or so. i told him i’d be in louisiana mid april and he said he NEVER sells the pups until they hit 8 weeks and invited me to his kennel when i got home so i could meet the sire and the bitch. i told him the dog would be my cousins, but once it turned 4 months i’d start training him.

the best thing about training a dog like this is it’s their natural instinct to go to work on a boar. i’d just needed to teach him the commands and judge how he operates so i can fine tune his technique and fix and flaws i might see. plus i need to understand his personality.

the Curs, those will be challenge. i need to work with them as a team THEN individually. fortunately, BMC’s LIVE to hunt. but i still need to see how they perform as a team and figure out each dogs personality. cousin is going to fence in a quarter acre and build them a pen. these dogs NEED to run around and work, or they can become destructive.

she was receptive and i told her the DA was gonna be about $1500. still gotta find a Cur breeder. then i told her they needed a knife with a blade no less than 8″ long. personally, i have a 9” k-bar bowie, she asked if she could pop it with an AR. i told her, “sure, you’re just gonna end up with a pissed off hog charging you. shot gun slugs sweetie, shotgun slugs.”

this should get interesting.

proper pig sticker

proper pig sticker

this is why you use a cut collar.

this is why you use a cut collar.

stay up.

Quit Making Excuses

when i first got here i was a fresh faced E5. there were about 5 of us. for the most part all of us got along. all alpha types, i was a sea-going type, the others all did time in iraq and afghanistan. one week i had nights with my boy, i’ll call him Cuz. i hadn’t been around anything “street” in years, but i noticed he had some fat blue shoelaces on. i asked him where he was from and he said LA. i made a gang reference and he just kinda laughed. we talked all night. women, fighting, family, and all mannerisms of manhood. we hit it off from the start.

i had some of the most interesting conversations with Cuz than anyone i’d met in years. we’d just sit and pontificate life. future, politics, society, EVERYTHING. he reminded me of Patrice O’neal; he’d listen to you then direct every aspect of what you’d told him. i’ve watched him let someone make a point then get them to disagree with their original point without the patient even realizing it. i’ve RARELY seen someone with game that tight.

my other good friend grew up in a ROUGH section of east LA. when he was around 8 or so, the older guys would have kids from other sets come in and fight. seriously. they would bet on who’d win. he never lost a fight. one of the most down to east and mellow guys i’d ever met. i was sad to see him move on, but he’s in a great place now and he’s VERY successful.

Cuz was the only person out here i ever spent any free time with. one night we went to the local strip club and he decided to have some fun. he took off his wedding ring and the girl i was seeing was working so i was hanging out with her, and Cuz ended up pulling this one slamming black girl (he’s black ladies and gentlemen) and every once in a while i’d look over and she was sitting on his lap eating out of his hand.

Cuz has some siiiiick game.

on the way home i threw this on on the MP3, he laughed and told me he had grown up with him.

then i played this for him and told him it was boy Alex’s cousin up in Stockton. “oh those mother fuckers are crazy up there. i told him they produced EVERY thing on the album, they went the punk DIY route on their first album.

but this became our “pregame” song when we were going out.

for the record, i quit rap LOOOOOOOOONG ago. lol.

around midnight we bounced and he handed me her number. i laughed and he balled it up and threw it away. i told him girl was coming by after she got off work.

but that isn’t the point of the story. that first night we spoke, i found out A LOT about him. he came from a VERY ROUGH neighborhood in LA. damn near everyday of his life was a fight. his entire childhood he was told he’d never amount to anything, and he ended up dropping out of school to bang full time at 16.

8 years of work. that’s some serious shit.

he ended up decided he’d had enough. he got his GED and joined the navy. he became an HM, went to FMF. soon after he was in iraq doing dirt on foreign soil. now he’s married and raising his son.

this man’s life was OVER. he was HEAVILY emerged in gang life, any day could have been his last. he was doing absolutely nothing with his life. but he knew he was on a dead end street. he got his shit together, and got into the only gig he really could get into. his recruiter helped him through the whole GED process and recommended him for HM training.

we hung out as often as we could while he was here and after about a year my Brother left. we’d go to the strip club and fuck with the girls, go to the local and have a beer and some wings, kick back at my place and watch football on sundays with his family (i had cook of course. lol).

everyday guy shit.

i was rough to see him go, but that’s navy life. you make friends and you or they leave. sometime you run into them YEARS later and it’s like they never left you. as they like to say, “it’s a small navy”. i’ve run into SEVERAL guys i knew back on my dship in FUCKING JAPAN. seriously. we lock eyes and i get a get a hearty, “DOOOOOOOC!!!! what’s up Brother, how the hell you end up here in jax?”

it’s happened at least 8-9 times.

i got a call from Cuz about a month ago, he was in san antonio. he was on his way back to jacksonville. the same man that went from being told he was going to never amount to anything to graduating one of the most difficult and sought after school the navy offers Corpsmen.

he’s now a nuke med tech. whenever i hear a man complaining about his state in life i always think of Cuz. excuses are for the weak, there’s ALWAYS someone worse off than you.

women complain and bitch, men get their shit together and fix the problem. those that refuse to, persish….deservedly so.

quit bitching and get your shit together. if Cuz can do it, anyone can.

an interesting side note, i let a good friend i work with read this and she smiled the entire time then said, “now that i think about it, all y’all that ain’t married a bunch of damn ho’s.” i laughed and told her, “we’re not ho’s, we’re just “gifted.” lol.

stay up

My T-shirt

i’ll never forget the first time it happened. i had my first hole-in-the-wall piece of shit apartment in west ashley, sc. i was seeing this gitl that went to uni of charleston. she had come over to bang the piss out me for dinner. i think her name was abbey.

we woke up and, well….you know. she was going to stay in bed andi wanted to take a shower to wash her girlish filth off me. lol. i was walking around the apartment wearing boxer briefs and asked her is she wanted some eggs. i cooked up some bacon and fried the eggs in the bacon grease

you could cook an old shoe in bacon grease and it would taste amazing. FACT!!!

i guess the scent and sound of cooking was all she needed to get out of bed. as i was cooking i felt two arms wrap around my waist and she plopped her head on my shoulder. “MMMMMM, that looks REALLY good Danny.” she kissed my cheeck and i turned around to kiss her and OH.MY.GOD.

she was wearing one of my navy t-shirts and panties.

she looked fucking amazing. no make-up, “sleep hair”, nothing fancy, but she looked fresh and beautiful.

i told her, “God dam do you look great. she put her hands over her face and lowered her head. “nooooooo. i look so rough right now.” i grabber her, kissed her, and said, “no. seriously, you look beautiful.”

i was young, this was my first time having a woman spend the night. my sex like in high school was basically stealth missions. parent’s aren’t home, she comes over/i show up, go at it, and vacate the premisses. lol.

it was almost like a bank robbery.

to this day, i still love the way a woman looks in just panties and one of my t-shirts. it’s great because she’s not quite naked, but you know no other guy sees her like that. but i also learned a woman’s sneaky trick-

they steal our t-shirts. every time i have something end with a woman after a few weeks i start to notice a shirt i want to wear is gone. i don’t even second guess it anymore. i know some chick lifted it.

i almost wonder if they collect them like trophies. lol.

stay up.

Lenten Food Porn- Blackened Fish ala Danny

blackened redfish is a classic iconic dish. a firm fleshed fish is dipped in meted butter, covered in a LIBERAL amount of “blackening seasoning” and places in a super hot cast iron pan.

the problem with cooking this is that it produces a TON of smoke. so much so that most people cook it outside.

well, i have a MUCH simpler method to making this delicacy and you won’t even need to turn off the smoke detectors. let’s get started, you’ll need.

a firm fleshed fish. i flakier filets tend to fall apart. i like redfish, talapia, and mahi.
4-6 TBS butter melted
“blackening seasoning” you can buy it at most stores. i use what i have in the pic below.

firstly, let the fish get close to room temperature. most people make a HUGE mistake in buttering and seasoning a cold fish and cooking it. this shocks the meat and will cause it to get tough. when it’s close to room temperature and you heat it, it allows the moisture to distribute throughout the fish. good it? good.

melt the butter and brush the entire fish. season the top of the fish LIBERALLY with seasoning. place a oven rack as high to the broiler as you can. once the oven has had time to heat (about 10 minutes) place the filets under the broiler for about 4-5 minutes (depending on how thick the filet- the talapia needs to cook for about 4 minutes, a thicker slice of mahi about 6-7), remove from oven, let them sit for 3-4 minutes, place and enjoy. c’est si bon.

the great thing about “blacking” is you can use it on chicken, shrimp, and near ANY meat dish. next time you make fettucini alfredo top it with some sliced blacked chicken strips to blackened shrimp. it adds a whole new dimension to the meal. personally, i like to top blackened redfish with crawfish étouffée.

stay up.

i use this shit right here. made by the man that originated the dish. but use whatever you can get.

i use this shit right here. made by the man that originated the dish. but use whatever you can get.

i'll post a pic of how mine came out later. i'm not cooking it until before i go to work tomorrow.

i’ll post a pic of how mine came out later. i’m not cooking it until before i go to work tomorrow.

On Being Vunerable- The Talk

yesterday i talked about a pretty brutal EMS call i had on a monday morning.

it was tuesday, and Sonia had called that she was on her way over. she got to the apartment, paid the cab, came back upstairs and i heard, “Ciao Regattzo mio” (hey baby). i was sitting on the sofa with my balcony doors open staring out at the countryside (i had an AMAZING view).

i didn’t respond.

she sat next to me and asked me what was wrong. i shook my head and told her it was “work shit”. she asked me if i wanted a drink and i told her no. she asked if she needed to go across the street and get me something to eat- again, i shook my head no. she put her her arm on my shoulder and placed her face close to mine staring me eye-to-eye.

“Danny, come stai” (Danny, whats going on?)

i told her i didn’t want to talk about it. then she asked me when was the last time i’d eaten. i told her sunday night at work. now this was VERY unusual for me. back then i was in the gym 3-4 times a week back then and i ate like a fucking horse. she grabbed me hand and told me we were going for a walk.

she wanted to get me out the house.

we walked to a local restaurant that was a local fave. she ordered me “penne aragosto” (penne and lobster), which was my favorite. i picked at it as she ate her meal. when she finished, she got my food to go (i ate about half of it) and we walked home. i was a BIT cheerier and more close to my normal self by the time we got home. she was telling me about school and her sister wanting to break up with her man- you know female chatter.

we got home and she put in a movie for me and told me she was going to clean up a little. i could her doing dishes and then about 10 minutes into the the movie i heard the most horrific screaming i’d ever heard in a house. i ran to the kitchen where there’s a small room where my washer and dryer were.

i saw her staring at her hands which were covered in blood.


when i got off work i just took off my jumper and threw it in the hampper. she grabbed it, felt it was wet, looked at her hands, saw blood and went ape shit. she let out a series of, “AHHHHH!!! AHHHHHH!, AHHHHH!!!”‘s. the jumper was on the ground, i grabbed her ran her to the sink and washed her hands off.

she was shaking and sobbing.

i took her into the living room and told her that my uniform was bloody from an emergency call i had early monday morning around 5am. i explained to her that aside from working on a hospital ward i did emergency medicine. i needed to explain it because italian EMS involves them scooping you up and taking to an ER. they don’t physically work on patients.

i told her what i could about the accident but didn’t get into the gory details. she asked me if he lived and i told her he was probably dead when i got on scene. i told her the blood was from when i was doing chest compressions while sitting on his chest, but each time i did he bled even more.

she teared up and started crying. she threw her arm around me sobbing and telling me over and over she was sorry. she asked how long i’d done that kind of work and i told her about 4 years. i told her i was starting to have nightmares, where i saw the faces and the bodies of patients i’d worked on over the years.

she let go of me, eyes wide and said, “in fatti” (of course). i asked her what she meant and she said NOW she knew why i’d wake up yelling (i’d done that on 2 occasions and it freaked her out. i told her it was a bad dream). and she told told me i talked in my sleep, i’d groan and she said it sounded like i was fighting.

i told her i was probably dreaming of a patient i was working on. she asked me how many people i’d seen die. i didn’t lie to her, i told her i couldn’t say an exact number….but a lot.

up until this moment i had NEVER opened up about myself to this capacity to a woman. only my mom and other medics were the olny people i had spoken with about any of this crap. we were about 4 months into the relationship and it had moved into the “serious” phase. i was hers, but i was still guarded.

i was only 24-25 years old. and talking about “our feelings” just isn’t in most men. we bottle that shit up, and shove it away into the dark recesses of our psyche. besides, this was the same woman that freaked out watching and american movie that showed a man getting shot in the head. as if i were going to tell her about the kid that got hit by a car, of the chick that hydroplaned that wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and her brains were all over car’s interior.

it looked like the scene in pulp fiction where vincent shot marvin in the face. seriously.

what i find fascinating about women is how they can ALWAYS tell when something is troubling their men. but even though i was obviously NOT ok, she didn’t pry. i guess once she saw my mood had improved slightly, she just let it go.

but i also learned once you tell your women, “i really can’t tell you.” they HAVE to know. honestly, had she not found the jumper, i never would mentioned the incident. but after “the talk” i knew we’d grown closer. she knew something about me that was HERS, and hers alone. and women need that in their men. it’s what made me HER man and not just some guy she knew.

as for the jumper, i put it in a trash bag and threw it away. we never mentioned “work” again. lol. i told this story to a woman i work with who’s husband is an Afghan vet and she nodded at all the shit i described, “D****** talks in his sleep too. he’s woken up more than once frightened.”

stay up.

On Being Vunerable: Part I- Carnage

last night i posted about the relationship i had with a local sicilian girl. and like i said, she was amazing. all she knew about me work wise was i worked in a hospital on a surgical ward; which was true. but i didn’t tell her my other primary job.

i was one of the primary ER tech’s that specialized in trauma management.

my first command had me working a year and half in EMS. i had logged close to 200 calls by the time i left charleston and at least 50 of those that involved SEVERE trauma: car accidents, gun shot wounds, suicide attempts- hell i had one call where a 200 pound Marine beat his 92 pound wife with a coffee table.

per security, she wouldn’t stop screaming, he snapped, picked up the table and hit her twice. then he called security on himself.

i did this for over a year. we worked 24 on 48 off. yes, you read that right.

so when i got to sicily i had no choice but to be one of the trauma techs. i was the ONLY non ER corpsman who was a primary EMT. i was a national certified instructor in PHTLS, BLS, and EMT-B. basically, i knew my shit.


i was due to get off monday morning at 0630. the ward was dead and at around 5am i got a call from the ER that the ambulance needed to head out: motorcycle vs. motor vehicle. that’s NEVER good and i KNEW we were in for some shit. i told the ER to dispatch security to the scene.

we got there and i saw a man lying under a HUGE indentation in a guard rail. apparently he attempted to pass the car, the driver was looking down at something and clipped his rear tire. he was ejected from the bike at an estimated 40 mph head first into the guard rail.

me and amanda IMMEDIATELY went to work. c-spine precautions went out the window. i knew his neck was crushed and i had about 30 minutes to get him to the ER, IF THAT. I got the helmet off as best as i could and me and amanda started the the IV’s. once in place we loaded him into the rig. i had a security guy drive us back since we BOTH needed to work on him.

first impression: visible indentation to the upper frontal aspect skull, both pupils blown irregularly, i could barely feel a carotid pulse, breathing was almost non existent. i gave hime 15 minutes. we placed the oral and nasal airway and i had amanda bag him. each compression had one aspect of the chest rise higher than the other (flail chest- VERY serious sign).

i straddled the patients chest and began CPR, each compression had blood pouring from his mouth, nose and ears. all we could do was breathe for him, and keep his heart beating, but i knew he wouldn’t make it. it took us 10 minutes too get him to the ER. we pulled into ambulance bay, the doors flew open and they pulled me and the patient out. i continued compressions until they got him to his room and i was picked up and placed off to the side.

i stood in a complete daze.

i walked back to the rig and there was amanda, sitting inside the rig at the back doors. i sat next to her. i don’t know how long we were there but i finally said blankly, “i guess we should clean it up.” we grabbed the GPC (general purpose cleaner) and some towels and began wiping up the blood.

the rig looked like a scene from texas chainsaw. amanda had SOME blood on her, but i was covered in it. arms, face, my coveralls were drenched. i probably looked like a miniature michael myers. we never said a word; we just wiped up the blood. finally the ER director screamed at us, “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TWO STILL DOING IN THERE, GET IN MY OFFICE….NOOOOOW!!!!!!”

we slowly climbed out the rig and he put his hands on our shoulders and walked us into the ER; it was fucking chaos. it was so bad they had security blocking access to the ER entrance- too many people were getting in the way.

he walked us into his office and there the the director for mental health; he escorted us upstairs.

what you have to understand, is when you’re in that moment; when you see the blood, you understand the gravity- training kicks in. i’d become a machine. i was meticulous with putting systemic puzzles together to determine what was affected and how it could affect other systems. you are SOOOO FUCKING JACKED on adrenalin that i could never describe it to you.

i weigh 135 pounds and i’ve torn open car doors to get to a patient when i knew fire/rescue were too far away. i’ve drug patients that outweighed me by almost 100 pounds in midst of trauma. the human body truly is an amazing machine.

but when it’s over, you are so completely drained that you can’t even move, much less hold a coherent thought. you’re a fucking zombie. every damn trauma baptized in blood HM i know knows the feeling. these guys are fucking angels at your side that will pull you from the very jaws of Death to keep and you alive.

but when it’s over- leave us the fuck alone. we need to decompress. don’t talk to us, don’t console us, don’t empathize. unless you’re one of us, you’ll never understand. the mental health director was there to do a CISD (critical incident stress debrief), and he knew all our sorry asses WELL.

but he could see we were bot a bit more “off” after this call. he asked me how i felt and i shrugged my shoulders. told him i just wanted to go home, take a shower and go to sleep. he recommended i shower and change at work and i told him i just wanted to get the fuck off the base and back home. amanda said she wanted to do the same thing.

amanda’s husband dropped me off then took his wife home, he was given the day off to look after wifey. that command was REALLY good about looking after their trauma junkies.

i got home, peeled off my blood stained jumper, took a shower, walked into my bedroom, and literally fell onto the bed. i didn’t wake up until the next morning. i slept just under 24 hours.

sonia had class that monday, and she had errands to run tuesday but told me she was coming over later that afternoon. sonia had no clue about this aspect of my job, and when i saw her that afternoon i couldn’t hide the fact that something was wrong. by his time i had been dating her 4-5 months.

and we were about to have our first VERY serious talk. the talk where i first “let a woman in” and make myself vulnerable.

to be continued….

stay up.

On Italy

i joined the navy to travel. i wanted to go to spain so badly that it hurt. after my first tour i called for orders and was offered: iceland, sicily, naples, and greece. i had talked to a few people and they all said sicily was great.

i ended up taking orders to sicily.

i arrived november 1996. i was 23 years old. i soon had a place in motta. i was living in a hotel room waiting to get my place in the barracks when i read an ad to “teach my daughters english in exchange to learn italian.” i called immediately.

second floor, to the right.

i ended up spending time with sicilian twins whom i spoke to in spanish as i absorbed italian. i hung out with them all the time for the first few months i was in country. the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in it and use it. make mistakes, get corrected A LOT. within 3 months i was using less spanish than italian. i ended up dating one of the twins.

lasted about 6 months, before it fizzled out. but we remained friends.

one summer afternoon i was on my balcony grilling some BBQ chicken. i was living across the street from a restaurant that was basically a take out joint. no tables, minimal decor. it was owned by a man from naples who married an english woman. his name was Mario.

he ran a good joint. the food was great. i learned the difference between “italian” food and “italian-american” food. mario saw me cooking that afternoon and was baffled. i told him i was making BBQ chicken and he looked at me like my head was on fire.

he had never had american BBQ.

i brought him a plate and when he dug in he lit up. “BUONISSIMO!!!!” he proclaimed excitedly. that began a ritual of my bringing a plate down every time i grilled something. beef is kind of a rarity in sicily so he LOVED a good ribeye. he’d never had mac and cheese, jambalaya, gumbo, even fettucini alfredo was foreign to him.

italy is VERY much a communal place. i was “the american” of the neighborhood. i bought fresh goat cheese from my land-lady’s brother. i bought wine from the local maffia don (YES, they do exist, you learn to spot them quickly) who asked me to cook steaks for him more than once. i NEVER had an issue with my car/house being vandalized or burgled.

mario repaid my generosity in spades. when he was slow he’d invite me down and taught me to cook italian food. he taught me a basic red sauce. “with this you can make any ‘rimi pita’you can think of.” it doesn’t take all day, it doesn’t requires hours of slaving, it’s as all good food is- simple and basic. you will need:

1 28oz can crushed tomatos (i use cento’s)
1 28oz can peeled tomatos (again, i use cento. i used peeled because i like a chunky sauce)
1 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves, torn
3-4 cloves chopped garlic
2 TBS kosher salt
4 TBS olive oil.

heat olive oil over med high heat. add garlic. cook until slightly brown, lower heat to medium. add basil and cook until wilted (about 3-4 minutes), you should be able to smell the basil. add the tomatos, if you go with whole tomatos, crush them as it simmers. i like a thicker texture sauce. bring to a boil, once boiling drop heat to low and cover. let it sit for one hour, uncover and bring to boil again. once boiling drop heat to low and lit simmer for at LEAST one hour. the longer it simmers, the better. i usually cook mine for 2 hours uncovered over the lowest heat setting.

now you have basic red sauce (sugo).

sugo basilico- just basil and garlic
sugo arriabiatta- add crushed red pepper
sugo puttanesca- add crushed red peppers, black olives, and anchovies.
sugo alla’norma- add ricotta cheese and fried eggplant
sugo salmone- add a piece of fresh salmon
sugo amatriciana- add onion and bacon
sugo a’tonno- add a slab of fresh tuna
sugo al’polpette- add pork/beef meatballs stuffed with prosciouto and mozzarella

then there were the women. i was sitting in piazza collegio having a cappuccino when i saw her walk out a cafe across the street with a friend. i caught her eye and she smiled. her friend was on the phone and stopped walking. she looked back at me again. i waved. she laughed and waved back.

this girl was amazing. dark brown hair, green eyes, body that you couldn’t NOT notice, and a face that you wanted to start at all day. i’d learn later that she was sweet as pie.

i got up, crossed the street and said hello. “ciao, como se chime?” she smiled and replied, “Sonia”.

now i DID NOT look italian. she KNEW i was an american. my manner of dress was completely different from the locals. we made small talk for a few minutes and she complimented my italian. by this time, i was VERY well versed in the language.

her friend got off the phone and was ready to go. i blanked out. i told sonia, “non lo che dico, ma volio parlre conti pui.” (i don’t know what to say, but i still want to talk to you.) she smiled and gave me her home number. she told me she’s usually home after 8pm.

i called 2 days later and we met up at piazza duomo. we met up and i told her i wasn’t as familiar with the area but thought we should grab a bite to eat. she recommended a trattoria and we started walking. we weren’t going anywhere in particular after eating, but as we walked along talking her hand brushed against mine.

i took her hand.

she looked up at me (yes, she was actually shorter) and smiled. she took me to a place where the college kids hang out (she went to uni of catania) and introduced me to a few people she knew. we sat among the locals and i could barely keep up, most of them were talking in sicilian.

a friend of hers made a joke and sonia and i laughed. our eyes met for a second and she gave me “the look”. i leaned in and kissed her. what i need to explain about “dating” in europe is that it really doesn’t exist. if a guy takes a girl out alone, it’s assumed he has an interest in her. if she accepts, it’s assumed she’s interested.

there’s no going out alone as “just friends”.

then there was the sex. there was no “waiting period”. she knew i had an apartment in motta. local guys my age ALWAYS live at home unless they’re mafia. she knew i could cook and was curious as to try some “real american” food. she caught a cab to my place a week later.

i paid for her cab and buzzed her in. she looking fucking amazing. she kissed me when she got in (the typical european kiss each cheek kiss) and mentioned the house smelled amazing. i was making jambalaya. i got her a glass of wine and she watched me cook. we ate and she gushed over how complex it tasted.

after eating she told me she was going to use the bathroom. we were sitting in the living room and the sofa sits with it’s back to the door leading out and to the bathroom. after a few minutes i heard, “Danny.” i looked behind me and there she was.


oh dear God in heaven. Sonia was the second local girl i had been with. and i need to explain, sex is NOT a big deal to the italians. hell, there was a balcony across the street 2 buildings down where one of the 3 daughters would come outside topless to check the weather. they’d see me, smile and wave, “ciao Danny!!!” Sonia’s brother told me, “ourwomen are raised to know that their world revoloves around their mans’s home, stomach, and dick.” yeah. and he knew i was poking his sister by-the-way.

Sonia was a beast. but at the same time feminine, nurturing and completely giving. nothing was off the table sexually. i used to leave lira in drawer in the living room for he to pay cab fare. in all honesty, had i had more time in sicily i might have married Sonia. but 6 months into it, i received orders to new orleans. about 2 moths before i was supposed to leave, she went to germany to visit her sister. i called 2 weeks later and mom said she was going to be living there “for a while.”

my heart sank. but at the same time a good friend of mine back home told me to cherish what i had with her and realize what i want and need in a relationship from a woman. i’m glad i had her in my life for the time i did. once i got back to the states i seas completely disgusted with american woman.

self-centered, self-absorbed, entitled, zero to mini femininity. i went a series of pump and dumps after that. started going to college. soon after i met beth. you all know that story. lol.

Sonia was also the first woman i ever “opened up” to. more on that later.

polpete stuffed with prosciutt, cappicola, and mozzarella with a sugo basilico.

polpette stuffed with prosciutto, cappicola, and mozzarella with a sugo basilico.

stay up.


it was a slow day in radiology so i headed over to the ER. a few of my friends were working and one of the Doc’s i like was the serving MO (medical officer). he’s a wolf- did 2 tours as battalion Commander in afghansitan, and 2 of my boy’s were working that are also afghan vet’s. one played hockey goon at U of Minnesota, and the other is a former mexican thug.

we were talking about a patient they had earlier and the hockey thug noted how he saw “the fear” of a man about to die. all of us know that look. i’ve seen it HUNDREDS of times. i watched so many people breathe their last breath in my face that it isn’t funny.

i know death.

the conversation turned to fear. Doc’s afraid of heights, Goon’s afraid of snakes, Mexican’s afraid closed spaces.

when it came to me, i said, “what scares me is every time i get an order for a portable in the ICU, when i see some 80 year old guy with tubes in every orifice, that scares the shit out of me. i NEVER want that to happen to me. some 20 year old nurse wiping my ass as i hear my life blip away. FUCK THAT!”

there was silence for a minute or so when Doc chimed in.

“a man dies fighting a dragon. that’s a proper death.”

we all nodded in agreement. Goon admitted he should have died a few times in afghanistan, but rationalized this it wasn’t his time. same with Mexican. hell, there are MANY times when i should have bought the farm.

Goon chimed in, “i want to have a stroke as i’m deep dicking some cutie.” we all laughed.

i said, “you know how i want to go? like tristan in “legends of the fall”. me, a grizzly, and a knife. i’ll NEVER win, but i want to go down hacking away at a superior opponent.”

Doc nodded, “that’s a man’s death. that’s how a man should go. there’s honor in that death. his family will speak of him with admiration.”

Goon and Mexican nodded in agreement. what we do with out time on the earth is nothing compared to how we leave it. fear must be overcome. if you’re scared of heights- do a tandem parachute jump. if you’re scared of snakes or spiders- go to a pet shop and handle one.

what you fear is nothing to cower from, it’s something you can over come if you have enough balls to face it. it’s right in front of you; will you cower or will you take it on.

i hope you choose the good fight.

this is how i want to die.

stay up.

Further into Minimalism: A Sterling Reputation

one thing i really respect about Aaron is that if you ask him an honest question regarding finance, he’ll usually get back to you. he’s very laid back and likes helping people.

i’ve called him more than once to ask about some economic shit that i’m clueless about. after reading “Enjoy the Decline” i got a crash course on why we’re fucked. well, i don’t want to be one of the ones without a chair when the music stops.

if you have ZERO concern about the state of the country’s economy you must be on dick, dope, or dynamite. i dropped out of the stock market LONG ago. i finally closed the last account i had after making a $279 profit. i invested $500 in a company my dad represents.

at some point, the ATM’s aren’t gonna work.

did anyone notice a few weeks ago when the EBT machines went down? anyone scratch their head after the boston marathon bombing and a mini martial law was imposed?

i started spending a decent amount each pay check for the past 4-5 months buying junk silver. all quarters, dimes, and half dollars made prior to 1965 are 90% silver. one quarter is currently worth about $17. and right now the prices are pretty low.

and it NOT difficult to get. i found a coin store about 20 minutes from the base and they ALWAYS have $3-400 worth on hand. OR, you can go to most flea markets or antique places and get silver trinkets for next to nothing. hell, there are several web-sites that will sell you $200 worth of pre-1965 coins and ship them to you. the only catch is you’ll have to go to the post office and sign for it. i purchased junk silver from here. just add the number of quarters you want. $17.50 in quarters is worth about $300.

i have a friend that buys gold and silver. good for him. it’s definitely a solid investment. he sent me a pic of a few of the gold and silver BARS he owns. i told him, “great. if shit hits the fan you gonna give a gold/silver bar for a loaf of bread?”

what i like about junk silver is it’s PRACTICAL. i can trade 2-3-4-5 coins for something i might need. and NO ONE is going to turn down precious metal. and as more than one person told me, “the value of precious metal is going to SKYROCKET in the event of an economic disaster.”

i got mine, and i plan on getting MUCH more. what are you gonna do?

money get back, i'm all right jack, keep your hands off my stack

money get back, i’m all right jack, keep your hands off my stack

stay up.

30 Days….

today i FINALLY received my DD214. this form essentially releases you from military service. i found out i have 19 days that i can use to take terminal leave. so one month from today, i will be heading home and waiting for the 30th to roll out. as of may 1st, i will officially be retired.

per my personnel specialist i will be collecting $1975 a month in retirement pay. the VA is guestimatting i’ll be at 70% disability (factoring in PTSD- that’s paying BIG right now, depression, hypertension, hearing loss, and long term lower back pain) which will give me $1312, $1525 if they can argue for 80%. spoke to Delgado CC and they said i should be able to start the welding program this fall and if i push hard enough i can finish in just under a year.

well, the navy college fund will be paying me BAH (basic allowance for housing) at an E5 level which will give me $1089 per month. which means i’m better off taking my time. mom and dad are only charging me $700 a month to rent the house next door to Paw-Paw’s. AND dad will be “compensating” me and my boy Adam for tearing up Paw-Paw’s house and fixing it up to rent out.

retired, school, job (under the table), and $3287 a month (possibly more if i get 80% disability). hell it’s southern louisiana, i could LIVE off of that.

family friend is a lawyer and he’s working on the paperwork so i can “donate” my house to mom. in return they’re getting me my aunt Cindy’s travel trailer and dualie. after school, i’ll cash out my TSP (navy 401K) which is at $58k and buy my acreage in cajun country. that’ll be my little hunting camp.

my cousin has 64 acres about an hour outside new orleans and she wants me to park the trailer on the back part of her properly since people keep hunting on her land without permission but she can’t get out there to do anything about it. she’d DYING for me to park the trailer out there. “set up a few tree stands, and there a lake where you can fish. hell i’ll let you borrow one of the quads.”

i really don’t know where the blog is gonna go once i retire. i kind of feel like this site was more relevant when i was doing all this nonsense. once i retire, my life is going to SIGNIFICANTLY change. at least i have some time to mull it over.

but i can’t fucking wait. 30 days.

stay up.

Lenten Food Porn: Shrimp Monica

repost from a earlier post. for those of us that can’t eat meat tomorrow.

i was in the mood for pasta with monica sauce. it’s usually served with shrimp or crawfish. monica sauce is simply alfredo sauce with a little thyme and cayenne pepper. but it’s a simple dish and easy to make.

let’s do ‘dis lucas. you will need:

1/2 stick of butter

1 cup heavy cream (i went 1:1 butter cream and it was a bit too oily)

1/8 cup dry white wine (can be omitted)

1 TBS thyme

1 TBS cayenne (more or less to taste)

2 TBS seasoning salt (i use tony’s), but season to taste.

1 cup chopped onion, celery, bell pepper (mixed)

1 cup parmesan cheese

2-3 cloves chopped garlic

1 lb shrimp (peeled)

1 lb cooked pasta of your choice

heat butter until melted and add the veggies and cook unitl translucent. add wine (if you choose to use it) and cook for 10-15 minutes until reduced. add the cream and remaining ingredients, EXCEPT the shrimp. bring to a boil then reduce heat to low and simmer for 30-45 minutes until reduced. if using shrimp (or scallops/crawfish) add it during the last 10 minutes of cooking. pour sauce over the cooked pasta. enjoy.

c’ese si bon.

stay up.

If You Fall, Get Your Ass Back Up

i was going to UNO at the time. i think i was about 27-28 or so. my case of oneitis had moved back to LA. i was taking a psychology class. i sat behind a girl i knew from the base and to her left sat a girl that i shit you not looked like angelina jolie (the YOUNG algelina). black hair, deep blue eyes, pouty lips, slamming body, couldn’t weigh more than 100lbs. MY exact “type”.

her name was elizabeth, she had a bf that went to tulane. cool girl, but i rarely talked to her for the first few classes. then the girl i knew from base dropped the class and i ended up sitting next to elizabeth. i caught her cheating on me a few times, and i teased her that i guessed all my answers, sometimes i’d cover my paper so she couldn’t see and she’d playfully push me.

then there were the scantrons. remember scantrons? well all of UNO’s exams were done on scantron. they were 10 cents a pop so i ended up buying 20. she ALWAYS needed a scantron. i let her have one the first time then told her her she needed to give me a dollar every time she wanted one. “Danny, they only cost 10 cents.” i told her, “yeah at the book store, so go get one from there. Danny-mart charges a dollar.”

from that moment on, she ALWAYS handed me a dollar on a test day.

i really didn’t talk that much with her during the semester. eventually the day of the final came. we finished our exam about the same time. she turned her test in ahead of me then waited outside class when i walked out.

we talked for a moment. and i blankly asked her if she and her bf were still dating. “yeah, i dunno. *sigh*” then she paused gave me a look and asked, “why?” with a coy grin. i completely blanked out. i mumbled that i didn’t know i was just curious.

she smiled, looked at me with the same grin and said, “just curious?”

i was in a mental tail spin. i could NOT come up with a coherent response. i kept stumbling and everything i was saying was a rambling of nothing. finally, i got to where i had to turn to get to my car and said, “ok, this is me, i guess i’ll see you later.” i heard her reply, “i guuuuuuuess.”

as i walked to my car my inner monologue was SCREAMING at me




i got into my car and i felt like the biggest douchebag on the planet. i felt like a complete pussy. i told myself i don’t deserve to get laid ever again. i felt like the biggest piece of shit on the planet.

i was driving away and HOLY SHIT- there was elizabeth loading her crap into the back of her SUV. i stopped, lowered the passenger window and asked, “Liz, can i talk to you for a second?” she smiled, walked over, placed her hands on the door and said, “i guess.” she was smiling.

i told her i felt like a complete ass and i blanked out, but that i figured i should get her number so we could get together some time. she smiled and said, “see, was that so hard?” i chuckled, handed her a piece of paper and a pen, laughed and said, “just give me your damn number.” she smiled as she wrote and handed me the paper and pen. i told her i’d call her soon.

she said goodbye and walked back to her SUV.

called her once and she wasn’t home. left my name and number. she called me a few days later and we talked for about 15-20 minutes. come to find out she liked to hang out a club about 10-15 minutes from my house. when i told her i lived pretty close to said club and described where i lived she knew the EXACT area where i lived. she mentioned me meeting her at the club sometime and i told her i was a complete homeboy, that i had JUST come back from living in europe and i was partied out.

“i NEVER go out on a school night, and on weekends i’m here watching a dvd and kicking back.”

Elizabeth had just turned 22, i was about 28-29 at the time (it was 2002). we might have spoken on the phone one or two more times after that first call.

a few weeks later, on saturday night my phone rang around 12:30 am. WTF???? my phone NEVER rings that late. i didn’t recognize the number so i let the machine get it. it was Elizabeth and i could BARELY hear her, there was loud music in the back ground. i picked up and she asked me for my exact address. i gave her directions and she said she was coming over.

well, well, well.

30 minutes later i heard her honk her horn. i gave her the gate code, she walked up to my third floor apartment and i knew something was off. she was talking VERY erratically and she was super excited. she explained that the club was lame and 2 of her gf’s flaked and she remembered i lived close to the club.

she had also dropped X and didn’t want to roll alone. i showed her the apartment (it was fucking TINY) and when we got to my room she said how much she liked the mirrors. i told her she was lucky because i typically don’t allow girls in my room unless they’re topless. she looked at me, pulled off her her shirt and bra and moved in to kiss me.

i guess you can figure out the rest.

this girl was a BEAST. i don’t know if it was the X or this was just an amplified libido that was usual for her. but i can tell you i had a GREAT time. she left around 9 the next morning. EPIC session.

it didn’t really develop into anything more than me being a booty call when she didn’t feel like going home after partying. if my phone rang 2-3 am on a friday or saturday i knew exactly who it was. this went on for about 5-6 months before it fizzled out.

but like most women that are VERY physically attractive, she was kind of dull . and outside of fucking her there wasn’t really much interesting about her. and she told me to my face guys would gush when approaching her and tell her how she looked just like angelina jolie.

i asked her how many of those got to see her nakie. she laughed and said, “none, ew.”

and if you can just hang out with some VERY attractive friends, you might find the hotties gravitating towards you. but the fact is 9-10’s are kind of over rated after you get it in. i took Elizabeth to lunch at a vietnamese place and 15-20 minutes into it i wanted to be back home. whenever she’d come over there was about 5 minutes of talking before the sex went down.

the lesson is, even if you screw up, if you’ve received IOI’s you can still make a recovery. it happens to EVERYONE so don’t beat yourself up over it. i kid you not, had i not driven past her SUV, i wasn’t expecting to, i NEVER would have made the second attempt.

this post would have been a “shoulda, woulda, coulda” post. i SERIOUSLY had a horseshoe up my ass that day.

stay up.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Panic.

i’ve always been an avid swimmer. lifeguard, swim team, surfing, LOVE swimming and being around the water.

i got sent to guantanamo bay as soon as i came into the navy. i was 20. there are 3 things to do in GTMO: work-out, drink, scuba. oh, and throw shit at banana rats and 6 foot iguanas. i was at the beach with some friends and one guy had snorkeling gear. i asked if i could borrow it and went out into the water.

it was fucking beautiful. the water was crystal clear and it was about 15 feet to the floor. i was about 40 feet from shore. i was looking at the fish, the plants, the coral, everything i could take in. suddenly i realized all the fish disappeared. then i saw why.

there was a 10 foot tiger shark cruising about 20 yards away.

i froze. i kept facing the shark and slowly paddled back to shore. it finally came towards me then turned about 10 yards away from me and disappeared.


i continued slowly head back to shore and prayed to sweet Jesus this thing wasn’t going to come out of no where and truck me. i had heard PLENTY of stories from the cubans how tiger sharks would circle the rafts and wait for them to fall apart. one told me how a shark kept running into the boat trying to sink it.

so i was justifiably concerned.

i made it back to the beach unscathed, calmly left the water, took off the snorkeling gear and joined my friends. “dude, you were only gone for 15 minutes.” 15 fucking minutes. it felt like an hour. i explained what happened and my buddy (army guy, don’t remember his name) said, “oh yeah dude, cuba’s loaded with tiger sharks, they can be pretty aggressive too, you’re lucky.” i looked at all of them who were nodding in agreement and i replied, “FUCK ALL OF YOU!!!!”

they just laughed, then told me not to snorkel if it’s murky because the barracudas will snap at you. needless to say, my snorkeling career ended. i was just surprised that i was able to remain as calm as i did. then again, i knew if i panicked it might have drawn more attention from it.

then there was sicily. me and some friends rented a few kayaks and headed out to taormina and hit the beaches. one of my coworkers…..OH, wait.

i was there with my new girlfriend (a local girl) and she brought a few friends. well once we set up out little area the gf and her pals took off their tops, not an unusual thing. not unusual for THEM. they notice 6 american boys staring wide eyed and my gf asked med, “questo non e normal per le americani?” (this isn’t normal for americans?). i shook my head no and the gf fired something back in sicilian and the tops were put back on.

so, my coworker asked me to paddle out to this rock formation about 2 football fields away. we were just over half way there when i notice a large shadow. i looked up thinking a plane was passing over head, but saw only clear blue skies. i looked down and caught the tell-tale sign of a side-to-side slow swoop of a large tale.

“danny, what’s that?”

i froze. we had at least a 12 foot great white swim under our kayak. the water had to be about 30-40 feet deep. i told Rose, “sweetie, i need you to be very calm, and not say anything. but that’s a shark.” her face instantly turned white and i could see her trembling. i slowly paddled the kayak back to shore and rose was nervously slashing. i told her to quit paddling and keep her eye on the shark.

anyone that watched shark shit knows the LAST thing you want to do is splash water when a shark is about. i also wanted to give Rose something to do to keep her from panicking.

once we were in waist deep water Rose jumped out the kayak and ran straight to her bf. she’s from Massachusetts and said in that stupid accent, “there was a fucking shark, it was fucking wicked huge.”

the gf asked what had happened and i told her, “un tiburon.” (spanish for shark, i was still learning italian, but the 2 are very similar). the said, “un grandissimo bianco.” the gf calmly pointed out the area between sicily up to naples is breeding grounds for great whites, but they never bother people.

sometimes, you find yourself in situations where everything tells you you’re fucked. in both cases i was scared as hell. but i KNEW i had to keep cool or things could go VERY badly. sometimes, you’re thrown into a situation and it’s imperative you keep your cool. my coworker never went into water deeper than her waist during her 3 years in sicily. me and my buddy Billy swam from messina to the mainland of italy a few months later. lol.

the next line in the scene is joe telling freddy, “that’s how you do it kid. you knew how to handle that situation. you shit your pants and you dive in and swim.”

stay up.

The End of the Road

sorry, but i had to take a night off.

friday evening i got a text from kerri, “you home yet?”

i told her i was still in new orleans.

“i thought you were gonna be home Saturday.”

i told her i wanted to spend more time with my family. she know’s it’s done. she asked about my finding a place and I tell her i’m good. it was all small talk and a check list that confirmed what i told her when all this started.

i was leaving in april. found a job, start welding school in fall, found a nice house to rent, etc.

i met kerri at my local (a sports bar 5 minutes away). she was there with a friend and she overheard me talking to a waitress about “getting out soon”. she had recently divorced a navy guy- typical story, married at 20, 5-6 years into the marriage he did the beta slide. he left every decision to her in a “whatever you think is best” manner.

and she grew to hate it. i think anyone that’s been around this community has heard the story before; Keoni’s talked about it, as have many other bloggers and readers. i told her exactly how her marriage ended and she looked at me wide-eyed, “YES!!!! EXACTLY!!!!”

i’ve said many times that there’s a fine line between being decisive and being dictatorial. decisive is fine, the latter will have her leaving (unless she seriously damaged). i talked with kerri for about 15-20 minutes, ended up with her number, we met for vietnamese, and a week or later after some flirty texts, things got more physical.

but from the beginning i told her (back in november) that this couldn’t get too serious. she’s in nursing school so that keeps her pretty occupied. i told her out right, “i’m not your boyfriend.” it didn’t stop her from asking how i felt about certain decisions she had to make and i always told her, “do whatever’s best for you.”

i wasn’t trying to be a dick, i just needed to make sure she couldn’t hold me accountable for choices she’d make. i’ve been her before, i know 99% of the tricks.

she’s actually a VERY cool girl. if i were staying things might be different, but i’ve been here many, many, many times before. i get to a new command, end up liking a girl, date a few months, then i get transferred. i’ve NEVER understood the active-duty couple (AD male and AD female) that get married because one of them is transferring and want to ensure they get stationed at the same command. they get married because they don’t want to break up.

it actually happens A LOT.

i would have seriously considered marrying the ex in italy if didn’t get sent to NO. i fell HARD for my case of oneitis, the ex in japan wanted to get married, the girl in spain was great but she was too young and she was going to college, and i dated the ex in NO for 3 months before realizing the distance was an issue.

point being, that’s part of this job, everyone knows they’re going to pick up and move every 2-3 years. i know it’s part of the job, and i’m used to it.

kerri despite being divorced from a navy guy, is here full time. her being in nursing school is perfect since i only get to see her maybe once a month. like i said before, i no problem being alone, i actually like being alone (read: typical INTJ).

when i got in sunday she wanted to come by, but i was seriously beat. my back was killing me, i didn’t even want to write, and it felt weird not having Brody around. i have just over a month left and she mentioned my leaving via text and i replied, “now you have a reason to visit NO.” she flung a minor shit test my way with, “and you have a reason to come back to jacksonville.”


i told her i had no intention on ever coming back to jacksonville. that i didn’t even want orders here in the first place, but this was all they’d offer me before placing me in a crap billet they couldn’t get someone else to fill. the navy is notorious for that.

she’ll be fine, i know she will. she’s a very attractive and feminine woman (most gulf coast girls are), and she might even take a trip down to NO, but the end of the line is coming. remember your mission comes first. there will ALWAYS be another woman, especially if you’ve taken the red-pill. i’ll miss kerri, i will-

but i’m entering a new phase of my life. i’ve spent the last 20 years in the navy, i’m REALLY looking forward to a fresh start. i think it’ll be interesting.

stay up.

Medicinal Doggy

i’m heading back to florida today and i need to keep Brody in La with my mom and dad. now, mom bonded with Brody. she’s the only other person he’s connected to as a puppy. well, about a month ago mom’s dog Cody had to be put down.



now, mom was REALLY broken up after putting Cody down. she’d had him for 12 years. Lucky took to Cody really quickly as a matter of fact. Cody was a little snuggle-lump; a complete lap dog. but he was also an intricate part of mom’s house. i remember Cody first being brought in, i knew him since he was a puppy.

hell, i was the only person he’d actually lick. daaaaaw.

when i came home Brody went ape shit when i pulled onto mom’s street. he literally jumped behind me to get out of the car when i first pulled into the driveway. once i got into the house, he sat at the foot of mom’s chair and never moved.

once mom was home he never left her side. it’s almost as if he knew she was hurting after losing Cody. Cody was the only male dog he’d tolerate, since Brody was a pup when Cody was an adult male and Cody pulled alpha on him. once Brody grew up he always seemed to have a sort of respect for Cody. cody would go out of his way to avoid Brody. lol.

even when he was feeble, Brody NEVER challenged Cody; even mom noticed that. and Brody could wipe the floor with Cody.

respect your elders. lol.

now, in my mom’s house, i rarely see my dog unless no one else is here. mom’s in florida and Brody sits in dad’s office as he works. he’s learning his schedule and he goes where dad goes. same with mom, if mom’s in the house, Brody is right next to her. Brody get’s it- she needs him.

a dog has an amazing way of adding something special to a human’s life. before i had Brody i could be a complete gloomy bastard. now, even if i’m in a bad mood, his goofy ass will shuffle up to me and suddenly i’m smiling and laughing because of his dumb ass.

i’m not a father per-se. but i feel like a parent because of Brody, everything i do i have to ask myself, “how will this effect Brody?”

sadly, i have to leave Brody with mom and dad when i leave today. after i do my pack out i’ll have to stay in a hotel and Brody won’t be able to stay with me. but….MOM needs a dog, a dog has an amazing ability to comfort, charm and bring joy to the human spirit. and right now, mom needs that. as much as i hate leaving without my boy, i know it’s for the best.

a man with a dog is a man coupled with his natural partner. 1000’s of years ago we domesticated dogs and humans became the apex predator.

human vision and cunning. a dog’s superior sense of smell and tracking ability.

if you ever decide to get a dog and you have questions, shoot me an email. or look up “dog” in the search portion of the site.

how do you NOT love this face?

how do you NOT love this face?

posted this one before, but DAMMIT it’s a classic.

the day i got him home.

the day i got him home.

stay up.

Lenten Food Porn: Shrimp Scampi

repost. from here until easter, thursday will be food porn posts for those of us that can’t eat meat.

it’s the lenten season and Danny can’t nosh animal flesh on friday. i have decided i will dedicate thurdays post to food porn with some seafood based recipes for you guys to steal try out. shrimp scampi is easy to make and delicious. i put my own spin on it by adding cilantro and crushed red pepper. and instead of just butter, i like to melt the butter, then add 1/8 white wine and let it reduce for about 3-4 minutes. so let’s get to it.

my shrimp scampi is so good i’ve had the recipe requested from John Hopkins to research it’s ability to cure HIV and cancer. it could possibly even be better than Dwarven beer brewed from fermented Unicorn tears. yeah, it’s THAT good. once the Lenten season begins, i- being a nice Catholic boy, can’t eat meat on Fridays (my bf’s gonna be PISSED btw. wokka wokka) this is my go-to Friday night Lenten dinner. Oh, and i might also mention this is one of those VERY sexy dishes that women (except the ones allergic to shellfish) can’t resist, and it’s VERY easy to make. i LOVE angel hair pasta, so that’s actually what i use. oh, make sure you give her a glass of Rose’ or a good white wine while she watches you cook. see…you can cook this in about 10-15 minutes. make sure you peel the shrimp while she’s there, it might not seem like a big deal, but her watching you actually peeling the shrimp is primal and sexy. yeah, so what you bought it, but you’re taking a former living thing and reducing it to something she can eat, MAJOR tingle points. i DARE one of you lady readers to deny it. so, take the head and shell off the skrump. what shells you remove, throw in a small ziplock bag. sprinkle the shrimp with the kosher salt (i ONLY use kosher salt….trust me on this) and fresh cracked black pepper and mix (with your hands).

serves about 2.


-1 and 1/2 stick unsalted butter (i use the kerrygold’s garlic herb butter though)
-2 tbsp. olive oil
-1 lb. medium shrimp, peeled, deveined, tails attached (BUY FRESH SHRIMP……please)
-Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
-1/4 tsp. crushed red chile flakes (more or less to taste, or omit)
-4 cloves garlic, finely chopped (feel free to use more)
-1/8 cup white wine (a decent dry white)
-juice of half fresh lemon/lime (more or less to taste)
-1 lb. thin spaghetti, angel hair pasta or vermicelli cooked (you DO know to season the pasta water and add 1TB olive oil, RIGHT?)
-1/4 cup roughly chopped parsley (to throw her a curve ball…use fresh cilantro instead….VERY SEXY herb)


Heat 1 stick butter and oil in a skillet over medium-high heat; season shrimp with salt and pepper, and add to skillet. Cook, turning once, until beginning to turn pink (about 3 minutes). Transfer to a plate; set aside. Add chile flakes and garlic to skillet; cook until soft (about 3-4 minutes). Add wine and juice. cook until reduced by a quarter (about 5-7 minutes). Add cooked pasta (after cooking set aside amount you’ll be eating per portion, reserve the rest), reserved shrimp; toss until evenly combined. Transfer to a serving plate; sprinkle with parsley (or cilantro). top with parmesan cheese and salt to taste (i rarely salt dishes until done). Serve, enjoy. Yer welcome.

for those of you looking to up your “foodie cred” i recommend having this in your kitchen (she’ll look through it, trust me). i LOVE this book. it can answer damn near every cooking question you might have. and it’s French for God’s sake. French cooking= culinary bliss. yeah i’m part Cajun and biased….SO WHAT!!!!. any woman watching you cook that sees this book will think a master is at the stove. lol. just another tip from yer uncle Dan. yer welcome. now get to amazon and order this bitch.

for lunch i housed a pound of crawfish and some boiled cajun taters. i’ll post pics of the scampi later this evening after i cook it.

nommy nom nommers

nommy nom nommers

top with some park and salt to taste and you're ready to go.

top with some parm and salt to taste and you’re ready to go.

stay up.

When Celebs Hit the Wall

i’ve always really disliked beyonce. well before i knew about the sphere her “empowered woman” songs would make me physically ill. here’s a small sample- and you really only listen for 2 minutes at the most.

and then there’s this hamster laden gem.

so the woman made a career championing “women’s rights” and giving the tired “you go girl” mantra in damn near every song for the last 8-10 years. but as everyone that’s taken the red-pill knows; time is a cruel and evil bitch to women.

i was perusing one of my celeb mocking sites when i came across a video that made me think, “uuuuuuum. what”.

she’s old and now this women that made a career out of telling women how independent and empowered they should be is getting more and more risqué to stay relevant. this video had me laughing at the sheer irony. the last 10-15 years of her career just went out the window as she “shakes dat azz” to cop a check.

sad, but predictable.

also, big-up to Aaron and Jack. thanks for listening to my BS today. and remember if you need to get anything on amazon, go to their associate sites. please. do it or i won’t be your friend anymore.

seriously. lol.

stay up.

How I can Tell the Job Market is in the Shitter

i was at work a few weeks ago and i had a patient check in for X-rays. looked like he was in his early 30’s. he was in uniform- E3. now for those of you unaware E1-E3 is VERY low rank. usually the age range of your average E1-3 is 18-23. i joined when i was 20 and i was still considered a “late” boot.

the last time i met a mid 20’s-early 30’s E3 was right after 9/11. there was a large population of america that wanted some “get back” after the WTC bombing. i had a new check in to the clinic in new orleans. he was 26, i asked him what made him join and he said “after 9/11 i just felt like it was something i needed to do.” i looked at him and he sort of winced, “i know.”

no one in their late 20’s early 30’s joins the military unless it’s a final option. and with the current job market it doesn’t surprise me that i’m seeing an influx of older men/women enlisting.

but the thing is the older guys are the worst. a 27 year old guy doesn’t take to well to a 22 year old giving him/her orders. but i guess when your backs against the wall, you gotta do what you gotta do. with that said, i’m glad i’m almost done here.

i asked the kid, “what made you going the navy so late?” he replied that he needed a job. i asked him if he voted in 2012 and said he did. i asked him who he voted for and remained silent. i just laughed, “don’t be mad, you voted for unemployment.”

hope you all had a great ash wednesday. me and mom went to mass and i got my black cross, then i ran some errands and came home for some fish. no meat today and for each friday until easter. i even got to see Deacon Boo who married my mom and Terry. hadn’t seen him in years.

tomorrow i drive back to florida (boo).

stay up.

Kill Your Idols

i stumbled upon this community almost 3 years ago. i think it’s an important hub for men that realize something is wrong in our society. what i find to be the greatest asset of the sphere is that there are so many different voices. a reader will inevitably find a blogger they connect with- a similar voice if you will.

i really don’t read a lot of blogs. it’s not a personal thing, i post what i can then get back to life.

at some point i realize some readers regard the blogs/bloggers a bit more than they should. my advice-

kill your idols.

take the advice for what it is and apply it if it’s something that you feel will enhance your life. i know where my life is going, and that is an ascent into minimalism. i’m not a PUA. never claimed to be one. but i do fairly well with women. when one crosses my path i’m usually good at getting her attention, possibly even a number. but she’ll never be the end all be all of my existence.

if you decide to go the PUA path, that’s cool. everyone does what’s best for themselves. but personally, i can’t subscribe to something revolves around getting laid. there’s MUCH more to life than that. yesterday REALLY put that point into perspective. lol.

i thought i’d found the dream- bought a nice house, make a decent living, but all of that is really shit. after reading enjoy the decline i REALLY had a new perspective. i realized everything i was told i “needed” was bullshit. all i “need” is a roof over my head, food on my table, and the company of those i hold dear.

i think a lot has gotten lost on modern masculinity. i know, times change, and certain qualities of classic masculinity may be antiquated. but who made that rule? i think men SHOULD know how to hunt, how to exist if stuck in the woods, how to build a house. it’s actually quite fun. i LIKE knowing i can exist without depending on going to a supermarket.

i know guys that spend HOURS in the gym to “look good”, but the fact is most men have never actually even been in a fight (and GOD knows after yesterday i’m not advocating it). i was under the impression that working out was to be healthy and stay strong; NOT to be able to flex in the mirror and say, “gee i look good.”

the men i’ve met in the sphere are some of the best people i know. that’s a fact.

but the simple fact is, they are your average, every day, run of the mill guy next door. you could be living next a sphere heavy hitter and never know it. but these guys are also the first ones to look at you oddly if you were to regard them “sphere legends”. i always wince when guys fail to see me as just some asshole with a blog.

because honestly, who the fuck am i?

read the blogs, but kill your blogging idols. they are no better or worse than you.

oh, to these who attended the MMGMMD, my mom said to tell you she was VERY happy to see all of you. “tell Mitch i’m enjoying my second bottle of champagne”. and she said she felt so happy when Dok went and fetched himself a glass of water without asking- “i just wanted them to feel at home.”

mom loves her kids, especially her sphere kids.

stay up.


as most of you may know, a few of the bloggers are here in New Orleans for the meet up. so far, it’s been pretty fun. no one’s been hospitalized, gotten lost, or ended up in jail.

but one night out we were out on bourbon and i read a tweet along the lines of “a bunch of guys hanging out and very few women”. my reply was simply, “yup…..AND?” the tweets ended after that.

i’ve said from day one if your life exists around getting pussy; if the bench mark of your life being a success is how readily, easily, and often you get laid- i really don’t care to know you. go find someone else to worship at the altar of how cool you are.

the fact of the matter is: this meet up is just about friends hanging out and having fun. it’s NOT a contest to see who gets the most numbers and who bangs the most women. it’s about a group of people who’ve either never been to haven’t REALLY gotten to see my city.

well i can assure you, Endymion was off the fucking chain.

food porn, you know it.

riiiiiibs. and red beans and rice.

riiiiiibs. and red beans and rice.

this is the face of a happy man.

this is the face of a happy man.

Mom, Mitch, Tempest, and Forney enjoying din-din.

Mom, Mitch, Tempest, and Forney enjoying din-din.

guns….SURE, why not. though we didn’t get any range time in.

Sploosh, and my MAC-10.

Sploosh, and my MAC-10.

tomorrow is Lundi Gras and i’m going to bank on it being fucking insane. Lundi Gras is ALWAYS more festive; by Mardi Gras, people are pretty wiped out. gonna meet up with the guys in the quarter tomorrow as i’m sure they could give a fuck about parades after Endymion. Doktor Bill has informed us he WILL.NOT leave new orleans until he has an eggs benedict po-boy. lol.

i’ll let the guys that came down here though give you their impression of the time they spent in NO. for my part, i did the best i could to show them a good time.

life’s to short to make getting laid a priority. take the red pill, keep loved one close to you, appreciate the time you get with them, and remember this life passes relatively quickly. a man that sucks the marrow out of life will rarely be short of female attention. if you’ve taken the red pill, you’ll know exactly how to handle her when she crosses your path.

stay up.

Ass Grab

for whatever reason, i’ve always had interesting work relationships with female coworkers. one in particular stands out. she was half-philipina and white. VERY cute. i met her in NO before i got stationed in japan. she was sponsored by a girl that worked for me who had also just got to NO a few weeks earlier.

i ended up taking them both out to show them the city and the philipina girl sat in the back seat, in a sun-dress with her legs apart. that didn’t really get my attention as much as her neon blue panties did. i TRIED not to stare, i swear to you.

eventually i was in japan and found out the young lady landed orders to my ship in japan. i was tasked with taking the fucking 2 hour train ride to narita, finding her, and making sure she got to the boat safely. she ended up passing our with her feet resting on my lap as she curled up on her bag.

i’ve been there before, by the time you get to japan, you’re exhausted.

she ended up staying at my place since she didn’t want to sleep in the nefarious coffin racks on the ship. she knew me well enough to know i lived in relative plushness. i made her stay awake and my girl janiae came by to show her some of the local sites.

a basic foundation for a decent working relationship had been established. well, i learned something about the girl very quickly.

she’s a HUGE pervert.

now, i worked with 4 women back then and only one of them was reserved (read: married). sexual innuendoes ran rampant in medical. i knew other girls from other departments that were jealous of how the guys and women got along in medical. we considered these girls as family. did we get pervy- oh yeah.

on one occasion janiae made a comment to me that received a less than friendly reply. she responded by throwing something at me. i ended up closing and locking the door, picking her up and dry humping her on the floor. i got up after about 30 seconds, she sat there in a fake cry, “i got raped by a white boy.”

then there was the time me and a friend stuffed the same girl in a garbage can, as the rest of the department laughed on. again, pretty common horseplay on the ship.

well then there was philipina. she had a habit of “cup checking” me when i’d walk past her. then the other 2 girls started doing it. well naturally, we started “box checking” the girls. the philipina would even grab my ass as i walked past her and giggle, “ASS GRAB!!!!” when she did it. considering she had such an amazing dumper, we had no problem grabbing her ass as well.

you may be wondering why there was no “hooking up”. simple. an old grizzled E6 told me early in my career, “son, never put your dick in the cash register.” girls i work with are forbidden fruit. then i watched the fall out of 2 coworkers when they quit seeing each other, it made shit VERY uneasy in the workplace.

lesson learned.

one day i was in the office doing records and she (philipina) came in to talk with me, as she passed, i gave her ass a squeeze. she looked at me, closed and locked the door and stared at me. she gave me the look. the, “i wanna fuck” look. she told me she was tired of the teasing, and unzipped her jumper to her waist. now this girl is 4’11”, MAYBE 98lbs, and VERY attractive.

girls on the ship cut their white undershirts to just below their tits so they could stay cool. and it looked sexy as fucking hell. she walked up towards me and i was totally frozen. not turned on, but completely taken aback. she bit her lip and felt herself up as she slowly stepped towards me. once she was close enough i held my hand out to push her away.

she took my hand and placed it on her tit. “they’re nice aren’t they.” i managed to mumble, “what do you think you’re doing.” she replied that she knew i wanted to fuck her and she wanted me too (she has a thing for white boys). she finally reached at my belt buckle and thats when i walked away and told her this wasn’t happening.

she smiled, put her jumper back up and laughed, “I KNEW IT. FAAAAAG!!!!!” she then explained to me they her and the other 2 girls wanted to see if i would back up all that “bad boy talk” i was famous for. “yeah, so much for gunning me down boy.” the next day (this happened on a sunday, she and i had duty and were the only ones in medical) the other 2 girls spent the day teasing me about what went down.

they had had planned this for over a week. cher got the honors since she most fit “my type”, and she was the most naturally sexual of the other 2. even janiae made fun of me about it. but it didn’t feel bad. i simply told them-

“none of you bitches is worthy of this dick.”

i DO have a pic of her, but i won’t link it. if you care to see, comment.

stay up.

A Ho by Any Other Name…

i found this little gem the other day and it gave the biggest laugh as it’s such a great example at hamsterbation that i don’t think i could ever provide a better snippet worthy of this young lady.

“lauren” is a freshman at duke, and a self proclaimed feminist. of course you know she has her supporters clamoring the bell of “you go girl”. but watching the video completely invalidates every point she tries to make.

the guy interviewing her SLAMS her; subtley of course.

but the fact is, this girl is a living, breathing, satire of feminism. it’s delusional self rationalizing horse shit.

the link below is the same you’ll see on WWTDD.

[ed- in the interest of “research” i looked the young lady up “bella knox” and got to review one of her scenes. and all i can say is if lawyers as well as she bangs on film, she’ll make a great public defender in compton. seriously, my dick looked up at me asked, “we are you subjecting me to this?”

miss bella, you are certainly no amid moretti.]

You Get to Weigh In

the book will be based off of what’s in the blog, but a more concise read. it will be in 3 basic parts.

intro- about me, and self improvement

red-pill philosophy

red-pill and it’s application to success with woman, and life in general.

i’m not even considering tackling this until i’m retired. i’ve had a few inquiries about it, so i thought i’d ask you guys outright. i’ve even spoken to one VERY prominent blogger who’s given me permission to use some of his work since….well, he’s written the best articles i’ve ever read on a certain subject.

so, what do you think?

stay up.

Home Field Advantage

every man is different. every man has unique strengths and weaknesses. one of the most difficult aspects of game is learning what works best for you. i’d probably suggest you ask those friends closest to you what they think are your best qualities. from there, see which are most applicable to red-pill/game.

i’ve always been humorous. i’ve always been able to make people laugh. humor is a great social lubricant.

of course, all i can do is relay how i used what i possess towards learning game. and, well i’m a pervert and i can make people laugh. fortunately, most women are huge perverts so making them laugh then going pervy removes “creep status”. the fact is, i’ve had guys watch me interact with women and admit, “i just couldn’t do that.”

but for me, it’s calculated. i watch every move she makes; calculate every smile, nod, laugh, eye movement, shift of body, etc. i surgically read IOI’s. my job is to take her off of her game, and make her play mine. once i make her laugh and she’s leaning towards me, i’m almost home. a number close is guaranteed. i was telling this to Sploosh at a strip club last night. when i can make her break character and and laugh while she’s on stage, i KNOW i have her.

the above basically explains why online dating doesn’t work for me. besides as Sploosh astutely put it, “they see 5’4″ and they move on.”

uh….thanks? dick. lol.

but he’s right. online women can be as superficial as men. but when the same women that would glance over me online sits in front of me, she’s mine to pick apart and qualify. a large part of how i work is by joking with her. i was on a first date with what would end up my as girlfriend. she asked me if i had any tattoos. i told her no and she asked me if i liked tattoos.

“yeah, i just think they’re most sexy when they’re inconspicuous. when a woman has excessive tats it takes away from her natural beauty. like say, you’re undressing her and as you remove her panties (notice, i’m already planting the ‘we’re gonna have sex’ seed in her head) and you notice she has a small heart inside her bikini area, THAT’S HOT.”

she smiled and agreed how sexy that could be. but i wasn’t done.

“then you notice something really hot. like inside the heart she has something hot written inside of it, like ‘black cock’.”

she stared at me for a moment, then burst into laughter. i knew right there that me and this cute little mexican girl would get along just fine. now, i admit, unless you have super sick game, this is something that takes time and usually comes with age. you get to understand yourself better as you get older. if you’re a younger guy and you’re reading this, you are well on your way to jedi status.

i didn’t have the luxury of a series go blogs that i could reference and cite. you do. read up, get off your ass and practice the Venusian Arts. trust me, i’ve met very few women that didn’t appreciate a man that could effortlessly interact with woman and could bring a smile to pretty faces with ease.

i’ve seen guys that could be models, but they have ZERO skills with actually talking to women. like a hot girl, they’re looks became a crutch and they never had to learn how to be interesting. i fully admit i have the sex appeal of John Merrick, but i sure as shit can make a woman laugh, all the while escalating with flirty sexual banter. most of it is even self-depricating.

so play up your strengths, kick the pedestal out from under her, and bring her into your world. it benefits both parties.

stay up.

The Collegiate Quandary

i was running errands today listening to WTUL and i noticed something. oh…wait, i should explain. WTUL is tulane uni’s radio station, the DJ’s change every 2 hours. so as i listened throughout the day i realized-

all the DJ’s were either women or VERY gay men.

i kid you not, i MIGHT have caught one regular guy DJ’ing in the last few days of sporadic listening. i know this might be “so…..AND?” type of issue for most of you. but what i want to point out is if there’s an obvious lack of straight men in college, then college is a great deal-


now i admit that it could simply be that guys don’t want to be DJ’s on the station. well i’ve been listening to TUL since i was in 7th grade where i’d record their punk shows at 2am on saturday. but one thing i’ve noticed more and more gay men are Dj’ing. just this afternoon one Dj announced that his show was “gender neutral”. i immediately turned the channel.

now, i don’t give a shit about anyones sexual orientation, but when you feel the urge to announce something like this on air, then it shows you really care less about the music you play then announcing to the listeners your sexual orientation agenda. one guy came on air to give the PSA’s only to speak to “mike” about what he was doing at the moment, and if he was “drawing one of his sketches” and how much he adored the sketches.


you know who i feel bad for….wait scratch that. you know who i’m laughing my ass off at? the fucking women attending tulane. i’d LOVE to know the make up of male/females on campus. look, i work in health care which is largely a female oriented workplace. watching the women bicker amongst themselves is hilarious. but none of those women appear to have any issue with the guys they work with. hell, most of them go out of their way to be nice and accommodating.

i walked away from academia a looong time ago. but i think i know where i’d be scoping for hunting grounds if i lived in a college town and i was a student of the college of red-pill. especially knowing these young ladies are in their days of kesha and abandon. where their choices have very few consequences. where they can proudly wear their slut cape and…..

they have less men to choose from.

i should feel bad for them, but i don’t.

stay up.

“So, Do You Have a Girlfriend?”

i’d been living in san diego and i’d been there for about 2 weeks. i was in a nice area known as university heights. i lived on texas and meade. i was less than 10 minutes from mission valley (a VERY nice area) and a quick drive to downtown. hell, i had balboa dog park to take Brody to help me pick up women for walks.

i was still getting my apartment settled so i decided to hit up el cajon for some grub. don’t ask me why (probably because it was a few block away from my house) but i ended up pulling into a burger king. there was a young girl about to cross the entrance so i stopped and let her cross. she smiled and waved.

i parked my car and as i got out i could tell someone was approaching me from behind. it was girl. she was dressed in a mini skirt and a rather revealing shirt where her tithes were smashed into her face. i figured it was typical for mid spring in san deezy. she smiled and told me hello. i made an odd smile and greeted her back. she asked me what i was doing.

what.the.fuck. :/

i confusedly told her i was getting something to eat and she confidently asked me if i was going to be in there long. again, i confusedly told her long enough to eat and she quickly asked me if i had a girlfriend.

ok. now my WTF flags were flying like crazy. i told her no and she asked me if i WANTED a girlfriend.

ooooooooooooook. now i knew the deal. she was a prostitute and she was propositioning me. i exhaled, shook my head and asked her how much a girlfriend costed these days and she say replied it depended on what a gf were doing. i looked at her for a moment and said-

“dinner and laundry.”

she looked at me confused for a second then i told her i didn’t need a gf, but i was very flattered that she’d ask. then she smiled, said ok, gave me her name, and told me she was always “in the area.” i smiled and told her i would keep that in mind.

i’d NEVER had anything like that happen before. granted, most of the women i’ve slept with have basically been whores so it was interesting being pursued rather than pursuing. i was telling the story to my classmates the next day and my boy Gellada laughed and said, “dude, el cajon is prostitute central.” i shrugged my shoulders and replied, “live and learn.”

then came the tranny jokes. “were her arms veiny?”, “did she have a wide back?”

you gotta love a bunch salty assholes as classmates.

but the funny thing was, it really made me feel awkward when girl stepped to me. i asked myself, “is that how women feel when guys cold approach?” ew. from that moment on i always made sure i had some definite IOI’s before approaching.

and it’s rarely failed me.

tomorrow is the official beginning of the MMGMOMD. follow me on twitter as i’ll be live posting the revelry.

stay up.

Today You’d be Charged for This

i was visiting a friends office and she has her screen saver set to this iconic image.

try pulling this off in todays military

try pulling this off in todays military

a classic. everyone adores this pic. how romantic. what a fine display of the masculine and feminine. the sailor just learned we’d won the great war, the woman was swooing at a man in uniform. makes your heart sing.

yeah, try doing this shit today. some female would make a comment about the sailor harassing a young woman walking in the street. some military female would object to this and despite the woman being kissed having ZERO objection to the kiss- this guy would be facing NJP (non-judical punishment).

the girl with the screensaver is 24 years old. a sweet girl by most means. she’s not slutty, she’s going to college part-time to be a nurse, she doesn’t party and doesn’t even have a boyfriend (“i’m too busy with school”). i can’t say a bad thing about the girl.

i asked her if she thought the picture was romantic. she gushed that it was and how iconic it was. i asked her what she liked about it and i got: “spontaneous and romantic.”

then i asked, “what do you would happen to a sailor if he did that today?”

her face dropped. she knew. i asked her what would happen to that sailor if that picture were taken 2 months ago. she really couldn’t answer because she knew. i told her, “thank your sisterhood for making moments like that history.”

stay up.

The Ancient One

As I stepped into his den, I knew he’d never remember me.

He’s old, ancient, even the elders can’t tell you.

He doesn’t smile, doesn’t greet you. He disregards you.

He’s always been this way.

Since I was a boy he’s been like this.

He takes nothing, asks for nothing, but he gives everything you have.

The very aorta of a world.

But he seeks no praise or approval. He just wants to be left alone.

We defiled him. Made him a dirty old man.

Two centuries ago, was a prince.

We made him a pauper, a vagrant. Still he bears no ill will.

His dank cloak laps at the levee and his children pass through his arms.

And those of us kind enough to remember him take a moment from our empty lives to briefly remember and pay homage to him.

To watch his majestic cloak, to admire his children, to let him know we’ve not forgotten him.

I’m here old man, and I’ve missed you.


don’t worry, regular posts will resume shortly.


The Boys of the Green Mailbox

First there were the trite conversations.
Auditions for jobs and apartments. Forced pleasantry to whore myself into their world.
This job, that job, this apartment, that complex, “we can’t accept bull breeds”.
The objectifications soon made me nauseous.
I got dressed and left to see my love.
She’d understand and caress me. She always does and never disappoints.

Asks no questions. Passes no judgement.

But they were coming, no doubt they’d be here soon.
Starry eye’d and blurred minds of good will but no purpose.

fun fun fun

They’ll meet her, I’ll share.
But I know I must keep part of her to myself.
To give her to them freely would break me.
Unless you’ve bled for her, you’ll never really know her.
And only her lovers realize the truth in that.
Her tiny secrets are my saving grace. Her brown eyes are my blue skies. And her dreary stare is my welcome to her palace.

Since I was a boy, her temples amazed me. Tall, majestic green edifices that tied us all together and made us family.

Blood of my blood, from the hands of my Brothers and Sisters.

The temples are long gone, all but memory. Only the elders remember them.
Her children are oblivious.
But to some of us, those mailboxes will never fade.
And we speak of them as warriors do of battle sitting around a great fire.
Days where the grey gulls call against the wails of the cicadas into the dusk.
Their tune is our battle cry to revelry.
And when I see my brothers, we speak of new scars and old loves.
But there’s always one true love


She’s always in our hearts.
And while our teeth are buried in dirt and bones, our hearts are hers.
And though she never says it; we know she loves us as well.

Though we have no name, she knows us regardless. For we are the boys of the great green mailbox.

The Island

Manosphere Mardi Gras Meetup of Mass Destruction

i was waiting for today since this weeks parade schedules and other events will be out and i can make some loose plans. it’s a bigger group this year, so i’ll be stretched pretty thin. however i will do my best to accommodate any requests. so if i say i can’t, you’ll know why.

first: if you’ve never been to NO, i suggest you read my Guide first. both are applicable as we’ll be in downtown for the Quarter and Uptown for the parades.

Weather- days will be mild, evenings CAN be chilly, but nothing too serious. a light jacket should be all you guys need. women, i’m usually ok in capris so long as i have a decent jack….wait what. there will be rain friday, but days will be 60’s and night lows will 55-47 (fri-tue). a light jacket should be perfect. bring shoes you are going to be comfortable in, you’re going to be doing a LOT of standing.

everyone- wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Arrival- if you’re flying in and i don’t have your number, email me so you can give it to me. let me know when you plan on coming in as if i have 2-3 people arriving around the same time, i can bring my mom’s van and make one trip vs. 3-4. mom lives about 15 minutes from the airport. we will be staying at mom’s until around 8-9, earlier if no one else is coming in. the hotel is a good 30-45 minute from from my mom’s and it will be during the busiest time of the year. i MIGHT have to make 2 trips. if you decide you’d rather take a cab, that’s all you. if you cab it, tell the driver to go to NO east and use I-610 (it’s a short cut) and you’ll save money.

Activities- tentative. but expect wednesday to to be a throwaway until we get everyone settled. if you want to take a cab into the quarter, that’s on you as i can assure you the place will be going off all night. bars do not close in NO.

Thurs- Krewe of Babylon/Muses- UPT. my little sister is going to this parade, so we’ll be attending as well. we’ll try and get there around 3pm so we can park, and do a little exploring. once parked, we’re good. i expect to be there until about 2 maybe 3 hours. after the parade, might as well stay UPT for a while as the parade ends on canal and the traffic after a parade is retarded. i was thinking of going to parasol’s for some grub and a few drinks. from there, we can plan out the rest of the evening. we’ll be close to snake and Jakes as well and you guys are REALLY gonna like that place.

Fri- Krewe of Heremes/D’Etat/Morpheus- 6pm UPT. don’t think Sis is gonna be there but her pad is walking distance. we’ll see.

Sat- Mother Fucking Endymion. THE PARADE. the grand daddy super-parade of the city. starts at 4pm. we need to set up camp around 1, which means leaving around 11-12. i shit you not. we WILL need to make a camp like setting with chairs, blankets, ice chests, etc. once set up 2-3 people need to be on site to keep someone from encroaching. it gets THAT big. i shit you not. i usually set up on north carralton. canal street is too insane. after the parade, i was thinking maybe the quarter.

Sun- rest. sleep in, we’ll grab lunch at mom’s. red beans and rice and i think Dad’s making ribs. you’ll need to recharge for mon/tues- TRUST ME. but Krewe of Bacchus rolls at 5:15 by sister’s place. if you guys are up for it, we can go, but i’d suggest going home and taking it easy that evening. possibly dinner after the parade and just kicking back.

Mon- Lundi Gras. HUGE party day. this will be a long day and night. start the day fucking around in the quarter for a few hours and around 5, the Krewe of Proteus rolls followed by Orpheus. we don’t HAVE to go all the way to where my sister lives, but we can hike up N.Peters to get set up somewhere on the ass end of st. charles. i was thinking gravier or common st. we’ll see.

after that, we’ll assess how everyone feels. some may be tired, some may want to continue to rage. even when i was in my mid-20’s by the end of the parade i was ready to bag it. you’ll be craving a shower, some grub and a liver transplant.

Tues- Mardi Gras. the big day. i will be heading bad to Florida tues around 3pm. Sorry. but starting at 8am Krewe of Zulu (one of the original Krewes) heads out followed by Rex (the parade of parades, the original Mardi Gras Day Parade) followed by Elks then Crescent City. i’m not sure if it’s 10pm or midnight, but the NOPD shuts the city down at one of those times.

to read about the themes/history of any of the parades, check out’s official guide.

again, this a tentative schedule and subject to change. in all honesty, after you’ve 1-2 parades, you kinda get, “hey let’s do something else”. if that’s the case, i have quite a few suggestions.

now. i want everyone coming to listen very carefully to me. i’m going to do my best to ensure everyone has a great time, but let me say this- if you get out of line and draw the attention of the NOPD, you’re on your own. make no mistake, the city wants people to enjoy themselves, but if a cop stops you and decide to get into “civil discourse anti-police” shit. you’re going to jail and no one will hear from you for about a month. whatever NOPD asks you to do, “yes officer” is always the best answer. in the quarter, they tend to be more lax, especially in regards to nudity.

that’s not an exaggeration. if i tell you NOT to do something, don’t do it. common offenses.

-pissing in public.

-genital flashing (ESPECIALLY UPTOWN). uptown is more a family environment. the police can also monitor it better since all the nut jobs are in the quarter.

-excessive public drunkenness. and they know when you’re hammered. you WILL go to the tank.

-fighting. both parties are arrested unless there is a CLEAR case of self defense. but even in self defense, if you’re high or really drunk- bye-bye.

-damaging public propert. duh.

so please enjoy yourself and i tell you not to do something, jus quit doing it. if you don’t listen, there could be some consequences. looking forward to seeing everyone.

stay up.

mardi gras= dem titties

mardi gras= dem titties

ITLR: Kill Football

i was watching military channel last night and there was a document on Spartan society. it went the through the basics: baby killed if thought to be inferior, raised normally, at 7 becomes property of the state and begins training, learns weapons, learns hand to hand. but then at 13-14 they learn something new- how to work as a unit.

they played “battle ball”. 2 teams are formed and the object is to get the ball to goal the line. BUT, you can do whatever you need to to get the ball. it’s basically football without penalties. so if you’re fighting an opponent you need to keep an eye out for your team mates and assist them if need be. all the while, keeping tabs on the ball and helping your team score.

i watched and it clicked. holy shit, i’ve played this; we just used a different name.

Kill Football.

it’s a USMC game. same fucking rules. same fucking premise. of course, we didn’t knock the opponents out, but it’s pretty much no holds barred brawling.

had a girl i was dating watching me and the guys play, game lasted about 45 minutes and she was completely clueless. and she actually likes football. “Danny that was pointless. you guys were just wailing on each other.” i told her it was because who DOESN’T enjoy rassling with a sweaty Marine (GOTTA make gay innuendos when around Marines). LCpl Moss slapped me on the ass when i walked by, “thanks for playing cuteness.”

trust me, this is 100% normal. if you EVER watch me and Doc Illusion interact it’s gayer then a male figure skater locker room. but trust me, Doc will eat your fucking food in an actual fight. i really don’t know why wolves run the gay BS, but i do know it’s funny and fun. whatev’s.

what girl didn’t get was that the game isn’t about winning or losing. it’s about unit cohesion, fighting your own fight but also being mindful of your teammates. if someones struggling you need to step up and help him out. there’s been more than one case when i’m on the verge of tapping out and out of nowhere 2-3-4 guys show up and help me stay in the game.

i’ve had a dude i was tangling with only to see one of my guys in a bind and the animal kicked in and soon enough i was rushing to assist my team mate. then we were off to help another team mate. working as a team to ensure we get a point. victory by attrition, willpower, and team work.

you don’t learn that in a class. somethings you can NEVER learn by reading about. you have to bleed, sweat, and feel physical pain to learn the lesson. playing kill football, i’ve NEVER seen a man take a hit personal. i’ve been ROCKED from out of no where just to shake my head, assess where the ball was and get right back into the game.

when it’s over, every man playing is HAPPY. we’re fucking elated and making jokes and ribbing on each other. no one leaves with sand in their clit and you actually look forward to next thursday (that’s when we played, this was back in NO). if you didn’t know what we were doing, you’d probably be quite confused. don’t believe me….

take a look for yourself.

i don’t know about you but i LOVE these kinds of shows.

so put down the xbox controller, grab football and some friends, and go beat the shit out of each other. because if you haven’t noticed, American men are becoming total fucking pussies.

don’t add to their numbers.

stay up.

A Beaten Man

“…and every once in a while i had to take a beating. but by then i didn’t care. the way I saw it, everybody takes a beating sometimes.” -Henry Hill, Goodfellas

when i was 2 years old, my dad beat the shit out of me. no, i don’t think you understand- he fucking beat me to what i’m told was an inch of my life. i was covered head-to-toe in bruises. i don’t remember it, i was too young. but mom left my dad and refused to let him see me. my dad’s parents disowned him (for a little while).

eventually mom went back to him. i asked her why and she told me because she didn’t want me to grow up not knowing my dad. and my dad being a manipulative man, used that to needle his way back into her life. she stayed with him for 11 more years. and i was beaten regularly.

i’m not talking a few passes on the ass with a belt. we’re talking being held by my arm while multiple lashes landed where they landed over 3-5 minutes. and no, that isn’t an exaggeration. it really lasted that long. my mom began hiding behavior slips when i got in trouble at school.

had a friend sleep over once and we made cereal saturday morning. i was in fourth grade at the time. he left the milk on the counter and when my dad woke up he asked me who left the milk out. i gulped and told him i did. my dad glared at me, “get to your room.” he walked in and beat me like he always did.

when i came out the room my friend looked at me and almost broke into tears, “i’m so sorry man.” i shrugged my shoulders. “don’t worry about it.” by that point in my life it was useless to to say anything. being beaten was simply a reality of a young Danny.

my mom left my dad shortly after that. do you know how bad a marriage has to be for a fourth grade boy to be RELIEVED that his parents were splitting up. we moved in with Maw-Maw and Paw-Paw, and that time was the best time of my childhood.

one day at school we were playing football during recess (tackle, touch is for pussies). this kid tackled me, and when he got up he pushed my head into the ground. i went into the red. i set up to guard him on the next play. i didn’t have the ball thrown to me, but i ran at dude and tackled him, he got up and we went at it.

anyone that’s ever seen young boys fight, you know how insane it gets. there’s a complete chaos and teachers come running from everywhere. it was broken up really quickly and i got suspended for 3 days. when i explained to my mom what happened and she told me, “remember when your Maw-Maw told you how to deal with the bullies at the bus-stop? i nodded and she told me i had done the right thing. that if someone starts a fight with me she wanted me to fight back.

the fight at school was my first time going at a guy who pushed me. i hated how i felt after the fight, but something amazing happened.

i noticed no one ever picked on me. being tiny meant i’d get taunts, and pushed. i just stayed quiet. this fight was different. the bus-stop was just dealing with two kids ganging up on me, teasing me. i beat one with a stick.

but the guy in fourth grade was my first one on one fight. and i attribute it to being a kid that just accepted being beaten viciously and growing accustomed to it. when i FINALLY knew i could fight back, it was very empowering to me. and i HATE to fight. i’ve NEVER started a fight, and men that fight KNOW when they’re dealing with a guy that will swing.

my fathers an asshole, haven’t spoken to him since 2006. when i was living with him i decided to stay home for the evening (New Years Eve) and my dad told me i should go out. after he went to bed i got bored and walked 2 houses over to my friends family who was having a family party. i’d been there an hour when my dad showed up and told me to get my ass home.

when we got inside he started yelling at me and getting in my face. i told him to back off of me. then he said in a “big boy” voice, “you think you’re gonna hit me boy. go ahead.” i looked him right in his eye and said calmly, “no, you’re drunk. take your ass back to bed and well discuss this tomorrow.”

the next morning i told my dad that if he EVER got in my face like that again, i WOULD hit him. and there was no way he was going to beat me in fight. “you beat me enough as a kid that if anyone pushes me now, i fucking unload on them. and i don’t care if i win or lose.” i knew exactly what kind of man my father was.

the type of man that will always only speak, but never fight. he used his big brother to do his fighting for him as a kid, and that’s why no one ever fucked with him. he’ll talk tough, but never back it up. i prefer to stay among the warriors who speak little of suck things. and I respect them far more than men that won’t fight to protect those they love.

if you’re a fighter. i salute you.

stay up.

Daily Game: What Would Danny Do?

Watch this video. First and foremost: what do you notice in this brief video? and the old lady at the start has ZERO to add in the application of “day game”, so quit bringing it up. lol.

Secondly, the 2 girls to my right were trying to take a picture. They took 2 pictures and weren’t satisfied with it.

What would Danny do? What’s your day game play?

I’ll fill you tomorrow morning what i did.

the girls took a pic, didn’t like it, retook it, and didn’t like it. when they were about to attempt a third, i stepped in, said, “give me the camera, you suck at this.” (neg). i took the pic, handed girl in pink the phone and let her look over the pic. she like it and thanked me. i asked where they were from and found out they hailed from biloxi, miss. i asked them if it were their first time in NO and they said no, but i was their first mardi gras trip. i asked why they didn’t come with their boyfriends and found out they were single.

they asked if i were local (i was wearing a fucking LSU shirt- fucking dumb girl), and replied that i was born and raised there but i was only in the city to see friends that work on bourbon. girl in pink made a joke about “showing them around.” i chuckled and mentioned they wouldn’t see many parades if they did.

now i had ZERO interest in getting a number from her. she was with a friend and i knew the cock-block factor would be high. i simply told them it was nice talking to them but i had to run.

girl in pink mentions “maybe hanging out some time.” *sigh* i said sure and handed her my phone, i punched in her name and called it. “now you have mine. see you soon.”, i replied. the reason i did the video was because i saw SEVERAL really cute girls in jackson’s square.

i have no intentions of calling her. game everyone.

stay up.

Advice to Guys Considering the Military: Barrack Rats

when i arrived in charleston i ended up gaining a reputation for the attractive college girls i was bringing back to my room (don’t trip, i had 3 over a 2 month period). i really wasn’t into the girls in the barracks- BEQ (Bachelor Enlisted Quarters). i saw all the hooking up going on and frankly the girls were ok. wait- i should explain.

most women that come into the military are the hard 6’s soft 7’s of the town they lived in. many didn’t really have much attention from guys in high school. if they were they were typically sluts. but that’s another subject. but basically, most of them were the plain jane’s of the city/town they came from.

then they join the military.

suddenly they have a LEGION of guys white-kniting them and telling them how “hot” they are. it’s a recipe for complete princess basic training. matter of fact, i’d wager that most women that come into the military go from relatively humble and lacking in experience with guys to thinking they could model for victoria’s secret within 3 months of joining the military.

and it’s fucking sad.

well, i caught feelings for this indian chick and then got sent to cuba. she broke up with me a week before i came back to charleston (i took her virginity). turns out she got her first dose and caught cock fever. i was in a bit of a funk and one of the guys known for fucking many of the girls in BEQ made mention of me looking “like shit”.

now, you guys need to know. i had a rep for banging some pretty serious women by that point. and the fact those women were NOT military was bragging rights. guys that are successful with women form an unofficial fraternity. well, dude mentioned to me fucking one of the girls in the “Q” to get over girl. i told him i wasn’t into them. he laughed and said-

“DUDE, none of us are.”

then he told me the secret. the only thing you need to say to get a woman into bed in the BEQ. “dude, you just talk to her for about 2-3 minutes, mention you have to go then tell her-‘come stop by my room some time.’ she shows up, she’s down.”

no. that can’t be right. well there was one sunday i was chatting with this chick jessica. she mentioned going to the main base to go to the exchange and i mentioned i needed to go. she invited me to go with her. we got back to the BEQ and i asked her what she had planned for the rest of the day. she was doing laundry.

“oh, ok. well look; when you’re done you should stop my room.”

i was sitting in my quad with 4 of my quad-mates and what do you know- in walked jessica. the room went from rowdy male bonding tom-foolery to dead silence. i walked her to my room, shut the door and locked it.

i walked right up and started kissing her. she had a sucker in her mouth which i removed before i went in. we started tearing clothes off and she pushed me onto my bed and went after my pants. she took out a starburst and chewed a small piece. then she started blowing me.


this was my first time with something like this and it felt fantastic. she said later she did it because she like having the flavor involved. well i liked it because if made the sensation VERY slippery and it felt amazing. win sauce on both sides. i bricked in less than 2 minutes. i told her i was about to pop and she buried her head into my nether regions. then it was time for the big show. nothing exceptional- it lasted maybe 30 minutes or so. it was pretty “meh”.

this was my first experience with a “barracks rat”, and this little tale was the tamest. the more i did, the more raw and perverse it got. “i wonder if she’ll let me…….OH FUCK SHE WILL. DAMN. SHE’S NASTY!!!!!”

but, then i was i was hooked. i became part of the 20% that was fucking 80% of the girls in the hospital and BEQ. once you bang more than 3 women in a small community, they talk about you. i know this because my girl katie told me. katie was a good friend. she wasn’t a really an attractive woman, as she was a little over weight. BUT she was a very cool, nurturing, friendly woman.

she told me how the girls talked about us-

“he’s can go forever.”

“he’s got a big dick.”

“he’s a total freak.”

i asked her what they said about me and she said, “they say you’re pretty adventurous and if you want him to do something to you, he probably will. OH, and you’re fun in bed.” i looked at her oddly and asked what that was about. she looked at me and said, “when you were with (don’t remember her name) did you slap your own ass?” i thought for a second, i BARELY remembered the girl but finally said blankly, “i don’t know, but probably.”

she chuckled and said, “well she looked in the mirror and were slapping your own ass and making a funny face. she almost started laughing so she buried her head in the pillow. but she said she’d never forget it.” well ok. i didn’t tell her us guys in the little club discuss the girls.

“dude, she like to be choked.”

“her favorite position is doggy and she likes her hair pulled hard.”

“she’ll probably ask you to spit in her mouth.”

“you’ll know she came ‘cuz she starts giggling and laughing.”

“make her pop via oral before you fuck. if you don’t she probably won’t cum.”

“great tits. you almost get her off by licking and sucking on them.

yeah. but i didn’t tell katie that. by the time i moved out the barracks i had a pretty high partner count. i was soon coupled up with a girlfriend and what i learned in the barracks didn’t really apply. i had to learn not just how to fuck a girl, but how to KEEP a girl. a much harder skill to master. yeah, i know- story’s been told a thousand times.

but i lived it. i think it’s the crucible of all “players”.

if you think the situation in the barracks has changed- it hasn’t. it’s worse. the BEQ is one big fuckfest. so guys, if you go into the military and you live in the barracks, keep this phrase in mind- “stop by my room sometime.”

it’s actually more of a risk now, so i’d highly recommend NO alcohol be involved. if she rejects the advances you can just back on, “oh, i though you were into me.” but most girls aren’t just coming to your room to play xbox. you’re talking about people aged 18-22 that are probably off on their own for the first time and this is their “college rebellion” time.

it’s a military dorm. sex is on everyone’s mind. especially the girls.

ok, this post may be a bit harsh, so let’s have a palate cleanser. here’s a dog chasing something in his sleep. Brody’s done this a few times and it always makes me giggle.

if you didn’t get a good natured laugh out of that- you have no soul.

stay up.

Food Porn: Stanley’s in the Quarter

i have a new food porn haunt to add to my list of places to frequent here in the city. last time i was in the city i walked past a place on st. ann in jackson’s square. used to be “la madelienne’s” french country buffet- GREAT place for a date. took quite a few women there for lunch.

well, around 11 i headed off to decatur and was crossing through jackson’s square when i found Stanley’s.


i’d NEVER seen nor heard of this place, but it looked pretty quaint and i was digging the ambiance. not too fancy, but not a dump. very white, very clean- simple, but elegant in a non-pretentious manner. you could listen to the music on jackson’s square with drowning in the sound. and people watching, the place is nothing but window from ceiling to floor.

i looked over the menu and i saw “egg’s benedict poboy”.


ok, i’m a total slut for eggs benedict. my all time favorite breakfast. i immediately walked in. the hostess greeted me and ask me if i wanted bar or a table. i told her i’d leave myself in her capable hands. she said she didn’t want to put me where i didn’t want to be. i responded, “i’m home. i’m EXACTLY where i want to be.” she smiled and bid me to follow her. “i wish more people had you attitude Sir.” she said as she pulled out my stool at the bar.

i sat down and the bartender took my drink order. bloody mary. i RARELY drink mixed drink, but depending on the meal, a bloody is fucking heaven. he came back and i placed my order for a po-boy.

THIS. THIS is what i received

THIS. THIS is what i received

i stared in awe. i took my first bite and the po-boy left a puddle of hollandaise and yolk jizz on my plate. i felt the pop of the yolk and the hollandaise was absolutely perfect. light yet full bodied. it complimented the canadian bacon perfectly. the egg was light and poached to perfection.

i was in fucking food porn heaven. i honestly had half a stalk.

i told the bartender i was going to do a review of the restaurant and that i ran a site that talked about new orleans culture and food (among other *ahem* things). he asked for the name of the site and i assured him it would be up tonight.

i was so impressed that i was inspired to concoct my own food porn tonight. i made stuffed jalepeno poppers stuffed with green onion sausage and cream cheese that i wrapped in bacon.



cook at 350 for about 30-5 minutes. i season it with garlic pepper and tony’s (cajun seasoning salt). feel to use and seasoning you have on hand.

doneski. fucking delish.

doneski. fucking delish.

just out the oven.

admit it, you broke chub. and ladies, you moistened a bit.

admit it, you broke chub. and ladies, you moistened a bit.

so, if you end up in NO in jackson’s square please do yourself a favor and stop into Stanley’s. you will NOT regret it. please check the site’s menu, you WILL be blown away. contemporary new or lens with a old school soda shop twist. prices, VERY reasonable. this place has “take the missus” here written all over it. take a look over the menu: it’s quite ambitious.

and i WILL be going back for the “bananas foster’s french toast”.

stay up.

It’s Effin’ Science: Sex Panther

i was at work one night watching “it’s elfin’ science” on G4, when they did a segment on pheromones. considering the subject matter of the blog, the tv had me and my coworkers full attention. this was the experiment.

2 guys. one a blonde surfer looking dude- good looking cat, and a run-of-the-mill average guy. they applied pheromones to both men and had 10 women sniff both guys to determine which one they thought SMELLED more attractive. 8 of the 10 women chose the average looking guy. then they had 10 GUYS sniff both men and 7 of the 10 thought the surfer looking dude smelled sexier.

WTF??? i was dumb struck.

turns out they put pheromones known to attract WOMEN on the average guy and pheromones that attract MEN on the surfer. the girls then commented how despite looks, the smell made them more attracted to the guy.

well fuck my ozone.

i ran over to amazon and copped a bottle to do my own damn experiment. but, i made a bit of a boo-boo. the pheromones i picked were rated as the most popular, but they were known to create a “calming, sooting” sensation in women. well shit….

i can do that on my own. i should have gotten the one geared to be making a guy seem more “aggressive”. i had no clue pheromones were being designed to elicit a certain response. i wore the stuff (not too much) let it dry, then sprayed on my cologne (vera wang for men- wang. tee-hee). now, most women compliment me for smelling good. my go to reply is waving my hand side to side and telling her, “thanks, i’m just gassy.”

she laughs. let the dance begin.

long story short, i didn’t get any response i don’t normal get when i interact with women. so, i decided a new tactic. the Dannyfrom504 SMELL-A-THON. i applied a drop to one wrist, let it dry and sprayed on some cologne. then sprayed just cologne one my other wrist. i had 10-11 women smell the pheromone wrist first; then the other.

on 2 women liked the without pheromone sniff. i even had Stacey the sniffer give it a whirl and she was all about the pheromones. so, my conclusion is that pheromones might be a great tool to add to your arsenal (damn, i should doused my mule with them and had girl give a whiff), it’s bad enough my junk smells like a fucking whopper (no cheese, that’s just gross). ah well.

however, knowing game is going to go much further when you interact with a woman. MAYBE it might give you some confidence and i’m not saying you shouldn’t give them a try. but if you have at least a modicum of red-pill and comprehension of game, you really don’t need them.

i’ll stick to sex panther.

on a side note, i finally made it to NO, if you’re in the area shoot me an email so i can get your number. and when i got here i see a package came for me, and mom left me $400 for my berfdae present.




stay up.

Keep on Truckin’

first one foremost, i LOVE staying in hotels. now that that’s out the way….

i like to be as honest and open as i can regarding my life in the SMP. i don’t want the blog to be a steamy pile of shit patting myself on the back in regards to women. i LOVE posting about when things DON’T go my way as well. i think it’s important to share that with you also.

recently, out of absolutely nowhere a woman i know sent me a text (hadn’t heard from her in months) regarding a subject have a lot of experience in. i knew it’d be a long talk so i told her to call me. 5 minutes later my phone rang.

i can’t recall the exact amount of time the conversation transpired, but it wasn’t a brief, idle chit chat. over the next couple days we’d text some light, flirty texts. nothing big. now, let me say, she’s a very cool girl with qualities i find to be lacking in so many women.

so i mention that her and i should try and put something down. granted, this was a HUUUUUGE hail Mary. i even mentioned, i could help her with school, which i would. i’m sure as hell not going back to school other than trade school, and that’s only about a year.

the first red flag was the question, “why would you offer that?” i still pushed forward by telling her i thought she was worth it. i can’t recall verbatim but she turned me down and mentioned that she couldn’t commit to a guy who “bangs strippers on the reg.” again, this is along the lines of the text but the part in quotes is real.

what a fucking asshole.

look, this is a comment from someone i supposedly KNOW. someone who considers herself to be a “good person”, which to an extent she is. so her personality in general isn’t a topic for attack. but i think the fact that this girl would/could say something like this is fucking appalling .

not just a polite, “i don’t think that’s a good idea.” but she responses with passive aggression in regards to someone she’s never met. who the fuck is this girl to pass judgment on a girl just because she strips. she certainly didn’t feel obliged to comment about the 2 college students (maybe b/c she too is a college student) or the waitress.

what a transparent passive aggressive shit test. but it get’s better.

i replied to her commet (i have no clue exactly what i said back), but told her to quit texting me (hard to delete/block a number when texts keep coming in), you know what she said back, “quit replying”. THAT was when the “yeah, block her” popped into my head.

again, this isn’t about shit talking her. i just wanted to share what happened to me. oh, she’s a very attractive woman in her early 20’s.

saturday night around 10:30 i headed to my local for a pint. i found a spot next to a woman and dude, mid 20’s. i couldn’t help but overhearing somethings about her. 25-6, recently divorced mother of one. i know she was divorced because she mentioned “S****” every 2 minutes. i tried my best to concentrate on the olympics, but i was literally sitting right next to her.

i was SECONDS from asking her age and telling her she’s her biggest obstacle in the SMP even though i knew it was better to remain silent. but what made me audibly laugh was NOT the fact that she NEVER mentioned her kid, but she kept referring to “all the guys that want to fuck” her, and why her ex was gonna be sorry they had gotten divorced.

i’m glad i didn’t talk to her because i later learned she waits tables at a restaurant one of the girls i mess with works. i immediately sent her a text and asked her about a woman who recently divorced a dude named “S***”. i got a text back about 15 minutes later, “ugh. she’s a nut job.” this girl was a 6, slightly over weight and her arm was riddled with “sailor jerry-esque” tats.

now let’s look at my boy back in NO. he right around my age. i was VERY surprised to learn that he allowed his girlfriend to move in. this is VERY uncharacteristic for him. they had been together about 5-6 years (they met when came down to volunteer after Katrina). well, last time i went home i called him and ask him about him and the old lady. well, apparently shortly after moving in she applied to and accepted a scholarship, in new york city).

needless to say he was a a tad upset. he has since gotten another place and he sounds genuinely happy. we’re gonna have a nice little chat when i get back home. i’ll have to remind him he’s in his prime years for men in the SMP, he’s got a great job, he’s VERY close to his family, he’s VERY protective (i watched him fight and beat 3 guys), he’s got so many qualities to equate him high value in the SMP. he’ll be fine. but i ask you guys (rhetorically), how much success do you think she’s going to find when she get’s all the career crap down. ESPECIALLY if she stays in NYC.

3 women. none of whom have ever met, and all at different stages of womanhood. all with a sense of SMP entitlement that is stunning yet at the same time, quite common. guys, a woman is judging me b/c i bang a stripper, but she doesn’t same to care about the other women. what you read above is precisely why guys either GTOW or become players. the younger women don’t seem to care, but as the wall comes screaming at them, it becomes the fault of MEN for not committing to her.

they then complain and lament, “where have all the good men gone?” when they should be asking, “where have all the commitment worthy women gone?” no point in me getting hung up on girl, especially when i’m very fortunate to have an abundance mentality. no point in whining, that’s for women.

i’ll just keep on trucking’.

on a lighter note- Happy Birthday to Big Sis. i think she’s turning 74. lol. love you darlin’.

stay up.

We’re Stupid, but Adventurous

we were sitting at a cafe in Motta and Billy (my co-worker) asked if i had ever climbed etna. now, Billy was a BUDS (SEAL training) washout and Brian worked for security and was looking to go to BUDS when he left italy. next thing you know, we were driving to mt etna at 11 in the afternoon.

we each had a litre of water, i had my jump bag which is set up to handle being outside for 3-4 days. we were hiking up the mountain and 7 hours later, we reached the crater. now, i had been told by numerous locals to NEVER lean into the crater to look. the sulfuric gas would make you pass out and you’d fall into the crater.

now, if you have a penis this translated into “look over the border of the crater!!!!!”. of course, we aren’t totally stupid, Billy looked at us and said, “ok, you guys hold onto my sides and pull me up if i pass out.”

yeah. and we were totally fine with that plan.

Billy laid on his belly and slowly looked into the crater and let out a, “OOOOOH” and turned his head away. me and Brian were holding on to his arms and side of his jeans and he visibly jumped when the scent hit him. we each took turns looking into the crater then we explored the top of the mountain for the next hour. soon, Brian made mention of heading back down.


it was a good 3-4 hour hike down and the sun was already getting low. my inner louisiana boy kicked in and said, “dude, we’ll never make it down in time and we’ll be stuck in the woods with no daylight. we’re better off up here.” being stuck overnight in unfamiliar woods is a BAD idea if you can avoid it. we were in a clearing, and surrounded by forest. i told Billy to gather wood for a fire, and i was going to get some food. i tasked Brian with setting up a camp. he was from idaho and also grew up outdoors.

i ended up running down 2 rabbits, and billy was working on the fire. i had given him some kindling (dryer lint) and the fire starting kit in my jump bag. i showed him how to make a fire bow and soon enough, we had fire. i KNEW it was going to be chilly on the mountain so a fire was key.

we had a fire, we had 2 rabbits, and we had enough water for all of us. me being the smallest of the 3, i ate a fore quarter of one rabbit and left the rest for the Billy and Brian. i ate and gathered more wood for the fire and Billy helped Brian finish the lean to (hit the link up via Jack’s site).

soon were were embraced by the night sky, had noses full of sulphur, a slight headache, and were exchanging stories of our youth. tales of outdoors bravery and well, stupidity. i’m amazed i’m still alive. you could ask my mother how many times i should have died and she’ll exhale and have a look of complete exasperation on her face.

boys do dumb shit. we usually only see the turn in front of us, not the road ahead. that night proved it. sure it was great watching the lava shoot into the sky. but at the same time-


it never crossed our minds. it was cool to be outside. we were battling nature. we were men.

and we were fucking stupid.

i’d NEVER do something like that again. i was so fucking bereft of sanity regarding our situation that it’s ridiculous. i was also the oldest, and militarily, the most senior. we broke camp around 8am and made it down around 4 hours later. we stopped at a tratorria back in motta and laughing about the previous night. Billy was amazed i found 2 rabbits. the waiter asked us what were talking about and i explained how we’d spent the night on top of mount etna.

he looked at us like our heads were on fire.

“are you crazy”, he asked. “you could’ve been killed up there. never go up mount etna without an expert.” we just laughed and said we had a good time, that we all knew enough to make it for one night out in the wild. he looked us over and muttered, “americani estupido” (stupid americans) and walked away.

billy and Brian didn’t speak italian, but they knew exactly what he’d said. we all laughed and sipped our coffees.

stay up.