The Three Pillars

i was recently reading this and it’s a great book for guys. it’s almost like Art of War and is somewhat slept on. both are books that are not “sit down and read leisurely” type books. but since the red-pill is now firmly planted in my head, i started to think how said books applied to game and the SMP.

the SMP is composed to 2 “opponents”. Men and Women. both have different strategies and goals. we are all well aware that: men want sex, women want commitment. i’m not a woman, so this is mostly for guys to utilize your “assets” to your advantage and “plan for victory”. note- this is mostly applicable to guys seeking a relationship. let’s begin.

this being the first step. she’s caught your eye, you’ve gotten her number, you may have talked and shared flirty texts. she has made the first hurdle into your world. HOWEVER, she’s just made the first step. ANY flakage means withdrawal of your time. also, the younger the woman, the more likely the flake factor and the more pressing you need to be about holding her accountable. flake once, consider yourself warned. flake twice and your number is deleted. the closer a woman is to the wall the less likely she is to flake, remember….she’s trying to land a LTR, one flake and she’s done.

besides, a woman that is REALLY into you will likely not flake. once she’s won your time she moves on to-

if you are spending time with her, eventually you will be spending some coin. i’m not saying to break yourself, but as a southern man i don’t not mind paying for “dates”. dates are NOT defined but how much you spend. some of the best dates require little to no money.

realize- though she may have access to your resources, she’s still NOT in the clear. she can still kill her chance at commitment. but by this point she may have proven herself via my “rule of 3’s” she will possibly move to the third pillar-

the prize. this is what a good woman seeks. she can only attain it after i have screened her as being loyal and worthy. note- in all my years on this ball of dirt only 5 woman have landed my commitment. as a man you MUST consider your time. resources, and commitment the way a woman guards her access to sex with her. when you finally begin to incorporate this into your life, you notice a change in your interactions with women.

if you budge, and make a, “well, she’s special, i’ll gloss this one over”- yer screwed. frame is a must. i’ve walked away from some VERY attractive women that stumbled on the first 2 pillars. so, keep her off the pedestal, and make her traverse the pillars.

stay up.

7 Comments on “The Three Pillars”

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  2. CLG says:

    Been studying for the Bar exam in NY in July… I have to say as a PSA here that after reading NY’s stance on divorce and dividing up assets, these are pillars are NECESSARY. For example, the law makes it clear that even in “No Fault” divorce’s, there is a call for an “equitable” division of assets. that doesnt mean 50%, that means what the court thinks is fair given your income, job etc. compared to hers. Also if you had gotten married while you were still in the Navy, wifey could have counted your pension as a marital asset, so you’d have to split it with her. All of your work for 20 years she gets half, even if she married you half way into your career.

  3. […] dating, i decided to commit. i had already gone on several dates with her, and as i explain in the three pillars after the third “date” i knew she was going to be my gf. eventually i decided to give in and […]

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