any one that hasn’t been living under a rock for the past decade has read at least one article asking, “where have all the good men gone?” you’ve probably heard DOZENS of women uttering the same comment. i know i have. well, i was over at SSM’s reading a great post she recently did.

which leads to me asking myself how many women her post this applied to, yet no one (especially men) seems to asking where have all the good women gone? well by and large, it’s not in our nature to complain. we adapt. some guys GTOW, some guys (though a smaller number) become PUA’s, some guys just give up completely (fueling the video game culture). sometimes the only winning move is not to play (WARGAMES REFERENCE FTW!!!!!).

but really, how many of the women that fit into the dynamic SSM posted about would declare themselves as “strong independent women”. then let’s take a look back at this guy and the beating he took from white-knights on what i’m assuming is a mostly male oriented site. hell, there was even this article.

and do you recall some of the articles damning the man that ran during the aurora shooting and not protecting his “strong and independent” woman and family (yet women belong in combat). but to be fair, the same site applauded the men that died protecting their families. wait what? am i reading that right? so NOTHING changes for men in this time of “eqaulity, we’re still EXPECTED to “man up” in times of crisis and danger, but GOD.FORBID i expect feminimity or ANYTHING that could be contrued as “typical female roles”.

the comments in the links provided are the gold though.

but seriously, all this leads me to ask a serious question-

where have all the good WOMEN gone?

it’s a fair question. women have been wondering where the “good men” are for over a decade. well, i’ll tell you ladies where all the “good men” are: they’re in a relationship, or are already married. and if you’re over 25-26 and asking this; they’re out there, they just aren’t interested in you (especially if you have kids). guys, it’s time to start holding women accountable for the fractured SMP and countering “where have all the good men gone” with “i dunno, i’m wondering where all the good women are.”

since the whole fat shaming week went down. i was thinking maybe we could run a “where have all the good women gone” meme. if you run a blog, write a post about some of the WONDERFUL encounters you’ve had with women; be it dating or typical, everyday interaction interaction.

[ed- i just realized that THIS should be linked here as well.]

stay up.

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